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David & Lucas & Troy

Title & Ratings Description & Information
That One Regret 18+ LGBTQ+ Lucas catches a cold, but doesn't want to go to his usual pharmacy. But avoiding his ex-boyfriend is easier said than done.
That One Day LGBTQ+ What happens the next morning? Sequel to "The One Regret" and available exclusively in my 20th anniversary book.
Steam LGBTQ+ Lucas needs a steam treatment. Sort of a deleted scene between "The One Regret" and "That One Day." Written for the TOS's 20th anniversary.
Stress PG-13 LGBTQ+ David is no stranger to stress. Luckily, Lucas is there to look after him.
new Quiet LGBTQ+ Everything is unusually quiet when David wakes up one morning. Written for day 8 of my 23 Ficlets project to celebrate my 23rd anniversary in the community
Training Session LGBTQ+ Marcus' morning at the gym doesn't turn out exactly as he had expected. Written as a Secret Santa gift in 2018 for gryffin.
That One Conference
18+ LGBTQ+
What starts as a brief meeting between Lucas and Troy at a fitness conference becomes something much more. Once I realized both characters were in the same profession, I had to write a story where they met. The characters grabbed their chance and took control.
A Hundred Different Troys
18+ LGBTQ+
Troy arrives home after the fitness conference. Set directly after That One Conference.
Day 11
18+ LGBTQ+
Lucas comes home one evening to find David has prepared dinner and a special dessert. Written as a 2019-2020 giftfic.