Title: Front to Front

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: R/NC-17

Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas

Disclaimer: They're so not mine, I'm sad to say. And I'm poor but no richer thanks to this story

Summary: Sequel to 'Front to Back', Legolas and Aragon end their journey in a nice warm bed in Rivendell... without much cause to get out of bed

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Front to Front


     There was a faint murmuring of voices. Elvish voices. They were not hushed, simply a long way away. The sound of rushing water nearly overpowered them. Slowly, Legolas opened his eyes. Though the room was sparse and elvish, Legolas would have recognized it as Aragorn's any day for he had spent much time there. But he could never remember it feeling quite so warm and lovely. The bed had been moved so its foot was closer to a fire which had been lit in the stove. The windows were covered with large wooden planks and those were covered with closed curtains. Candles were lit in lanterns around the room to make up the light that the sun would have given had it not been blocked out. There was no wind, no snow, and thankfully no cold. He was warm again.


     He was tucked into Aragorn's bed, his head raised up on two soft pillows, his body weighted down by an unimaginable number of blankets. On top of his chest and against his body slept Aragorn, and Legolas' arm had wrapped instinctively around him. Now this, this was how they usually slept. Legolas sighed, then cursed himself for doing so. The sharp release of air scratched his throat and made him cough. He tried holding them back to be quiet, but such restraint only made his body shake more violently, and either way it woke Aragorn.


     The man's brown eyes fluttered open and came into focus. "Oh," he said softly. "You're finally awake, then."


     Legolas nodded, but when he spoke, he found his voice low and raspy. "How long?" Surprised at how he sounded, he forced a few coughs which sounded less than pleasant.


     Aragorn sprang to action, offering him a glass of water as one was sitting beside the bed and then a handkerchief which was clean and folded. "A day and a half, or nearly two days now I suppose." He had a sense of time that almost equaled Legolas' when well, but with the windows covered to keep out the cold and having just woken it was more difficult to know for sure. Legolas sniffled and nodded. "Go on, blow your nose on that. There's plenty more. I have a whole drawer full." Having seen how sneezey Aragorn could be when he had a head cold, Legolas did not doubt that. Still he did not rush to blow his nose, merely snuffled into the soft cloth a little and rubbed his nose. It felt tender to the touch. "How are you feeling?" Aragorn asked, reaching up and stroking the long blond hair, pushing it back on the pillow so he could scoot up a little and put his head in its place. He pulled the covers up as well, so that they were covered up to their necks.


     "Not entirely sure yet," Legolas said, feeling himself out. He certainly still felt sick. His nose felt stuffed, his throat raw and stinging at the feel of water. His head throbbed and he felt hot everywhere he did not badly ache. "What happened? Last I remember, you were..."


     Aragorn nodded. "Giving you a ride," he finished. "Yes. We made it to Rivendell by nightfall and I took you straight here. Not many saw, do not worry about your sense of honor." On the contrary, Legolas was more impressed that Aragorn had been able to carry him so far and was quite grateful for such treatment. "Adar attended you--"


     At this, however, Legolas groaned. "Lord Elrond knows I am ill?"


     "I am sorry," Aragorn said, and by the look on his face, he truly meant it. "I could hide your illness from all others but he knows things, and what he does not know he quickly finds out. I could not lie to him."


     Legolas supposed this was true enough, and would not have wanted Aragorn to speak falsely to his foster father. And in truth he did not feel up to arguing or complaining about the point. Deep down, he needed to sneeze already. But with the comfort and warmth making him feel so much better, he thought it best to keep from doing that as long as possible. A stuffy nose he could handle much better than a tickley, itchy, runny nose. Legolas rubbed his nose and bade Aragorn to continue.


     "You were exhausted, but we woke you long enough to drink down a bit of herbal tea. I do not suppose you remember it as you were still rather asleep and feverish on top of that." Legolas shook his head. Aragorn reached up and laid the back of his palm on the elf's forehead. "You are much cooler now. The tea should have helped with that, and the rest. I got you out of the wet clothes and tucked you into bed and under the covers."


     "And you climbed in after me?" Legolas asked with a smile, hugging Aragorn closer to his body.


     "I had to be sure you were warm enough." Aragorn shrugged innocently. "Besides, I was exhausted as well and I did not want you to wake up alone for that would be unpleasant."


     This, Legolas had to agree with. "It was most pleasant waking up to you lying upon me. And I am exceedingly warmer." His eyes followed his smile, though his hand rubbed at his nose again.


     Aragorn gently pressed his palm to Legolas' cheek, and leaned close, giving him a kiss. He pulled back, studying Legolas for a moment. "You have to sneeze again, don't you?"


     Legolas rubbed at his nose, first with the handkerchief, then with two fingers. "Sniff! No," he said, though clearly lying. The corners of his mouth twitched into the best interpretation of a smile he could manage under the circumstances.


     Aragorn's grin, however, was wider, though soft and teasing. "Oh, I think you do," he insisted. "I think that little nose of yours is tickling and it would not take very much to make you sneeze."


     "M'fine," Legolas managed, rubbing more desperately at his nose. "I'm not... ehhh..." His eyes snapped shut, and he pursed his lips.


     "Oh, so what is that, then?" Aragorn chuckled, pointing. "That's a sneeze, I know it!"


     Legolas sniffed hard and shook his head. When just two nights ago his holding back of the sneezes had been to not wake his friend and to keep serious watch over them... now it was a light joke which make Aragorn smile. And anything that made Aragorn smile was something Legolas could not let go of very easily. "It's not. It is..." He searched for some excuse. "It is a headache." Even a feeble excuse was still an excuse.


     He stated it with such defiance and certainty that Aragorn, despite the fact that he was laughing, almost debated not challenging it. But the way Legolas looked, with his eyes trying to close and his mouth trying to open, and his nostrils flaring against his fingers... there was no way he could let it go so easily. "A headache," he said flatly. "A headache?" Legolas nodded. "A headache makes you sniffle like that? A simple headache makes your face screw up in concentration? Are you telling me a mere headache makes the tips of those pointy ears of yours twitch?"


     Legolas nodded, but held his hands up over the tops of his ears to hide them. "They are not twitch... twitching..." But without his hands to rub at his nose, the sneeze was coming and there wasn't anything he could do about his nose twitching. "hehh... " He pulled back, taking in a deep breath as his face contorted into one last attempt at containing the sneeze. "hehIHHHHShhhhh!" It was strong, wet, but it was not alone. Immediately his nose tickled again. Still holding his hands over his ears, he rolled over onto his side, away from Aragorn. "hehIHHShhff! EhShhhhff!" He sneezed, the sound muffled into the pillow.


     Aragorn leaned closer, propping himself up on his elbow and putting an arm on Legolas' shoulder as he peered over. "Well," Aragorn said, his grin defined and lighting up his whole face. "That is some headache. Bless you!"


     Legolas sniffled and nodded. His head was throbbing a bit at the pressure of it all. He tried not to let it show, but Aragorn was far too familiar with such symptoms and much too observant and concerned. "Hurts mostly in your temples?" he asked. "Or right above and behind your nose?" Legolas nodded after the second, though it didn't matter which really. The point was, his head hurt now. It hadn't hurt earlier when he'd tried to hold back the sneezes. "All right," Aragorn said, pushing him back onto his back on the bed and giving the sides of his forehead a soothing circular rub with the tips of three fingers on each hand.


     Legolas waited for a moment, feeling the sensation, then sighed. It felt worlds better just to have the man's healing touch against his skin.    "Thank you," he whispered.


     "Any time. I am not going anywhere," he said, repositioning himself so he was face down, half on the bed and half on Legolas. He worked the small massages down the elf's smooth, pale face, feeling the swollen glands and giving them a gentle rub, feeling his way down the neck.


     "Estel," Legolas breathed, finding the name much easier than any of his others when unable to speak quickly. "I believe I am going to... to..." One of Aragorn's hands slid down and found Legolas', guiding it up to hold the handkerchief in place to catch the sneeze. Legolas seemed reluctant for a moment, remembering how much the last handkerchief Aragorn had given him had hurt his nose. But as Aragorn gripped his hand and held it in place, one of the man's fingers gently stroked the back of Legolas' hand, and Legolas knew that meant everything would be all right. His shoulders rose as he took in a deep breath. "IHHHKShhhhh! Ehhh... ehhIHShhhh!" His shoulders now sank and he exhaled deeply, then he set to work wiping his nose without hurting himself too much.


     "Galu," Aragorn blessed him, then rolled off Legolas and onto his side to make it easier for the elf to breathe. He waited for Legolas to nod his thank you, then he asked, "Hungry? Thirsty? More water or tea, maybe?" Legolas shrugged, coughed, and turned over onto his side to face Aragorn. "Aw, you have got to want something?" Aragorn asked, his voice deep and soft but hopeful. He placed a soft kiss on the elf's forehead in reassurance. Legolas shrugged again. "It was much easier to smile before you started feeling really sick again, wasn't it?"


     Legolas nodded reluctantly, and scooted forward so he was closer to Aragorn. "I do want for something," he whispered. He scooted right against Aragorn's warm body and rubbed his cheek against the man's chest. Aragorn's hand stroked the back of his head as the man asked what it was Legolas wanted. "Hold me," Legolas whispered. "Just hold me. As you did two nights ago when you let me sleep. As you did yesterday when I could walk no longer."


     Aragorn wrapped his arms around the pale elf, drawing him close in a tight hug. "That I can surely do Nīn Melui." Legolas did not feel especially lovely like this, but he did feel better, wrapped in Aragorn's strong arms. The race of elves was strong innately, able to withstand numerous things mortal men could not. They were born strong and trained to be stronger. But Aragorn was no elf. His strength came from somewhere else, some place not rooted in magic and race but within his soul itself. Legolas could think of no place he felt more protected and more cared for than lying in Aragorn's arms.


     Slowly, Legolas closed his eyes and tried to relax his body again. It was weary and needed to rest. And though his mind could use the same rest, he wanted to stay awake for Aragorn's sake. For now that he was finally back in Rivendell, in Aragorn's room, in this warm bed, hugged tightly by his lover, Legolas did not want to miss a moment of it.


     "ehhHIPSHhhhh!" Legolas sneezed rather forcefully against Aragorn's chest. He pulled back at once, placing several fingers to his nose to help contain the next sneeze. It built quickly and strongly, and his head snapped down along with his hand. "hehIHShhh!" He located the handkerchief for a good rubbing, but it was all enough to make him feel much worse about his condition. "Estel..." he tried to explain, losing himself a moment later in Aragorn's dark eyes.


     "Hush," Aragorn whispered, putting a finger against Legolas' lips before the elf could speak the words they both knew were coming. "I care not that you are sick. I care not that you are sneezing. When I said I would hold you, I meant it." He pulled Legolas close again, this time with a firm kiss to the top of his blonde head.


     The kiss lasted longer than expected, and was quickly followed by another, to his forehead this time. Aragorn's lips were rough, and partially chapped, but he ran his tongue over them before a third kiss, this one to the bridge of Legolas' nose, and the kiss was so gentle and comforting that Legolas closed his eyes again. And though he still intended to stay awake, this time he was sure he would have no problem with it. He anticipated the man's next kisses, which came softly to one cheek, then the other. And when Aragorn seemed to hesitate, Legolas turned his head up a bit more and kept from sniffling long enough to receive a long, drawn-out kiss on the lips.


     "Nīn Melui," Aragorn muttered breathlessly as he pulled back. Legolas shook his head, turning it away, refusing the name. "No, you are. You are so very dear to me," Aragorn insisted. "And so beautiful even now." His rough hands grazed so lightly over the elf's temple and cheek before pulling back the long strands of hair and braid, so lightly that Legolas could barely feel it. It was as though it were merely a bit of wind touching him, and not the sort of wind they had been facing for the last several days. "My lovely elf," Aragorn murmured, and began kissing again.


     The first kiss was to the corner of Legolas' mouth, taking him unawares, and making the elf's mouth twitch up to a soft smile. Glad to see it, Aragorn kissed the smile, then moved up Legolas' face. He cupped a hand to the other side of the elf's face and chin, holding him steady as the kissing continued upwards. He kissed the cheek in several places, then lightly kissed the elf's closed eyelid. Legolas' smile became even more defined at this.


     Sick and miserable, Legolas felt so no longer with such attention from his lover. He began longing for the next kiss. Soon he did not care where it struck, so long as it did. Every moment Aragorn's lips lost contact with him, he begged for them to return. Days without rest, without much food. Days filled with walking and fighting. They were all forgotten as he lay in Aragorn's arms, suffering only from tender touches.


     And a tickling nose. The tickle began in the back, but soon his nostrils itched a bit. He sniffed hard and tried to wiggle his nose to push the sensation away. But it would not, and his breath caught. "Eh... Estel..."


     "Hush, hush," Aragorn murmured, busy giving tiny kisses all along the elf's hairline. He had himself pushed against Legolas, and the elf could not break free. Their legs were entwined, alternating. Aragorn's squeezed one of Legolas' legs between his two, and Legolas instinctively did the same. They crotches were pressed hard against one of the others' thighs, and hard was the perfect word to describe the situation.


     For a moment, Legolas thought he should try harder to pull away, but Aragorn was more than warm and comforting now. Now the man was hot. Lust and longing literally poured through his kisses and hands, which roamed Legolas' body, searching beneath the sheets and clothes for skin. There was no denying Aragorn now, even if Legolas had wanted to, which he did not. So he squinted and prepared himself for the resulting embarrassment as the sneeze struck. "hhhh... huhIHHShhhh!" Timidly, and expecting the worst, Legolas opened his eyes. "Excuse me," he blurted out, sniffling.


     Aragorn shook his head. "Hush," he whispered, kissing Legolas' lips. "Hush." He took the handkerchief and rubbed Legolas' nose for him. For a moment, the memory of the tender kisses still hung in the air, all movements halted by the strong sneeze. Legolas sniffled, and Aragorn looked back at him. They were both still on their sides, though they seemed upright to each other from their perspectives. Aragorn's eyes twinkled, a bit wet, a bit weak. His chest puffed up as well as it could against Legolas' for a deep sigh, and he opened his mouth to speak.


     Legolas pressed a finger to Aragorn's mouth. "Hush," he whispered, shaking his head. If he was not allowed to apologize for sneezing, Aragorn shouldn't be allowed to spout off more about how beautiful Legolas looked. Especially when Legolas felt as though he were less than lovely. But Aragorn did not need words to convey the sentiment, and sighed deeply again, smiling. Just now, Legolas looked more beautiful to him than he could ever before remember. They lay in silence for a moment, taking each other in, enjoying the silence.


     The moment was brief, however, and when it ended Aragorn lunched forward aggressively. His kiss was powerful, his one hand grabbed Legolas' chin, while his other hand slipped beneath Legolas' nightshirt to grab at what it found beneath. Legolas grinded himself against Aragorn's strong thigh, feeling a mix of nightshirt and now rough skin of the man's palm. Rough, but arousing just the same as it knew just how to stroke. He groaned at the sensation and gave small thrusts forward with his pelvis to indicate his pleasure. Aragorn pulled both his and Legolas' nightshirts up and both their cocks found each others' thighs immediately. Each set of hands raced over the others' body, pinching nipples, stroking backs, massaging shoulders, caressing sides.


     Aragorn's breath was hot against Legolas' face and neck. And when Legolas needed to sneeze and tried to pill away, Aragorn did not miss a thing and held him close. Aragorn could feel Legolas' lungs straining in his chest, pushing against his own chest. But he held the elf close, and Legolas took the restraint well, giving himself over to Aragorn as much as to the sneezes. "IHHShhhh! huhEHShhh!" The elf gave his head a shake, tossing his hair back from his face, a face which showed another sneeze coming on. He squinted and his brow furrowed. His mouth was open, with strong, quick gasps finding their way in. "ehh... eh... heh..." With each he became more and more ready to sneeze, and Aragorn held him tighter, allowing the elf to sneeze over Aragorn's shoulder. "iihhh..." From an expression of concentration, his face went to one of realization. It went slack and his mouth turned down as he drew a deep breath. "huhhIHShhhhhh!" He sniffed hard afterwards but did not speak. Aragorn's hand stroking the back of his head, digging into the long blond hair, was enough to say that the man understood. Legolas gave him a warm smile of appreciation mixed with an intimate look of longing.


     Unable to wait one minute more, Aragorn hastily angled himself, lifted Legolas' leg, and slid himself into the elf. Legolas gasped at the sensation, but then held his breath to keep himself hushed. Though he liked when Aragorn took him forcefully from behind, there was nothing quite like the pleasures of being face-to-face with Aragorn while making love. He looked deep into the man's dark eyes, filled with enjoyment, excitement, and ecstasy. He wiped the beads of sweat from Aragorn's brow and leaned forward, straining, to kiss the man.


     Rocking his hips forward and back, he helped Aragorn and brought added pleasure to the act. Like his movements, Legolas' breathing matched the way Aragorn pumped and pushed in and out of him. Strong going in, then easing back out almost all the way. Until he sneezed, that is. And when he did so, with short, gasping breaths and pausing in the rhythm, Aragorn held him closer, held him steady. He held onto the elf tightly to keep them from being separated as the force of the sneeze shook them both. By the time it was over and the elf sniffled into his shoulder, Aragorn had already resumed his thrusts.


     Feeling one of Aragorn's hands against his back, holding him close, and the other reach down and stroke him, Legolas moaned breathlessly, trying to be quiet. He grabbed hold of Aragorn's shirt and buried his face in the man's neck, his moans and gasps muffled. Likewise, Aragorn had to work to stay quiet, though it seemed both men knew complete silence was impossible with such sensations rushing through them. Aragorn's grunts were low, deep, strong. They seemed to come from somewhere deep inside him, bursting out as he came nearer and nearer to the edge. Legolas sniffled almost constantly, his stuffy nose putting noise to his breathing and making Aragorn much more awake of Legolas' level of excitement and desperation.


     As he felt Legolas tense, Aragorn's eyes focused on the elf's face. Though always thoroughly pleased, Legolas normally looked relatively calm at the moment of climax. The look on Legolas' face now could only mean he needed to sneeze again, and the elf's wiggling ears only helped solidify the assumption. He held Legolas close, not stopping any of his movements for the both their sakes. "ehhh... hehhh..." It took its time, building, tickling the elf who already battled with a number of sensations and wanted for them all to come out. "heh-ehhhh... ihhh..." Finally, Legolas snapped forward with a strong sneeze. "huh-EHHShuhhhh!"


     Whether it was the fantastic groan of relief Legolas made afterwards, or the way his body jerked against Aragorn's during the sneeze, the man could hold back no longer. He yelled as he came, his fist tightening around Legolas' cock in the process. He tensed and then shook, thrusting forward and into Legolas one last time, more deeply and fully than before. Whether it was Aragorn's tight grip on him, or the pressure Aragorn's presence inside of him created, Legolas followed him on the waves of pleasure just seconds later.


     When finished, Aragorn carefully pulled out, and Legolas leaned forward, nuzzling Aragorn's neck. He needed desperately to be held again, and both of Aragorn's arms wrapped around him, though one hand patted his back comfortingly. Legolas burrowed into the man's chest, snuffling. "Are you all right?" Aragorn asked softly, breaking the silence with his concern.


     Legolas nodded, sniffling. He recovered the handkerchief and blew his nose. Then he snuggled back against the man as Aragorn cleaned them both off best he could. He pulled the covers, which had fallen in tangles, back up to cover them both. Legolas shivered at first at the touch of the cool sheet, but then warmed almost immediately from the influence of the warm, heavy blankets. And this time when he closed his eyes, he let both his mind and body rest and drift off to sleep.


     He woke not long after, coughing and snuffling, to the sensation of a hand brushing his forehead with a gracefulness that was most unlike Aragorn's. Legolas opened his eyes to see Lord Elrond hovering over him. Aragorn was still fast asleep, holding Legolas still though his arms had gone slack. Lord Elrond gave him a smile, and then set a cup of tea beside the bed for him to have when he wanted to pull free from Aragorn and drink it. Legolas gave him a slight smile and nodded. The gratitude showed in his face though it looked relatively calm. Elrond caught it and nodded back. His lack of comments told Legolas that he must not be sick enough to worry Elrond. And that was saying quite a lot. After the sleep, and the sex, he was feeling a quite a bit better, too.


     Lord Elrond left, closing the door behind softly so as not to wake his foster son. Legolas had to move forward only an inch to touch his lips to Aragorn's. He kissed the man softly, then set to work rubbing at his nose and blowing it softly into a handkerchief to keep it from tickling. He desperately did not want to wake the sleeping man. Though there was now no need to watch and listen for danger, he still held his sneezes back because he wanted Aragorn to stay asleep. The man looked so peaceful now, his face calm, his long brown hair tangled this way and that, his eyes closed. Legolas sniffled softly and smiled more widely. Usually they slept with one in the other's arms, front to back, one body curled around the other from behind. Now Legolas could take in every single lovely detail of the way Aragorn slept. And he could feel the shallow, slow breaths press against his chest. Lying on his side, facing the man, Legolas stayed awake now to watch him and watch over him, determined this time to control his sneezing.







Adar= Father

Galu= Blessings

Nīn Melui- My Lovely