Title: Insistence and Impertinence

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Obi/Qui

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Uh, no. I'm really not George Lucas

Summary: Obi needs some guidance but is a bit impatient in the receiving of it

Notes: A 60 minute fic that was more of an exercise piece to explore some different relationship emotions. Not really sure it works well enough.



Insistence and Impertinence


     Obi-Wan was nothing more to Qui-Gon now but a soft hum at the back of his brain. Qui-Gon felt as though his very spirit was floating on the waves of the force the two of them shared between them now, ethereal and special. He felt strength fill the void within his body, and sought guidance and reason through it. But though it had taken what seemed like hours to reach that state, he was pulled from it in a matter of seconds.




     Qui-Gon opened his eyes again and gazed upon his padawan, blinking. Through their again normal bond, he could feel worry from Obi-Wan. "Blesses," he said plainly.


     "Sorry, Master," Obi-Wan said, sniffling a little. He raised a finger and rubbed the side of his nose. "I didn't realize I needed to sneeze. My mind was elsewhere."


     "Yes, I understand," Qui-Gon said with a nod. "Do you still wish to continue?"


     Obi-Wan nodded obediently and sat up straighter. His body seemed made for meditation, slipping into the form easily and without complaint. Qui-Gon's on the other hand, had always enjoyed the relaxation meditation brought to his joints and muscles, but was less fond of the positions. He had injured his back many years ago, and it still acted up sometimes when he forced himself into sitting straight for a long while. As such, he usually leaned against a wall when sitting for meditation. Or he preferred meditating in the form of katas where he could unite his mind and body without the pains of sitting still. Perhaps following in his lead, Obi-Wan was quite fond of katas as well, and the two not only performed them together, but tried out partner katas frequently, working on strengthening their bonds as they moved their bodies in synch with each other. Today, however, they needed pure meditation. The trance today was to help them focus on the future but by keeping the present firmly in hand.


     Qui-Gon let his thoughts calm, though thoughts of Obi-Wan and his body usually took longer to push into the recesses of his mind than other thoughts. As a master he knew he should simply do his duty and lead them. But as a lover it was difficult to sit so close to Obi-Wan and not touch him. He had excellent restraint, of course. But sometimes he wanted more to increase their bond in meditation, leading by touching, by holding. If he did not have to reach out to the younger man through the force while they meditated, it would make the exercise much easier. Meditation, though relaxing and helpful, was not necessarily supposed to be easy, however.


     "YihShhhh! KSh!" Obi-Wan stifled the second sneeze, having raised his hand to his face in between and pinched his nose shut. He sniffled hard and rubbed a finger against his nose. "Sorry, again, Master."


     Qui-Gon nodded. "My Obi-Wan, we do not need to meditate right this moment. If you do not feel you can control yourself we can certainly meditate later."


     Shaking his head adamantly, Obi-Wan replied, "No, Master. I would very much like to do this now. I feel I do need some guidance from both you and the force and I would rather not wait longer for it." Obi-Wan had returned from sparring with his master feeling, as he had put it, somewhat off. He hadn't been able to quite place it, but he knew it had to do with the immediate future and it bothered him enough to request help with meditation right away. "Please, Master?"


     Qui-Gon complied, though a bit apprehensively. He was starting to suspect the problem now. But he knew it was best for Obi-Wan to discover it on his own. The padawan had been correct in wanting to reach out to the force when he felt something was wrong, and to discover the problem would be an excellent lesson for him to learn as well. Qui-Gon slipped slowly into the meditative state, his mind emptying, his muscles relaxing, his body being taken over by the force as his spirit reached out to join Obi-Wan somewhere within in. He could feel Obi-Wan searching for him, searching for the answer. The young padawan wanted a guide, wanted companionship. Qui-Gon could sense he was worried and in need, and Qui-Gon wanted to accompany him in his search without making it too obvious. He pushed his padawan on in the force, instructing him to access his feelings in the present before worrying about the unknown thing he felt the future held.


     "Hihchhh!" Obi-Wan sniffed almost angrily and rubbed at his nose. "Sor--"


     "I do not want to hear it, Padawan," Qui-Gon replied with a  sigh. "Now it is clear to me that this isn't the best moment for us to be meditating. If you take a moment to consider things, you will see why. We will try again la... ter..." His words died off as he saw Obi-Wan obstinately straighten again and close his eyes tightly. He could feel his padawan through their bond, reaching out to him over the force through his connection with it in the meditation. Qui-Gon sighed and shook his head. The stubbornness of teenagers, it seemed, was not exclusive to those without Jedi powers.


     Qui-Gon closed his eyes and allowed himself again to join Obi-Wan's spirit. He could feel the young man much more easily now, and knew what he needed to do. He embraced Obi-Wan through the force and gently, carefully, urged another sneeze out. One more should really do it. Even a stubborn Obi-Wan could not possibly be this stubborn. After all, he had come to his master for help, and Qui-Gon was doing his best to help. As he lured the sneeze out, a hot sensation rushed through his body, pulling him back. It was Obi-Wan's hand, he realized. It had somehow reached out and grabbed his, and was now clinging on tightly.


     "ihhh..." Qui-Gon pulled away through the force and opened his eyes just as Obi-Wan snapped forward with the sneeze. "ihhPShahhh!" He clapped his free hand to his nose and sniffled again. Then his eyes met his master's for a moment, and the realization was conveyed from one to the other.


     Then Obi-Wan broke his position, his form already broken by the sneezes which bent him forward and the hand holding. He crawled over the few feet and into his master's lap and arms with a whimper. "Nothing to be worried about, Padawan Mine," Qui-Gon said, stroking the back of his padawan's fuzzy head.


     "Why did you not tell me I was getting sick?" Obi-Wan asked, sniffling. "I thought the pain in my throat was just from working out and not drinking enough." He snuggled into his master's chest, burying his face in the older man's robes.


     "Oh, Padawan, I only just realized myself and when I attempted to explain..."


     "I did not listen," said Obi-Wan, understanding.


     "I am glad, however, that this is what was troubling you and not something far more serious. A sore throat and a few sneezes can be easily taken care of." Qui-Gon hugged him close, glad now that he was leaning back against the wall as it helped his back support them both. "Would you like me to lead you in a healing trance now?" he offered.


     "Sitting like this, Master?"


     "Yes, if you like." He wanted very much to keep a hold on him now, and there was no better time to comfort and help him both physically and in meditation the way he had seemed to want to from the beginning. "Just stay close. No more apologizing for sneezing. And no more impertinence while I'm trying to help, all right? "


     Obi-Wan nodded. "I am sorry, however." Qui-Gon narrowed his eyes. "Not about the sneezing. About ignoring you. I was so desperate to understand." If Obi-Wan had one weakness, it was this, and Qui-Gon knew it. Even when he was much younger, he was always very concerned with understanding everything he could as soon as he could, and working until he got it right. Qui-Gon admired his persistence, and ability to keep calm and not get flustered when things did not work the first time. But it seemed this bit of sickness had made it more difficult for him. He had let his worry about the unknown and his irritation at being unable to figure it out overpower him.


     "Well, now that you understand, snuggle close and stay warm. Healing trances are much easier." And, he knew, it would be easier still with them so physically intimate as well.


     "Yes, Master. I know, Master." He tensed up, drawing a strong breath. Then he relaxed, letting the breath out gently as he fell back into a very light meditation.


     "And when we're done, I'll put you to bed for the rest of the day and you can meditate upon the idea that you are not always meant to understand everything the moment you want to," Qui-Gon said with a smile. He kissed the top of his padawan's head and joined him once again as the healing vibes of the force washed over them both.