Title: Elf Study 3

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings, post-RotK

Rating: PG13/R

Pairing: Legolas/Gimli

Disclaimer: Oh, please! I don't own! I don't get paid! I'm just a fanfic writer!

Summary: Gimli wants to see Legolas to sneeze

Notes: This was meant to be just a case study. Images of the elf sneezing popped into my head and so I wrote this to play around with the characters and work things out a little. This obviously exists separately from all my other elf-fics.



Elf Study 3

     Squatting beside the bed, Gimli sliced open the mattress with a dagger and pulled out a singe feather. He stood and smiled, producing the procured feather for his elf. It was long and smooth, grey in color, and had a golden tip that looked dulled beside the brilliant blonde of the elf's hair. Legolas lay on his back, stretched out on the bed, naked on the bright white sheets.


     The bed was low so Gimli could climb on and off more easily. It came up to his waist as he stood beside it, so he could look down at Legolas. The words 'elf worship' formed on Gimli's lips as he ran a hand down the soft pale skin from shoulder to thigh. Legolas' lips curled into a small smile as he gazed up at the clearly enraptured Gimli.


     Often Legolas wondered if their attraction to each other would be as strong if they were of the same race. So much of what he loved about Gimli, both in spirit and in body, were things missing in the general population of elves. The thick beard, the dry wit, the strong muscular but stocky build, the mix of gentle and rough during sex. And so much of what Gimli seemed to find most attractive in him were things only elves possessed.


     Seeing the way Gimli's eyes sparkled at the sight of him, Legolas could not help but blush. He sat up a bit, his lips catching Gimli's unaware. The dwarf gave a gasp of surprise, then kissed back deeply. Putting all his attention into the kiss his hand slid down Legolas' chest and rested on the elf's thigh. Legolas' long member stirred at the touch, and Gimli broke the smile to look down at the pleasurable movement.


     Legolas' smile became a bit more defined as he evaluated the look in the dwarf's eyes. He knew the dwarf enjoyed watching, but there was only so much of him to look at and he was eager for more. He took Gimli's hand and pulled gently. Gimli climbed up, one knee at a time, until he sat beside Legolas with his legs folded beneath him. Legolas kissed the back of Gimli's hand to draw Gimli's attention. "You do not need to look upon me as though you will never see my body again. I am yours, Gimli, for as long as you want me."


     Smiling sheepishly, Gimli reached up and rubbed a rough thumb against the slight flush in one of the elf's cheeks. "And you need not be embarrassed by your beauty. Even if you did not have it, I would want you in my bed for as many years as I have left." He flushed a bit as well and averted his eyes. "But I cannot deny I feel pleasure at the sight of you. I long to be with you."


     "And I long for you to touch me as you promised," said Legolas, his slender fingers tracing along visible lines and wrinkles on Gimli's stubby fingers.


     The feather, which Gimli had set down on the bed, was now recovered by the dwarf and eyed again by both. Elf sneezes were something of a rarity, and for all their time together it was something Gimli had always been terribly curious about.


     Sneezing was not a thing completely unfamiliar to an elf. It was not as though Gimli wished Legolas to be unlike himself. Quite the opposite, in fact. He wanted to see exactly how Legolas sneezed because it was a part of Legolas, albeit a secret part. And he wanted desperately to be the one to bring it out. Legolas had seemed only too happy to oblige.   


     Gimli turned the feather and rubbed the side of it at the bottom of Legolas' nose. He watched as Legolas' nose twitched, then wrinkled. Gimli continued to rub, moving his wrist in small, quick flicks. Legolas coughed and purposefully wrinkled his nose at the sensations.


     But then his eyes closed and his breath caught. "heh." He reached out and grabbed hold of Gimli's wrist, to keep the feather where it was. "ehh!" Then, even though he was on his back, he seemed to pull back with a deep breath "ihhhhhhhh--" and his head snapped up. "HIGChhhh!" Legolas' whole body shook, then relaxed.


     Gimli watched intently. "Bless," Gimli whispered. He reached down to caress Legolas' cheek and pull back the few strands of hair which had come loose from the others.


     "What did you think?" asked Legolas, sounding a little sniffly.


     Gimli replied playfully, "I think I want to see a few more." He wiggled the tip of the feather against the bottom of Legolas' nose, briefly tracing his nostrils until the elf took another sharp breath.


     There was a look that came over the elf's face- a look of recognition and anticipation. A look that told Gimli he felt a sneeze coming on. Gimli gave his nose one more tickle with the feather, then flattened himself down beside Legolas. He listened to the elf's racing heart, his shallow breaths, and the strong, building sneezes within him. Legolas' chest rose and fell. His face scrunched up then went long with his jaw dropping open. "ihhhh-HIKShuhhhhh! IHChuhhhh!"


     Gimli propped himself up on an elbow and kissed Legolas' nose tenderly.


     Legolas sniffled and rubbed the rest of the unpleasant tickles from his nose. "Do you still want me now that you've seen me at my worst?"


     Gimli's mouth curled up into a grin. "I have never wanted you more." He kissed Legolas fully on the mouth, caressing the elf's gentle, thin lips. "Besides, I can think of many worse things than a few little sneezes."


     "Little?" Legolas said skeptically. "Those were terrible. Took me over completely. You will have to make it up to me all night."


     "I shall start right away, then." Chuckling, Gimli kissed Legolas again and then trailed kisses down the elf's chest, his mouth hungrily moving towards a nipple.