Title: Playful

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan

Rating: R (soft-ish)

Disclaimer: Not my characters. This is only a bit of fun.

Summary: During a banquet, Obi-Wan disappears and Qui-Gon likes where the search leads.

Notes: This began as 'Quixotic' for the Sneezefic132 challenge. However, near the end I decided it wasn't quixotic enough, despite my attempts and I retitled it 'Playful'. I'm not sure it's exactly playful enough, either, but you know how I suckith at titles. It was either that or 'Happy Discovery' which made me cringe somewhat. LOL! I've also begun writing/written a prequel for this entitled 'Sometimes a Fantasy is All You Need' but you can read the two in either order I think. I am considering writing a sequel to this, also, or extending it to a fic with several chapters in which case I'll have to rename it anyway.





     The banquet had gone off without a hitch. The catering had been done to perfection, equally accommodating the planet's two different races and even supplying a few dishes standard on Coruscant to be sure the Jedi delegation was well fed as well. The introductory speeches had gone as planned, and each had been received with honor and respect rather than arguments and a firefight as feared.


     Sometime before desserts were to be served, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn had instructed his padawan to send a quick transmission to the council, advising them of their arrival on Leeoptron and initial success. Now that he was finishing up his cake, he was troubled by the lack of a padawan learner in the seat beside his.


     Once dancing was underway, Qui-Gon snuck out of the banquet hall. He headed down the light marble corridors briskly, sensing something from his padawan that concerned him. He regretted now sending the young man alone. Though quite skilled and able to defend himself, there was still the possibility that one of the two groups had seized upon the opportunity to target the young, lone Jedi and had overpowered him. Holding him captive might serve as an incentive for their side be given special considerations during negotiations.


     As Qui-Gon walked, he heard a scuffle off to the side, and as he turned, he was immediately pulled into a small alcove off the main walkway. A hand gripped his upper arm tightly, and another hand covered his mouth so he could not call out, even to voice his surprise.


     After a few moments, Qui-Gon got over the initial shock and relaxed, and the hands released him. "Padawan!" he whispered, feeling it was more appropriate to whisper while one was in a tiny, darkened alcove with one's young, male, secret lover. "What is the meaning of this?"


     "I knew you would come for me," Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi replied in a low, seductive voice. "I sent the message as you asked and made a happy discovery. I haven't been waiting for you for very long, but I need you to come with me now and see it."


     Qui-Gon shook his head. "You know that we cannot. We must monitor the delegates in case there is an altercation."


     "The palace guards can intervene. That's what they're there for," Obi-Wan assured him. "Come, Master. Be impulsive. Here on this planet we're light years from the closest fellow Jedi. And we're together." He reached up and tapped his fingers softly against Qui-Gon's neck until his Master's frown reluctantly melted away at the tickles. "And I've something marvelous to show you that cannot wait."


     Qui-Gon really could do nothing but give in at this point. He let Obi-Wan's fingers slide between his and squeeze with a tight hand-holding. Then Obi-Wan led the way out of the palace. At the doors, he quickly jumped forward and pulled them back, holding each door open for Qui-Gon to step through.


     "Where are we going?" Qui-Gon asked as they crossed the grounds towards the guest residences. This portion of the country was covered in trees. "We've already seen our quarters, Padawan."


     "You haven't seen everything yet, Master," Obi-Wan replied. Their residence was a small stand-alone building. It had a front entrance which led into a small sitting room, which had a bathroom off of that. There was a ladder which led up to a loft which was nearly completely filled by the large, low mattress that served as a bed.


     Obi-Wan headed up the ladder, then turned at the top and offered Qui-Gon a hand up. Qui-Gon gladly accepted it, though still looked confused and felt as though they should still be at the banquet. It wasn't much like Obi-Wan to shirk a responsibility like this. Not unless it was something terribly important. Not to mention that Qui-Gon still felt as though something were somehow wrong.


     When they were both safely upstairs, Obi-Wan pushed on the triangular door to the side which opened up onto a private balcony. As they had discovered this earlier as well, Qui-Gon assumed this, also, was not what he was meant to be excited by.


     What he found, however, was that the floor of the balcony was filled with pillows and blankets Obi-Wan had dragged over from the bed. There were also a few candles lined up on the waist-high semi-circle wall enclosing the balcony. "Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon asked, slightly overwhelmed at the romantic mood his padawan apparently had attempted to create. "This is..." He tried not to laugh at the cliché. "What is all this about?"


     Obi-Wan waved his hand, encouraging the candle wicks to light with tiny flames. Then he wrapped his arms around Qui-Gon's waist and hugged briefly before leaning back a little to speak with him. "Did you see the sky, Master?"


     "The trees--" Qui-Gon started, about to explain the characteristic about this part of the planet that he and Obi-Wan had already spotted; the tree cover was so dense that only indirect sunlight reached the ground and none of the sky could be seen. In fact, they'd had to land many miles away where there were fewer trees and take slow ground transport to the capital city for just that reason. But when he looked up, canopy of trees was parted right above them. The tiny gap between the branches allowed a sliver of clear, dark navy blue sky to show through. And, in that spot, several stars could be spotted shining brightly. The sight took Qui-Gon's breath away.


     "That's your home planet's system, isn't it?" Obi-Wan asked as though he did not know, and hugged Qui-Gon more tightly.


     "What are the chances?" Qui-Gon breathed incredulously. Then, quickly, "No, please don't answer that," he said, looking down to catch his padawan's eye. "It's wonderful to see some sky, and what beautiful sky indeed." He sighed happily and kissed the top of Obi-Wan's head. "Thank you, Padawan." There was a rush of excitement and thrill running through his body now.


     "That's not all, Master," Obi-Wan said, clearly trying not to kill the somewhat romantic mood but, instead, add to it. "I know I should have returned to the banquet," he said to Qui-Gon's curious but disapproving look. "But I was inspired and couldn't resist the impulse to do this for you. Not when I found out about..." He pulled one hand back and pointed upwards, not at the sky but at the flower pots lining the roof of the residence.


     There were more than a half-dozen of these pots, all with plants pouring out of them. They sported small green leaves but acted as vines, snaking up the chains from which they hung and flowing over the side in long cords. The flowers were so big they overwhelmed the plants, however, with bright yellow petals and even brighter yellow centers.


     "They're very nice by moonlight," said Qui-Gon, not understanding the relevance of the same plants they had seen earlier in their exploration of their residence. A few flowers were hardly enough to pull them away from such an important banquet.


     Obi-Wan reached up and plucked off one of the flowers. "I picked one earlier. I was going to bring it along and surprise you with it," he said with a smile. Qui-Gon could just picture Obi-Wan romantically presenting a flower to him in the middle of a slow dance, and he smiled back. Before he could comment about how thoughtful and sweet that gesture would have been, or ask why Obi-Wan had brought him there instead, something caught his eye.


     Obi-Wan, who was holding the flower up so that it was nearly level with his chin, suddenly looked different. His expression was long and his face had gone slack. And then, just as he felt what that meant through his bond, he saw Obi-Wan's nose give a little twitch.


     Something fluttered madly in Qui-Gon's chest at the sight. "Padawan," he whispered without needing to this time. "Are you allergic to these flowers?"


     Obi-Wan grinned as his nose twitched again. "It seems they only pollinate at night." He nodded affirmatively and, before his master could say anything more or stop him, he took a deep sniff with his nose buried right in the center of the flower. Qui-Gon moved forward with a start, not sure himself whether he was trying to stop Obi-Wan or embrace him, but by the time he reacted, the damage had been done. Obi-Wan's eyelids fluttered shut and his nostrils twitched. "yihhhTttchhhhhh!" He sneezed strongly.


     He would have been sneezing into the air in front of him, except that Qui-Gon had taken a few steps forward and wrapped his arms around him to hug him close. So the sneeze was directed into Qui-Gon's chest more than not, and an excited shiver ran through Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan looked up, sniffling to keep from sneezing long enough to speak. "Sniff! I know sniff sniff how much sniff you like sniff sniff it when I... sniff... when I..." But he could not finish. "hihTchuhhhh! iht'chew!"


     Qui-Gon was well aware he was losing all control over his body. Control that he, as a Jedi, had spent his whole life understanding and harnessing. But he didn't care. Nor did he care that his padawan was losing that same control with each and every sneeze. In fact, he relished in that fact. He hugged Obi-Wan close, feeling each and every sneeze rush through him as though he were the one sneezing. And then he realized that was because Obi-Wan had opened his bond with Qui-Gon, had dropped his walls down so completely that Qui-Gon could feel each sneeze tickling and building. And the releases were so intense that he shuddered along with Obi-Wan, completely unashamed of how drastically his body was reacting to such innocent sounds and touches.


     "heh-YIHShooo!" Obi-Wan sniffled wetly and looked up at Qui-Gon. He twirled the offending flower between his thumb and forefinger, spinning it one way and then the other. "Do you see dow why I had to brig you?"


     The master swept his young padawan up into his arms, then bent at the knees. He lowered Obi-Wan onto the blankets and pillows so thoughtfully placed there beneath the flowers and behind the solid wall where no one would be able to see them at all if they stayed low. Obi-Wan smiled pleasantly as he sprawled and stretched out, letting Qui-Gon have a good look at his whole body as he pulled back from depositing Obi-Wan there. He lounged so that he was sitting upright a little still. //My, Master. Suddenly so impulsive and romantic tonight. Whatever could have sparked that?// he teased through their bond.


     //My lovely padawan knows how to romance me,// Qui-Gon replied, leaning over Obi-Wan and kissing him tenderly. //And knows precisely how to get to me.//


     "hehh..." Obi-Wan closed his eyes. His nose wrinkled and his smile faltered slightly. "YihKChhhh! Sniff! Why? Ab I gettig to you?" he asked innocently but knowingly.


     Qui-Gon chuckled and lay down alongside Obi-Wan. "We shouldn't be doing this now. You'll be..."


     "Stuffy add sdiffly?" Obi-Wan answered for him.


     Qui-Gon nodded.


     "I cad but hobe," Obi-Wan replied, smiling coyly.


     Qui-Gon shook his head, still chuckling, knowing what they should do but finding it impossible to do so. His body and mind would not allow it. "This is a terrible... impractical... foolish..."




     "...delicious gesture. Oh, Padawan!" he sighed deeply, kissing Obi-Wan's neck and pressing his body into Obi-Wan's side. "What you do to your poor old master..."


     Obi-Wan chuckled and slipped his arm under Qui-Gon, wrapping around his shoulders. "Better get ready," he said, twirling the flower between his fingers and tickling it against Qui-Gon's chin and cheeks before bringing it to his nose. He took a few deep, strong sniffs with his eyes closed. Then he dropped his hand into his lap. "eh-ehh-EH-Chshh! YEHShhh! Sniff! HehShhhhh! Ehhh... ehhh-KSHHH!"


     Qui-Gon's hand shook slightly as he rubbed Obi-Wan's nose for him. Obi-Wan whimpered a thank you, then pressed his face into Qui-Gon's shoulder. "IHChh! IhnShhh! Ehh... ehhh-HEHShhhhh!"


     Qui-Gon pressed himself harder against his padawan's side. As Obi-Wan sneezed, his body shook, rubbing against Qui-Gon, creating just the right amount of friction for what Qui-Gon needed. To add to it, Obi-Wan reached down and pressed his hand to the excited area, feeling warmth through the leggings. He rubbed a little, but mostly just managed around the sneezing to provide a warm, firm side for Qui-Gon to rub against as well. And with Obi-Wan sneezing and sniffling so openly and uncontrollably, it didn't take long before Qui-Gon had all of what he needed.


     "Obi," the master gasped, grinding himself into Obi-Wan's hip and thigh. "Just a few more." He felt the flower being pressed into his hand and lifted it to Obi-Wan's already tickly nose before he could even think about it. It was instinctual, as though the Force and the connection of their bond was driving him as much as his desire. They were all one inside him, in there with his love of Obi-Wan and his need to see just a few more sneezes. Qui-Gon rubbed the petals and the center lightly against the tip of Obi-Wan's nose.


     He watched as Obi-Wan's nostrils flared with a long, deep breath. Then they twitched and Obi-Wan's eyelids fluttered shut. "ihhh... Mas-ihhhh... Master..." he whispered, hugging Qui-Gon tight to him and giving Qui-Gon just one more stroke. "IHHHShahhh! hehhhSchhhhh!" He sneezed freely, shaking uncontrollably as Qui-Gon's hips bucked uncontrollably. "Ihhshh! Yishhh! Hih-hehh-IHGShhhh!" They grew shorter and faster, his nose desperate to expel the irritant while he was eager to sneeze as much as it would take. "ahShh! ihhKShh! HehShhh!"


     "Nngahh!" Qui-Gon cried restrainedly, teeth clenched and body rigid. He held onto Obi-Wan tightly, his hips frozen with one strong thrust forward that seemed to last forever.


     When he finally relaxed, it was combined with a sigh and a scramble for a hanky. Qui-Gon pressed his own pocket square to Obi-Wan's nose tenderly to hold back any more sneezes and runs while he stroked Obi-Wan's head tenderly in appreciation. It was instinct and desire taking over again, but he could not keep his hands off his padawan now. The young man was just too attractive like this. "Worth missing the meeting for, sniff, sniff, was it?"


     "Very much, my sniffly one." Qui-Gon sighed again. "Of course I'll need to change clothes before we return. And then there's the matter of finding my heart. I think it stopped somewhere back there amidst the shock and satisfaction." Then, before Obi-Wan could ask, "No one has ever fulfilled a fantasy for me before. It was a breathtaking gesture and more enjoyable than I could have imagined." Shyly, he kissed Obi-Wan's sniffly nose then sat up.


     "No one has ever confessed such a private fantasy to me before. Sniff, oh, sniff, sniff, SNIFF!" He rubbed hard at his nose before continuing. "Of course I had to fulfill it... Sniff! I simply had to wait for the right time and place. Sniff! Oh, excuse me." He turned and gave a harsh, honking blow into the handkerchief. The force of it made him cough a little.


     Qui-Gon patted him on the back Then he asked concernedly, "Are you very miserable now or...?"


     "I'll be fine, Master. Sniff! The tickle's already going away. So long as I don't get right up next to them, sniff, sniff, the flowers don't seem to bother me much." He rubbed his nose into his master's handkerchief again though it was practically used up by now. "I should be fine by the time we get back to the banquet..." With terrible timing, his face screwed up and nose twitched. "hahh-hehChew!" he sneezed, lifting his arm to cover it and sneezing into his sleeve. "I'll have to change, too," he muttered, looking down at his rumpled uniform and already stripping off his outer tunic.


     But then Obi-Wan paused and a smile played upon his lips. "Or I could just stay here and rest while you're gone," he said thoughtfully. "Rest so that I can stay up late into the night. So that when you get back I can greet you out here properly with even more sniffles and sneezes." He recovered the flower he'd used before and slid the end into the tie at the end of his padawan braid. Then he pulled off his under tunic and let the flower brush against the bare skin of his chest.


     Qui-Gon swallowed hard and fought to regain his composure. "Ah... I suppose the banquet's nearly over anyway. No need for you to accompany me now." Hesitantly, "If you would rather sleep inside tonight, I'd be happy to help you move everything in but otherwise..." He grinned and fingered Obi-Wan's braid with excitement. Obi-Wan gave a needy little sniffle and nuzzled his face affectionately into Qui-Gon's large hand. "I will return within the hour," Qui-Gon promised. "May the Force be with you, my Padawan." He stood up, headed in to change, and then left.


     Once alone, Obi-Wan hurriedly stood and undressed, careful that the balcony wall hid his nether regions as he moved about, not wanting to be spotted by anyone in one of the other residences. The buildings were well spaced and the tree cover plentiful, however, and he was not worried as he reached up and brought one of the plants down from where it hung. Only a few breaths later, he began to feel the effects of its scent on his sinuses. He set the plant down a good four feet away, then stretched out, naked, amongst the blankets and pillows with a handkerchief in hand, waiting for Qui-Gon to return.