Title: Timing is Everything

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings, post-trilogy

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Legolas/Gimli

Disclaimer: Not my world, I'm sad to say. But not that sad as I don't want to be sued!

Summary: An allergy is revealed to Legolas and Gimli at a rather awkward moment

Notes: Written because of a bunny Lady Korana sent my way for weekly hatching #51. It's also part of my 'Legolas and the bush' series ;-) Also I have to mention that there's one bit of this that was rather directly inspired by one of Lassegalen's Legolas pieces



Timing is Everything


     "Well, you have certainly been acting strange tonight, my dear dwarf," Legolas said, clearing away the plates from a most delicious dinner. Though there were many standard foods in Middle Earth, it was always something of a challenge to find meals that appealed to both elf and dwarf equally as the two had such differing tastes thanks to their respective cultures. "If I had to guess, I would think you were up to something."


     "Really," Gimli said casually, finishing the last bite off his plate as Legolas pulled it away and stacked it. "It hurts me that you think my intentions are anything but pure. I haven't the slightest idea--"


     Legolas remained unmoved by Gimli's feigned innocence. "You have been smiling at odd times for no reason in particular that I can see. And you have been extra jumpy. You practically jumped out of your skin when I mentioned wanting to go out to see the stars tonight." The elf paused for a few seconds, giving Gimli plenty of time to either protest or explain. When neither happened, he went on. "Out with it, my Love. What has gotten into you tonight?"


     Gimli leaned back in his seat, smiling broadly. His elf was capable of spotting the slightest difference in a room from a moment's glance. He could spot a bird at a thousand paces and count the feathers on one wing. His powers of observation were as keen as any of his other skills. Gimli knew it was pointless to put up pretenses. "Come with me and I shall show you."


     Forcing the elf to abandon his cleaning, he led the elf by the hand through their home. Built by hand to suit their needs, it was a place they could navigate with their eyes shut, and Gimli insisted Legolas do just that. Feeling as he had not since their journey into Lothlorien, Legolas agreed to a blindfold and a smile of anticipation played upon his lips. Their home had no hallways, and so the rooms flowed from one to the other, some with doors and some without. But even with the blindfold on, Legolas could tell he had been led into their bedroom.


     Legolas felt warmth upon his skin and detected the sweet scent of flowers in the air. While the other rooms had been dark, this one seemed alight, turning the black insides of the blindfold into merely a golden brown. "What have you done, Gimli?" he asked, cocking his head curiously.


     Gimli led him a few steps further and sat him down on the bed. Then he climbed up and knelt upon the bed, himself, before he removed the elf's blindfold. "I purchased a few extra things the last time we went to the village. I wished to surprise you."


     Looking around their bedroom, Legolas raised his eyebrows. "Then I admit you have succeeded." Nearly every flat surface in their bedroom from shelf to windowsill held tall pillar candles. Not just any candles, but ones with leaves and flowers set into them decoratively. Their wicks had not been trimmed so the flames were tall and lively, dancing upon each candle individually but combining to form a soothing and welcome glow within the room. Coordinating with these extraordinary candles was a sea of flower petals upon the pillow and coverlet of their bed, looking soft and inviting to the elf. "Beautiful candles... sweet flowers..."


     "Clean sheets," the dwarf added, pleased at the increase in surprise on Legolas' face. As they owned but one set of good sheets, they were not often washed or changed. Gimli had gone to the trouble of doing so that afternoon when he had told Legolas he was going for more firewood.


     "I should have known," Legolas said, a smile in his voice even if his expression was not overly bright. "You would never retrieve firewood without having been asked."


     Gimli pretended to take offense to this, and Legolas slipped an arm around Gimli's waist, drawing him close in a tight squeeze which soon became a gentle cuddle. "I am wholly impressed and awed. This is a beautiful sight and I cannot wait until I shed my clothes and make love to you here as many times as you can stand." The elf's hands began to move with excitement, gliding over the dwarf's back and sides, gathering up loose fabric in order to pull away articles of clothing.


     "Be still, Legolas," Gimli said huskily, his breath warm against the nape of Legolas' neck, his beard-covered cheek rubbing against the elf's tender pale skin there. "There is more yet."


     "More!" Legolas exclaimed with more emotion in his voice than Gimli was used to, which made Gimli smile all the more. His hands did stop moving upon his lover's request, but only when his fingers had slipped beneath garments to touch Gimli's hot skin. That was enough to satisfy for a few moments more, though he longed to thank Gimli properly. "How ever could there be more?"


     Much as he loved being held close and honored by the elf in such physical ways, Gimli pulled away. He leaned forward, one hand upon the center of the bed and disturbing the petals, the other hand searching for something beneath the pillows. After a few moments he withdrew a small glass bottle and straightened up again.


     Legolas immediately hugged the dwarf again, hoping that more snuggling might be the key to revealing the current mystery. "And what is in there, my dear dwarf?" he asked, eyeing the bottle as he resumed his playful tugs and pulls on Gimli's clothes.


     "A special oil," Gimli replied, his mouth unable to resist the elf's skin. He trailed kisses from nape of neck to ear before pausing to gasp. Not only was the tip of Legolas' ear beginning to twitch as it did when the elf was especially excited, but Legolas' hand had found Gimli's crotch and had cupped firmly and entirely. Gimli could not imagine dwarf hands ever covering so much of him so well, and his head sank to the elf's shoulder in bliss at the perfection of it all.


     "For what..." Legolas said rather breathlessly. "Is this oil meant?" He knew of course, but Gimli had apparently given this much thought and Legolas wanted to hear an explanation in Gimli's own words for many reasons.


     Gimli's hands were moving over Legolas' clothes now, seeking entry to more and more of the magnificent body. One hand untied the leggings and slid beneath the waistband to curve around one of Legolas' hips. The other hand, glass bottle and all, slipped beneath Legolas' shirt to touch the smooth but strong chest. Legolas inhaled sharply as the cold glass touched one nipple and the dwarf's thumb rolled over the other one. "It will make us slick against each other, as though we were making love underwater. It is to relax our muscles and warm our bodies. And it is an excuse to touch each other more thoroughly everywhere."


     Something inside Legolas groaned with pleasure, and the sound escaped from Legolas along with a deep breath. "Then by all means," Legolas said, hastily untying and unbuttoning the dwarf's garments, "Hesitate not to use it."


     As Legolas pulled off his outer tunic and shirt beneath, Gimli opened the bottle and poured some oil onto his palm. He rubbed his hands together to warm the oil, finding it thick and slick between his hands. With minimal effort, the rest of their clothes were lost to the floor and they were sitting even closer to each other upon the bed. Then Gimli he touched Legolas' bare chest with an oil-coated hand. Legolas gasped quickly, and closed his eyes. "Does it please you, my elf?"


     Legolas nodded, the tips of his ears wiggling slightly again. "Your elf is considerably pleased," he replied. As Gimli began to massage him, his muscles found relief and an increasing amount of warmth. And though he had not been the least bit tired at the beginning, he found himself so comfortable that he leaned weakly into Gimli. The elf relaxed fully, letting his body go loose and move as the dwarf's strong hands would have him go. And he sighed happily as Gimli eased him onto the bed, face down, to concentrate on massaging Legolas' neck, shoulders, and back.


     In addition to breaths which were heavy with delight, Gimli heard the elf give small sniffles. It was not an entirely unusual sound, but it gave Gimli pause. It was typically the winter months in which the elf would take ill, and they were most decidedly in the midst of spring now. In addition, the elf's sniffling had not begun until a few minutes past, indicating that it was a new development of sorts. It was true that Gimli enjoyed it when the elf displayed typically mortal characteristics, but Gimli was certain these sniffles were not for his enjoyment and not of Legolas' choosing.


     Gimli sat upon the backs of Legolas' thighs, enjoying the touch of leg upon leg and of course the short but hard dwarf cock against bare elf rear. He grinned as Legolas let a moan escape his lips. Gimli knew enough of Legolas to not mistake the subtle emotional reactions of elves as a lack of inner feelings, but such a passionate display made Gimli grin broadly.


     After Gimli dribbled oil in a line down Legolas' back and then began rubbing that in, Legolas exhaled deeply and then inhaled with a particularly strong, liquid sniffle. When the dwarf spotted his lover rubbing a slender finger alongside his nose, Gimli could stay silent no longer. "Is there something amiss, Legolas? Your sniffles are steady and frequent. Surely you have not taken ill?"


     Legolas, his cheek cradled by flower petals upon a freshly laundered pillow case, shook his head. "No, not ill. Pay them no mind. I..." Legolas' breath caught for a moment, and suddenly Gimli was unable to tell whether it was because of the massage or become of something more. "I am fine and well. In truth I cannot remember feeling so good. Tonight your hands and their skill... are a magic that is familiar yet thrilling and new. I long for... for more." He let out a deep sigh as Gimli's hands slid down and massaged his arse cheeks.


     Finding the compliments more erotic than anything else yet, Gimli closed his eyes and concentrated on Legolas' body. The image of the naked elf in his mind was strong. He knew every bit of Legolas and, better still, knew what parts Legolas most liked touched. He did not need to see to find them. So he kept his eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation of touch, his fingers throbbing with warmth as they flexed and bent against the soft elf skin. In his mind, he could see Legolas smiling and moaning softly in delight. So vivid was the picture in his mind, and so exactly did it match what he felt, that Gimli was instantly taken aback when he felt Legolas tense and shift beneath his touch.




     At once, Gimli's eyes flew open. What he saw did not match his mental image at all. Legolas' face was long and his nose twitched against the side of his hand. The tips of his ears were twitching again ever so slightly, but clearly not in pleasure. Legolas took a deep, silent breath and let it out shakily. Then he gasped quickly once, twice, and audibly on the third time. "ihhhh!" He paused a moment, then his head snapped down and his body shook. "ehhhTChhhhh!" When he was finished with the sneeze and had relaxed again, he quickly apologized before Gimli could question him. "I'm terribly sorry," he said, his nose already tickling again.


     Gimli leaned forward, stroking Legolas' back and arm gently as though in some strange version of the massage he was no longer giving. His only emotion now was concern for Legolas.


     Legolas shook his head. "I cannot imagine what... oh..." His body tensed up again. This time he reached back and found Gimli's hand, squeezing it to gain comfort as more sneezes built. "ihhh... ihhh-HIHShhhh! ehhhShihhh!"


     Gimli turned his hand in Legolas' grasp to be more comfortable and squeeze back. He leaned further forward, his muscular chest slipping against Legolas' back. It made his ruddy-brown chest hair grow damp with oil and darken. Then he kissed Legolas' forehead, gauging it for fever and finding it normal. "If you are indeed ill, this is the strangest illness I have ever witnessed. It began in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days."


     Shaking his head back and forth in response also caused his nose to rub against the side of his hand to rub away the tickle. It did little good but Legolas attempted an answer, "Not an... not..." and failed in his attempt. "ehhhh-ihCHSHHHH!" He sneezed especially wetly.


     Even Gimli was slightly surprised at the elf's last sneeze, and scrambled off Legolas to give him room to move when he sneezed. He squeezed Legolas' hand again, then quickly climbed off the bed. In the mood to provide for Legolas tonight in all things, he retrieved several handkerchiefs from their dresser and offered one to the sniffling, sneezing elf.


     Legolas buried his nose in the folds immediately and blew hard. Tears appeared in the corners of Legolas' eyes, which startled the closely watching Gimli quite considerably. Legolas reached up and rubbed them away with his thumb. Then he rubbed his eyes hard a few times and nearly winced when he pulled them open again. "Gibli?" he said, blinking and sniffling.


     "Right here," Gimli said comfortingly, stroking his fingers through Legolas' hair repeatedly, making sure to massage his scalp slightly with each stroke. "You may call me a fool, but I believe your allergies are acting up."


     Legolas nodded in complete agreement, his mouth dropping open again and his breath catching. "ihhh...Kchihhhhh! Chishh! KihShhhh!" He sneezed, attempting to catch them in the handkerchief but missing as the sneezes shook him so strongly. Legolas rubbed more at his nose, then his eyes, then his nose again. "Gib... what was id... that oil?"


     Gimli jumped, realizing at once that the elf must be reacting to something in the room. He had been perfectly fine during dinner and the windows were shut. Proving how quick dwarves were along short distances, Gimli darted over to the windows and threw open the shutters to let fresh air inside. "It is vegetable oil only, I believe. I do not think it could be the cause," Gimli told him, retrieving the bottle and removing the top. "Blow your nose and give it a sniff," he suggested.


     Propping himself up on both elbows now, Legolas took a deep breath and blew his nose thoroughly. Blinking his itchy eyes, he brought his nose directly above the bottle Gimli held out for him. He took a deep breath in through his nose and held it a moment, evaluating. Then he let it out slowly in a bit of a sigh. He shook his head and Gimli set the bottle away. "Dot the oil," Legolas verified. "But subthig is... is still..." He rubbed a finger furiously beneath his nose to no avail. "IHChhhh! Ihh-KChhh! ehhShhhh! ehhhKShhhh!"


     Gimli sat down on the bed and laid his arm across Legolas' shoulders. His hand cupped Legolas' far shoulder and his other hand drew back the elf's hair. "Galu, my poor elf." Legolas snuffled into the handkerchief and wiped at his eyes again. "So far as you know, you have but one allergy, correct?" Legolas gave a nod. "So chances are, these flower petals are not what is making your nose tickle?" Legolas gave the flowers an affectionate nuzzle, then took a curious sniff. He sighed and shook his head. "Which leaves..." Gimli looked around the room, not wanting to believe it. "The candles."


     Legolas sniffled and nodded. He waved his hand, requesting that Gimli bring him one. As Gimli stood again, Legolas' head snapped back down with sneezes. This time he was ready with the hanky. "ihhChhhff! Ehh-IhChffff! EhhShfffff!"


     Gimli selected one of the numerous candles covering the room and inspected it closely. He had used similar candles on a dozen occasions. And, when sniffing it, nothing even remotely reminded him of the dreaded bush, Legolas' only known allergy. He still brought it over for Legolas, knowing that the sooner they figured this out, the sooner they could get back to their love making. Legolas sniffed at it. His nose was tickly and runny but still allowed him to inhale. It felt no more ticklish afterwards, however, and he shook his head.


     Pulling the candle away and blowing it out, Gimli was suddenly halted. "Wait." Legolas reached out for the candle. Gimli brought it near again, assuming Legolas wanted another whiff while it was unlit. But, instead, Legolas worked a finger around the outline of a flower embedded into the candle. The candle was a soft shade of pink, and the flowers inside all a somewhat matching dull red. "This ode looks differedt thad..." He dropped his hand and hung his head. "ehhChhh! ihh-KShhhh! Kihshhh!" He sniffed, his head still pointing down at the mattress but his hand pointing up at a few of the other candles of various other colors. He pulled his hand back to scratch at his cheek and neck.


     Legolas was getting worse and Gimli was determined to find the solution. The green one caught Gimli's eye and he started to understand what Legolas meant. They all had different things within them. The yellow had daisies and buttercups. The blue had berries and the green had leaves that seemed horribly familiar. "Oh dear."


     "Yes?" Legolas asked, his voice muffled by the handkerchief. "ehhh-KSHhhhh!"


     Gimli picked up the candle and turned on his heels, brandishing it. Legolas groaned as he recognized the leaves. "Gibli?"


     Holding it out at arm's length, Gimli braced himself for what was to come. The candle was still a bit away but when Legolas sniffed, his face immediately fell with the need to sneeze. Gimli pulled the candle back, but the damage was done. "ihhhTChhhh! eh-Hehshh! ihKShhh! ihhhShhh!" Legolas' head bounced up and down and his body shook considerably with each and every sneeze. "ihhKShhh! ihhhShhh! ehhShuhh!" The normally beautiful and strong elf was taken over completely by the sneezes, and Gimli would not have that.


     Acting at once, Gimli collected the handkerchiefs and grabbed a blanket. "Change of plans, Master Elf. Come with me." He linked his arm around Legolas' arm and guided him up off the bed. Sneezing and rubbing at his eyes, Legolas followed Gimli as blindly as he had before. Still he knew where he was and expected it when his bare feet touched the stairs of their front porch then the soft grass in front of their home.


     Gimli brought him to the edge of the hot spring and set the blanket down. If they could not have flowers and candlelight they could easily settle for grass and moonlight.

 Legolas gravitated towards the water at once, bathed by moonlight even before he could be by water. The silver water stirred as Legolas gracefully stepped then sank into it.


     By the time Gimli had reached the spring, Legolas had already slipped completely beneath the surface. Though best suited to the trees, elves were as familiar with the air and water as the earth. He stayed beneath the surface far longer than any mortal, the only sign of his presence being a few small bubbles. When he resurfaced, his back curved and his head flew back, creating a beautiful arc of blond glistening in the moonlight. Then he straightened up and relaxed. With desire burning in his eyes, he reached out to Gimli.


     Then he pulled his hand back and cupped it to his face. "ehhh-IHshh! Kitchhh-ahh!"


     Legolas bent at the knees and sat on the ledge below the surface of the water. It came halfway up to his chest and his long hair rested on the surface, floating and bouncing until the water in the hot spring settled from his lack of movement. Then he reached out again. "Gimli?"


     Already Legolas sounded better. Gimli went to the elf at once, bringing along a handkerchief for Legolas' still sniffly nose. His hands dry, he cupped it to Legolas' nose and assisted Legolas in blowing and wiping his nose. "How are you?" he asked, dancing around the apology he felt welling up inside him. Even now, his concern for Legolas came before all other emotions.


     "Improving with every minute in the fresh air," Legolas told him. But not, it seemed, entirely recovered. Again his nose and ears twitched. Again his breath caught. Instinctively, Legolas raised his hand to cover his face, but Gimli reached it with the handkerchief first. "hehhKufffff! ehhhKIHFFF!" Gimli started to rub the elf's nose, but Legolas' breath hitched and the pale hand seized his wrist in warning of another sneeze. "ehhh... ihhhh..." But the sneeze was far off still and they both froze, patiently waiting for it. Finally, Legolas sighed and his shoulders sank. "Gim..." Legolas looked helplessly at him over the folds of the handkerchief.


     "Shhh," Gimli said, shaking his head. "Nothing to be done now but wait for it to pass. Sneeze it out and take all the time you need."


     As though the permission to take his time was all that was needed to hurry the sneeze along, Legolas' eyes slammed shut. "heh-CHIFFFF!" This time when Gimli wiped the handkerchief at Legolas' nose and lowered it, the elf did not resist. Instead, he beckoned Gimli to come closer, to join him in the warm water.


     Gimli smiled and, stubbornly, shook his head. He would have his way about something this night, at least. Legolas chuckled lightly and ducked beneath the water. When he broke through again, he was still smiling. All right, Master Dwarf. I shall come with you." Legolas climbed from the water and, dripping, walked slowly over to the blanket. Making sure he turned so Gimli could see his full body, Legolas stretched out on the blanket. He lay on his side, propped up by an elbow and with the opposite leg bent at the knee to angle his crotch towards Gimli. And he was hard. He was ready. Still slightly sniffly, but ready.


     After all he had witnessed, Gimli was likewise. It was impossible to resist this elf in all his magnificence. So the dwarf went to him, sprawling beside Legolas on the soft but now increasingly damp blanket. His kiss was sweet but convincing, and his hands grasped Legolas' warm shoulders. He made to turn the elf, but not before he caressed the elf's cock at full length. Where Legolas' hand was able to engulf Gimli's crotch entirely, Gimli's hand was smaller in comparison. But what he lacked in coverage he made up for in technique. He stroked steadily but surprisingly softly. His short fingers and callused hands felt like ridges but could also feel smooth when he moved his hand swiftly. In a matter of seconds, Legolas was crooning and tugging at Gimli's beard in affection. Their hands roamed, exchanging worshipful caresses, communicating their desires through their touches.


     It was then that Gimli rolled the elf over. He held onto Legolas' hips as he slid inside, a move which elicited moans from both of them. Gimli leaned forward to position himself at a better angle and so his hips could jerk more freely to extend his thrusts. While bent forward, his chest rubbed against Legolas' back and Legolas gasped in pleasure.


     Then the elf, whose hands clutched the blanket in tight fists, turned his head, pressing his nose into his shoulder. "Forgive... me..." he managed, before shaking with another sneeze. "ihhhKShhhh!" He sniffed and paused, then sneezed again. "ihhh... ehhhTchhhh!" Gimli rode each smoothly, moving with Legolas as Legolas had done earlier during the massage.


     "Nothing to... forgive..." Gimli replied just as breathlessly, though without the excuse of sneezes. He nuzzled his face into Legolas' hair and neck as he continued to take the elf with strong thrusts. His moans were muffled for a moment, then almost entirely drowned out by the elf's. Pleased to know how pleased Legolas was, Gimli sped up. Usually his stamina allowed lovemaking to take ages, but after all they had been through he knew the easiest way to return to normalcy was to finish. "Legolas?" he whispered, his voice low and desperate. He knew it was time.


     "Mmph!" Legolas replied, a hand pressed to the back of his nose to hold back a sneeze. But his nod was one of encouragement, and it was echoed in the way his hips rocked eagerly. And it was Legolas who came first, with clenched teeth, a hiss of air in and out, and a groan in the back of his throat. Gimli, on the other hand, most definitely moaned loudly, gaining a mouthful of wet blond hair for his part.


     When finished he rolled off the elf but immediately took Legolas in his arms, cuddling with exhaustion, pleasure, affection, and appreciation all at once. Gimli also retrieved another handkerchief and cupped it to Legolas' nose and mouth. Legolas thanked him with a look, then allowed himself to sneeze. "ehhh... ehhh-KTchhhhh!"


     "Galu," Gimli sighed, shaking his head. He craned his neck and kissed the elf's nose tenderly. "Please forgive me. I feel terribly about the sneezes. I truly should have recognized those leaves. Had I known--"


     Chuckling softly, Legolas shook his head. "I admit it was quite an awkward time to discover I am allergic to those candles, but I mind it not. The itching is gone and the sniffles are going." He sighed and turned his head, nuzzling into Gimli's cheek and beard. His lips pecked at Gimli's open ones. Now that the dwarf had relieved and unburdened himself, he was ready to fall asleep as always after a good session of lovemaking. "And, besides, we end up in each other's eyes beneath the stars. Do you not remember how I spoke of the stars earlier this night?"


     Gimli did not answer. Though he was not yet asleep, he was well on his way. Legolas rubbed his nose, then rested his hand on Gimli's hip. The spring night was warm enough for them to go without more than the cover of the heavens. Not in need of sleep, Legolas lay still and listened to the dwarf's breathing while he watched the movements of the sky.  He felt much better now, and was certain all symptoms would disappear in a short time. However, Legolas did make note to keep his distance from their bedroom until the candles' fragrance left. While the incident had been an awkward adventure, he was quite thankful for the fresh air and a lover with the best of intentions.