Title: Snow Drabble 3

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: PG (if that)

Pairings: Legolas/Gimli

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue, please.

Summary: A search, some snow-watching, and a sneeze

Word count: 500

Notes: I had a snow day yesterday and today (2/24/05 and 2/25/05), and couldn't resist writing some snow drabbles



Snow Drabble 3


     Gimli woke and rolled over, surprised to find the bed otherwise empty. "Legolas?" he called, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He looked around but neither saw nor heard any trace of the elf. Legolas was more easily heard than seen, lately, thanks to the head cold he'd been fighting.


     Throwing off the covers, Gimli was struck with how cold it was. Vigorously he rubbed a hand up and down his upper arm, then alternated to warm both arms as he walked to the window. From the look of it, the snow which had started the night before had fallen swiftly overnight then tapered off just before morning. Everything outside the window was covered in white, and the only other color in his sights was the brown of bare tree trunks.


     However, a bright teal something caught the dwarf's eye. Not wasting time to grab his cloak, he headed straight for the door. Standing on the far corner of their wrap-around porch was Legolas.


     The elf stood serenely, gazing off into the forest. His teal nightshirt and long blond hair blew in the light breeze that caused the snow on the ground to drift slightly.


     Detecting the sounds of company, the elf turned his head. His blond hair was swept over his shoulders but still framed his face. Legolas smiled brightly at Gimli. "It snowed." He ran a hand on the banister which, though it was thin, had several inches of snow piled upon it. As Legolas' hand ran along it, the snow bunched up in front and some fell to the ground and porch on either side of the banister.


     "Yes," Gimli nodded and, silently, sighed. "I noticed that. I also noticed an empty bed." He walked over to Legolas and made sure his voice sounded sterner. "May I ask what you think you are doing out here when sick?"


     Legolas retracted his hand, cupped his hands together, then blew warm air onto both. "I needed some fresh air, and it looked so beautiful outside that I wanted to--"


     His voice full of warning, Gimli cut him off, "And you had better give me the right answer."


     Legolas finished with, "I wanted to go back inside after I took a quick look."


     Grinning, "That's the right answer." Standing firm in his spot in front of the door, Gimli waited for Legolas to come to him, instead of the other way around. Then he marched the elf inside with no mercy, despite the way Legolas glanced over his shoulder for a final look at the clean, untouched snow.


     As he ushered Legolas back under the covers, the elf's usually silent breath caught audibly. "ihhh... yihhhh..." His nose twitched as Gimli lifted a handkerchief to it. "ihhh-HIHSchhhh!"


     Gimli's expression was a mix of 'I am sorry you're sick' and 'I told you so.'


     Legolas smiled softly and nodded, settling back into bed. But his pleasure from the snow was not matched until he'd pulled Gimli beneath the covers with him.