Title: Blurred Lines

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars Alternate Reality

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP, Slash

Disclaimer: The original characters of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are not mine. I'm playing around with Ben & Quinn in my own way. However, I still don't get paid for any of this

Summary: Quinn has a very pleasant morning

Notes: I discuss Quinn's "thing" for sneezing in another AR fic I've been playing with, but it is unfinished (as of finishing this fic). This particular fic assumes that's a known thing, though



Blurred Lines


     Ben's hands were on his thighs and his hands were in Ben's close-cropped hair. He sighed and closed his eyes, relaxing back into the cushion-filled chair. Shoulders bumped his knees, and a tongue magically and skillfully caressed the length of his cock. Then, head-to-head, warmth and wetness enveloped the end as Ben took as much in his mouth as possible.


     Unable to resist the sensation, Quinn's hips bucked slightly. Ben's head began to slide back and forth around Quinn's cock, simultaneously sucking and caressing. Quinn moaned joyfully every few moments, as each felt better than the first. Then, suddenly, the sensations stopped completely.


     Quinn gave it a moment, but Ben did not resume. "Love, why did you stop?" There was a hot breath only against his loins, and Quinn looked down, confused and needy.


     Ben's eyes were closed, and his body swayed with hitching breaths. Quinn suddenly understood and pulled his hands back to give Ben room to sneeze. Ben kept his own hands on Quinn's thighs as the sneeze built slowly, breath by breath. His chest inflated, his face screwed up cutely, and his jaw dropped. "ehhhh... ehhh-TSschhhhh!" He sneezed wetly, unrestrainedly.


     Tensing up in his seat, Quinn's cock throbbed in reaction. He gasped, trying to hold back, but he heard Ben take another sharp breath as well. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to picture anything other than his handsome, supple young teaching assistant about to sneeze again. But he wanted so desperately for him to do it again. His hips began to move again, instinctively, and he began to shake with urges.


     Quinn groaned with pleasure and opened his eyes, suddenly startled to find himself in bed, not in a living room chair. It took him all of a half minute to come to terms with the fact that it had been a dream, not real. He was, however, just as hard as he'd been in his dream, evident from the sight of his member sticking up against the sheets. He was moving and bucking just as he had been a moment before. There was also still a hand on his thigh. Convincing his body that it had been a dream took longer than his mind and emotions. Finally his body came to a rest. Then he looked back, over his shoulder.


     "Good. You're awake finally," said Ben, a touch of stuffiness to his voice. He sat on the side of the bed, his back to Quinn, who was lying on his side with his back to Ben. Their heads were turned so they could see each other, however. "I've been trying to rouse you for the last five minutes. I... I've..." And, just like in Quinn's dream, Ben's breath caught. The young man's hand snapped to his face instinctively and he swayed in place. "ehhhh-ehhh-HITChh!" He sniffed liquidly and scrubbed the side of his hand against his nose. "I've been sneezing my head off since I woke up. This makes an even dozen, I think."


     "Ohh," Quinn sighed, rolling over in bed. "Are you trying to kill me? I can't take that kind of news so early in the morning before my coffee."


     Ben laughed, knowing Quinn hadn't meant a word of it. The elder man had switched to tea months ago. The health kick he'd been on for years had culminated in eliminating unnecessary caffeine. There were still a number of sins he allowed himself, however. "I'm sorry," Ben said, patting his lover's thigh. "I was just so sneezy and I thought you'd want to be awake for that." He grinned. "You can go back to sleep if you like."


     "Not on your life," Quinn said, his arm sliding out from beneath the pillow and bending at the elbow. Casually, he rested his head against his hand and his other hand gripped himself beneath the sheets. "So, you are feeling s..." His voice died away and he blushed slightly, though not ashamedly.


     "Older and wiser, you might be. But that word always seems to give you problems, doesn't it?" Ben said, smiling. "But, yes, I'm feeling pretty sneezy this morning."


     Quinn shuddered at the word and stroked himself a little, but stopped after he had had a moment of thought. "Are you sick, Love?" Quinn asked concernedly.


     Ben shrugged and shook his head. "Don't think so. Just sneezy." Quinn's stroking resumed slowly. "Very, very snee... snee..." He chuckled around halting breaths, finding it humorous that he could not say the word this time, either. "ehhh-HKSchhhhh! HehhTChhhh! Ehhh-ehhhHuhshhhh!"


     Quinn groaned. "Oh dear Lord!" His hand moved more quickly.


     Shaking his head more, Ben gathered his strength and stood up. "No," he said. "Only me." He smiled and rubbed more at his nose, turning so that his former professor could see him in all his naked glory. "And my tickly nose." He sniffed and rubbed a finger under his nose. "And my many, many sneezes."


     "Took me a long while to wake you up this morning," Ben stated as he reached down and grabbed a tissue from the box on the nightstand. He rubbed it at his nose but did not blow, for fear that it might chase the tickles in his nose away. "Looked like you were having a nice dream there."


     Quinn nodded and blushed slightly. "Haven't had a dream like that in a long time. Not since I was quite young."


     "You're only as young as you feel, Quinton," Ben replied. "And you... wait..." He held a finger up, indicating another sneeze was on the way. "hehhh... hehh-Ehhshhh!" He snapped forward as the sneeze struck.


     Another groan escaped Quinn. He had watched Ben's face at the beginning, seeing that 'about to sneeze' expression turning into a splendid release. But this time he had watched Ben's body, seeing it shake and seeing Ben's cock swaying along with him. This was almost better than his dream. No, it was better. Much better. Because it was real. Rolling over onto his back, he immediately reached out for his lover. "'Mere, Benjamin."


     Ben climbed back onto the bed, eager and sniffling. "Do you want me to sneeze for you, Professor?"


     Quinn could only nod and gasp happily as Ben slid right up against his side and slipped a hand beneath the sheets. He also pulled Quinn's long brown and grey hair together and to his other side and out of the way. The warm, skilled hand on his cock was wonderful, but it was nothing compared to the hot breaths of the face buried against his neck. "Good," whispered Ben, his breaths hitching. "Because I feel another sneeze coming on."


     "Oh!" Quinn cried at the very sound of it, tensing up but still nodding slightly in agreement.


     "Yeh... yes..." Ben said, wavering on the verge of the sneeze. He pressed his nose right against Quinn's neck as he drew another sharp breath. "heh-hehh-Nngshhhh! Ngishhhh!" Even directed against Quinn's neck, the sneezes were still strong and wet. He lifted his head, sniffling wetly. Seeing how incredibly pleased Quinn looked, Ben raised the sheet and dove beneath.


     "Ben," gasped Quinn in disbelief as he felt hands grip his thighs and felt a mouth envelop him.


     Unable to reply, Ben went easy on the older man, doing just enough to bring Quinn close but not send him overboard. At least not until the tickle in his nose could build again. "R-ready?" Ben asked, the sound muffled beneath the sheets. He pulled back, not wanting to bite down during a sneeze. "Because... ah... I'm going to... hehhh... Quinn! ehhh-Huhhh-TSchhht! ehhhhChhhh!" he sneezed.


     The feel of the sneezes against his cock were all that was needed to finish Quinn off. The man cried out in delightful pain, not wanting to hold back one bit this time.


     When he'd regained all ability to breathe, let alone think and speak, Quinn sighed and reached down. He guided Ben up beside him and petted the young man's head. The hair was short and soft against his fingers, but not as soft as Ben's lips, which he kissed in appreciation. "What a wonderful way to wake up. You're so very good to me, my Benjamin."


     Rubbing his runny, sniffly nose against his former professor's neck, he shook his head. He looked at Quinn with loving, shining eyes and a smile. "I'm happy to be able to please you. I... oh... still sneezy..." His eyes slammed shut. "ehhh-Hishhhh!" He sniffled wetly, rubbing the back of his hand against his nose. "Can I blow my nose now that I've blown you?"


     Chuckling, but rather glad for his lover's understanding but perverted and blunt nature, Quinn reached over to his tissue box and pulled out a handful. Then he wrapped his arms around Ben while the younger man cleared his nose with blow after blow. "Can I make a confession?" Ben said, once he was back to normal.


     "You know I treasure honesty. Especially in bed," Quinn said, his voice calm despite his inner nervousness about what Ben might confess.


     Ben tossed the tissues over the side of the bed and snuggled completely into the man's warm body. "I think I enjoy sneezing for you even more than you enjoy me doing it."


     Quinn hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead. "Somehow I doubt that, Young One. But I appreciate it all the same. It does mean a lot to me that you are willing to humor my strange interests."


     Ben shook his head "No, what I mean is..." He turned his body a little, pressing his crotch into Quinn's hip. "I really enjoy sneezing for you."


     Understanding now, "I think we have enough time before classes, don't you?"


     "We'd better," Ben agreed, grinding himself against Quinn now. "Because I don't feel sneezy any more. I feel--ah!"


     Quinn took him in hand and Ben sighed deeply. Without a doubt, this was far, far better than any dream. But Quinn was hoping to give Ben such a good time in repayment that the line between fantasy and reality might blur a bit once again.