The Ondarian Virus

Part 23


This part's rating: R/NC-17

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     His hands full with bags, Qui-Gon headed down the hallway towards his quarters and his padawan. After the day Obi-Wan had had yesterday, Qui-Gon had wanted to be sure to pick the young man up some things on his way home from the meetings. Along with a few specially flavored teas and some Gargana cheese, Qui-Gon had bought a few new books, audio disks, and videos. He was determined to find things to keep Obi-Wan occupied, and had set aside all his other Jedi duties in order to concentrate on that task for the rest of the day. There were less than two weeks left, but he had a feeling they weren't going to be the easiest two weeks.


     Yesterday, Obi-Wan had been bored. This morning before Qui-Gon left he had not been much better. And while Qui-Gon could not blame him, he was also concerned about his padawan's health, both mental and physical. Obi-Wan had not called out to him during the day, however. And Qui-Gon was relatively certain Obi-Wan would not leave their quarters when he had been told not to. He only hoped Obi-Wan had been able to find something to occupy himself during his absence.


     Qui-Gon entered and deposited the heavy bags on the sofa with a sigh. After the meetings he had had, he was quite glad to be home. He was looking forward to crawling into bed for an afternoon nap with his padawan warm in his arms. Obi-Wan was not to be seen in the common area, and the door to the 'fresher was open, so Qui-Gon headed to the bedroom.


     The door was closed, which could only mean two things. Wondering if it was only because Obi-Wan wanted to contain the moisture and warmth the vaporizer spurted out, Qui-Gon gently pressed his palm against the door's handle and pushed it open a crack. He heard a muffled groan and saw Obi-Wan turning over, showing his bare backside to Qui-Gon but burying his face in a small stack of pillows. Qui-Gon smiled, realizing which of the two things this indicated.


     There were a few pillows carefully placed on the bed and Obi-Wan had positioned himself on top of them. He was grinding his crotch against them as soft moans escaped him.


     He paused a moment, his breath catching. "heh-HEEShphhh!" He shook at the force of the sneeze as he directed it into his pillow. It made him rub more against the pillows, however, and he groaned gutturally afterwards. Qui-Gon covered his mouth with his hand to keep from chuckling.


     Obi-Wan lifted his hand to sniff and rub at his nose. Then he buried his head again and moaned as his hips thrust forward into the strategically arranged nest of pillows beneath him. His thrusts became harder and faster, and he pushed the pillows more between his legs, hugging them between his strong thighs as he humped them. His hands moved upward, gripping at the sheets and pillows by his head. He pulled the sheet off the mattress at the corner, then reached up and grabbed the end of the mattress instead. "Mmmph! Nn-guhhhh!" he half-gasped and half-moaned. His tone rose in pitch and increased in desperation, and his pace quickened.


     But just as he was giving his hardest thrusts, he suddenly stopped. He flipped over onto his back, eyes closed, hand cupped over his nose and mouth. "huh-HUHShhhh! EhhhShuhhh!" He rose off the bed a little when he sneezed. And he reached over to the box of tissues on the bedside table, pulling out a few. "HEHHHShhh!" he sneezed into them, then quickly blew his nose and tossed the tissues away.


     He kept his eyes closed, and Qui-Gon kept his shields up as he watched the intimate moment unfolding before him. Obi-Wan was so hard, so ready. Qui-Gon wanted to go in right then and there and take Obi-Wan. But he knew Obi-Wan would have waited until he got home had he wanted sex. No, this was time just for Obi-Wan to take care of himself. Qui-Gon couldn't help but enjoy watching from the doorway, however. He slid a hand down to cup himself through the thin leggings.


     Obi-Wan took himself in hand and stuck another pillow between his legs as he bent them at the knees. When he began stroking, the rest of his body moved back and forth slightly, getting into the rhythm. His balls brushed against the pillow, making him gasp, which made him cough a little. He sniffed and kept going, his hand rubbing up and down his hard cock. After every dozen strokes, he stopped a moment to circle his palm against the head of his cock. Then he began stroking quickly again.


     His free hand grabbed at the sheets, pulling at them desperately to steady himself. His breaths raced, his body rocked, his pelvis thrust. His face screwed up, mouth hanging open as he alternated grunts and moans. Finally, and with an expression that showed he wanted it to last longer, Obi-Wan tensed and came with a strong cry. He turned his head and muffled most of the cry into a pillow.


     Obi-Wan relaxed and sighed deeply at the pleasure of it all. As he reached down to get the pillow, he felt his master's presence all of a sudden. Quickly, Qui-Gon's shields fell one by one until Obi-Wan suddenly realized his master was pleasuring himself, too. Qui-Gon wanted him to know, and wanted him to know that Qui-Gon had been watching him.


     Obi-Wan grinned and sent back a welcoming, reassuring signal through their bond. //I love this kind of greeting,// Obi-Wan said through their bond. //Lying here all spent from thinking of you, knowing that you've been touching yourself from watching me...// He raised a hand and summoned the tissue box to him so he could clean himself off. He used the tissues for his nose first, however. "Kishhhh! ehhhKShhh!"


     He could hear heavy breaths, and feel the warmth through his bond with his master. He closed his eyes, imagining how Qui-Gon looked when pleasuring himself. He imagined Qui-Gon rubbing himself, and smiled broadly knowing that he was able to make his master feel like this without even trying.


     Sensing that Qui-Gon was almost there, he grinned and pushed further. //Lying here, naked and hot. Running a hand over my cock.// He wiped himself off carefully. //Knowing you're so close to me... and so close to an orgasm...//


     Obi-Wan heard a deep groan from the doorway. But his nose tickled again and he grabbed for more tissues. "huhh-HIHShooo! IhhhShuhh! EhhhChuhhh!" He cupped the tissues to his face. "ihhh-ihhhh-Kutchfff! Kitchafff!" As he snuffled into the tissues, he felt his master finish himself off. Obi-Wan gave it a moment, before calling out. "Gooddess, Baster! If I'd down by sdeezig turded you od so buch, I would have dode it sooder."


     Leaning against the wall, panting heavily, Qui-Gon grinned. He nudged the door, which slid open all the way, revealing the Jedi Master with his hand down his leggings and a wet spot that the end of his outer tunic did not quite cover. "Blow your nose, Obi-Wan," he said a bit breathlessly.


     Obi-Wan wasn't sure exactly what that meant in reply to his statement, but he obeyed. By the time he had finished, using up at least ten tissues in the process, Qui-Gon had settled on the bed beside him. Qui-Gon put an arm around Obi-Wan's shoulder and kissed his temple affectionately. "Seeing you like that was definitely the kind of 'welcome home' I love, as well." Then he shifted himself a little, uncomfortably. He needed a shower. Looking down at his uniform, then at the rumpled sheets pulled off the bed and wet spots on the pillowcases. "If this keeps up, we'll need to do laundry early again next month."


     Obi-Wan blushed a little, pushing the pillows away but snuggling into Qui-Gon for warmth as he was still without clothes. "I dod't care," he whispered, kissing his master's cheek, nuzzling his face into Qui-Gon's neck and bearded chin, and draping an arm over Qui-Gon's waist. "Let's keeb it ub adyway."


     Qui-Gon felt Obi-Wan slowly grow hard against his thigh and smiled. "You're going to kill your old master, Padawan Mine."


     Obi-Wan chuckled and kissed his way down Qui-Gon's neck. "Wadt be to stob, thed?" His hand slid over and undid Qui-Gon's belt. "Do you deed to work agaid idstead of keebig be occubied?"


     Shaking his head, Qui-Gon reached down and cupped one of Obi-Wan's butt cheeks. He pulled Obi-Wan's crotch closer, into his thigh. "I've cleared the whole afternoon and evening to be with you and keep you from being bored. Do with me what you will. I just hope I can keep up."


     With a grin, Obi-Wan rolled up on top of Qui-Gon, straddling him. Qui-Gon ran his hands down and up Obi-Wan's front, then gave his padawan's braid another tug. Obi-Wan turned his head and caught part of his braid in his mouth. He clenched it between his teeth and gave a playful growl. Then he rubbed his tongue seductively against one of the beads. All at once, Qui-Gon groaned and chuckled, throwing his head back against one of the pillows.