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23 Ficlets

In honor of my 23rd anniversary in the community (since TOS launched), I wrote these 23 ficlets. They were supposed to be drabbles, but the stories demanded to be longer.

Fandom Title Description & Information
Star Wars new 1. Tea Obi-Wan doesn’t feel well, but he luckily has some tea.
Harry Potter new 2. Scarf James gives Remus a scarf for Christmas, and Remus loves it.
Horatio Hornblower new 3. Nosegay Horatio discovers an allergy the hard way.
The Umbrella Academy new 4. Searching In 1963, Klaus is desperate for something to help relieve his cold symptoms.
Star Wars new 5. New Everything’s new to Finn, even Poe’s cold.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine new 6. Specimens Julian Bashir investigates some new flowers brought back from the gamma quadrant on other side of the worm hole.
Marvel new 7. Drenched Hawkeye’s out in the cold rain, providing backup on a mission.
Original Fiction: David & Lucas new 8. Quiet Everything is unusually quiet when David wakes up one morning.
Marvel new 9. Missing Captain America arrives in Wakanda to find Bucky, but he seems to be missing.
Stargate: Atlantis new 10. Tickle Rodney has an excellent, fool-proof plan that requires John to sneeze.
Supernatural new 11. Secret Sam’s tired out from the trials and Dean’s just plain tired.
Buffyverse new 12. Moon Xander’s up on the top of the castle, looking at the moon. Spike’s sniffly.
Original Characters: f/f new 13. Stolen Stealing a few moments backstage during rehearsals
The Old Guard new 14. Dreams One night with Joe and Nicky in a tent during the Napoleonic Wars.
BBC Sherlock new 15. Loopy Sherlock’s got a cold and two caregivers taking shifts.
Middle Earth new 16. Dust Toron’s (reluctantly) helping in many ways.
Star Trek: Discovery new 17. Disappointment Even though he doesn’t feel well, Paul’s got tickets to the opera and is determined to use them.
Middle Earth new 18. Hitching Gimli knows far more about sneezing than Legolas does
Ghostwriter new 19. Embarrassed Rob’s in town and meets up with the gang. As the nights winds down, he’s given an offer.
Torchwood new 20. Gloomy There was absolutely never a good time to run out of tea. But now was an especially bad time.
Harry Potter new 21. Worried Charlie is worried, because it turns out he’s allergic to dragons.
Original Characters: Hockey 'verse new 22. Bubble The Eagles are in the NHL bubble and almost ready to play.
Original Characters: Strokes new 23. Bedtime It’s just about time for bed for Coyote and Marty.