Title: There is But One Certainty in Life

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: PG

Pairing: Legolas/Gimli

Disclaimer: Tolkien's characters; my fun

Summary: An extremely short little piece with the elf and dwarf about the certainties of life

Sneezefic Annual Challenge Bunny: #3


            Since his childhood, Legolas son of Thranduil he knew that his kind had not been particularly fond of dwarves. His ada's description had included such words as 'selfish', 'shallow' and 'immoral'. Other elves had chosen more simplistic descriptors such as 'dirty', 'smelly', and 'disgusting'. Dwarves cared only for riches, for shiny metals and coins. They were incapable of love and caring, though given the sight of their females, who could blame them? They had an unusual lack of attachment to the sky, the trees, and the sea. They were short and stubby. They were irrational. They were everything that elves were not and nothing that elves were. Legolas was absolutely certain that a dwarf could never be a friend.


            Since his childhood Gimli son of Gloin knew that his kind had never looked fondly upon those who were attracted to others of their own gender. Dwarf females were tough and masculine enough, if that happened to be one's taste. It was strange, unnatural, and against tradition for a male to want another male, or for a female to want another female. Such a thing produced no offspring, and furthered their race in no way. Therefore, it was just as bad for a dwarf to take no mate at all. His father had tried many times to find him a suitable partner, and others had tried their best as well. Gimli was absolutely certain that in the end he would need to choose a lovely female dwarf and settle down.




            Legolas' eyes opened slowly as Gimli ran his finger along the length of Legolas' face, from chin to temple. The eyelids closed a moment after they opened, shocked by the brightness of the fire in their hearth. But the blue eyes and dark irises reappeared as Gimli's finger traced the curves and point of Legolas' ear. “Please,” Legolas pleaded, shaking his head and shaking off the touch.


            “My apologies,” whispered Gimli. He gazed down at the elf head resting in his lap. “I thought for certain you were asleep.”


            “Even so, that is no reason for you to try to make me hot.”  He reached up and touched his forehead, his hand curved, applying pressure. His eyes closed again. “Though I am hot enough already. Ah-hahhhhh…” His hand lowered, waving briefly in front of his face. Then he sneezed and pitched upward towards it. “hah-Ehhhpkshhhh!


            “Ohhhh.” Gimli's voice was soft, comforting. “The sneezes have begun already. Looks like it is time to get you to bed. Mmm?”


            Legolas nodded. He reached up with both arms and wrapped them around Gimli's neck once Gimli had lifted the elf up. The trip to the bedroom was not a particularly long one. Still, Legolas was relieved when he was set down onto the bed. Gimli started to tuck him in, with one, two, three, and four blankets covering him, but Legolas held fast to Gimli's hand.


            “Legolas. I need to start a fire. It is cold in here-”


            “You are warm enough for both of us,” Legolas insisted. “You… I need… I-eh… yehhhhhh?” He tightened his grip of Gimli, trying to pull him closer.


            “All right, all right.” Gimli could just reach the nightstand from where he stood at the bedside. He pulled open a drawer and withdrew a handkerchief. Then he climbed in under the many blankets and cupped the hanky over the lower half of the elf's countenance. “All right,” he said again, sounding quiet and more reassuring this time.


            “ehhhKetchhh! Heptishhhh! ihhhKshhh! ehhhIhychhh!” Legolas gave a blow into the handkerchief, and followed it up with a grateful smile. Still feeling a little sniffly, Legolas did not relax until Gimli was pressed up against his back, holding him tightly. He did not close his eyes again until he felt a kiss on the back of his neck.




            Since becoming fast friends and then lovers, Legolas and Gimli had discovered that things one feels absolutely certain about are never true.