Title: oneplusone_equals_876's Request 2007

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Bwahaha! I've stolen the characters for fun. Of course, I still don't own them and I don't make a cent or republic credit.

Summary: Obi-Wan is coming down with a cold offworld, but that's not the only thing he has to deal with.

Notes: Written for oneplusone_equals_876. This might be a little off, but I hope it's close.



                Obi-Wan felt the coldness strike him even before he realized he'd lost his grip on the blanket wrapped tightly around himself. Ashamed to have been nodding off, he blinked and tugged the blanket back into place, though it brought very little comfort. He knelt on the bed, trying to stay awake just long enough, but his body called out for a restful, healing sleep.


                His nose ran freely, even though he sniffled every few seconds. Earlier, he'd groped around in the darkness for a handkerchief, but hadn't been able to find one. The fact that his master always carried a hanky was only one of the reasons Obi-Wan felt cold and miserable from being alone. He hugged the blanket tighter around himself, trying to slow his shivering into nothingness. However, his teeth were chattering still when Qui-Gon returned. “What is going on?” Obi-Wan asked at once.


                Qui-Gon, who had opened the door to their room and closed it again just as slowly and softly, suddenly smiled to himself.  “I thought for sure you'd be asleep when I returned,” he said. He settled down on the bed beside Obi-Wan and drew him close with little touches and caresses. Since his master was warm from the walk, Obi-Wan gladly snuggled into Qui-Gon.


                “What did they say?”


                “Quite a lot,” Qui-Gon replied, with a bit of amusement in his voice that Obi-Wan was not entirely pleased to hear. Obi-Wan nudged him to speak. “It is not just out room which is without power tonight, nor is it a local phenomenon. Apparently, it is widespread and happens frequently in this city. Something about the cables supplying power and this violent ice storm raging outside. I admit I did not follow the technical details and the man seemed so hurried that I did not press him into supplying further details. He assured me that the power would be restored in our area by mid-morning at the latest.”


                Obi-Wan's eyes widened. Suddenly he pulled back and held a hand to his face. He managed to cover most of his nose and mouth. “IhhhhShhh! Sniff sniff! Morning?”


                “My Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon sighed. He began searching his person for his handkerchief. “Have you been sneezing much more?”


                Nodding, “Oh, I'm definitely coming down sick. My nose is all runny and I'm achy all over.” Obi-Wan rubbed the corner of his blanket at his nose, which badly needed attention. Qui-Gon still had not located his hanky, but Obi-Wan could not wait. “YihShoo! IhhShoo! ihhhShuh! Oh…” Obi-Wan held both hands up to cover his face but reached out with the Force. After a few tugs on Qui-Gon's sleeve, Obi-Wan manage to pull the handkerchief free and levitate it over. Qui-Gon smiled at this, but frowned when Obi-Wan began blowing his nose and shivering at the same time.


                “Come here, Padawan mine. Let me help you feel better.”


                “Can you really?” Obi-Wan dabbed at his nose, feeling chilly but slightly hopeful.


                “Well, let's see.” Qui-Gon wrapped the other blanket around his shoulders and moved back against the headboard. With his legs spread and arms open welcomingly, he pulled Obi-Wan over to sit in front of him. Obi-Wan leaned back against him, feeling Qui-Gon's blanket around him. Qui-Gon put his hands on Obi-Wan's shoulders and began to rub.


                Obi-Wan groaned and, startled, Qui-Gon stopped immediately. “No,” Obi-Wan whispered, shaking his head. “That feels won-wonderful-” He was cut off by an especially violent sneeze, directed into the handkerchief. “I don't think I'll last until morning,” he said, congestion sneaking into his voice. He shivered, despite the blankets and Qui-Gon's warmth. “Isn't there something we can do?”


                “Unfortunately, I do not believe there is.” Qui-Gon sounded apologetic. “I did ask, of course, but was told this is not a task for Jedi. They already had a dozen maintenance men on the scene.” He reached down and pulled out his light saber. Once it was on, he held it close so that Obi-Wan could feel the green heat.


                But Obi-Wan shook his head. “You shouldn't… a lightsaber is a weapon…”


                “My Obi-Wan, always proper even when he's freezing.” Reluctantly, Qui-Gon powered down his weapon. Without the hum of the saber, the silence in the room was noticeable.


                “M'not freezing,” Obi-Wan said, ignoring the shivers that still seized him. “I'm only…” He pulled his legs up, bent at the knee, under the blankets with the rest of him. “I'm only chilly and coming down with a cold.”


                Qui-Gon breathed warmly on the back of Obi-Wan's neck then hugged the man tightly from behind. “I would hope that, were you in true peril, you would realize your weapon is an extension of yourself and can be used as a tool to save your life not just in combat.”


                Obi-Wan nodded, unable to speak for the shaky but deep breath he was drawing. “ihhhhh… ihhhhhhh… ih-ihhhhhh… Hihhhh-IHHKChooo! Sniiiiiifffffff!” He rubbed his nose with the handkerchief and closed his eyes. Obi-Wan swallowed, shocked to find the small action somehow infinitely more painful than the last time. “Master?” he whispered. “I don't feel good. And it's getting worse.”


                Were they anywhere else, Qui-Gon would have already made tea and made sure Obi-Wan was tucked warmly under the covers by way of a steamy shower. As it was, however, just about the only thing Qui-Gon could do was administer another tight hug that was in no ways as reassuring as it needed to be. “You should get some rest,” Qui-Gon told him. “When you wake in the morning, the sun will be out and the power will be back on.” Though his tone was soft and convincing already, he dropped the volume of his voice and added. “I'll be here with you the whole time.”


                There was no need to ask Qui-Gon to formally make a promise. Silently, Obi-Wan turned in place and received a kiss on his forehead. Then they both moved around again, tugging at blankets, bending limbs, readjusting pillows, stretching out and curling up, until both men were lying beneath the covers. Qui-Gon lay on his back while Obi-Wan lay on his right side, half of his body on the mattress while the other half rested upon Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon had his arms wrapped around his padawan.


                “ihh-Ermchhh!” Obi-Wan sneezed into his master's handkerchief, following it up with a few rubs.


                “Bless you, Padawan.” Qui-Gon gently stroked Obi-Wan's cold nose. “These little sneezes… this cold isn't so bad, is it?”


                “I have a bad feeling that this will get worse before it gets better.” Obi-Wan's teeth chattered and he snuggled even closer into Qui-Gon, who… Unsettled, Obi-Wan lifted his head and stared at his master. “You're smiling!”


                Qui-Gon shook his head and tried to fight against his expression, but the corners of his mouth stayed put and gave him away. “I'm sorry, Padawan Mine. Of course I'm not pleased you're ill.” He placed another kiss on Obi-Wan's forehead. “Do you remember when we first declared our attraction for each other?”


                Obi-Wan remembered all too well how their confessions had come out. It had been evident for months that they'd been attracted to each other, but it had taken a near death experience to drag it out of them. Obi-Wan had taken a blaster hit in the back and Qui-Gon hadn't been able to get him to healers for nearly half a day. Infection and a fever had set in and Obi-Wan was confined to bed for three weeks. Qui-Gon didn't leave Obi-Wan's side the entire time. Going far beyond masterly devotion, Qui-Gon had spent most of that time sitting in bed and holding Obi-Wan comfortingly. After Obi-Wan had regained his senses, the truth had just flowed out. More surprising than their confessions had been the fact that their sentiments had been shared.


                Obi-Wan snuggled up again, his cheek resting against Qui-Gon's unbelievably warm chest. Qui-Gon's bearded chin touched the top of Obi-Wan's head at each of Qui-Gon's syllables. It was strangely reassuring.


                “Soon you will be facing your trials,” Qui-Gon said. “I love you, Obi-Wan, but I was beginning to feel that you no longer needed me. And, more to the point, I missed hugging and cuddling you close this way.”


                Obi-Wan raised his head again, looking into Qui-Gon's eyes. There was so much to say and Obi-Wan couldn't manage a single word before ducking his head down and sneezing five times in succession. Qui-Gon petted his head and hugged him so tightly Obi-Wan forgot to be cold and miserable.


                “Close your eyes,” Qui-Gon said, the smile still in his voice. “Sleep tight. Goodnight, my padawan.”


                “G'night Master.”




                The sun was rising and Qui-Gon was nodding off when the power was finally restored to their portion of the city. Qui-Gon came awake at once. Lamps suddenly turned on, flooding the rooms of their guest quarters with light. The silence was replaced by the gentle hum of a heating unit. And, within a minute, Qui-Gon began to feel its effects.


                Obi-Wan felt it as well, and stirred. He nuzzled into Qui-Gon's chest, feeling the warmth against his cheeks and beginning to spread throughout the rest of him.


                “How are you feeling this morning?”


                Obi-Wan took a moment to evaluate, then groaned. “Awful.” He swallowed, and pain rushed through the back of his mouth to his throat. “Just awful.” He squinted from the brightness of the room, then he closed his eyes again.


                Qui-Gon raised his hand and waved it, switching off the lights in the bedroom. He pulled the covers up to their necks. Finally, he wrapped both arms around Obi-Wan and hugged his padawan just as he had the night before.


                “Master?” Obi-Wan whispered in warning. “ihhh-hchoo! Ihshoo! Sniff!” Qui-Gon wiped Obi-Wan's nose with a handkerchief stroked his head soothingly. “Suddenly not so awful.” Obi-Wan smiled and could sense his master doing likewise as they both dropped off for a few more hours of sleep.