The Ondarian Virus

Part 14


This part's rating: R

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     "Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon called, entering their quarters with a bag in hand. He spotted the pillows and blankets on the sofa and smiled. After two weeks in bed, Obi-Wan had moved out onto the sofa during the day for a change of pace. Qui-Gon rather liked the change as well, being able to better keep an eye on his padawan. It was odd to hear their quarters so quiet, however. Obi-Wan was usually sneezing and coughing when awake and snoring when asleep. Qui-Gon moved towards the blankets now, but detected movement out of the corner of his eye and almost jumped when Obi-Wan appeared from the 'fresher, not the blankets.


     He had a tissue up to his nose and was blowing hard. But there was hardly any sound at all to it. Nothing liquid or honking. There was nothing. Apart from a soft groan from Obi-Wan as he blew so hard his ear popped. He moved his jaw around a little. "Ugh! I'b so stuffed ub that I cad't eved blow by dose," he complained. Then he looked up with a smile. "You thought I was od the couch add did't sedse be here?" Obi-Wan asked playfully, his congestion thicker than ever.


     Qui-Gon shook his head, smiling. "I was a bit preoccupied. I picked something up while I was out..."


     Though he seemed to be feeling a little cold, Obi-Wan's face lit up. "Ice creab? Is it ice creab?"


     Qui-Gon chuckled and shook his head again. "Close." He gestured for Obi-Wan to return to the sofa. Obi-Wan flopped down on it, looking excited. He lay down, stretched out on the couch with his head on a pillow. Qui-Gon sat down on the floor beside the sofa and pulled a jar of cream out of the bag.


     Squinting, Obi-Wan looked at it curiously. Qui-Gon started to unscrew the lid. Suddenly he paused, thinking better of it. He pulled out his handkerchief and put it into Obi-Wan's hand. Then he unscrewed the lid of the jar and held it up to Obi-Wan.


     Obi-Wan gave it a close look. It was a cream with a yellowish tint to it but it looked harmless enough. But as he took a breath, his eyes widened. His throat began tingling with warmth and his nose tickled. He did not even have the time to raise the handkerchief before the sneezes struck. "EHHKShhhhh! ihhhFShhhh! hehhTchhh! KShhh! EeShuhh! KShuhh!" He buried his nose in the handkerchief. "KShffff!" And he blew his nose hard before any more sneezes came. But when he blew, it was remarkably easier than the last time. His ear had no objections, either. He cleared his throat and looked up at Qui-Gon, his eyes still just as wide. "What is that?"


     "It is a cream. And it was made it do exactly that. Help alleviate your congestion a little. According to the jar it should also help warm you. Would you like to try it?"


     Obi-Wan nodded eagerly. He pulled the tissue box over and got a few ready, knowing he would need them. "On your back, Love," Qui-Gon breathed warmly onto his cheek with a kiss. In a move he was all too familiar with, he unbuttoned the buttons of the shirt and pulled back the sides.


     Obi-Wan's eye narrowed and his lip curled. "You have to rub it od by chest? I thought just od by dose or sobthig."


     "It appears to be plenty strong. Rubbing it on your chest should be enough. That's what the jar says to do." Qui-Gon studied the directions carefully. There were some directions he was always sure to follow. He dipped two fingers in, drawing a liberal dollop of cream from the jar and touching it to Obi-Wan's chest.


     Within seconds, Obi-Wan had sighed deeply at the relief it brought. The cream spread a warming sensation over everything it touched. And while he was a little cold but certainly not chilled or feverish, it felt delightful just the same. Qui-Gon rubbed the cream in, moving his fingers in a spiral pattern outwards. Obi-Wan tensed a little when Qui-Gon's fingers moved over his nipples, and their eyes met with knowing looks.


     Obi-Wan took a deep breath, his chest rising slowly, then falling beneath his master's touch. Then his nostrils flared and his breath came in gasps. Qui-Gon pulled his hand back to give Obi-Wan room to breathe and to lift the tissues to his nose. "ehhh-Ehhhh-Tshuhhhh! YihhhChhhhh! IhhhShihh!" With his free hand, the one not warm from the cream on it, he pulled out a few free tissues. He handed them over, looking sympathetically at his sneezing padawan. "HIHShhhh! ihhhChahhh! hehh'KShahhh!"


     When Obi-Wan blew his nose, the sneezes died down a little. Obi-Wan sniffed hard and smiled. "That's the first tibe I've beed albost able to breathe through by dose id days."


     "Do you wish to stop?" Qui-Gon asked.


     Shaking his head in insistence, Obi-Wan grabbed Qui-Gon's hand and pulled it back to his chest. "This feels woderful."


     Qui-Gon smiled. Though still stuffed up, Obi-Wan was sounding significantly better. And if he was sounding it, he must be feeling it, and Qui-Gon could not have been gladder about that. He continued to rub and Obi-Wan continued to breathe deeply.


     "HIHHShhh!" And sneeze. "EhhhhPhshhh! Hupshihhh!" His whole body shook as he sneezed freely, almost enjoying how the cream made his nose tickle. Obi-Wan blew his nose again and smiled. "By dose is ruddy... add I'b sdeezy... but it feels so good." He raised himself off the blankets a little to be closer to Qui-Gon's touch.


     Qui-Gon took a little more cream from the jar and rubbed it into Obi-Wan's chest. Obi-Wan took a few more tissues then closed his eyes with a sigh. He snuffled wetly into them. "I..." Obi-Wan peaked, opening one eye curiously. Qui-Gon smirked and shook his head. "No, it sounds silly." Obi-Wan opened both eyes and gave him a look to reassure him. "I was going to say that I can think of other things that feel good. But then I decided you were still too sick and stuffy to want to--"


     Obi-Wan grabbed him by the neck of his tunic and caught him in a powerful kiss. He released Qui-Gon and grinned. "As I said, I cad albost breathe. Add I wadt to celebrate." He reached down and undid his master's belt. Then slid a hand under the tunic, feeling more warmth. "I wadt you."


     In a flash, Qui-Gon pulled off his shirt and Obi-Wan slithered out of his. Boots and leggings and sleep pants all fell by the wayside as Qui-Gon mounted Obi-Wan, straddling him on the couch. "Feels good, Padawan?" he asked, chuckling. He rubbed Obi-Wan's chest again, hands heavy on his pecks, then moving upwards to his shoulders. He massaged gently, leaning down and kissing Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan kissed back and their kisses slipped from lips to cheeks and then necks. Their crotches rubbed, grinded. Their breaths heavy. The mood was thick with lust, desire, adoration.


     It could not last long, however. Obi-Wan pulled away, turning his head to the side. "EHHHTChhhhhhh! IhhhKShhh!" He blew his nose quickly and sighed at the broken mood. "Sor--"


     Slipping a hand around to the back of Obi-Wan's head, Qui-Gon lifted it and kissed Obi-Wan hard.


     "--ry..." Obi-Wan finished, once Qui-Gon had released him. Qui-Gon went back to massaging shoulders and neck. Firm but seductive strokes. He swayed back and forth on top of Obi-Wan as he threw himself into the motions. The insides of his thighs pressed against the outsides of Obi-Wan's. "Ohhh..." Obi-Wan groaned at the pleasure of it. The touch was soothing, relaxing. He smiled as his head tilted to the side, nuzzling the blankets. "That *is* good," Obi-Wan told him. "But ode side of be is warber thad the other dow."


     Qui-Gon chuckled, realizing there was still cream on one of his hands. "Well then, I'll have to do something about that," Qui-Gon said, taking a little more of the cream from the jar with his other hand. He rubbed it between both his hands and then resumed massaging. Shoulders, neck, chest, upper arms. Obi-Wan groaned more at the warm sensation, bliss slowly crawling through him from his chest outward. The fact that Qui-Gon's erection was pressing into his own did not hurt matters.


     Or the fact that when he sneezed, his body shook such that his crotch rubbed delightfully against Qui-Gon's. "HIHShhhh! Keshhh! KShhhh! EhhhTshhh!" The sneezes even sounded wetter than usual, but somehow lighter and easier. Obi-Wan looked rather glad afterwards. "I love this creab."


     Qui-Gon smiled, rubbing more.


     "Add I love havig ad excuse to have you rubbig be all... all over. Say..." Obi-Wan said quickly, cocking his head thoughtfully. "Cad that creab go adywhere?"


     Understanding Obi-Wan's meaning immediately, Qui-Gon picked the jar up and gave it a look. "Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest." He smiled, his eyes twinkling. "I believe we can comply with those restrictions." He dipped two fingers into the jar again and moved his hand to his crotch. "But I would not want to risk hurting you, Padawan Mine."


     Obi-Wan shook his head, smiling. "You're so thoughtful, Baster."


     Carefully, Qui-Gon touched the cream to his cock. His back arched and he nearly came at once at the tingling warmth against his sensitive skin. It was all he could do to control himself as he rubbed the cream in, spreading it all over his cock. Obi-Wan squirmed impatiently beneath his master, his erection rubbing against Qui-Gon's thigh. The cream seemed perfectly safe, so Qui-Gon took a little more cream out of the jar, then tossed the jar aside without a care. Obi-Wan gasped then moaned as Qui-Gon rubbed it into his cock.


     "Hurry," Obi-Wan begged, panting, fighting to raise his legs. Qui-Gon's legs moved from outside Obi-Wan's to inside. Then he placed Obi-Wan's legs on his shoulders, and Qui-Gon slid himself into the other man with ease. The warmth he felt around him from the combination of the cream and Obi-Wan was incredible. Obi-Wan was almost unable to contain his excitement as Qui-Gon began sliding in and out while stroking Obi-Wan at the same time.


     As much as Qui-Gon wanted it to last forever, Obi-Wan was thrusting rapidly into Qui-Gon's hand in no time. And when Qui-Gon felt a hot wetness cover his stomach, he knew it wasn't the cream. He held Obi-Wan's sides to keep Obi-Wan in place and the warmth around him as he came. When he finished, Obi-Wan pulled away, going straight for the tissues, though not to clean up.


     "ihhhhh... ihhhh-HEKShuhhh! EhhTchuhhh! ihhhTchuhhhh!" As Qui-Gon cleaned them both off, Obi-Wan blew his nose more thoroughly than he'd been able to for days. Then he made room for Qui-Gon on the couch, and the two squeezed onto it together lengthwise. Obi-Wan snuggled into Qui-Gon, their bodies still warm and a little sticky from the cream. They would need to take a shower later to get properly clean, preferably together. Qui-Gon managed to free a few blankets and covered them up. Obi-Wan pushed them off, however, chuckling lightly. "I'm warm enough after all that, Master."


     With a nod, Qui-Gon moved the blankets away and hugged Obi-Wan to him. He noticed but chose not to mention how much better Obi-Wan sounded. He petted Obi-Wan's head gently, easing the man into what became a restful, snore-free sleep.