Title: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon

Disclaimer: Goodness, no, I don't own these boys. The great George would not approve, but this is just fanfic and I don't get a penny for this.

Summary: Obi-Wan's got a cold in his nose and Qui-Gon's got a weakness for that sort of thing.

Author Notes: I started this story in August 2006 and finished it January 2007. It's in the same “series” as my other “Qui-Gon has a sneeze fetish” stories, but works as a standalone (I hope). I was reading through the bunnies and remembered this unfinished story. So I decided to try to finish it up.

Sneezefic Annual Challenge Bunny: #4, #6

Feedback: *blush* Please be kind, but, yes, I'd appreciate feedback.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


            The sun was just about on the rise, but dark grey storm clouds over the city threatened to blot it out completely when it did. Having gone to bed early the night before, Qui-Gon found himself waking earlier than usual. As such, he was a bit shocked to find that his padawan was already wide awake.


            “ehPShxxt! Ngxxt!” Obi-Wan's lips were pursed and a thumb and forefinger pinched his nose tightly. Then he let out a deep breath.


            Qui-Gon's hand was gentle and comforting, reaching out to caress Obi-Wan's cheek and then his chest. One of the reasons they had retired early the night before had been Obi-Wan's state of health. The padawan hadn't been entirely certain, but he had hinted that he thought he might be coming down with a bit of a cold. His throat had ached, but felt good in comparison to how much his head had hurt. Sleep was the obvious solution, but it looked now as though Obi-Wan might be getting worse instead of better.


            “I'm sorry I woke you,” Obi-Wan said, meeting his master's eyes. His voice was a little scratchy and just a little stuffy.


            “I'm sorry you're awake so early,” Qui-Gon returned.


            Obi-Wan sniffled. “Couldn't sleep. Feeling too…” He trailed off.


            “Sick?” tried Qui-Gon, sympathetically. “Achy? Ill?”


            “Sneezy,” Obi-Wan finished, watching his master's face closely and seeing that miraculous little twinge of excitement at the word. But Obi-Wan wasn't done yet. “And snuffly and sniffly and stuffy and—”


            “Stop.” Qui-Gon took a very deep breath. He kissed Obi-Wan's cheek. “Much as I would love you to continue, just because I'm a sick perverted old man doesn't mean you need to humor me.”


            Obi-Wan laughed, which ended with coughs and sitting up a little more against the pillows. “I cannot do my class work and cannot do my duties. You would not deny me the only joy I get when I have a cold, would you?” He sniffed again, and then that look came over his face. He tensed up with excitement instead of dread. This time he kept his hands down, sneezing freely. “ehhh-IHhhScihhhhhh! Snffff!” He rubbed the side of his hand under his nose then reached down under the covers with it. “One sneeze and you're harder than a bedpost.”


            Qui-Gon's cheeks went red. “Padawan…”


            “Hush. You know I love it.” He stroked Qui-Gon through the thin, satiny sleep pants. He sniffed wetly and felt the strong cock twitch under his cupped palm. “And I know you love it.” He smiled proudly. “And you know what you always say about… yehhh… yerUhShhhhh! KuhChuhh! Sniffff! You know… that saying you have… about temptation?”


            “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it,” said Qui-Gon, softly, as though he needed some additional time to believe those words.


            “Right,” said Obi-Wan, nodding with his mouth hanging open. “So… ehhh… So don't… don't… be ah… ashahahhh-HahhChuhhhh! Sniff! Snfffff! Oh…” Obi-Wan rubbed his hand against his nose, then pulled his other hand back and used it as well, alternating them with rubs. His nose was too tickly for words now.


            Qui-Gon might have been turned on, but he wasn't without sympathy. He turned to his side, away from his padawan. “Let me get you…” He froze as his stretched out arm and hand found nothingness on his bedside table. He could have sworn there was a box of tissues there. He always kept one there. But perhaps they had run out and he hadn't noticed. “Sorry.” He turned back to Obi-Wan, who was sniffling almost constantly now. “I thought… but I guess not. I'll go get you some tissues from the 'fresher.”


            “Don't sniff bother.” Obi-Wan shook his head.


            At first, Qui-Gon thought this meant Obi-Wan had already retrieved the spare box from the 'fresher. But on further inspection of the bed, the tissues could not be located. Suddenly it occurred to him that they might be completely out. He started to get out of bed at once. “I will run down to the shops and be back in ten minutes. Can you hold out until then?”


            “Master!” Obi-Wan laughed, pulling Qui-Gon back onto his spot in their bed. “It isn't that we don't have tissues. Sniff! SNIFF!” He wiggled his nose around a little. “It's that I don't want to use them. Sniff! I've sniff, sniff I've hidden them away, just as I have done with your supply of handkerchiefs.”


            Qui-Gon blinked. His padawan was insane. Obi-Wan's head colds were always full of sneezes and it was clear his nose was terribly runny already, and the day had barely begun. Why would he deny himself a sniffle into a thick hanky or a good, strong blow into a handful of tissues?


            “To me, you always seem embarrassed sniff, Sniff when I have a cold,” Obi-Wan explained to a stunned Qui-Gon. “I decided this time, at least for a little while, I won't hide my nose behind anything and I'll make sure you enjoy that fully. Sniff!” He rubbed at his tickling nose. “hihhh-Ih-EH-HISHhhoo! Snnffffff! And if I find I need a tissue, I suppose I'll just have to improvise.” He slowly ran the back of his hand under his nose in demonstration. Qui-Gon watched the action intently. “Do you like that idea, Master?”


            Qui-Gon caught Obi-Wan's hand and held it for a moment. He gave the situation considerable thought. Then he pressed his lips to the tiny wet spot, and that sensual sensation made both body's rush with anticipation. Qui-Gon turned onto his side. He reached around his padawan with both arms and drew Obi-Wan to him. Words failed him, but the emotions shared between their bond made Obi-Wan grin like mad.


            The master timed his breaths with his padawan's, their bodies in synch as they lay as one in the bed their shared. The only differences between them came in Qui-Gon's very hard member against Obi-Wan's rear, and Obi-Wan's hand against a running nose. When his breathing changed, becoming slightly irregular, Qui-Gon's anticipation grew and his hold tightened. With their bond as Jedi and as lovers, Qui-Gon could sense every little detail, from the ticklish little feeling in the nostrils to the intense urge to sneeze seemed to come from the back of the head or the throat. He felt Obi-Wan's tongue twitch as a quivering breath came out. And that was joined by a second, a little more desperate. And a third, entirely uncontrollable. There was a pregnant pause and then the most beautiful release Qui-Gon could have imagined. “ehhhhPppShooo!” The spray was light, and slightly visible, but fell in front of them like a mist. Qui-Gon, still hugging his padawan tightly, had a difficult time keeping control of himself. But it would hardly do to have a morning of fun ruined so prematurely.


            “You're so beautiful,” Qui-Gon whispered, unable to match Obi-Wan's breaths this time because of the way his heart was racing and the way Obi-Wan was already winding up for another glorious sneeze. “So beautiful and so sneezy.”


            “ehhh,” replied Obi-Wan, nodding better than speaking.


            “So sneezy you cannot even manage a word, can you?” Qui-Gon mused. “Come, my heart. Tell me?”


            “hehh… hehh!” His breath caught, and he fought back the sneeze while keeping it there, not wanting it to leave entirely. “yehhh…” But the sneeze was getting stronger, worse. “y-ehhh! EH!” He very nearly sneezed his sneeze, and would have done so if not for Qui-Gon's finger suddenly pressed beneath his nose. “ehhh,” Obi-Wan continued, the sneeze less than what it had been a moment before. “Yeh-yes,” Obi-Wan finally said. “ehhh-Hihshhhh! Kihshhhh!” It shook him thoroughly, down to his toes, and Qui-Gon shook with him, feeling the sneezes against his finger. Obi-Wan sniffed soundly. “Yes,” he repeated. “Yes, so sneezy. So very sneezy.” Obi-Wan looked over his shoulder. “Just for you.”


            There were very few things that could weaken an ordinary Jedi master. And Obi-Wan liked to think of his master as extraordinary, though Qui-Gon was ever-humble. Still, this last statement reduced Qui-Gon Jinn to something like a little puppy, desperate for a bone dangled in front of him. In fact, he whimpered and nuzzled Obi-Wan, who sniffled from the moment Qui-Gon's cool nose touched his neck and cheek.


            “You need to blow your nose, I think,” Qui-Gon murmured. “You're getting all sniffly.” He started to move, to get up, but Obi-Wan grabbed his arm to be sure he stayed put.


            “I have time yet,” Obi-Wan replied. But the young man turned in place, first from his side onto his back, then from his back onto his other side. He found himself nestled against Qui-Gon's chest, and he roughly rubbed his nose into Qui-Gon's sleep tunic.


            It was not a quick rub by any means. His nose trailed from one side to the other, down across the front, then up again. Sniffling and snuffling, he wiped his nose which wasn't running much anymore. But when he reached the v-neck collar of the tunic, Obi-Wan did not stop. The tip of his nose trailed against the soft hair and muscular chest, and he heard as well as felt Qui-Gon gasp in pleasure.


            Qui-Gon's toes curled, and he grabbed hold of Obi-Wan's padawan braid. The man was so delectable like this. But Qui-Gon still wanted more. He ran the end of the braid against the bottom of Obi-Wan's nose. The soft hairs tickled the slightly pinkened nostrils, making Obi-Wan's breath hitch at once. His nostrils flared and eyes fluttered shut. “ihh-hihh-hehhChhshhh! h'Chihhh! Kchuh! hShuhh! Kshhh!” He sighed deeply and rubbed his face into the tunic again. “Dear me… Sniff! Sniff! I apologize. Your tunic's all wet now.”


            They agreed at once that the best thing to do in this circumstance, was to have off with the tunic. It could be cleaned at a later date. And once it was off, Obi-Wan rubbed his cheek against his master's chest with a sigh. “That's better,” said Qui-Gon. They were closer now, as though the single layer of fabric could really have made all the difference when it came to the fact that Obi-Wan had been sneezing right on him. The sensation had been exquisite, the strength of the sneezes as they struck, the way Obi-Wan's body swayed against him. The sneezes were forceful and took Obi-Wan over entirely… just the way this weakness of Qui-Gon's took him over. Neither cold nor fetish could be controlled… and neither man wanted to control them.


            “I am feeling a bit feverish,” said Obi-Wan at once, in a much different voice. Qui-Gon could tell the young man was telling a falsehood he expected his master to see through. “I think I had better take off my pajamas to cool down.” He rubbed the side and then back of his hand against his nose. “Do you mind, Master?”


            The clothes were off in an instant, with wiggling and tugging and fair amounts of sniffling. When done, Obi-Wan's runny nose was getting the better of him again. But before Qui-Gon could inquire about finally getting one of the boxes of tissues, Obi-Wan slid down in the bed and nudged Qui-Gon onto his back.


            He snuffled against the forest green, satin sleep pants. Qui-Gon's cock was hard and interested- more than interested, in fact. It was straining against the fabric, trying to get to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan practically ignored it as he rubbed his nose into Qui-Gon's crotch. Obi-Wan pressed the bottom of his nose right against Qui-Gon's hot hardness, nose wrinkled at the bridge. “Baster?” Obi-Wan whispered.


            Qui-Gon stroked the soft bristly hair. “Yes, Padawan Mine?”


            “I think I'm-heh-gahhh-hahChshhhh! Herushhh! Ehh-Kitchhh! Ohhh…


            Qui-Gon's toes curled and jolts of pleasure seized his body. “Padawan,” he said breathlessly, but lost his train of thought completely as Obi-Wan rubbed his nose back and forth against Qui-Gon's cock, through the thin sleep pants. The stroking sensation alone would have been stimulating, but given the heat and the twitching and the sniffling, Qui-Gon was nearly over the edge with enjoyment. Afraid he might make a mess of himself, he said quickly, “I need to take off my pants.” He smiled as Obi-Wan looked up at him. “You're not the only one who feels especially warm.”


            Obi-Wan took charge, pulling his master's pants down, but doing it with his teeth. He tugged and sniffled, almost tiring himself out in the effort halfway through the task. He used the force to guide them off all the way. Then he buried his nose in the lovely curly hairs. He could not smell Qui-Gon's scent, but he could feel the heat and perspiration. And when he sniffed, he felt Qui-Gon's cock twitch in response. “I'm sniff so sorry. Sniff! I can't seem to help all the sneezing,” said Obi-Wan. “This cold…”


            Qui-Gon moaned. His hands clenched and released the bed sheet beneath him. His head turned to one side, then the other, and then back again. “Go on,” Qui-Gon urged.


            “This is sniff, sniff, an awful cold. It's all in my head and… and… all I feel like doing, sniff, sniff, is sneezing.” He breathed warmly against Qui-Gon's cock. Qui-Gon closed his eyes. He'd wanted this to last, but now he just wanted Obi-Wan to sneeze. “I wish I had something to wipe my nose with… sniff, sniff. Maybe I could use…”


            Qui-Gon felt a light tingling sensation, which was Obi-Wan's nose, then fingertips, against his testicles. Qui-Gon's hands grabbed fistfuls of the fitted sheet and held on tightly this time. He felt another hand against his cock, running up and down, faster and faster. He wanted very much for Obi-Wan to sneeze again. He wanted to see a sneeze take over his strong Obi-Wan. He wanted to hear that irresistible sound of a build-up. And he wanted to feel the gentle spray against his bare skin. But he couldn't ask or tease it out this time. He wanted it to come out on its own.


            But Obi-Wan must have seen the imploring look in Qui-Gon's eyes, because he smiled kindly at his master and offered up a “Sniff! I think I feel… a pretty big sneeze coming on, Master.”


            “Ohhh Padawan,” he sighed. “Do let it out.”


            He watched as Obi-Wan tried to ease the sneeze out. The young man's tongue darted out, wetting his lips, and then licking the head of Qui-Gon's cock for good measure. His mouth was half open and eyes were half closed, and he wore an expression he very rarely wore in daily life- one that showed he was unsure of what was to happen. But he also looked like he was concentrating, and Qui-Gon watched unblinkingly, not wanting to miss a single instant, for fear that he would miss that one moment right before the sneeze struck, that point where Obi-Wan realized there was no turning back and nothing to be done but sneeze out the lovely, large sneeze holding his nose captive.


            Obi-Wan's build-up was completely silent this time, but it still controlled his body as usual, rocking him back and forth as the sneeze built up. Obi-Wan continued stroking his master. With both hands occupied, the sneeze would be free and unrestrained, and Qui-Gon could barely contain himself as he watched.


            It turned out, however, not to be as great a sneeze as Obi-Wan had thought. The tickling had been intense and the build-up exquisite. But the sneeze decided to come out instead as a long series of smaller sneezes from which the Jedi could not escape. “ehChuh! Heh-ehtchh! ktchh! ehKshhh!” Most of them were directed out in front of him, snapping his toned body almost in half. “ihhChh! hehChoo! ehhChoo!” But a few found their way to Qui-Gon's crotch or chest, and the older man cried out with excitement as it seemed it might be a while before his padawan finished. “hehh-ehKshh! ihhChuh! ehhShuhh! H'Chhh! erChihh! ehPtchhh!


            Qui-Gon was boiling by the time his Obi-Wan took a hand off his balls and cupped his nose. His skin was tingling all over and he was beyond ready. Yet he managed a whisper. “Do you need…?”


            Obi-Wan shook his head and lowered his hand. Apart from a slight flush, his nose looked just fine… but then it twitched with the need to sneeze again and Qui-Gon felt Obi-Wan's warning through their bond because the padawan could not speak. Qui-Gon began thrusting into Obi-Wan's hand, as though urging it along. He could not take it a minute more and closed his eyes to try to find his center. And then, “ehh-hehh…


            For Qui-Gon, all was lost. “Yes! Oh, yes, Obi… I'm- ah- I'm-!” Qui-Gon felt it rising within him, and he pulled his eyes open to see his handsome young padawan struggling with a sneeze. The sight of him gulping down breaths was too much to stand. Hoping, sensing, and trusting that the sneeze would strike before he finished with his orgasm, Qui-Gon finally allowed himself much-needed release.


            Obi-Wan's release did not disappoint. “ehy…IHSchahhh! IHHKuhchhh! hehSchghhh!


            So strongly gripped in ecstasy already, Qui-Gon barely felt the sneezes against his crotch. But he heard the sounds distinctly as he shuddered through a powerful orgasm.


            And when Qui-Gon opened his eyes, he saw Obi-Wan with a hand cupped to his nose. “I really deed a tissue this tibe,” he admitted stuffily. He gestured towards the closet with his free hand. Qui-Gon found several boxes of tissues hiding there, behind their spare pairs of boots. He returned to the bed and held the tissues out to Obi-Wan before taking some to clean himself off. He caught a glimpse of a very messy, runny nose when Obi-Wan made the switch from hiding to blowing.


            Before Obi-Wan was done, Qui-Gon had pulled him close again, into a warm, bear-like hug. “I really don't know what I did to deserve you, Padawan mine,” Qui-Gon whispered. “But I am grateful the Force brought us together as it did.” He stroked Obi-Wan's temple, then kissed the top of the padawan's head. “Bless you. And, of course, thank you.”


            Obi-Wan blew his nose for the umpteenth time, then coughed and snuggled close to his master. “I ab so habby I cad do this for you,” said Obi-Wan, his voice thickly congested, tired, and muffled into Qui-Gon's chest. “Ever sidce I foudd out about this little thig of yours, I've codsidered beig ill as ode of the great bleasures of life, brovided ode is dot too ill.” He nuzzled his master, sniffling lightly. “Add I'b dot too ill for this… for… you- ehhhKshhhh!