Title: Persistence Pays Off

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: X-Men

Rating: PG

Pairing: Logan/Kurt

Spoilers: don't think there are any

Disclaimer: These lads would be doing this all the time if I owned them. As it is, I do not. This is just an innocent little ficlet

Summary: Kurt's sick and Logan's determined to have a decent morning.

Notes: I requested boykissing requests. silverelf requested Kurt/Logan



Persistence Pays Off


     Logan looked up from his breakfast to see the rather miffed Rogue storm into the kitchen. He debated faking an interest in the television's morning news story but a frustrated sigh came from Rogue as she set the orange juice container on the counter. Seconds later, another sigh escaped her as she retrieved a glass from the cupboard and Logan knew the dramatics would just get worse if he ignored her. So he set his spoon down in his bowl to give her his undivided. His voice was low and rough as always, "I take it the elf is still being difficult?"


     She rolled her eyes. "To say the least!" she squeaked. "He's in there sick and sneezin' and won't let anyone in to see him. Took me twenty minutes to convince him to have some orange juice but then he tells me to leave it by the door. Ah just don't know what to do with him!"


     Logan wolfed down the last few spoonfuls of cereal as he stood up. After dumping his dish in the sink, he grabbed the freshly poured glass of orange juice. And he snatched a bagel from the bag on the counter as well.


     "Hey!" she exclaimed, her voice cracking again.


     "I'll take it to him," he said with a tone that said not to mess with him. It was likely to be more pleasant and a great deal more amusing upstairs with a sick mutant than listening to Rogue sigh and complain all morning. "At least one of us should get to have a peaceful breakfast." She looked grateful and smiled as she opened the fridge. Murmuring as he left the kitchen, "And it doesn't look like it's going to be me." There were, however, pleasantries other than peacefulness to look forward to during a breakfast with Kurt.


     Up the flight of stairs and down the hall a stretch was Kurt's room. Logan listened for sounds of life inside and heard sniffling, which was close enough. "Hey Crawler, open up," he called gruffly, wrapping his knuckles against the door.


     "No," called Kurt from within. "Go avay!"


     "I'm not going anywhere but inside. Now open your door." Logan leaned against the wall beside the door. He was prepared to wait all day if needed, though hoped he wouldn't have to.


     "No," he repeated. "I've got a cold."


     With the way he'd been sniffling and sneezing through their last mission, that hadn't been hard to miss. "Yes, I know. And I've got some orange juice." Silence followed this, and then several soft sneezes cut through that. Logan waited until he heard them stop. "Now are you going to let me in or do I have to break this door down?" He wouldn't of course. Not so early in the morning, at least. But Kurt didn't have to know that and it was usual for most of the X-Men not to cross Logan when he insisted on something. There were more sneezes, but they seemed to be growing louder, until finally the door opened.


     It revealed Nightcrawler, holding a handkerchief to his nose. He handed the handkerchief over to his tail and took the orange juice. "Sniff, sniff!" Danke." He made to close the door now that the exchange was done, but Wolverine already had a foot in and wasn't about to be dismissed so easily. "But I am sick," Kurt reminded him.


     "I noticed," replied Logan. "I've already had my nice, quiet breakfast interrupted to come up here and see that you're all right. So to make up for it I intend to spend an enjoyable morning with you, which pretty much requires me to be in the same room with you now doesn't it?" Kurt sighed and relented, walking on three limbs as he headed back to his bed.


     Kurt crawled up onto the bed beneath a thick grey blanket, poking his nose and then his face out from beneath it then sitting up with it wrapped around him. He took a sip of the juice and winced supposedly as the acidity burned his raw throat. Logan sat down on the bed beside him without having been invited.


     "I brought you a bagel, too," he said, tearing off a section. Kurt shook his head, frowning at it. "Go on," Logan tried, popping that piece into his mouth and pulling off another. "It's good, I promise." Kurt looked skeptical. "You need to eat to keep your strength up." Kurt still refused it.


     Sniffling wetly, he rubbed a bent finger beneath his nose. "Not right now," he said. "Have... have to sneeze now."


     Logan sighed. "Yeah, sure. Shoulda figured." He gave a wave of his hand to show he didn't care if Kurt sneezed.


     Kurt, on the other hand, seemed far too self conscious about being seen sneezing. Blanket and all, he 'ported over to the head of his bed. He set the juice down on the nightstand before recovering his handkerchief. "h'Actchhh! ahKTchhhh!" His sneezes were strong but quite quiet so that his resulting sniffles were much louder. "Sniff! Sniiiff! Entschuldigung. Sniff! Sorry. Sniff, sniff!" He teleported back to Logan's side so that there was a brief moment in between BAMF's when there were no sniffles. Upon return, he buried his nose in the handkerchief for a few moments and afterwards the amount of sniffles significantly decreased.


     Logan offered the bagel again, and Kurt still frowned at it. "Come on..." he coaxed, sounding as he did when trying to convince an enemy to go on the offensive and attack. He held the piece up to Kurt's mouth, moving it around enticingly. Knowing Logan's stubbornness from experience, he opened his mouth and let Logan give him the bite. Logan nodded approvingly as Kurt ate. Relaxing a bit now that Kurt was at least eating something, "You know you Rogue's pretty annoyed with you."


     Kurt nodded, pulling the blanket around himself more tightly. "Ja. She vanted to come in but I could not stand ze sought of her getting sick from me. It is easier, I have found, to be alone vhen I am ill."


     Logan shrugged and his face shone with understanding. Being fussed over was definitely not top of his favorites list when he was horribly injured. Luckily for him, his mutant powers ensured him a speedy recovery. Failing that, Logan imagined he'd want to be left pretty much alone until he felt better. But rather than saying so, Logan split the rest of the bagel and handed half to Kurt, who took it with two blue fingers and a smile over their shared understanding.


     But then his hand tightened around his handkerchief, and he unfolded it with one finger, readying himself. "Achh..." he breathed heavily, giving a shake beneath the blanket. It was like a warning shiver. Not one for heading warnings, or denying someone in need, Logan slid an arm around Kurt. The blue elf looked up for a moment, desperately trying to communicate something. But then several strong sneezes snapped him forward. "huh'Arshhhh! h'AKChhhh! ahKTchhh!" He tried to pull himself out of Logan's grip, but Wolverine's strength was unmatched and he was sick besides.


     "Bless you," said Logan, nonchalantly though keeping a firm hold on the elf who seemed as though he could use it. Kurt looked imploringly over his handkerchief at Logan. "God bless you," Logan tried again, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. If it made the man feel better... well, then that would be something at least. Kurt stopped trying to escape Logan's grasp after that. "How ya feelin' anyway?"


     Kurt sniffled and shook his head. "Miserable. I am sneezing all ze time now. Cannot seem to stop for anysing."


     "Anything?" Logan asked curiously. He waited a few moments, then reached over and grabbed Kurt's other side. Taking him unawares, Logan pulled the fuzzy man close, turning him, and leaning forward to press lips against his. But just their lips met, Kurt slipped out of his arms with a startling BAMF! Logan groaned, holding the empty blanket.


     Finding himself on the wall above the bed, Kurt slowly crawled down the walls. "Vat did you do zat for? Sniff! I just got zrough explaining I did not vant anybody to catch my cold."


     "Yeah, but you didn't sneeze during it, did you?" Logan smiled to himself, faked a stretch, and took advantage of the now empty bed by lying down on it. His body filled most of the small twin bed. He bent one arm, raising it and placing hand beneath head. "Besides, since when am I just anybody?" he asked, catching Kurt's eye. He was sure Kurt was blushing underneath his blue fur. "I can't get sick. That's my gift, remember?" Gift, curse, all the same thing really. But Kurt seemed to like the term and crawled back down onto the bed, sitting down near Logan's legs.


     "Really?" he asked, still sniffling and rubbing his nose. "You sniff, sniff, you can't sniff! Can't get sick?" His two fingers, instead of just one, rubbed at his nose now, but didn't seem to help rid it of the bother. The incessant sniffling had returned.


     "I never have been sick." With his free hand, Logan grabbed a clean handkerchief from the bedside table and tossed it down to Kurt. "At least, not that I can remember." And considering his fantastic healing abilities, it seemed likely he wouldn't be able to get sick at all. At least, in theory.


     Still sniffling without stop, Kurt rubbed desperately at his nose. But, realizing that was only going to go so far, he took a deep breath and headed the rest of the sniffles off with a blow of his nose. He peeked over the folds of the handkerchief to see that Logan hadn't so much as flinched at the action or sound, just as he hadn't at the previous sneezes.


     "So I know you said you don't like people being around when you're sick, but do you think you could make an exception in my case, seeing as how I can't catch it from you?" He held his free arm out to the side and Kurt crawled up the bed to it. Caught between the man and the wall, he snuggled into Logan's warm embrace.


     When Logan tilted his head down for a kiss, Kurt shrunk back again and Logan grumbled. "It is not zat I'm worried you'll get sick... sniff, sniff! It is just zat I don't vant to accidentally sneeze on you."


     "Look, some assholes grafted adamantium onto my skeleton and I don't even know how old I am. Do you really think I'd be bothered by a little bit of sneezing?"


     Kurt gave a small smile, but Logan suspected he was blushing again. And this time when Logan moved in for a kiss, just like when Kurt sneezed and sniffled, there was no flinching. Logan stroked his furry cheek as their lips met again. Such a soft touch seemed almost impossible from such a hardened man. But Kurt certainly knew better and turned his head a little to nuzzle his face against the calloused fingers and to avoid rubbing noses.


     The kiss was strong, sending a message as much as giving pleasure. But the kiss was accompanied by Logan's soft touches, stroking Kurt's cheek, squeezing him around the shoulders, holding him close in warmth. Logan listened to Kurt throughout the kiss, knowing when it was time to end it. But even then, he left the long kiss with several smaller ones. He pulled away only when Kurt gasped, taking in breath for another sneeze.


     "hah'KAShhhh! Sniff!" Logan opened his mouth, about to bless him. When Kurt held up his hand, signaling more on their way. Or at least more suspected. He kept his hand raised, and his other hand clutching the handkerchief, which left the end of his pointed tail to use to rub at his nose. "Sniff! Sniff, sniff..." He rubbed more slowly, and the corners of his mouth turned down. "Oh... ah... heh... zere it is... hah... h'ahkshhh! heh-ahKUHChhhh! Sniff! Sniff!"


     "God bless." This time it was rough but heartfelt, and Kurt could tell. At the sight of the elf's smile, Logan couldn't help but start kissing again. They were small, hot kisses across the chin and up one side of his face. "Don't suppose... kiss... that you might... kiss... be up for a little... kiss... more than kissing... kiss... seeing as how... kiss... kiss... I can't get sick... kiss... no matter how... kiss... kiss... close I get?" If anything, it would be a good way to test the theory.


     Kurt's smile grew, and he nodded as he closed his eyes. Logan's lips grazed over the other man's eyes and forehead, and then they worked their way down the other side of Kurt's face. With both the orange juice and bagel abandoned now, Logan pulled the thick gray blanket over them both, and then proceeded to pin Kurt down against the bed.