The Ondarian Virus

Part 10


This part's rating: R

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     Stirring the sugar and honey into the tea with a spoon, Qui-Gon walked back to the bedroom. Obi-Wan was sitting up in bed, his back against the wall and pillows, a datapad resting against his thighs with his knees bent and up in the air. He looked up with a smile as their bond grew warm from proximity. Qui-Gon rounded the bed and sat down on his side of it, beside Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan reached over to share the covers, pulling them up to Qui-Gon's waist.


     Qui-Gon slid the thermometer out of Obi-Wan's mouth, trading it for the cup of tea which Obi-Wan immediately drank from. Obi-Wan was trying to stay calm about the thermometer reading and kept his eyes fixed on the tea while Qui-Gon read it, except for a few seconds when they darted over to survey his master's immediate reaction. "Your temperature's back to normal." Obi-Wan had certainly been due for a better day, and Qui-Gon was relieved to find that this was one.


     Obi-Wan sighed with an equal amount of relief. "I did tell you I felt better," Obi-Wan said, still sounding a bit stuffy though he'd taken to blowing his nose more now.


     "I am very glad you do." Qui-Gon kissed Obi-Wan's temple, then brushed his fingers over the spot. His fingers slid down, touching the neat padawan braid. A shower that morning had required Obi-Wan to re-braid it, and his padawan had chosen an orange bead to bind the end. The dull orange contrasted Obi-Wan's pale skin tones and light brown hair, making Qui-Gon's eyes roam around the younger man, taking him in fully. "But I am still going to remain here and make sure you finish that cup of tea."


     "Yes, Baster," Obi-Wan obeyed, sipping at the tea which was still too hot to drink at a normal rate. Something in him told him that his master had planned on remaining in bed with Obi-Wan even if there were no tea. Qui-Gon had slept late that morning, cuddling with Obi-Wan until hunger compelled them both to seek breakfast. As he had nowhere to be that morning, there was no need to rush. Qui-Gon had not bothered to change out of his pajamas, making it easier to slip back into bed with Obi-Wan.


     Obi-Wan sniffled reached for the tissues, resting the pad against his legs and tightening his grip on the mug. "ihhh..." He closed his eyes, waiting patiently for the tickle to build. Then he pulled back with a deep breath and fell forward with a small series of sneezes. "HEHKShhh! HihhhShuhh! Ihhh... eh...ehhKShhhh!" He blew his nose a little and crumpled up the tissues. He cleared his throat and drank a bit of tea, then picked up the datapad again. "I was just fidishig a secod readig of the Sedate briefig," Obi-Wan said, handing over the datapad. "I added a few thigs but dothig too ibortadt."


     Qui-Gon looked the report over, nodding along with the additions. "Good additions. Thank you for taking a look at it for me."


     "I'b glad I was feelig well edough today to do so." Obi-Wan looked down at his tea, lost in thought. In the past two weeks, Obi-Wan's cold had brought far too much unpleasantness. It had been two weeks since Obi-Wan had felt at all well. Two weeks since Obi-Wan had been able to sleep through the night without waking up coughing. Two weeks since Obi-Wan had been able to breathe properly through his nose. And though it looked like it would be another four weeks until he would be able to do all those things again, Obi-Wan was glad that at least he was feeling better for today.


     "Two weeks," Qui-Gon muttered softly.


     Obi-Wan looked up, wondering what his master had been thinking to make it so in tune to his own thoughts. He drank silently, finishing up the tea, while looking at his master with wide, curious eyes. Then he took the datapad back from Qui-Gon and set both it and the nearly empty mug on the nightstand. "Two weeks," Obi-Wan whispered in agreement, turning on his side and snuggling into Qui-Gon's side. "Two weeks sidce..."


     His voice trailed away as he bent his knee over his master's thigh, forming a position in which they usually slept together, and his knee brushed something warm and hard. "Ah," Obi-Wan said softly, knowingly. Two weeks since the two of them had truly been with each other.


            Obi-Wan smiled and snuggled closer to Qui-Gon. He slid his hand beneath the covers and covered his master's crotch with a strong, warm hand. Qui-Gon sucked in a small breath, then a larger one as Obi-Wan pressed his hand more firmly against his master's sizable erection. "Two weeks," he repeated alluringly, "Is two weeks too long."


     Through the thin green sleep pants, Obi-Wan began rubbing. Qui-Gon sighed deeply at the touch. His eyes locked with Obi-Wan's for a moment, conveying gratefulness, then they closed so he could savor the pleasure. Obi-Wan's strokes were warm and firm, and made Qui-Gon's pelvis rise and fall a little in time to them.


     When Obi-Wan felt the need to sneeze again, he kept his hand in place and continued to rub up until the last possible second when he sneezed into his shoulder. "hehh-YEHShhhhh! IhhShehhh!" He resumed rubbing in an instant, and blew his nose one-handedly.


     So absorbed in his padawan's touch, Qui-Gon barely noticed the pause. And since his padawan had continued so quickly after the sneezes, he knew Obi-Wan was all right. Qui-Gon's breathing began to quicken and his head tilted back a bit, resting against the wall. Obi-Wan continued to rub, brushing his fingers against other parts of his master's crotch after every few strokes. The sensation through the smooth, soft fabric of the sleep pants made Qui-Gon groan in pleasure. After one particularly deep groan, he opened his eyes and reached beneath the covers to slow Obi-Wan's hand. "Careful," he said, albeit a bit breathlessly. "Or I may just..."


     Obi-Wan beamed, a wide grin spanning the lower half of his face. "Why should't you?"


     Qui-Gon sat up a little straighter, regaining his composure. Obi-Wan, however, placed a hand on Qui-Gon's chest, heavy and warm. And he kissed Qui-Gon's neck repeatedly in small, subtle pecks as he worked his way up from collarbone to just behind his master's ear. Qui-Gon let out another sigh at that. "You are sick," he said, trying to sound in control of himself, even though his hips were longing to rise and press himself hard into Obi-Wan's hand. "I wouldn't want to tire you out."


     That had been roughly the same excuse Qui-Gon had used last time thoughts of this had sprung into their minds. "The last tibe we sboke of this, I had a high fever," Obi-Wan remembered. "That is dot the case dow. I'b feelig better, add I'b feeling up to this."


     "Still," Qui-Gon said, shaking his head and trying very hard to ignore the way Obi-Wan's fingers were playing with him beneath the covers. "It's not good for you to expend so much energy when you should be resting. I don't want to risk a good day turning worse for you just for my own pleasure."


     Obi-Wan kissed the spot right behind Qui-Gon's earlobe. He kissed hard, applying just the right amount of pressure to make his master moan involuntarily and squirm against his touch. "There is dothig I would rather risk a good day for," Obi-Wan whispered, his breath hot against Qui-Gon's already tingling skin. Then he spoke through their bond so he would not sound quite so sick. //The last time we spoke of this, you confessed that you missed me. Well, I miss you, too, Qui. So let me do this for you.//


     Convinced and helpless under his alluring padawan's control, Qui-Gon gave a decisive nod and closed his eyes again. Obi-Wan quickened his strokes with one hand, while the other slipped under Qui-Gon's shirt and rubbed there. After another minute of it, Obi-Wan's hands slowed, then stopped. Qui-Gon opened his eyes, brow furrowing in confusion.


     Pulling down the covers, Obi-Wan nuzzled his face into Qui-Gon's crotch. His nose stuffed, he had to imagine the all too familiar scent of his master and lover. Using his teeth, he tugged the loose sleep pants down a little. At the first touch of Obi-Wan's tongue to his cock, Qui-Gon stiffened and gasped with a smile. He watched and, more importantly, felt as Obi-Wan's hand gripped the base and Obi-Wan's mouth soothed the head. His tongue did most of the work, licking, lapping, lubricating.


     But then Obi-Wan pulled back, coughing and snuffling. Obi-Wan grabbed another tissue and blew his nose. His grip on Qui-Gon's hard cock loosened, then left completely so the younger man could properly blow his nose a half dozen times. Then he looked up apologetically. "I'b sorry. I'b too stuffed up to..."


     Qui-Gon shook his head. "There's no reason to be sorry, Love." He reached down and buried his hand in the soft, short brown hair. He massaged the top of Obi-Wan's head, offering the reassurance that he was all right and the signal that he did not want it to stop prematurely.


     Obi-Wan grinned and gave Qui-Gon one last kiss before gripping and beginning to pull. Qui-Gon groaned as Obi-Wan's hand slipped up and down his cock. It was hardly the first time Obi-Wan's hand had done such miraculous things to him, but as it was so much different from his own in touch and technique it almost felt like the first time every time.


     With a deep sigh, Qui-Gon closed his eyes and let Obi-Wan finish him off. His breath raced, teeth clenched. Obi-Wan's strokes quickened to an almost impossible pace. Not seconds later, Qui-Gon tensed and groaned with the release of his pleasure.


     When it passed, Qui-Gon sighed deeply. Obi-Wan sniffled a little and grabbed a tissue for his neglected nose, then a few to clean Qui-Gon off. Qui-Gon's hand slid down the back of Obi-Wan's head, down his neck, and over to his shoulder. He gave the shoulder a squeeze, then a little pull to urge Obi-Wan to crawl up the bed.  Obi-Wan got the message and crawled up, snuggling into Qui-Gon's side. Qui-Gon slid an arm around the younger man and squeezed tightly in appreciation. He kissed Obi-Wan, then snuggled into him with a deep sigh. "I have definitely missed that," Qui-Gon said a bit breathlessly.


     "So have I," Obi-Wan said, sounding just as exhausted as his master. He grabbed another tissue from the box and held it to his nose expectantly. "ihhhKShhhh! hehhShuhhh!" The sneezes shook him a bit more than usual and he blew his nose weakly afterwards. Qui-Gon was not given a chance to ask whether Obi-Wan had been tired out too badly, as Obi-Wan volunteered the information. "Tired, but very glad to be so. This was a better day." Obi-Wan pulled the covers up over them both.


     Qui-Gon smiled and closed his eyes in agreement.