Title: Care Giving

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Kurt/Logan

Rating: PG13? I don't know. Sex acts are implied so whatever that equates to rating-wise.

Disclaimer: Simply for fun. That's all. No money, no rights, no nothing but fun.

Summary: Logan doesn't do sick very well but Kurt still likes taking care of him. And when Kurt gets sick... Logan needs some help being a caregiver.

Word Count: Two parts of 1,000 words each



Care Giving




     To say that Logan was in a mood today would have been a gross overstatement. However the man was always in something of a mood, and the extremity of this particular one went completely unnoticed by everyone that afternoon. In the evening, on the other hand, when he pushed his way past a few students as he stormed down a corridor, Kurt took notice.


     More importantly, he took action. As he looked down the hallway to see the mutant heading in his direction, Kurt stuck out his tail to block the path and held out a hand to touch Logan's arm in concern.


     Logan paused a moment, staring into Kurt's eyes. "Get off me, Elf," he snapped angrily. Kurt did not budge. His hurried pace temporarily suspended, he rocked on the balls of his feet with pent-up anxiety. Then, out of the corner of his mouth, he whispered in a pained voice, "Don't feel so good."


     The furry, three-fingered touch on the arm increased to the grip of two hands, and a tail curved around to circle around Logan's legs. In Kurt's grasp, Logan stayed motionless and closed his eyes. He felt a tug and heard the low popping sound. Then he opened his eyes to find himself in his bedroom.


     Logan took a step away from Kurt, which was also one towards the bed, then he paused again. His eyes narrowed, squinted, then closed completely. Conversely, his mouth frowned, lips parted, then jaw dropped open. The expression on his face went from tense to slack in a matter of moments. Then he pitched forward, one hand halfway to his face, the other splayed upon his thigh to keep himself from bending too much. "hahhh-CHAHH! h'CHOOSHH!"


     Annoyed and frustrated, he had pulled his hands into tight fists during the sneezes and, now that they were finished, his claws instantly slid out of the hand closer to his face. Roughly, he rubbed the back of that hand against his nose, the setting sunlight outside the window catching on the metal and glinting in his eyes. Then he took another step toward the bed, swept his hand towards the headboard, and pulled it back with a Kleenex impaled upon his claws. He retracted his claws and caught the Kleenex, then rubbed it at his nose.


     Then Logan looked back at Kurt, his expression revealing an internal fight to find the right words. Though he was not a man of many, when he spoke he always tried to make them perfect. "I don't do sick very well."


     "Lucky for you, zen," Kurt said, pausing in his sentence as he teleported from behind Logan to in front. He perched upon the top of the headboard, toes wrapped around the metal like a trapeze, And he reached down, pushing away the blankets to make room for Logan to get in. "I enjoy taking care of people."


     Logan got the message to get into bed but did not understand why Kurt was smiling. Annoyed, he still stripped off his clothing, right down to the last sock. He shivered when he slid into bed, cold sheets against his skin, but one more teleport later and Kurt was in bed beside him, beneath the covers and plumping the pillows. When finished plumping, he began tucking. He made sure the blankets were tight around Logan to keep him warm on one side while Kurt, lying on his side and facing Logan, warmed the other. Meanwhile his tail reached up and wrapped around the Kleenex box, pulling it down between them in the bed.


     When evidence of another sneeze crossed Logan's face, Kurt was quick with getting a Kleenex and holding it to Logan's face. Though his nose was quivering, Logan attempted to pull away, but Kurt was in a much more flexible position and his reactions were not dulled by a cold. "hahh... harCHOOSHH! CHUSHHHH!" He coughed as Kurt rubbed his nose dry, then successfully pulled away, embarrassed and quite frustrated. "This is--"


     "Hush," Kurt said, shaking his head. "Of course it is. You do not often fall ill." Once upon a time, Logan had assumed his mutant powers of healing and regeneration explained the fact that he never seemed to catch anything going around. But after several difficult and unpreventable bouts with illnesses, that theory did not hold much weight any longer. But this was the first time he'd come down with something since  Kurt had arrived on the scene. "Vhich means I do not often have a chance to..."


     Logan gritted his teeth and, out of the corner of his mouth, "Take care of me like I'm a baby?"


     Laughing and shaking his head, "I vas going to say 'stay in bed vis you vhen you're helpless to resist my advances'."


     Logan raised his eyebrows and chuckled back. "Advances? What... advances?" he asked shakily.


     "Vell..." Kurt looked down at the Kleenex box and pulled a few more from it. "Zere's ze snuggling in bed vis you, vich is a start. And zere's ze intimate touching."


     It was Logan's turn to laugh, though it was as light and unsteady as his words had been. He reached for the Kleenexes but Kurt had lifted them to his nose already. "hahhh-CHSHHHHH! huhhhCHOO! hehhCHOOO! hahhCHOOSHH!" Kurt had one hand on his shoulder to keep him from shaking too much during the bout, and the thumb and one finger of his other hand pinched Logan's nose through the Kleenexes. Logan tried again to pull away, but Kurt was persistent and, frankly, stronger at the moment. Logan closed his eyes and, resignedly, blew his nose. "Not the sort of intimate touch I had in mind, Elf," Logan cracked, when Kurt had wiped his nose dry.


     "Nor I," Kurt agreed, smiling brightly. Beneath the blankets, Kurt's tail found Logan's crotch.


     "Oh," sighed Logan with understanding. "You like to take care of me."


     "Ja," Kurt nodded, now rubbing beneath the blankets. "In every vay."


     Logan closed his eyes and let pleasure overtake his annoyance.






     Kurt sat on the edge of his bed with the blanket wrapped tightly around him. It was up in the back like a hood covering most of his head. And he clutched it in the front with both hands to both keep the warmth in and to keep his hands from shaking. Less than a day into the cold he'd caught from Logan and already he felt terrible.


     When he felt a sneeze coming on, he groaned softly, not wanting to let go and feel cold again. "ahh... achhh..." His breath hitched. In the back, his tail poked out from beneath the blankets. It curved around and its spaded end pressed firmly against his nostrils. Despite the touch, his nostrils still twitched and his breathing still hitched. "ehhhh... Ehhhh!" But the sneeze backed off and he sighed, lowering his tail.


     Ever since he'd sent Logan out, all Kurt had done was sneeze. It was all he could do to hold sneezes off to get a few minutes of peace.


     Suddenly his whole body tensed up and he shuddered at the strong sensation filling his nose. "AhhKChhtttttt!" He sneezed, his smallish frame shaking at the force.


     His tail rubbed back and forth at his pinkened nose, then moved over to the Kleenex box where it sat beside him on the bed. Not the kind where one tissue at a time pops out of the top, the pointy end of his tail jabbed at the stack of Kleenex through the opening until he managed to get a few balanced on the end of his tail. Like a wineglass on a tray, he very slowly pulled his tail back, trying to get the Kleenexes to his nose. The way his nose was running, he very much needed them.


     Kurt sniffled, trying to hold back the runniness for just a few seconds more. But the sniffle tickled his nose terribly and caused his breaths to catch again. "ehhh... ahchhh... Ahhchhhtttt! Ahk'tchhttt!" The sneezes shook him again, causing him to drop the Kleenexes. Frustrated, Kurt simply wiped his tail at his nose again, scrubbing away tickles as he sniffled wetly, repeatedly.


     He closed his eyes with a sigh, wanting very much to lie down but knowing that his nose would only feel fuller and run more if he did that. So he stayed upright, perched on the side of his bed, The fur on his tail getting a bit damp as he continued to rub at his nose.


     "All right," said Logan, bursting into the room with his arms full. "Got you everything on your list." The tone in his voice was one of finality, and Kurt half expected him to say something like 'Am I done? Are you well now?'


     "Sag you," Kurt thanked him stuffily, his nose tickling when he spoke. He rubbed his tail more vigorously beneath his nose. "Blease hadd be a..." Try as he might, he could neither finish his sentence nor keep his eyes open. They slammed shut and his breaths began racing. "ehh... achhhh..."


     Standing in front of the bed, Logan looked away from the weak and sneezy Kurt and down at the items he had retrieved. There were a number of items Kurt could possibly request. From bottled juice to pills. From an extra pillow to a hot water bottle. But Logan had no earthly idea what the other mutant was asking for. "I can't hand anything to you if you don't tell me what you want," Logan explained, sounding a bit annoyed.


     "AHKChhttttt! AhhhKTChttttt!" Kurt shivered and kept his tail at his nose, not wanting Logan to see the mess he'd made of himself. "Kleedex," he finished, eyes flickering towards the box and the fallen Kleenexes beside him. "Deed lots of Kleedex."


     "Okay..." Logan said, agreeing. He watched Kurt snuffle liquidly a few more times.


     "Volveride?" Kurt sounded anxious, distressed.


     Logan suddenly realized that Kurt wanted him to hand some over. "Oh. Right. Sure." He grabbed a few at a time, then awkwardly held them up to Kurt's face.


     Grateful, Kurt used his tail to hold them to his nose. He blew hard several times, then lowered his tail and, with it, the Kleenexes. His nose still tickled a little, but it was a little better now. "Sag you," Kurt said again, letting a deep breath out slowly so as not to bother his nose. "I feel so biserable."


     Logan gave a nod and sat down on the bed beside Kurt. He dropped the items on the bed then stretched, glad to be rid of them. Then he noticed Kurt looking at him with large, hurting eyes. "Sorry you're sick," he said, as though it were a struggle. Kurt's expression softened with appreciation and he nodded back. "You're going to do your damnedest to make sure I get the hang of this taking care of you thing, aren't you, Elf?"


     Kurt smiled weakly and nodded. He chuckled, nostrils twitching with need again. "Ihhh!" He warned, closing his eyes as the sneeze came upon him quickly. "ahhh-AKChhuhhh!" He sneezed into another Kleenex, held by Logan. He rubbed his nose into it and smiled again. "You're doig just fide."


     Logan growled softly at the compliment which was more of an exaggeration. "Don't know what you're talking about. You were a hell of a lot better at this."


     Kurt shrugged. "Yes, but I abbreciate the effort. It just takes bractice." He sniffed hard and coughed. "Besides, you haved't had ze chadce to take care of be id bore bersodal vays."


     Logan shook his head, not understanding until Kurt's eyes turned downward and Logan noticed a bulge beneath the blanket that had not been there before. He growled again, this time playfully. Then he stood in front of Kurt and dropped to his knees. With a wide, mischievous grin, he ducked his head beneath the blanket.


     Kurt sighed and closed his eyes, making encouraging noises as he held his tail to his nose to try to hold back oncoming sneezes.