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Childhood Memories: TV/Movies

I've always assumed that my interest in sneezing may have been sparked through seeing it portrayed in media—books, television, movies, and commercials. My earliest recognition of liking sneezing came from Sesame Street... I think :-) Here are a bunch of memories from TV show episodes and movies featuring sneezing that caught my attention when I was growing up. Sometimes I'd continue these scenes in my head, essentially writing mental fanfic based off them.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street really deserves its own large section here as my first acknowledged liking of sneezing was seeing Snuffy (Big Bird's "imaginary" friend, the Snuffalupagus) sneeze from a cold. But there were a good number of episodes and sketches with sneezing that caught my attention as well. I've included the ones that spring to mind below, though there are sure to be some I enjoyed that aren't included.

Name Media Description & Thoughts
Snuffy catches a cold
It was a great episode; Snuffy sneezed at the very beginning and the rest of the neighborhood remarked on the great winds that day (this was back when the rest of the neighborhood didn't know he was real).
Snuffy has the snuffle-flu
Episode 2251
Episode description Snuffy caught cold in a later episode of the show as well, and Big Bird as well as other friends go to his cave to see him and help him feel better. One of the fun activities on that show was sneeze bowling, where Snuffy would sneeze toward pins and they would count how many pins had been knocked down.
Snuffy's Puppet Shows Gus's appearances I haven't been able to find anyone else who remembers this but me! Another of Snuffy's marvels was putting on a puppet show. After a bit of searching, I have found that the puppet's name was Gus. Snuffy would wear this puppet on the end of his snuffle and every time he put on a show, he would never make it through without sneezing, causing the puppet to fly off and the show to be over. But every time he tried sooo hard not to sneeze, and to hold it back as long as possible. ie, great build-ups. It seems more recent segments with Gus have omitted the sneezing; what a shame!
Snuffy's other sneezes Video: Spaceship launch (avi) Another segment had Snuffy sneezing to launch Slimey the worm into space. And another had him sneezing from pretending to be a vaccuum. Quite a lot of potential for such a snuffle, huh?
The Count Counts to Seven Video: Counting Flowers (wmv)

Wavs: Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3
Another segment I loved a lot was the Count counting flowers. He liked to count flowers because he was allergic to them and when finished counting flowers he could count sneezes. I remember thinking about the Count's "I c-c... I c-c... I c-c-can count sneezes!" many many times when imagining the types of build-ups and sneezes I liked the most. After mentioning this to a friend on e-mail, who may indeed have brought it up before I did, said friend was nice enough to record the audio of this segment and send it to me! Later, I found a clip on YouTube.
Achoo Video: When You've Got a Cold In Your Nose (mp4)

I think I loved this maybe more than any other sneeze segment on Sesame Street, mainly because of sooooo many sneezes and the song was specifically about sneezing. The cartoon man with a lovely, large nose it would go around sneezing freely and buildings would crumble. He finally pulled out a hanky, and sneezed into that with a great, muffled sneeze. And then the dog (who caught his cold of course) sneezed and the bus crumbled.
Mr. Tweak Tried to Sleep Video: Poor Mr. Tweak (mp4) "Mr. Tweak tried to sleep, but the man above would sneeze." When the man sneezed, it was deep and strong and shook the whole house. Everything stopped for me when this segment came on; I adored it.
Bert's Sneeze Video: Bert's Sneeze (mp4)

I remember being a little frustrated that Ernie can't do this properly, but I loved the sneeze in this skit. After the longest build-up, Bert sneezes into a big handkerchief Ernie holds for him.
Why Bears Smile Video: Confused, sneezing bear (avi) Or, How the Bear Got Her Grin. There were lots of strong sneezes and a dramatically wrinkly snout from this sweet, confused bear.
The Sneeze Song Video: Farm Animals (avi)

Humans (mp4)
I originally saw the farm animal version, with all these animals sneezing. There's a fantastic build-up as well. While searching, I also uncovered a version with humans and sooooo very many tissues; this one was labeled as a remake version of Jeff Moss's "The Sneeze Song." I love how a couple of the puppets continue to sneeze even after the song is over, to drive the point home.
How to Blow Your Nose Video: How to Blow Your Nose (mp4) Even as a kid, this sketch had me at "I hab a code id by dose." There are no sneezes, though.
Different Noses Video: The animator is silly (mp4) The animator chooses different noses for this poor character. When he finally gets the right one, he sneezes. What an entirely unnecessarily wonderful way to end it!
Sneezing Snerd Video: Such a sickie (mp4) When it came to cartoons, you could almost always count on cartoon characters with exaggerated features to have big, drawn-out, dramatic sneezes. I loved this one. Thank you for teaching important lessons about not spreading your germs using animations like this, Sesame Street.
The Ten Commandments of Health Video Ten Commandments of Health (mp4)

No one actually sneezes in this one. But I do remember that I really liked the way the character singing it pronounced the word 'sneezing' and the talk about it.
Big Round Nose Videos: Nose appreciation song (mp4) A song about how wonderful having a nose is... for many reasons- sneezing being the important one to note, of course. There's no sneezing, but lots of sneeze appreciation.
Bert's Cold
This was on a Sesame Street record/tape which I ended up damaging (I was 5 and left it in the sun too long and never forgave myself). CUTE sketch where Ernie is trying to get Bert to go out and play and Bert keeps telling him he can't because he's sick. Bert sneezes plenty of times, and even has to sneeze while taking his temperature... nice sense of urgency. I don't even recall how it ended.
Bert's Cold #2 Videos: Bert is Sick (mp4) This is not the sketch I remember from the audio recording, but it's one I remember from my childhood. Bert's sick in bed with a cold and Ernie is oblivious, once again.
Ernie's Snowman Videos: Bert gets cold (mp4) Poor, long-suffering Bert ends up cold in the snow and sneezing by the end of this. Sorry not sorry.

More on Public Television

I watched quite a lot of PBS as a child, so the beginning of this page is rather skewed in that direction :-)

Name Media Description & Thoughts
Today's Special: "Noses" Video: Noses (mp4)

Sam has an allergy to daisies, Muffy the mouse catches a cold, and there is constant talk about noses and sneezing (the computer does a whole bit on it). Cute episode I loved very much every time it repeated :-)
Today's Special: "Balloons" Video: Balloons (mp4)

Sam, the puppet with such a big nose, sneezes several times at the beginning! To this day I remember them fondly.
Zoobilee Zoo: "Is There a Doctor In the House?" Video: Bravo Fox comes down with a cold (mp4) This episode starred Bravo Fox (my least favorite character). He caught a bad cold and sneezed a whole lot, dramatically of course (Bravo did everything dramatically). He tried to carry on with the show, until he couldn't any longer. But he refused to call the doctor; we learn later he is afraid of the doctor. He stays in bed with tissues and blankets and all that good stuff. I loved every moment.
Zoobilee Zoo: "A-Camping We Will Go" Video: Lookout's got the flu (mp4) In my memory, Lookout Bear emerges from his house/tent with a tissue box, sneezing, and is unable to take Whazzat(my favorite character!) camping. After years of tracking down the episode, I was a little sad to find out he just has a thermometer and cold pack on his head. There's no sneezing at all, but it is still some nice hurt/confort as she offers to stay and take care of him. I often made up sneeze stories in my head, so I might have imagined how that would have happened, just as I imagined the sneezes.

Other Shows/Movies

From Chilly Willy the Pengin to Star Trek, I grew up building a mental catalog of shows with sneezing, colds, and good hurt/comfort scenes. When my family got a VCR, it was purely instinctual to tape all I could. I had to be creative sometimes with how I labeled video tapes or justifying why I wanted to tape something. I learned to watch certain episodes or scenes cautiously, sometimes when I was alone in the house! Here are some non-PBS shows and movies that stand out in my memory:

Name Media Description & Thoughts
Perfect Strangers: "Ladies and Germs" Wavs: Little Girl, Larry 1, Larry 2, Larry 3, Larry 4, Balki This was one of my favorite shows, once upon a time. I especially loved this episode where Larry catches a cold and tries to get rid of it so he can go on a date. Sneezing during a steam treatment under a towel is just the best.
Santa Claus: the movie Wavs: Joe 1, Joe 2, Comet I definitely count this movie as one of the first times I realized how much I loved the theme of hurt/comfort. Joe is out in the rain, sick, and Cordy not only takes his temperature and gets him orange juice, she holds back a sneeze for him when they're hiding. Two tropes in one!
Full House Video: Jesse sneezing (mp4) Jesse has a cold and is *very* cute at that! I love the stuffed-up voice and Joey trying to stop his sneeze. He ends up taking too much cold medicine however!
Batman: the animated series: "Heart of Ice" Videos: Batman 1 (wmv), Batman 2 (wmv), Batman 3 (wmv)

Wavs: Batman 1, Batman 2
Batman catches a cold. Alfred is there with tissues and chicken soup, but Batman can't let a cold slow him down, nor can Bruce Wayne. I love the character of Batman (always thought Adam West was adorable because he talked like he was constantly stuffed up anyway!) and liked this episode for realistically portraying his chracter hwile sick with a cold.
Heaven Help Us (episode unknown)
Heaven Help Us was a short-lived show on UPN about a couple who died and came back as ghosts to help people out. In one episode they were sneaking around to find something and the house was full of Hiacynth flowers, which made him sneeze badly, and he kept trying to keep from doing so.
Who's the Boss (episode unknown)
Both Mona and Angela catch colds. Jonathan takes care of his grandmother and mom, which was super sweet of him.
Star Trek: the next generation: "Angel One" Wavs: Worf 1, Worf 2, Worf 3, Worf 4 Season 1 was pretty rough for this crew, but it's still my favorite Star Trek series. And though this is a terrible episode, it is secretly in my top ten favorites because of the illness that makes its way through the entire ship. Wes and his friend catch it first, but even Picard is forced to retreat to bed with a bad fever and shivers. My favorite are Worf's massive sneezes, of course, including that little hitching breath and a sneeze that cuts him off mid-scentence. So good!
Kidd Video Video: Opening Credits (mp4) The show didn't make a lot of sense (why are we going from video to radio and not the other way around? Oh, and how do people get turned into cartoons and sent to a strange world from which they cannot escape but still manage to play a live-action music video at the end of episodes?), but I never missed an episode. Glitter, the fairy, even sneezes in the opening credits.
Rosanne: "Communicable Theater" Wavs: Actor 1 , Actor 2, Actor 3 , Jackie 1 , Jackie 2 Despite my strong feelings about the lead's opinions right now, this was one of my favorite episodes of any show. Dan spends most of the episode being miserable and needing to be taken care of. And then, in the closing scene, there are so many sneezes from the actors trying to get through a critical scene in the play despite being sick.
Darkwing Duck: "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War" Videos: Darkwing sneezes (avi), Darkwing sneezes again (avi) There were several episodes with sneezes, but "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War" was easily my favorite, probably because the sneezes are so drawn-out. "Getting Antsy" had DW sneezing multiple times; the sneezes weren't my favorites, but I did appreciate that he got his whole family sick.
Unknown Show
One of my earliest memories of people sneezing was from a 90's Saturday morning show. It was a cast of teenagers... probably this was early to mid 90's... I have NO idea what the name of the show. There was a whole episode about being sick. The teens would put on skits but you'd also see them on the set in the big house or whatever between skits with a plot line and the skits would somehow revolve around that plotline. One of the characters was either sick or had the hiccups and if I had to pick, honestly I think he/she had a cold. Maybe it's wishful remembering.. but that's what I remember. Anyway, the whole gang was trying to come up with remedies... like rearranging the living room furnature.
It's one of the skits that I remember the most, though, and for the life of me I can't find a mention of any of this on the internet. But the skit was SO adorable that it REALLY caught my attention as a kid. So... the skit was 3 friends (2 guys and a girl) who are going to the beach on vacation finally. They've been trying forever and something always comes up. So they're waiting on a 4th friend to show up... he's always sick or has to visit grandma or something.. but this time he's well and on his way and they're all very excited. While they're waiting, they decide to order a pizza and the guy who delivers is has a really bad cold and sneezes on the pizza before they open the door. They answer the door and the guy is sniffling and such... they manage to pay him, carefully acknowledging and avoiding the germs with skill. They are excited and feel triumphant that they were not sneezed on and thus will not get sick. Of course, by the time they finish the pizza, they're all sneezing and sick, and by the time their 4th friend shows up all happy and ready to leave, they all just give up on the vacation and go home with colds.

Note: I clipped a few of these myself, but others I found on various YouTube channels or got from the video archive on Sneezefurs.