Title: Light

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Rating: R? NC-17?

Parings: Qui/Obi

Disclaimer: Do I look like George Lucas?

Summary: Obi-Wan seems to be coming down with something just as he and Qui-Gon are sitting down to do some important work. This is the lighter side of how it could have happened.

Notes: This story is coupled with 'Darkness' and written after it, incidentally

Feedback: Sure, I'd love some





     "sniff! Sniff!" He almost always sniffled in sets of two. Every time the first happened, it seemed the second simply had to follow. Logical, really, that if he disturbed the silence with one he might as well try to further clear his nose with a second, so quick that the two might almost sound as one. But the second was most times a little louder, as though the first was just feeling its way out in preparation for a sniffle that would really help his nose. And though the first meant he was so desperate as to really need to sniffle, the second signaled that what he really needed was another dozen in order for it to get any better. He almost always sniffled in twos.


     "Sniff! Sniff! SNIFF!" Except when he sniffled in threes. And though that was rare, that was when it was clear he was incredibly desperate, and perhaps a little frustrated with his nose as well at needing to go for three in the first place when two might usually suffice. The first two were typically of medium volume, a little louder than if he'd been going for two from the first of it. And the third, very forceful, hoping that with the last, strong sniffle his nose could go a long while without needing another sniffle.


     But that was hardly ever the case and his hope was false nearly every time. For even after three sniffles, it seemed he had to sniffle again just as quickly as if he'd only sniffled twice. "sniff, Sniff!"


     Entirely distracted by his analysis of his padawan's condition, Master Qui-Gon Jinn set down his datapad and bowed his head. In frustration, he lifted a thumb and forefinger to his eyes and rubbed. "Padawan," he said, a bit of a growl hiding just beneath his voice. "Must you continue that irritating sound all evening?"


     His cheeks flushed, Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi looked up from his own work. "Sorry, Master," he whispered. "I shall try not to--"


     "Do not try," Qui-Gon snapped, grabbing the datapad back and forcing his eyes across it to find his place, determined not to let himself be distracted any longer. "Simply do not do it any more."


     Obi-Wan bit his lip and nodded. "Yes, Master." This seemed an easy order to obey. After all, he had managed to control the itchy feeling in his throat that made him want to cough. And he had control over the tickle in his nose as well. Whenever it felt as though a sneeze was coming on, he was able to block it out by slipping into a simple meditation for a few seconds, relaxing his face, soothing the tickle so that the urge retreated to the back of his nose. If worst came to worst, he could pinch his nose shut as well. Lately, he had not needed to do so, relying instead on his skills to keep the sneezes back. But sniffling, that was something he did on his own. It wasn't simply something that happened and he had to fight it. It was something he caused, something he performed. It was his choice to draw breath through his stuffy nose in such a way. And not doing it seemed much easier than trying to control the other practically uncontrollable urges.


     However, as time passed, he found this increasingly difficult. Without his sniffles, his nose ran. Terribly. He lifted his finger to his nose, pressing against his nostrils to keep it hidden. The instinct to sniff was excruciatingly difficult to fight, as his nose began to tickle again, on top of running. It seemed, suddenly, that if he did not sniffle, he would surely sneeze and such a sneeze would not be one of his polite, controlled sneezes but, instead, a terribly messy sort of thing he would be utterly embarrassed at. And yet, he had been told not to sniffle. However, it really seemed the best option, at the moment, and his nose was feeling stuffier now than it ever had. Even as he rubbed the whole side of his hand beneath his nose, it did not feel any clearer. On the contrary, it practically pounded with fullness. Desperate, and relying only on instinct, Obi-Wan closed his eyes. "sniff, Sniff!" And then, not planning it, and so quickly after in need that it was terribly out of the norm, "SNIFF! SNIFF! SNIFF!"


     "Obi-Wan!" his master scolded angrily, slamming the datapad down on the desk. "I thought I made it perfectly clear that I did not want you sniffing like that all night. I do not believe you have any idea how incredibly distracting it is to listen to."


     Obi-Wan, rubbing his other hand beneath his terribly runny nose, looked up. "Add I dod believe you hab ady idea how biserable it is to deed to sdiffle." He cringed to listen to himself, all stuffy and snuffley. Even talking made his nose seem worse. "Sniff! SNIFF!" As soon as he gasped for breath, he apologized, "I'b sorry, Baster. I just... I just hab to."


     "You certainly do not just have to sniffle. There are a number of more courteous options available to you if you have a particularly runny nose." 


     Obi-Wan looked as though he could top the list of the down-trodden. Other options had not really crossed his mind. He had simply needed to sniffle, so he sniffled. "sniff! Sniff! There were't ady tissues id the 'fresher. sniff! Sniff!"


     "For goodness sakes, Padawan," Qui-Gon snapped, his hand digging into his robes, fumbling about, then withdrawing a small pocket square. "Blow your nose and stop making that terribly irritating sound. I will not be able to concentrate on my work for a moment with you keeping it up like that." He waved his hand and the small, folded handkerchief flew across the small room with rough force, hitting Obi-Wan in the chest. It seemed as though Qui-Gon had misjudged the distance across their small quarters, but Qui-Gon never misjudged such things.


     Obi-Wan took it and unfolded it, draping it over his hand but so that he had a good grip on it. He buried his nose in the cloth, took a deep breath with his cheeks burning hot at the thought of what he was about to do, and blew.


     Both Jedi cringed terribly at the sound, though Obi-Wan especially because he knew as soon as he began blowing that he would need many more than one to be in a state in which he did not have to sniffle any longer. This was something Qui-Gon clearly did not understand, across the room, his attention on his work once more. He was apparently trying to distract himself from listening.


     Obi-Wan folded the handkerchief, then pressed it to his face again for another equally wet blow. Then another, and another. After the fifh, and the sound of a deep exhaling from his master across the room, Obi-Wan decided to stop and folded the handkerchief again to wipe his nose as thoroughly as possible. He set it down on his lap, trying to decide whether it would actually be of any use should he need to use it again. He still did need to use it again, in fact, his nose all itchy and tickly and sniffley now, but he did not want to do too much blowing at one time or that might irritate his master as well. Wondering if Qui-Gon perhaps had another handkerchief he might use, Obi-Wan looked up and saw Qui-Gon staring at him, angry and expectant. "Um, excuse me," Obi-Wan breathed. "Oh, and thank you." He had not really been sure which his master had wanted to hear, but felt he was somewhat safe now having said them both. Though if he'd had his way, he would have just sniffled a few more times and he wouldn't have needed to ruin a perfectly good handkerchief at all.


     "Mmm," Qui-Gon murmured, turning his attention back to his readings yet again. "You might have asked me for a handkerchief earlier, had you needed one."


     Obi-Wan glared at him, knowing full well Qui-Gon wouldn't see the look. "You might have offered one if you thought I needed one. I was doing perfectly all right until just then."


     "Perfectly all right?" laughed Qui-Gon, still pretending to be absorbed in his work. "Is that what you call coming down with a nasty virus and not bothering to tell me about it until it is fully upon you and we're trying to get work done for tomorrow's meeting?"


     Obi-Wan huffed. "I was perfectly all right. It's just a little something I must have picked up from that Abrosian delegate. If you'd bothered to keep track of me, you might have sensed it early on."


     "You had your shields up and you know perfectly well even I cannot sense everything about you when you do that. Besides, I did not know I had to baby-sit my padawan on missions," Qui-Gon said, still trying to sound amused as he read and re-read the same lines.


     "Isn't that what you've been doing for the last ten minutes anyway?" Obi-Wan snapped back, his cheeks now a bright red. Pointedly, and staring straight at his master, Obi-Wan gave three very loud sniffles. "SNIFF! SNIFF! SNIFF!"


     Qui-Gon's gaze shot back up, and once again the datapad was slammed down on the desk to enforce his position. "That's it. I have had it, Obi-Wan. Now you're purposefully being distractive and I will not be able to get a bit of work done if you keep this up."


     He rose, pushing the chair back, and crossed the room to Obi-Wan in about an instant. The handkerchief falling, forgotten to the floor, Qui-Gon pulled Obi-Wan to his feet and studied him a moment up close. The sunken, fever-bright eyes. The pale skin and rosy cheeks. The tinge of pink at his nostrils. Roughly, he pulled Obi-Wan onto the bed and fell upon him in a tight hug. He kissed passionately, covering Obi-Wan's mouth with his own, scratching the young man's chin with his beard, kissing until he had no breath left and had to pull back, panting. "How can I possibly work with you being so adorably seductive just feet from me, hmm?" His fingertips traced down the side of Obi-Wan's face, resting on the cleft of his chin, and guided it up to meet him in another strong kiss.


     "Master..." Obi-Wan managed, when finally able to regain his breath. "I'm sick... we shouldn't... we haven't..." This was true. They hadn't had the time for intimacy lately. Not on the ship on the way over, nor during the day when the few breaks they had were filled with furious researching. Obi-Wan had barely had a few hours of sleep since their departure from Coruscant, which was probably one reason he had come down with something. He sniffed hard and tried again. "What if I accidentally sneeze on you?"


     "Go right ahead," said Qui-Gon, grinning like a fool, eager to forget all their work and dive into pleasure for a change. Understanding the living force meant nothing if it did not mean living a balanced life. "In fact, I should be most disappointed if you do not." He began disrobing Obi-Wan, then pulled the covers up over him to keep the young man warm as he stripped as well. Obi-Wan snuggled against him for warmth as he slipped into the small double bed beside him. The quarters they had been assigned were small, but they had never quite had a problem with being too close to each other.


     Obi-Wan ran his hands up and down Qui-Gon, warming them. "sniff, Sniff!" He couldn't help himself, and blushed to see Qui-Gon's expression of longing at the sound. "Thought you said they were irritating?" He murmured, slipping down beneath the blankets. His nose, cold and tickly, rubbed against the nape of Qui-Gon's neck.


     Qui-Gon shivered with delight. "Mmm... yes, irritating. When I'm trying to work... but ohhh... not... not now..." Obi-Wan's nose, and the tender, nibbling kisses that went with it, slid down his master's body, making their way from one nipple to the other, then further down. "Again, my Love... please..."


     "What?" asked Obi-Wan, innocently enough. "What, this? Sniff! Sniff!"


     "That!" he breathed, closing his eyes. "That snuffley, sniffley little nose of yours... all tickly and itchy and... and--"


     "--sneezy," Obi-Wan finished for him, knowing Qui-Gon wouldn't be able to say it without completely melting. As was, Qui-Gon got hot and hard at the mention. Though it might as easily have been from the gentle slurping Obi-Wan was doing around Qui-Gon's naval. The soft, tender area of the great Jedi master retracted with a pleasurable gasp. "Oh, yes, the sneezing," Obi-Wan muttered. "This vicious cold I came down with, that won't let us get any work done..." Qui-Gon nodded with agreement.


     Speaking of sneezing, Obi-Wan's nose was getting around to it. Unseen beneath the blankets, his nose twitched with the need. "Sniff! Sniff!" His nose gently circling Qui-Gon's naval, he gave absolutely no warning to his lover about the sneezes' arrival. Instead, he let his nose do all the work as his hands raced up the man's strong, firm thighs. "hah-hah-GIGShuhhh! ehhGGshahhh!" Qui-Gon's body jumped in surprise, but his thighs tensed at Obi-Wan's touch and his hips thrust upwards towards him. "Now, sniff! Now-now. Don't be hasty. All in, sniff! All in good time."


     "Keep sniffling like that and I'll give you a lecture about the dangers of teasing," grumbled Qui-Gon, lifting the covers to peer down at a smiling Obi-Wan. The young man's nose wrinkled and twitched cutely and Qui-Gon lowered the covers with a grunt. "Padawan!" he warned, his voice strong, but laughing. "Don't tease!"


     Obi-Wan chuckled, his sniffles making their way to one of Qui-Gon's thighs, rubbing there, then sliding inward. Qui-Gon gasped as the soft, buzzed hair brushed his privates. "Padawan..." he choked.


     "I'm not trying to tease you this time," he murmured. "I just... need to- wait a second... hah...hah-GIHShhhh! hehGgshhhh!"


     "Obi!" Qui-Gon cried, panting. His hands tore at the bed sheets, balling them up in his fist and pulling, then releasing and doing it over again. He might have done it to Obi-Wan, had he been wearing clothes.


     "Sorry, Master," came the soft, boyish voice. "I must have caught you in the spray. Sniff, SNIFF! I really did try to turn away. Sniff! Here... let me dry you off..." And he grabbed part of the sheets and grabbed his master's cock through it. He ran it up and down the shaft gently, then against the inner thighs and testicles. He returned to rubbing the shaft, stroking with the sheet until Qui-Gon was nearly too hard. Then he stopped. He stopped and he sniffled again.


     "Tease!" Qui-Gon called him, eyes closed at the sensations.


     "Yes, but you love it," Obi-Wan replied. "Now, what would you ask of me, Master?"


     Qui-Gon shook his head. "I would ask nothing but what you would freely give without being asked..." He died away, not hearing any sort of reply. Hesitantly, he opened one eye to peek at his young lover.


     Obi-Wan lay on his stomach, propped up on his elbows. Deep, silent pants tumbled from his mouth as his chest rose and fell. "hehh... hah..." The sound was so quiet Qui-Gon might have missed it if he hadn't been watching. Obi-Wan pulled his eyes open to see Qui-Gon looking, and purposely drew in a large, strong sniff. Then he threw his head back and sneezed with abandon. "hah-EHGSHH! hahGIHShuhh!" He lifted a finger to his nose and rubbed boyishly at it, moving his head side-to-side more than his finger. "Excuse me," he whispered softly, showing a bright grin to his master.


     "Be done with your teases! I cannot bear to wait a moment longer." He pulled Obi-Wan to him, lavishing him with kisses.


     Obi-Wan kissed back when his mouth came close enough to a part of Qui-Gon's body to do so. "Sniff!" He sniffled and snuffled more now than ever, trying to control his tickly nose in between kisses that took his breath away for too long. He was so caught up in rubbing his nose and sniffling that he barely noticed when his ankles brushed his ears. Qui-Gon was hot and gentle about it, pushing in with a satisfied grunt. "Sniff, sniff!" And a desperate moan.


     "My Obi," he whispered. "Don't sniffle like that... please..."


     Obi-Wan shook his head, rocking with the rhythm of his master's thrusts. "I'm sorry if it's irritating... but my nose is just too tickly... Sniff, sniff! I just feel like I have to sneeze... sniff! Sniffff!"


     Qui-Gon's thrusts went faster, and he looked pained as one hand found Obi-Wan's tight rear and the other set to work on his cock. "Not... irritating..." Qui-Gon managed. "It's... ohh..."


     Obi-Wan's face had fallen again. "heh...heh-GAH... heh-Ehgg... Sniff!"


     Qui-Gon moaned in pain.


     "S-sorry," he whispered. Rubbing a finger along-side his nose to help the sneezes come out.


     Qui-Gon shook his head, panting in between thrusts. "Don't... ever... apologize... about that..."


     Qui-Gon bent and kissed the tip of Obi-Wan's nose. It wiggled against his touch. Then he blew gently, and it scrunched and wiggled and "hah-hahEHGGShuhhhh! HEGChuhhh! Sniff! Ah-OH!"


     Unable to endure the sniffling any longer, Qui-Gon gripped him tightly and gave one final plunge in as he burst, shaking as his hand blurred up and down Obi-Wan's cock. He fell forward with exhaustion, pinning Obi-Wan to the bed as the padawan came as well. Coughing and snuffling along with the moan which was directed into his master's soft shoulder.


     Qui-Gon rolled over finally, letting Obi-Wan's chest rise and fall normally again. He pulled Obi-Wan close, cradling the smaller man in the space between his side and his arm, warm and tight.


     "Wouldn't happen to have a... heh... heh-EGShew! Sniff! SNIFF! Another handkerchief on you?"


     Qui-Gon shook his head and used the force to pull the sheets up to them. Obi-Wan rubbed his nose, which was growing a bit pink from all the attention, on the corner, sniffling all the more.


     "Poor sniffly Padawan," Qui-Gon said, kissing his cheek, and running a finger softly down the bridge of Obi-Wan's nose.


     Obi-Wan smiled and nuzzled close, into his master's warmth. "sniff! Sniff! I was beginning to think you'd be angry at me for all the sniffling. Sniff! SNIFF! I suppose I should have known better."


     Qui-Gon tightened his hold with a tender hug and kissed Obi-Wan's forehead. His face lingered there a moment, cheek to forehead, feeling for fever. But finding the forehead only mildly warm, the sort of warm it might be for someone who had just had sex in fact, he was not overly concerned. But the brush of his beard against Obi-Wan's forehead had made the padawan chuckle. He sighed and closed his eyes, enveloped in warmth and comfort. Snuggling close for a short nap, he whispered, "Oh, how I missed this."