The Ondarian Virus

Part 30


This part's rating: PG

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     "Obi-Wan's in the bedroom finishing his report," Qui-Gon said, taking Tala's cloak and hanging it on the hooks beside the door. Even though Obi-Wan's fever was gone, they had kept the temperature settings up higher than normal for comfort and were starting to get a bit used to them like that.


     "I do hope I get a copy of that when he's finished," Tala replied.


     "Absolutely," Qui-Gon promised. "From the little I've read, I think you will find it rather amusing in addition to enlightening." He reached over and patted Tala on the back. "Can I get you anything? I was just about to put on a pot of tea."


     Tala shook his head. "No, but thank you." Both knew it was just an excuse to give Tala a few minutes alone with his patient. While Qui-Gon went to boil the water, Tala headed into the bedroom.


     The healer found Obi-Wan lying on his stomach in bed, concentrating on his datapad. Obi-Wan looked up, smiling. "Hello, Tala!" he said brightly. "How are you feeling?"


     "How am *I* feeling?" Tala asked, smiling back. "I'm quite well, actually. My cold passed in no time at all. A few days only. Though I do greatly appreciate your concern for my well-being. And I believe the question I should be asking is how are *you* feeling?"


     Obi-Wan shrugged. "Kind of sniffly." He set the datapad aside and sat up in order to be polite. "Will you be needing to take my temperature? Because if you will, you may wish to wait a few minutes. My nose is tickling."


     Tala sat down on the bed and touched the back of his fingers to Obi-Wan's forehead. "I think not. There's no need to take your temperature as it seems normal. You say you are sneezing? How is the rest of you?" He looked over Obi-Wan's throat, ears, eyes, nose.


     "Throat doesn't hurt as much, my coughing is lessened, my headache gone along with chills and most of the congestion." He turned his head and opened his mouth as needed for Tala to look at him. Obi-Wan pulled away halfway through, grabbing hastily for the tissues. He cupped a bunch to his nose. "uhhh-KUFFShhh! HuhKPhhhhh! hehhh-KShuffff!"


     "Arnup'tchow," Tala blessed him, before resuming his inspection. He pressed an ear to Obi-Wan's chest, then to his back, listening to how he breathed. He sensed the next sneezes before he heard Obi-Wan's breath catch but after both he sat back and allowed Obi-Wan to sneeze.


     "HuhhhKShhhhh! ehh... ehhh-HIHShhhh!" He plucked out several more tissues and snuffled into them a little bit, not needing to blow his nose for it to be clear.


     Qui-Gon appeared in the doorway with two mugs of steaming tea. "Is everything all right, then?"


     Tala nodded. "The virus seems to be right on schedule. By tomorrow you'll feel as good as new if not better, Obi-Wan."


     "And be able to go out again?" Obi-Wan asked, hopefully. He took the mug of tea from Qui-Gon, who settled on the bed beside Obi-Wan.


     Tala laughed. "Indeed. You'll be able to do anything you would normally... do..." He looked from Obi-Wan to Qui-Gon, but his eye caught sight of the bedpost behind and between the two of them. The pair of handcuffs hung from its middle quite plainly. Tala coughed and tried not to blush and let them know he had seen. It seemed 'anything' really might mean 'anything'.


     "That is a relief to hear," Qui-Gon said, smiling at them both. "We will both be glad when this is all over. Thank you for taking the time to come over and give him a final examination."


     "Yes. Sniff! Thank you," Obi-Wan echoed around sips of the tea and sniffles.


     "My pleasure," Tala said, giving each of them a smile and a nod. Then he rose. "No need to see me out. I can find my way," Tala told them and motioned for them to stay put.


     Understanding the signal, Qui-Gon did move but only to wrap an arm around Obi-Wan and pull him closer. They listened to the sink in the 'fresher running while Tala washed his hands. Then they heard the healer's footsteps cross the common area and leave through the door.


     By that time, Obi-Wan had snuggled into his master's side a little. "Still feeling sniffly?" Qui-Gon murmured softly.


     Obi-Wan nodded. "But I can bear it for... for..." Obi-Wan tensed up and sneezed without spilling a drop of tea. "hupSchh!" He half stifled, trying to restrain the sneeze for the tea's sake. "For the rest of the day." He snuggled closer. "So long as I get to spend the time with you."


     Qui-Gon smiled and kissed him. "I think that can be arranged." Gently, he kissed the tip of Obi-Wan's nose, which twitched with tickles at the touch.


     Obi-Wan turned his head down, sneezing into Qui-Gon's chest as Qui-Gon hugged him close. "hehhKShhh! ehhpShhhh! hehhtChhhh!"


     The cold had started with sniffling and sneezing, and it only seemed fitting to end that way as well. Qui-Gon pulled the tissue box closer. He was going to miss having an excuse to cuddle with Obi-Wan once the virus had run its course and their lives had returned to normal. "Bless you, Padawan Mine."


     Having not heard the term of affection since before his rule-breaking the day before, Obi-Wan practically melted at the sound of it now. He snuggled closer, sniffling but not caring about his nose enough to break away enough to get a tissue. "Thanks," he murmured into Qui-Gon's chest with a pleasant sigh.