Title: Pleasure

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Rating: G (or PG13, depending on how you want to read it)

Disclaimer: Lucas! Not me! It's all him, baby!

Summary: Qui-Gon's got a bit of a tickle in his nose

Note: This is a 250-word drabble.





     Qui-Gon exhales, then takes a deeper breath in, sniffing hard. "No, I most certainly do not have a cold, Padawan," he says sternly but unconvincingly and swings an arm to shake Obi-Wan off.


     Obi-Wan, hand outstretched to feel for fever, pulls back and circles around to put the desk between them. Obi-Wan sighs. He leans forward, elbows on the the desk, chin resting on top of folded hands. He blinks once... twice... "It's only a bit of a tickle," Qui-Gon says. It is clear he hides something and Obi-Wan's suspicious expression remains fixed. "Can't I just sneeze a few times for no particular reason?"


     A thin smile curves Obi-Wan's lips. "You are Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn," he says. His smile becomes a grin that fills his whole face, making him practically glow. "Everything you do has reason."


     Quin-Gon's face twitches around his nose. For a moment he means to reply. But his words are lost to him by the racing of halting breaths. His eyes shut, mouth frowns, brow furrows, body tenses. He snaps forward, the sneeze uncovered, unrestrained, unapologetic. "hehhkkTchahhhhh!" He freezes, savoring the moment, then relaxes in his seat. Smiling, he rubs a bent finger beneath his nose. He sniffs again and lets the breath out with great satisfaction that seems to coarse warmly through his entire body.


     "My apologies, Master," Obi-Wan says, lifting his head. "Not even you could sneeze with such pleasure and relief while sick." And he bends forward, lips grazing over Qui-Gon's.