Title: Continuation

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: PG

Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas

Spoilers: don't think there are any

Disclaimer: These lads would be doing this all the time if I owned them. As it is, I do not. This is just an innocent little ficlet

Summary: Aragorn and Legolas continue to deal with Legolas' allergy and continue to hope for more intimacy

Notes: I requested boykissing requests. An anonymous someone with good taste requested Aragorn/Legolas

More Notes: This immediately follows my fic 'Forgiveness is Fundamental'





     Deep down, Legolas knew it wasn't Aragorn's fault that he'd chosen those bushes for cover when they'd tried to make love. Even as intimate as the two of them were, there were some things still hidden between them. That was quite understandable, though, considering their many years of age. The fact that Legolas had an allergy had simply never come up and, given the embarrassment that accompanied it, Legolas had hoped it never would.


     Aragorn had seemed understanding as well as apologetic, which made Legolas wonder if he had an allergy as well. Or perhaps the man was just eager to get Legolas alone and continue what they'd started. It wasn't as though Legolas had an infinite amount of time to spend in Rivendell, and they had intended to make the most of every moment they could together. The ointment Lord Elrond had supplied would surely help towards that end. After an hour of suffering, they were finally getting back to what they had been trying to do before the allergy interfered.


     Aragorn took the jar and looked at the cream within suspiciously. It was beige but with multi-tonal metallic highlights. Certainly not the most appealing of things to cover one's self with. If it worked, however, he would not think any more about its appearance. He scooped a bit out with two fingers and touched it to an especially red patch on Legolas' chest. The elf gasped in surprise at the warm and cool sensations racing through him.  Apologetically, Aragorn looked up at Legolas. "I know you said you wouldn't forgive me... but I truly am sorry about this. How can I make it up to you?"


     "This is a fair start," Legolas said, closing his eyes as the man rubbed the cream in.


     "But what else?" said Aragorn eagerly, thinking of how miserable the elf had been for the past hour. "You must tell me what more I can do for you."


     Legolas paused for a moment, feeling infinitely better already. Deciding Aragorn deserved a bit of forgiveness, and not wanting to wait any longer, he replied, "Kiss me, Nīn Melethron." The words were breathed heavily and with a great smile. Legolas pulled him close by the collar of his shirt. Aragorn didn't need to be told twice. With hands on Legolas' shoulders, he tilted his head and kissed. Soft at first, then more intense. His lips moved passionately against Legolas', releasing only when Legolas began to shift with the need to scratch.


     "Did that help make it up to you a little?" Aragorn asked, scratching Legolas' chin and neck for him.


     Legolas grinned. "A little. You'll have to do more than... ihhh-ihhtchhh! More than just that." He rubbed at his runny nose, then scratched at his cheek. "Hurry with that cream," he pleaded. "I'm going mad here." Aragorn obliged at once, rubbing everywhere there was even a mere trace of rash.


     The cream smelled of mint but Aragorn surmised that it was filled with much more powerful agents as well. Whatever it was, it seemed to work terribly well, and soon Legolas wasn't itching at all. The scent reminded Aragorn of the cream Elrond had made him rub on his chest to lessen the congestion when he caught a sneezy head cold. There was something about that which weighed upon his mind, like a memory he knew he had but could not quite recall.


     Aragorn took advantage of his proximity, kissing the elf on the lips as he rubbed Legolas' chin and cheeks with liberal amounts of cream. He pulled back with a smile. "You smell very unlike yourself with all of this on you," Aragorn said, closing one eye and curling his lip to make a disapproving face. The mint was strong, yes, but there was something else in the scent that was unsettling.


     "I cannot smell much of anything," Legolas replied, reaching up for another kiss. But he pulled away before finishing his intention. "ehtechh! ihtuchh! iktshh!" He sniffled and closed his eyes. "Elrond said the sneezing would... would go... ihh-TECHH! ehTChahh! Would go away on its own soon... iktchhh! ihtchuhh! Echh..." he sighed. "Nīn nem."


     Aragorn's lips just barely brushed the tip of Legolas' nose in another kiss. "Your nose is just as sexy sniffling and sneezing as it is any other time." Checking to be sure the door was still closed, Aragorn stripped off his shirt and began untying his pants at the waistband. "Just like the rest of you." He kissed Legolas' cheek, then ran his tongue along the edge of Legolas' ears.


     Legolas laughed. "Well, I don't feel so sexy. You should try being sneezy and see how sexy you feel."


     Aragorn kissed behind the elf's ear while fingering the tip of Legolas' pointy ear. The combination made Legolas gasp and close his eyes, leaning into the touch so Aragorn wouldn't stop. "You enjoy that, yes?" Speechless, Legolas nodded and sighed happily again. "Have to make sure I check you all over, do I not? After all, it is still my fault you are itching to begin with."


     Legolas smiled back up at him. He dipped his own finger into the container, then reached down into Aragorn's pants, rubbing at what he found there. "I can think of... ehh-IKshhh! ektshff! Sniff, sniff... of a spot you can only be sure of reaching one way."


     With a mischievous grin, Aragorn slid his pants down. "I should have pushed you into those bushes a long time ago."


     "If you continue to be this... ihshehh... this wonderfully attentive... I will have to think even harder about forgiving you... ihShah... on that account," Legolas whispered as Aragorn took him gently in his arms.


     "Don't you dare," he said with a grin. He trailed kissed down the side of Legolas' face, to his neck. Legolas pressed himself closer to Aragorn, feeling the man's hardness. "Ohhhh," Aragorn groaned between kisses. "You said I could make it up to you."


     Legolas nodded. "You are right. I did." He grabbed Aragorn's chin and directed his face upwards for another strong, long kiss. Halfway through the kiss, lips moving against each other in a unique rhythm, Aragorn had to pull back. He looked slightly worried and wore a more quizzical expression than any other. "What?" Legolas asked breathlessly. "Is something wrong? Why did you stop?"


     Aragorn froze a moment, then shook his head. "Never mind me." He smiled greatly at Legolas. "Mmm, where were we now?" He leaned close again, feeling the elf's fingers caress his cheek as they kissed. Not far into it, however, he pulled back again. "Sorry," he said, and then rubbed hard at his nose with a fisted hand. "For some reason... I keep feeling as though I need to," he gave a chuckle at the absurdity, "need to sneeze."


     Legolas laughed lightly.


     "No, honestly!" Aragorn insisted. "I..." he shook his head again. "It seems to have passed. Where were we?"


     "Here," Legolas said, pulling Aragorn close and kissing again. Aragorn forgot his worries at the touch of his lips against the elf's tender ones. Aragorn sighed smiled, leading back with his tongue.


     But then he pulled back again, unsteady, holding a hand to his face. "Going to... this time..." He turned his head and snapped forward. "hershhhhh!" He sniffled wetly.


     Legolas ran a hand against Aragorn's upper arm. "Sick, are you? Did you catch a chill after we swam?" He gathered the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around Aragorn's bare shoulders.


     Aragorn sniffled. "No... I do not feel as I do when sick. I feel... well, it's strange, different." He stopped and took a deep breath, then fell forward again. "harschhhhh!" He sniffed hard and cleared his throat. "I think the tickle has gone now."


     "Glad to hear it." Legolas scratched beneath his chin, then his neck.


     "Sorry, Nīn Melui," Aragorn said, remembering Legolas' condition and forgetting his own. He recovered the jar of cream and applied it to the spots Legolas gestured to which apparently still itched. As he rubbed it in, he felt the sensation return to him. His breathing was shallow, eyes watering as he fought it. His breath caught and he turned his head again. "huh-ARShhhh! hahShhhh! Heh-ehh-Huhshhhhh!" He backed away from Legolas, covering his nose. Automatically, he went for his handkerchief, but realized he had already lent it to Legolas. So he sniffed again, the tickle still burning in his nose.


     "Ara..." Legolas rubbed his own urge to sneeze from his nose. "Aragorn, what is wrong?" He started forward towards Aragorn, but was stopped by a wave of a hand.


     "hehSHAH!" Aragorn leaned back against, sitting on the windowsill. There was a light breeze coming in from it, hitting his bare back. But he hardly noticed it, what with the tickle in his nose. He couldn't possibly be getting sick. It did not feel at all like when he was sick, but he remembered feeling this before.


     The need to sneeze left him for the moment, giving him the opportunity to try and figure things out. Legolas sat on the bed, looking worried. He rubbed in the rest of the cream in and dabbed at his nose with the handkerchief. Aragorn could tell the elf needed to sneeze but was trying not to for Aragorn's sake. Only one of them could be in need at any given time.


     "This has happened to me before," Aragorn explained. He turned his head, giving himself a fresh breath of air. "When I was young, when I first came to live here in Rivendell, I came down with a cold. Lord Elrond took good care of me. He sat by my side and watched over me until I got better. I had horrible congestion and he put some cream on my chest to help me breathe. But instead, it made me sneeze more. It felt then as it did just now."


     Legolas nodded in understanding, pinching his nose through the handkerchief. It didn't seem to help, and he stifled his sneezes. "ehh-itch! ekch! ihpshh!" He quickly wiped his nose and set the handkerchief aside to return attention to Aragorn.


     "It turned out to be a certain herb he used in the cream that I was allergic to."


     Legolas grinned. "You have an allergy, too, then?"


     Aragorn was less than amused at present. "Once we realized this, he substituted a similar herb every time. It must be the same one he used in your cream here. I cannot imagine why he did not use the other one. He knew I would be near you."


     Aragorn sighed and sat back down on the bed beside Legolas. He leaned forward, as though to kiss, and instead took a cautious sniff at the elf. There was an uneasy pause. Then his hand snapped up and he fell forward. "HEHShahhh! Hahshhhhh! herShhhhh!" Legolas scooted over on the bed and Aragorn lay back on it with a groan. When he opened his eyes, he saw Legolas was chuckling. "It's not funny! My nose is... ehhh... hehChhhhh!"


     Legolas headed over to the dresser and sifted through the top drawer contents before withdrawing a handkerchief. He tossed it over to Aragorn and perched on the windowsill to give Aragorn space. If it was indeed the cream that made Aragorn sneeze, as it certainly seemed to be, then Legolas would surely give him room. Though the irony was painful, he did not want the situation to be any more-so.


     The afternoon light was streaming through around him, turning his back and hair a light shade of gold. Thoughtfully, he cocked his head, looking over at Aragorn. "Did you catch the way your father looked when you explained you pushed me into that bush half dressed?" Aragorn nodded, sniffling into the handkerchief. "Methinks your father added that herb on purpose." Aragorn started at the elf over the folds of the handkerchief, rubbing at his nose. "Lord Elrond, it seems, found it necessary to take a step to keep us apart." He grinned and leaned forward, his blond hair tumbling onto his bare chest, framing his glowing face. "He did not want his foster son corrupting the visiting elf prince."


     Aragorn set the handkerchief down, looking shocked. It was the only logical explanation, as Lord Elrond never forgot a thing in his life, let alone something that pertained to Aragorn's health. Preventing the two from getting close in this most indirect way was certainly much more his style. Laughing, Aragorn shook his head. "It seems our making love must be put on hold yet again. You need the cream to help with your allergy and I am allergic to it, and in turn you right now."


     Legolas nodded. "Yes, well, the itching is almost gone, as has my sneezing. I'll give it another few seconds, and then you can help me wash the cream off, all right?" He smiled alluringly at Aragorn, who was still rubbing at his nose. "Because I happen to think you are just as sexy sniffling and sneezing as you are any other time, too. And I'm not sure I can stand to do without your kisses or your touch for another minute."


     "Even then, are we?" Aragorn asked hopefully, holding his arm out to call Legolas closer. "I am forgiven?"


     "Certainly, Nīn Melethron." Legolas leaned over him in bed and kissed him. The long blond hair streamed down, hiding their faces and brushing Aragorn's cheeks. The man fought against the need to sneeze and fought to hold onto the kiss for as long as he could.