Title: Morning Ministrations

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Rating: very NC-17

Pairing: Qui/Obi

Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish I got compensation for this... but that is most certainly not the case as I do not own these characters or their universe in the slightest

Summary: Obi-Wan's usual morning routine is interrupted by sneezes. But Qui-Gon is there to provide assistance.

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Morning Ministrations


     Qui-Gon rolled over in bed, not surprised to see his young apprentice already up and sitting on the edge of it. The bed was softly rocking, and Qui-Gon knew precisely what that meant as he saw his padawan's shoulders shake a bit. He debated rolling back over and just enjoying the delightful sounds until Obi-Wan was through. But Qui-Gon reached down to feel the bulge at the crotch of his sleep pants and smiled. Many times he would just ignore his padawan, and give him privacy by going back to sleep or pretending not to be awake. But other times he felt the need to make an offer, though Obi-Wan always refused. If Qui-Gon did not wake to find his padawan trying to get into his sleep pants, he knew Obi-Wan wanted to go at it solo. Still, it did not stop him from doing as he did this morning and asking. "Want any help this morning, Love?"


     There was a sharp intake of breath. Apparently Qui-Gon had surprised his young lover in the fact that he was finally awake. Though that conclusion was drawn too quickly and turned out to be quite incorrect. "ahhhIHHShooo!" Obi-Wan was thrown forward, and he seemed weak and slow to recover himself. Sniffling, he turned his head. "Good bordig," he said, sounding altogether too miserable.


     "Doesn't sound as though you're having a very good morning at all," Qui-Gon observed, sitting up and crawling over to his padawan. "It's hard to believe you still have the sneezes. Did you not take the decongestant as I told you to?"


     Since their arrival on the planet in the late afternoon yesterday, Obi-Wan had been sneezing his handsome young head off. The culprit, the two Jedi soon found, was a flower in bloom there with an abnormally strong scent. It seemed to fill the air everywhere, outside and inside alike. Whether it was the strength of the scent or the particular aroma or even the abundance of pollen the flowers held, Obi-Wan seemed to be terribly allergic to them and had spent the better part of the greeting ceremony and third meal sniffling and sneezing and apologizing for his actions. Qui-Gon had finally excused them early and taken Obi-Wan to the room they had been assigned so the young man could sneeze in private.


     "I did take ode. Last dight," Obi-Wan explained. "But it wore off overdight add dow... ahhh... dow I'b sdeezig... hahh... agaid--" He cupped a hand to his nose and mouth. "hahhEHShhooo!" The sneeze was strong, tossing him forward again, rocking the bed at bit. Then, before Qui-Gon could say what it was obvious Qui-Gon was going to say, "Yes, Qui. I already took adother as sood as I woke ub. But it hasd't taked affect yet." He groaned in frustration and Qui-Gon slid closer, choosing to sit directly behind his young apprentice. "I woke ub so hard add I cad't stob sdeezig log edough to do adythig about it."


     Qui-Gon peered over Obi-Wan's shoulder and looked down with a grin. His padawan's sleep pants were at his knees and his hand rested casually on his bare thigh. It rubbed slowly up and down, moving inward, coming dangerously close to his member. But then another sneeze struck and snapped him forward. "ehhHIHShooo! Argh!" Obi-Wan grunted, frustrated and used his other hand to rub at an apparently very itchy and tickley nose. "I eved tried beditating to get rid of by addoyadce over the whole situatiod so I could just get od with by bordig routide but I..." His breath caught again.


     "You kept sneezing," Qui-Gon finished for him.


     Open-mouthed, eyes closed, Obi-Wan nodded. Then he pressed his nose into his shoulder. "hahShuhhhh! huhShooo!" He sniffed and rubbed at his nose, then leaned back against his master.


     Qui-Gon scooted close, his bare chest pressed against Obi-Wan's smooth back. He slid his arms around from behind, resting over the young man's abdomen comfortingly. He nuzzled his face into Obi-Wan's neck, then kissed his cheek. "Be at peace, my Obi," he said softly. "I can help now, if you'll let me."


     Rubbing at his nose, Obi-Wan paused, looking back into his master's eyes. "Eved with be sdeezig?" He sniffled. "You dod't bide?"


     "I don't mind," Qui-Gon answered, kissing his cheek again. "Now just relax and let me take care of your morning hard-on, Love. And you sneeze all you need to. No holding back." Qui-Gon thought it was worth mentioning, though after a fiasco on a mission many years ago Obi-Wan had certainly learned his lesson about suppressing his sneezes.


     Obi-Wan did relax, leaning back against his master, still rubbing at the tickle in his nose. Qui-Gon massaged his shoulder on one side and gave his other shoulder soft, sweet good morning kisses. His other hand took over for Obi-Wan's on his thigh, snaking closer and closer to Obi-Wan's crotch until right on top of it.


     He stroked Obi-Wan's cock firmly, and it stiffened instantly to full beauty at Qui-Gon's touch. Qui-Gon's own erection pressed hard against Obi-Wan's rear, as it was hardly possible for even the strong Jedi master to control himself fully when pleasuring his young, handsome, wanton lover. On any normal morning, Obi-Wan was fast at taking care of himself. Significantly faster than Qui-Gon ever was. So Qui-Gon knew it would not take long for the young man to be worked up.


     The noises Obi-Wan made during sex were nothing when compared to the ones he made during masturbation. There was no pressure, no expectation. There was only pure thrill and pleasure and even with Qui-Gon in command, he seemed to be enjoying every second of it. He moaned and grunted. He whimpered and pleaded. He gasped and panted. And that was not taking into account the stranger, more passionate sounds that seemed either to be a combination of those above or something quite different that there was no word for in any of the languages Qui-Gon knew.


     But the noises stopped for a moment, and Qui-Gon slowed his rubbings, hoping he had not hurt Obi-Wan by mistake. Instead, Obi-Wan snapped forward with a fierce sneeze. "hehhIHHHChooo!" He paused, holding a hand to his face after having sneezed so openly, and gave another. "hahhShooo!" As he sniffed and rubbed furiously at his nose, he turned his head, cheeks flushed with embarrassment.


     "No," Qui-Gon commanded, guiding Obi-Wan's head back with his free hand. "No shame. Only relaxation... enjoyment. The sneezing is negligible."


     "It's dot," Obi-Wan replied, looking away, sniffling. Rather than argue, Qui-Gon resumed rubbing. It was, after all, the easiest way to make his point. His hand cupped Obi-Wan's genitals gently, then more tightly. Then it ran the length of you young man's shaft. It gently pulled down the foreskin and massaged the tender head of the penis. Obi-Wan went rigid with a gasp of pleasure. "Oh! Right there!" Obi-Wan moaned at Qui-Gon's experienced, forceful touch of palm flat against head.


     Qui-Gon used the force to help him sense what sensations Obi-Wan wanted. Whether it was time to stroke his balls or his cock. Whether a nipple needed a pinch. Whether a kiss to his lips would be too distracting or not. He let Obi-Wan's sounds and the force guide his hands over Obi-Wan's body, caressing, stroking, though most of his attention was focused on the hard, throbbing member. His young padawan's body demanded relief this morning, and he would see it done if it meant using every trick he knew.


     However, Qui-Gon knew that his touch was not Obi-Wan's. It was a much different sensation to touch one's self compared to being touched. And no matter how much Qui-Gon listened to Obi-Wan and the force, it was still going to be different. Yet, the major problem was not in this, but in the sneezes. Each time they came, Obi-Wan stiffened and pulled away until he had sneezed the tickle out sufficiently. And then it took some time to get back to that moment of pleasure as it had been before the sneezes.


     "Thought I told you not to mind the sneezes," Qui-Gon said as Obi-Wan recovered from a particularly strong bout. Though he'd pushed Qui-Gon's hands away from him, his erection was still as strong as ever and yearned to be given proper attention. Obi-Wan shook his head, embarrassed. "Well, then I'll say it again: don't mind them. Just relax and sneeze. Give yourself up. I don't mind the sneezing. In fact..." Qui-Gon smiled, and Obi-Wan could hear it in his voice, even as he buried his face in the back of his padawan's neck. "In fact, I rather like it." Now he blushed a little. "The way you shake uncontrollably, pressing back against me. The way it makes your cock strain against my grip. The way no two sneezes are alike, keeping me guessing as to how forceful it will be and how much I will have to hold you and rub you to make up for it. Please, Obi. I like it. The point of this is for me to take care of you, remember?"


     He sniffled hard and relaxed back against Qui-Gon. "Thed take care of be. Because after that sbeech, I cad't wait buch loger."


     The Jedi Master could be terribly convincing when he wanted to be. "Knew you'd see it my way," Qui-Gon said with a grin, and jumped back into it. He had a rough touch, but his fisted strokes were soft and smooth as they ran up and down Obi-Wan's cock. It was growing a little wet at the tip, and Qui-Gon rubbed the natural lubrication around the head. The noises Obi-Wan made, the gasps and moans and grunts, were continuous now. He was growing closer and closer from his master's touch.


     Just as Qui-Gon was about to readjust his grip, Obi-Wan tensed back up as another sneeze began. "hehh..." But this time he did not pull away or motion for Qui-Gon to stop. Even if he wanted them to, his master's touches were getting too intense to resist. Obi-Wan just relaxed and let it come naturally. "hahSHooo!" He paused, a second one on its way, though in between the sneezes he moaned softly at the pleasure he was being given. "hehShhoo! Oh... Qui..." He rubbed the back of his hand against his nose roughly, hardly caring now if his nose ran.


     "That's it..." Qui-Gon whispered encouragingly. "Just like that." He changed his grip to a backwards fist, which was slightly easier for him in the position he was in. He reached around Obi-Wan, and provided a different sensation as the fingers caressed the hard cock, slipping the foreskin up and down as he pumped.


     "Oh!" Obi-Wan cried as the intensity of the variation shot through him. He reached one hand back, blindly feeling out Qui-Gon's cheek to caress it, then slide past it. He grabbed hold of the long brown hair on the back of Qui-Gon's head and made a fist of his own around a bunch of it. "Yes... ohhhh yes..." His eyes were closed, his hips rocking, his breathing staggered. "Yes..." he gasped, throwing his head back onto his master's shoulder. "Yes... ehhh..." This time Obi-Wan was so caught up in the moment that he barely noticed the sneeze. "hehSHUHshhhhh!"


     Qui-Gon turned his head, catching Obi-Wan's cleft chin with a kiss. Obi-Wan barely seemed to feel it, concentrating only on one thing, and letting it take him over completely. "Ahhh!" His voice was shaky as his hips began shaking. "Qui?" He whimpered, desperate to let his lover know not to stop. "Qui... I'b..." Qui-Gon did not need the words to know the man was close.


     Obi-Wan's face screwed up and he looked as though he were in pain or about to sneeze, though Qui-Gon knew neither was the case. Obi-Wan turned his face into Qui-Gon's neck and tightened his hold on the man's hair, pulling hard as the sensations gripped him. With the backward fist movement, Qui-Gon gave him a few last strokes while moving his other fingers softly against Obi-Wan's scrotum. Obi-Wan gave a fierce cry, muffled into Qui-Gon's neck as he came, covering himself and part of his master's arm.


     When it was over, he gave a soft whimper and collapsed back against Qui-Gon, fighting to catch his breath. With his clean hand, Qui-Gon reached up and stroked one of Obi-Wan's cheeks while kissing the other. "Was that all right for you?" he asked, softly.


     Obi-Wan nodded fervently. "Good bordig ideed!" he reiterated, though still somewhat out of breath. That didn't keep the sneezes from staying away, however. "heh-HAHShooo! huhShooo!" He sniffed hard and rubbed wearily at his nose.


     Qui-Gon waved his hand and summoned over a handkerchief, using it first to wipe Obi-Wan's nose, then to wipe Obi-Wan's chest. "Good," he said, his voice still soft, as though not wanting to pull out of the moment. He took a long, deep breath, and hugged Obi-Wan with a tight squeeze. "Then why don't you go take a shower and clean up? The steam will help clear your nose a little until that decongestant kicks in."


     Obi-Wan agreed and pulled himself up with a sigh of relief. At the door which joined their small bedroom and the 'fresher, he paused and looked back. "Do you wadt to shower with be?"


     Qui-Gon already had his hand to his crotch, rubbing gently through the satin sleep pants. He shook his head. "Actually, I'd like a few moments here to take care of myself. But I appreciate the offer." Not a stranger to showering with Obi-Wan in the mornings, Qui-Gon had already worked himself up to desire self-gratification after all he'd done to gratify his padawan. There was indeed something special and uniquely different in pleasuring one's self and after touching Obi-Wan, he ached to touch himself.


     "Well, I bay be id there for quite a while tryig to get by dose to stob- hah- stob ticklig." He lifted a hand up, not to cover his nose, but to signal that he needed a moment to sneeze before he resumed talking. He swayed momentarily, feeling the sneeze coming, taking deep breaths to let it build up properly. Then he pitched forward, sneezing freely. "huhChooo! hahShhhhh!" He sniffed and said something most inappropriate about the flowers. Normally Qui-Gon would scold him for such a choice in words and give him a lecture about releasing his frustrations to the force not taking them out on beautiful flowers which could not help he had an allergy. But Qui-Gon was too stunned from watching the way Obi-Wan's cock shook freely along with the rest of his body when he sneezed. Qui-Gon's hand slipped beneath his sleep pants at the sight and remained there as he played it over in his head. "I'll be id the shower a while at this rate," Obi-Wan said upon recovery, not noticing his master. "So feel free to joid be whed you're dode... assubig you dod't take too log of course."


     Qui-Gon flashed him a grin. Frequently, as a lover, Obi-Wan joked about Qui-Gon's age as it applied to his virility. As Qui-Gon had many signs to let him know it was just joking, he rather liked being reminded that he could perform in bed just as well if not better for his extra years of experience than his young lover could. "After all that, my Obi-Wan, it won't take me long at all." This time, Obi-Wan did notice his master's hand, but said nothing. He simply nodded and smiled back, then left Qui-Gon alone.


     As the rising sun fell upon the bed, and the Jedi master spread out upon it, Qui-Gon couldn't help but secretly be a little glad about their mission location this time. Though he hated seeing his padawan under any form of duress, Qui-Gon had to admit he hadn't minded the chance to help him out this morning for a change. Thanking the allergy for that much, Qui-Gon groaned with pleasure and sped up his stroking.