Title: Irresistible

Author: tarotgal
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Star Wars: the Force Awakens
Pairing: Finn/Poe

Disclaimer: Characters and the SW universe are not remotely mine. I make no money from this.
Summary: Finn’s sure Poe will notice he’s caught a cold.
Notes: Snow drabble written on January 22, 2016 as the snow falls steadily outside my window.




hptchii!” With his shirt sleeve, Finn wiped off the mirror and then continued to study himself in it. Bloodshot eyes. Pink flush around the nostrils. That ‘just rolled out of bed’ look that he couldn’t shake, no matter how much water he splashed on his face. There was no doubt about it: Poe was going to notice he was sick.

Finn remembered the last time he was sick; sneezing inside a Stormtrooper helmet had not been a pleasant experience (neither was cleaning it out later), but at least the helmet had hid his face and the signs of what a cold did to it. And he hadn’t been able to take it easy (sick days were unheard of in the First Order), but at least the suit had been toasty and warm. It was freezing here at the base, probably because they were buried under feet of snow. He’d heard people in the mess hall comparing it to the base on Hoth. He’d also heard people sneezing. Guess there was something going around.


h’ptchihh!” Just his luck that he’d caught it. Finn started to wipe his nose with his sleeve then remembered it was already damp. So he switched to the other one. Ugh, his nose was already sore. He didn’t even want to touch it. But if he didn’t, it was going to drip and Poe would notice that immediately.


Sniffing and expecting the worst, Finn headed off to the mission briefing. Nearly everyone was there already, datapads out to take notes or pull up additional specs as needed. Finn glanced around the room and saw that Poe had saved him a seat. The moment he sat down in it, Poe slid his arm around Finn and squeezed. It felt so good, so safe to be in the pilot’s arms that he almost forgot to be miserable.


General Organa came in and jumped right into the briefing without a greeting or a welcome. It was all business, all seriousness with her. The situation was always dire. Every battle was the most important battle. Finn found himself tuning out. He still wasn’t sure he was cut out to be in the Resistance. Despite having misgivings about the First Order, it didn’t necessarily mean he was ready to lay down his life for this cause. Maybe things would be different if Rey came back with Luke Skywalker, if he could hear Luke talk, find out what he was really about.


If he could avoid giving Luke and everyone else here in the base his cold. He shouldn’t even be here around people. He shouldn’t be leaning up against Poe. He shouldn’t… shouldn’t… oh no. He lifted his arm and buried his nose in the crook as his breath caught uncontrollably. He tried to resist the urge to sneeze and failed. “ih hih hihhh hih-ihh hiptchphhh!


Poe didn’t pull away. He didn’t even flinch. But he also didn’t hug Finn closer or look at him sympathetically or bless him. It was as if Poe hadn’t heard him, as if Poe hadn’t heard a thing except for Leia describing the battle plan. I guess you didn’t get to be the best pilot in the Resistance by getting distracted every time your boyfriend had a little cold in his nose.


Not that they were boyfriends. Or, well, maybe they were. They’d never talked about it. Finn found Poe irresistible, and one night they’d just fallen into bed with each other and hadn’t been apart except for missions. He and Poe seemed like two magnets, opposite and different in every way but inexplicably drawn to each other. Their lives, destinies, desires all whirled around each other, tangling and intertwining. They were inevitably together, despite death and war and sides and missions.


heptchh!” he sneezed again and, again, there was absolutely no reaction from Poe. Or from anyone else. Maybe they were so used to people falling ill lately? Or maybe it was no big deal. Except it sure felt like a big deal to Finn. His everything ached. His sore nose dripped. His skin was crawling with chills. All he wanted was to escape, to go back to his bunk and curl up and hide and sleep this off. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it? Another tickle flared up in his nose, this one the strongest yet. “ihhh! Ihh! Hihhh! HIH!” There was no way anyone could miss this. “Ih-hihCh! Hihhshh! Hih-ih-ihhPtshhh! ihhTchh! Ihhchii! Hihchiii!” Warm with embarrassment, he raised his head, but Poe wasn’t looking at him. In fact, no one was paying any attention to him. It was… it was kind of nice.


Half an hour later, and with Poe’s arm wrapped around his waist still, they walked from the conference room. “Looks like we’ve got two days before I have to ship out next. What do you want to do with that time?” He nipped at Finn’s neck, just beneath his ear.


Finn pulled back, sniffling. Poe seriously hadn’t noticed? How was that even possible? But here Poe was, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary, like nothing was wrong. Oh, how he hated to say it out loud, but he was going to have to. “Poe, I…” He paused as Poe lapped at the base of his throat, tongue giving little flicks of excitement. Around them, people passed by, walking through the hallway. At first, Finn had been self-conscious about it, but then he had learned that Poe could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. And he had learned it was kind of hot to kiss his boyfriend in front of a hundred Resistance members.


“You what?” murmured Poe, whose hand curled against Finn’s side.


“I…” His breath caught and his thoughts derailed. “I have… have to sn… sn… snee-hee-hIhshiiii!


Not for a second did Poe stop nuzzling or kissing or touching.


“Poe,” he tried again, sniffling against his palm. He couldn’t do this. He looked around, finding a window and focusing on the falling snow as it blanketed the lush forest around the base. It was soft and steady and strangely soothing. With a deep breath, he tried once more. “I really don’t feel so good. I think I caught a bad cold.”


There was a soft burst of breath against Finn’s neck as Poe laughed. “Obviously. Did you think I hadn’t noticed?” His hand rubbed a circle on Finn’s back.


“Kinda… yeah…”


“Then why do you think I’m all over you, Finny?”


“I…” Finny? What was with the nickname and the sudden… oh. Oh! “I think I’m going to sneeze again.”


Poe straightened and kissed Finn’s nose. “Good. Let me fly you to my room and hide under the covers with you, at least for two days.” The offer, much like Poe himself, was irresistible.