Title: Hot and Bothered

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Rating: R

Parings: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan

Disclaimer: Contrary to what you might think, I didn't come up with the Star Wars universe or its characters. As such, I get no money from this, only innocent enjoyment.

Summary: Very short fic in which Qui-Gon lusts after a sneezy Obi-Wan




Hot and Bothered


     I watched him across the meeting room, his little nose twitching. His chest rose and fell in an unnatural sort of way. His eyes left the spokesmen halfway through the speech and strayed, focusing on nothing at all. He sniffled and rubbed his finger beneath his nose. It was itching terribly, I could tell that even from across the room. He wouldn't be able to keep his composure for very long at this rate. I knew well the need which was burning in his nose, and even every rubbing of his nose did not seem to keep the urge back. It was warm, inviting, and I could feel deeply how much he not only had to sneeze but wanted to sneeze.


     I was hot, very hot, and this was not the place to be so. Not alone in our quarters, but in a very public meeting with dozens of dignitaries from an entire solar system. Not even in a meeting on Coruscant that we could easily slip out of, but sent halfway across the galaxy to mediate. But as I listened to him sniffle, and watched him wrinkle his nose, I started not to care where we were. As the tickle in his nose grew, so did the heat in my body.


     It was clear that the urge to sneeze was beginning to be unbearable, so soon it could not be resisted. The sneeze would be loud enough to interrupt the meeting. His eyes met mine, conveying his helplessness and his desire. But my Obi-Wan was never as helpless as he seemed. I sent him the gentle wave of reassurance I knew he expected from me, and he sent me back a hot, burning need. This was more than I could do for him, so he reached out to the force for strength. And though he found it, it could not do anything for him either. His nose continued to twitch and tickle, with itchy, sneezy urges.


     He closed his eyes and raised a hand to his face. I sensed it coming now. Building, tickling, making him forget about the meeting, about me, about the force, about everything. His nose wrinkled with a light sniffle. I could feel his desperation, his urges, his warmth. Then he snapped forward with a strong sneeze. "ehhhChhooo!"


     I refused to move, refused to react. With my erection pressing hard against the inside of my leggings, it still would not be noticed unless I drew attention to it. Still, it was nearly impossibly to resist doing so. It took all the strength I possessed not to go to him, not to take him up in my arms, not to lavish kisses upon that sniffly little nose of his.


     His chin, cute cleft and all, rose as he swallowed and sniffed through an apology. But when his eyes met mine again, they burned with desire. However not chiefly with the desire to sneeze this time. This time, they held the sort of lust that mirrored my own. Desperately, I fought again not to move.


     The speaker had paused momentarily after Obi-Wan's sneeze. Perhaps the man expected there to be a second sneeze. But he did not know Obi-Wan the way I did, did not know that my padawan only sneezes more than once when he is coming down sick or highly allergic to something. Or perhaps he had only paused to allow Obi-Wan to excuse himself, which my padawan did with the perfect amount of decorum. I felt the relief wash over me after his sneeze, calming us both.


     But I could also feel the urge beginning to build again, as clearly as though it were my own nose. I could feel him trying again to fight it, to rub it away. He had already sneezed once, to my utter delight, and I was already ready to burst with pleasure from it. But now a second threatened to come, and that was almost ore than I could bear. I could not touch myself here. He could not touch me here. Silently, through the force and the look in my eyes, I pleaded with him not to sneeze.


     And, yet, still he sniffled. Wetly, irresistibly. How I longed to offer him support. How I longed to help him rub those itchy tickly sensations right from his nose. How I longed to hold him while the rest of the urges shot through our helpless bodies. How I longed to know precisely how hot and how hard he was after that sneeze. Any excuse would do, any at all. I cared not how childish or idiotic it was, so long as it let me alone with my Obi-Wan now. But for all of my wisdom and sense, I could think of not a single one which would remotely suffice. My heart sank, my loins burned, and my eyes turned to Obi-Wan for help. I could not possibly last through the rest of the meeting like this. Especially not with him sniffling as he was now.


     And Obi-Wan, my darling Obi-Wan, understood. His eyes penetrated the computer panel which sat in front of me on the table. They stared hard, and he raised his hand just above the end of the table on his side, giving a slow wave, then rubbing his nose with his finger again to cover the movement. In seconds, the communicator signal on the console began to beep. An urgent message. Could not be missed. Please excuse us for we had to confer about it. I nearly forgot to bring it with me as I tore anxiously from the room, but it was helpful in hiding the more obvious clues about my emotions.


     His hand was in mine as we raced through the corridor, hot, sweaty, so slippery that I nearly lost him. But I used the force to keep him close. We would not be separated. Not now. Not with another sneeze already on the way. I rubbed my own nose out of instinct, knowing the intensity of his urge. I did not want him to sneeze until I was alone with him, but this could not be helped.


     His nose wiggled again, and his eyes fluttered shut. Were he not a Jedi, he might have stumbled as he sneezed while I pulled him onward. "heh... ehhhChew!" He gracefully recovered with an alluring sniffle and smile. I, on the other hand, stumbled. I was burning for him, tingling for him. And the sound of his sneeze was lusciously irresistible. I pulled him close, and rubbed a finger against the side of his nose for him. He smiled and wrinkled his nose with another wet sniffle. "Qui," he whispered. "My nose..." And he cupped my crotch hard.


     "I know," I said breathlessly, throwing my hips forward to press myself harder against his touch. My own nose tickled dreadfully in sympathy, but the rest of my body had a different sort of tickle in it. I bent close and kissed his nose gently as it sniffled for me. "I cannot imagine what we should do about it." I breathed hot on his face. He sniffled again and I could see in his eyes that the sneezes were not finished. Even if they had been, I would have wanted him just as much. I could not possibly grow any warmer for him. "Oh, my Obi..."


     He pulled me on, down the hallway. "Bathroom," he whispered. "You can bend me over the sink."


     "No," I breathed with yearning. "I want to see your face without having to look in a mirror." Nonetheless, he pulled me into the bathroom and we locked the door behind simultaneously with waves of our hands. Laughing, I pulled him to my chest as he sniffled and pinned me back against a wall. The computer pad lay abandoned on a countertop.


     He sniffled wetly into the nape of my neck, rubbing his nose against me. "I'm so sneezy, Qui-Gon," he whispered, tugging my leggings down my thighs and pressing his own thigh between my legs.


     I gasped happily, looking down into his soft face. His nose was wiggling, nostrils flaring at each sniffle, eyes gazing with warmth. I pressed my cheek against his soft-cut hair with a sigh. He was mine, but better still, he wanted me. Me, and all my little idiosyncrasies. From the way I had to clear my throat every morning after getting up, to ordering the books on the bookcase alphabetically by title rather than author. From my insistence upon eating something for breakfast each morning, to my rather odd infatuation with his sneezes. I looked down to hear him breathing deeply again. "Going to sneeze again, my Obi?" I did not need his response, for I could already feel it beginning.


     He nodded wearily, mouth dropping open. "Yes, for you," he said, stroking the parts of me that weren't pressed against his thigh. As the sneeze built, the sensations coursed through both our bodies. I quickly pulled his leggings down as well so that I would not ruin them. The sensation of his bare thigh against my crotch was warm and inviting. My hips began to thrust forward towards him, his sniffles terribly arousing, the length of my cock rubbing his leg. Not quite the feeling of being inside him, but I did not want to waste a moment in arranging ourselves differently for at least I could see that handsome face of his as he sneezed. As he stroked me more, I hugged him closer, feeding off him. Oh, however I made it this long in the first place I will never know. Through the force, I could feel another sneeze building in his nose, could feel it as strongly as if it was my own. Tickling, tingling, and sneaking from the very back of his nose to the front. It filled his nostrils then his whole nose entirely. His hand closed on part of my tunic, clutching it in his fist as the urge to sneeze pulled at him, making him tense and shake. I shook as well, my own breath racing, matching his.


     "hehhh..." Oh, that sound alone could drive me mad. That sneezy feeling that made his nose tingle was washing over me, making me thrust forward against his hand. It had to be now. I held him closer and dragged my finger beneath his nose, tickling it ever so lightly. He tensed up all the more and leaned back a little so that I could see him clearly. His nose twitched. I could sense the sneeze on its way now. His eyes closed. I could hear the build-up in my mind, making me go mad. And he snapped forward with a sneeze. "hehhhChhooo!"


     The spray was warm against my neck and chest and I couldn't help but lose it right then and there. I could feel a hint of emotion from Obi-Wan that told me he was surprised I had even held out this long. As I groaned with pleasure at the release, I felt him do the same, clinging to me for warmth and support. His breaths were like mine, his feelings so in synch, his urges so like my own, that I couldn't help but bury my face into his shoulder with a sneeze of my own. "ahhKtshhhh!"


     He stayed close afterwards, catching his breath and leaning against my chest. "Mmmm," he murmured, looking up with a smile. "I love when I do that to you."


     I sniffled and rubbed my nose into his shoulder. So close were we that when he took a breath I could feel it fill my own lungs. And when his nose was so tickly, the same sensations were bound to strike mine. But the itchiness in my nose died down as I rubbed it against his shoulder. "Love you," I whispered, pulling my head back and placing a kiss on his lips. I placed my hands on his cheeks to keep him still, and gave him another kiss, his gentle lips and soft skin feeling warm and heavenly to me. Smaller kisses and little nibbles followed and then, with a last kiss to the tip of his nose, I stopped and wrapped both arms around him in a hug. "Force, Padawan. The things you do to get me all hot and bothered when I shouldn't be."


     "I can't help it. I didn't choose to start feeling sneezy, Master," Obi-Wan replied with a grin that spanned his whole face. His cheeks were round, his eyes glowing. And I could tell that even if he could have fought away the sneezes back in that meeting room, he wouldn't have, just for me. That charming grin told me that much.


     "Stop," I whispered, but even after closing my eyes I could still see the grin in my mind. He was irresistible when smiling like that, and I felt myself go weak again against him. "Or I'll never make it back to the meeting." He laughed and snuggled close, nuzzling, letting me hold him while his sniffles slowed before we cleaned ourselves up to rejoin the delegation.