The Ondarian Virus

Part 28


This part's rating: G

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     Exactly twenty-eight days into his cold, and Qui-Gon could tell his padawan was doing much better. It wasn't just the way his temperature stayed normal. Or the way his voice wasn't quite as deep or congested when he spoke. A change had come over Obi-Wan that could not escape Qui-Gon's attention even as he was trying to do a bit of reading.


     "Master, could you also get me another box of tissues when you go make that milkshake for me?" It was a simple request, and Qui-Gon nodded at it. He put down his datapad and rose. He knew, however, that Obi-Wan was perfectly capable of retrieving a box of tissues for himself. He also knew this latest request was an attempt at hurrying Qui-Gon along with the milkshake.


     Nonetheless, he headed over from the couch to the kitchen area to make a milkshake. Their quarters were quiet, apart from the sounds of Qui-Gon chopping fruit and filling the blender. Obi-Wan's sniffling was all but gone, though his sneezes had yet to back off very much. Hence his need for more tissues.


     "YihhhShhhh! IHH-Hushhhh!" Obi-Wan blew his nose into a few tissues, balled them up, then tossed them onto the coffee table in front of the sofa where he was stretched out.


     Qui-Gon ran the blender, mixing up the ingredients as the room filled with sound. When it was over, Qui-Gon heard Obi-Wan blowing his nose again. The 'fresher, where the tissue boxes were stockpiled, was not at all on the way back from the kitchen area, so Qui-Gon poured the milkshake and walked it over to Obi-Wan first.


     Obi-Wan coughed and sat up, accepting the drink and taking a gulp. "Nice," he said, smiling. "Tissues?"


     Qui-Gon tensed. The requests were starting to sound a bit more like demands. "Yes, I'm on my way right now." He turned and headed over to the 'fresher.


     Obi-Wan drank more of the milkshake and shivered as the cold drink slipped down his throat and filled him. He tugged the blankets up his chest. As Qui-Gon came back out of the 'fresher with a box of tissues, Obi-Wan called out. "Could I get another blanket, too?"


     His lips pursed and keeping his comments to himself, Qui-Gon nodded. He headed into the bedroom for one. He pulled down the heavy comforter, deciding it was too thick, and slid one of the other blankets out instead. He gathered it up and returned to the common area and his padawan.


     Obi-Wan sat up when he heard Qui-Gon, and looked over the back of the sofa. He took a look at the blanket Qui-Gon was carrying and frowned with disappointment. "I was kind of hoping for the red one, actually. That blanket's kind of scratchy," he said, nodding towards the brown blanket Qui-Gon was carrying.


     "Obi..." Qui-Gon began, but Obi-Wan reached for the tissues again, cupping several to his face.


     "ehhh... ehhh-Ihhh..." The build-up was long, and Qui-Gon thought perhaps Obi-Wan might be exaggerating just a little. "huhhh... huhh-IHhhhhhh... YIHHH..." The young man, swaying and breathing into the handful of tissues, definitely had a flair for the dramatic sometimes. "Ehhhh-Ehhhh-IHHH!" Obi-Wan paused, gasping, then pitched forward. "Ehhh-Shffffff! HehhhKfffff! ehhhKUHfffff!"


     The sneezes sounded terrible but looked worse. Qui-Gon's heart sank. "Bless you, Padawan." He looked down at the blanket in his arms as Obi-Wan wiped his nose dry. "I will go get you the red blanket." He turned back to the bedroom for it.


     He pulled the red blanket out from between a green one and the top sheet. He left the brown one on the bed and went back to the common room.


     Only feet away from the sofa, Obi-Wan coughed and looked over. "And a pillow, please?" Qui-Gon stooped in his tracks. "It would help me sit up while drinking this wonderfully delicious milkshake."


     With a sigh, and a smile because he was glad Obi-Wan was enjoying the treat, Qui-Gon nodded. Pillows had been placed strategically in pile, but the top few pillows were some of the thinner and softer ones. So he set down the blanket and tissue box in order to push those pillows aside and get one of the thicker, sturdier pillows used for support.


     When he returned, he eased the pillow behind Obi-Wan's back and then draped the red blanket over Obi-Wan's front. He tucked it around Obi-Wan as his padawan coughed and shivered. He picked up his datapad and then squeezed onto the side of the couch beside Obi-Wan. He patted his padawan's back until the coughs passed.


     The fit passed and Obi-Wan finished the rest of his drink, then looked up at his master. "Did you bridg the tissues?" he asked stuffily, rubbing a finger beneath his nose.


     Qui-Gon closed his eyes, wincing as he realized he'd left the tissues on the bed in the bedroom. He patted Obi-Wan's thigh. "Give me one second." He sprang up and retrieved the box, leaving his reading behind again. He really did want to get it done tonight.


     But on the way back from the bedroom, Obi-Wan called out, "I'm kind of hungry. Could you make me something?" He sniffed hard and then threw in a "Please?"


     Qui-Gon returned to the kitchen area, setting the tissues down on the table for a moment as he went for the cupboard for a can of soup. "Soup all right?"


     "Eggs?" Obi-Wan called over his shoulder. "I'd love some eggs if you could..."


     Qui-Gon sighed silently, shaking his head. "Certainly I could." He took two eggs from the fridge and cracked them open into a frying pan.


     "Hehhhh!" The sound in the otherwise silent room caught Qui-Gon's ears and his eyes immediately darted towards the tissue box. He groaned, realizing he'd forgotten it again. Qui-Gon lifted his hand and used the force to send it over to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan plucked it out of the air and pulled a few tissues from it for his nose right away. "hehhh-EHHHH..." Qui-Gon watched sympathetically. No matter how demanding Obi-Wan was acting, he was still sick. Qui-Gon had not forgotten that. "HEHKShhhhh! EhhhShuhhh! hihhKShuhh!"


     The eggs were burning. Taking his eyes off Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon spun around and pulled the pan off the burner. He salvaged most of the eggs and threw away the rest. Then he took them over to Obi-Wan, trading them for the empty milkshake glass.


     "Thanks," Obi-Wan said, sounding far less stuffy again. Perhaps it was a good sign that the congestion was backing off so much just a few days before the end of this all. He dug in as Qui-Gon sat down next to him, picking up the datapad again.


     Only a few lines into his reading, Qui-Gon realized Obi-Wan was shivering again. He set his datapad aside completely and put his arm around Obi-Wan's shoulders. "Chilly, Padawan?"


     Obi-Wan nodded and snuggled into his master's side. Just two seconds away from sliding beneath the blankets with Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon was stopped with yet another request. "Could you go get me the hot water bottle?"


     Qui-Gon kissed Obi-Wan's cheek and nodded. On his way over to the refresher, Obi-Wan called out. "And some tea? Oh, and cookies?" Facing the 'fresher, his back to Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon rolled his eyes. Nearly six weeks. He couldn't lose his temper now. Deep down he knew Obi-Wan wasn't having a good time with his cold now either, but with the constant requests and... cookies? Qui-Gon's patience was running thin as well.


     But he was not a Jedi Master for nothing. He smiled pleasantly and looked over his shoulder. "Honestly, I should have bought you a bell to ring every time you wanted to demand that I bring you something. Force forbid I be given a few minutes to do some work."


     Obi-Wan flushed slightly and looked down. Then he reached for the tissues. "KShhhh! Kuhshhhh!" The sneezes were quick and, surprisingly, without build-up. Obi-Wan rubbed at his nose and lifted his head. "Maybe I don't really *need* cookies."


     Qui-Gon smiled genuinely now, and he gave Obi-Wan an approving nod. "I'll get you cookies this time."  


     "The chocolate ones?" Obi-Wan asked quickly, hopefully.


     Calling back to him from the 'fresher where Obi-Wan couldn't see him laughing, "Don't push your luck, Padawan."