Title: Sneezing, Snogging, and Snow

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: LotR pre-trilogy

Rating: PG

Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn

Disclaimer: Not my boys. Just playing. No money.

Summary: See the title ;-)

Notes: Deb made a comment in my journal about 'sneezing, snogging, and snow' during her feedback and I just couldn't resist writing this a few minutes after I read that.



Sneezing, Snogging, and Snow

     Legolas did not need to knock to gain entrance to Aragorn's bedroom in Rivendell, so he slipped in quietly and caught the man by surprise. It was a pleasant surprise, however, and Aragorn's face lit up as Legolas settled on the bed beside him with the playful words, "I've got something for you."


            "Fadtastic," Aragorn said, his nose stuffed with a cold and his spirits low for the same reason. "I have beed stuck id bed for far too lodg." He glanced up at the window he'd covered so he would not be constantly reminded of where he could not go. "What is it?"


     Legolas leaned close and kissed him. Aragorn spent the first moment trying to pull away, but he was surrounded by pillows. In the next moment, his instincts took over as pleasure rushed through him. He closed his eyes and savored the kiss. The elf's lips moved skillfully against his, warm and soft and incredibly comforting. A moment later, he was hoping it would never end. And then the moment following that had him pushing Legolas away as he went straight for his hanky.


     "ehhh-IHHGSchhhh!" he sneezed deeply, followed by a somewhat lighter one. "hehhSchhh!" He dabbed the handkerchief at his nose and met Legolas' gaze. "Whatever were you thikig, kissig be like that? You'll catch this."


     "It shouldn't matter much if I do," Legolas said, drawing his legs up and kneeling on the bed. He reached up and pulled the curtains back. There was nothing but white to be seen outside as the first snowfall of the year came down heavily. "It started just a few minutes ago and I thought it would please you to know everyone will be stuck inside for a while."


     Aragorn smiled at the scene and at the news. "So you have nothing to do and nowhere to go until this lets up?" he asked the elf.


     "Unless you can think of some way I might enjoy spending my time." Legolas caressed the man's cheek and chin, the stubble rough against his fingers.


     "Oh, I think I can," whispered Aragorn. He set down his handkerchief and initiated another kiss. Legolas' thumb stroked his cheek and he kept his eyes open during this one so he could watch the snow and the elf's beautiful face at the same time.