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Personal Challenges

Sometimes, I find it fun to give myself challenges. Here are a few I've completed.

Title & Ratings Number & Type Description & Information
100 Drabbles 100 (Original Fiction & Mixed Fandoms) I found this collection of words online and decided to try to write a drabble for each with exactly 100 words each.
More Drabbles 27 (Original Fiction & Mixed Fandoms) I found another set of prompt words and wrote drabbles for each of them as well.
Hurt/Comfort Alphabet Challenge 26 (Mixed Fandoms) I solicited words and pairings from blog followers and wrote a ficlet for every letter of the alphabet.
Hurt/Comfort Alphabet Challenge (2012) 26 (Mixed Fandoms) It was so much fun the first time, I did it again with different prompts given to me by blog followers.
Friday Fics 13 (Mixed Fandoms) I wrote a one-shot story every Friday in a different fandom and style.
Boykissing Fics 8 (Mixed Fandoms) I took requests on my blog and wrote this series of stories with boys kissing.
23 Ficlets 23 (Original Fiction & Mixed Fandoms) In honor of my 23rd anniversary in the community (since TOS launched), I wrote these 23 ficlets. They were supposed to be drabbles, but the stories demanded to be longer.

Please note that these are different from the comment fic memes I've hosted or other challenges I've participated in with other writers. These were just for me.