Title: Snow Day

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Finn/Poe

Rating: R?

Summary: Finn and Poe enjoy a snow day.

Notes: I finally had a snow day this season! Written on March 21, 2018.


“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Finn asked, hugging his arms to his chest to keep himself warm as large snowflakes fell all around him. He had on a large, blue parka with a fur-trimmed hood and thick, gray gloves that made it hard to move his fingers in any useful way. He wasn’t about to admit to Poe that it wasn’t as warm as the Snowtrooper gear he was used to, so he tried to keep his shivers to himself. All the same, he’d just as soon be back on the ship, out of the wind and snow and cold.


There was no immediate answer from Poe. Finn heard a series of beeps from BB-8 he couldn’t identify and then a grunt of agreement from Poe. Finn turned his head to see what that was about just as a large snowball struck him square in the face.


Sputtering, gasping, and wiping the snow away with his sleeve, Finn glared at the pair of them. “What was that for?”


Poe grinned back. “That was your answer. Loosen up and enjoy yourself. It’s pretty rare to get a snow day in the Resistance. I intend to make the most of it.” With both gloved hands, he scooped up more snow and began shaping it into a ball.


Finn’s instinct was to avoid, retreat, flee. The last thing he wanted was to have more snow on him. But he didn’t know what kind of range was necessary. He stepped back a few feet automatically but the snowball still found him, smashing into his torso. Bits of snow found their way between his parka and his body, sliding down and making him shiver again. In no way was this fun, and it looked like Poe was getting yet another snowball ready to aim and throw. “Would you stop that?” Finn begged. “Please?”


Pausing with the snowball in hand, Poe considered. And that’s when small snowballs were launched at both of them, BB-8 spinning on the surface of the snow in triumphant celebration. Neither of the men could let that go. Poe scooped up a handful of snow and aimed at the droid while Finn attempted to do the same. But Finn’s fluffy, loosely-packed snow dissolved into a powder as soon as he threw it, sending BB-8 into a series of amused beeps that Finn didn’t need translated.


“Like this.” Poe demonstrated how to scoop up the slightly wetter snow beneath the surface and pack it together. Then he proved the snowball’s worth by hitting the side of Finn’s head with it. Finn tried to duplicate the efforts but Poe dodged the snowball that Finn threw. “Try again!” he encouraged.


Finn tried, but Poe darted back a few feed, kicking up snow, and Finn’s snowball fell short. Determined to make one that connected this time, Finn scooped up more snow, patting it into a shape of a ball, and then dropped it in surprise the moment Poe hit him square in the back with two snowballs.


Normally, Finn would feel some amount of frustration, storm off, and take refuge in the ship until Poe came back in and apologized. Poe’s apologies usually came with kisses. And Poe’s kisses usually came with a lot more than just kissing. But all the effort had warmed Finn up significantly, and he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. He squatted down, got another few handfuls of snow, rounded it off into a sphere, and braced himself. He felt a snowball strike his head, but he held onto his this time. And the moment Poe bent down to get more snow, Finn charged over and threw with force.


His snowball finally struck true, hitting Poe in the face and sending him topping back into the snow, arms spread out onto the snow on either side. “Poe!” Finn raced over, dropping to his knees and leaning over the fallen man. “Are you okay?”


Poe reached up and grabbed. He rolled with Finn in his arms, pinning Finn back against the snowy ground as flakes still fell around them. “I’m more than okay.” He lowered his head and administered a kiss. Feeling the wet snow soaking into his back, Finn still didn’t hesitate to kiss back.


Finn heard BB-8 beep, and Poe broke away, a little breathless from the snowball throwing and the kiss. “Yeah, buddy,” Poe answered the droid. “I have to do this right here, right now.” And he kissed Finn again.






sniff! sniff! sniff!


As he stripped off his sopping wet gloves and climbed out of his parka, Finn looked over at Poe. In the warmth of the ship, the man was getting out of his snow gear as well, but he was sniffling up a storm of his own. “Hey. You all right?”


Poe grinned. “I hit you with about a dozen snowballs. You managed to clock me just once, and you’re the one who’s worried?” He rubbed his fingertips against his stubble-covered chin. “Don’t be worried. I’m tougher than I look.”


Something about that phrase made Finn’s body rush. If he wasn’t so cold still, he might keep undressing right down to nothing and let Poe at him. But even more than feeling cold, he felt worried. Poe had gotten that much right. “No, I mean you’re sniffling a lot. You’re not coming down with something again, are you?”


“Nah,” he replied casually, pulling a soaked sock from one foot. “It’s just the cold.”


“You’ve got a cold?”


Poe laughed. “I wish! Then I could report in sick and spend the whole day under the covers with you! sniff! sniff! SNIFF!” He dragged the back of his wrist under his nose, nostrils flaring. “It’s just the cold weather. Sniff! Makes my nose run. Sniff!” He rubbed his wrist at his nose again. “And maybe tickle a little, too. Hang on. I think I need to… yep…” Poe nestled his nose in the crook of his elbow, the thick parka hiding almost his whole face from view. “hah… hatchhhehh! Sniff! Sniff! Oh, that’s better. Sniff sniff sniff sniff!


‘Better’ wasn’t what Finn would have called it. If anything, Poe’s congestion sounded worse. He sounded just like he had a couple of months back when he’d caught that ferocious head cold that was going around base.


“You still sniff sniff look worried.”


Finn tried to change his expression to something brave or something neutral at least.


Poe laughed, shrugging off his parka and dropping his snow-soaked pants. He stepped forward, out of them, leaving them behind. “Okay, now you just look silly. I didn’t know your mouth could go crooked like that.”


Finn mumbled to him not to laugh, closed his eyes, and turned away. But the ship was small, and there was nowhere he could go where Poe could not see him. Suddenly, he felt the familiar sensation of Poe’s warm lips against his then a hot, eager mouth engaging playfully.


Finn opened his eyes as soon as the kissing stopped and saw Poe smiling, not laughing. “That’s better,” Poe said, his head slightly cocked. “Now you’ve caught my smile.”


“Better than catching your cold,” Finn replied from a place of experience.


“I told you I’m not sick! sniff! sniff!” Poe said with a couple of unconvincing sniffles. At Finn’s disbelieving took, he grabbed Finn by the neck of his black shirt and pulled him forward into a fierce kiss.


Finn melted into it, feeling Poe’s warm chest against his front and Poe’s strong arm wrap around his back.


After not nearly enough kissing, Poe pulled back. “Sniff! Would I do that if I were coming down with a cold?”


Finn laughed. “Of course you would. You think sneezing’s sexy.” He quieted. “You think everything’s sexy.”


Poe nipped at Finn’s chin and trailed kisses along his jawline then up to his ear where he whispered in a husky voice, “But you especially.”


Finn shivered, this time not with cold. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his pilot, holding him close. Poe gave a gasp, and Finn grinned, widening his stance.


hehtttshhhhhh! Sniff-sniff!”  Poe landed the wet sneeze on Finn’s shoulder.


Chilled as he was, that was all the motivation Finn needed to take off his shirt.