Title: Convincing Ways

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings, pre-trilogy

Rating: R

Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas

Disclaimer: This idea came from my head, but all elements of the fandom did not. Those belong to the good professor and I would not think to get money for this.

Summary: Legolas begins his stay in Rivendell with a search for Aragorn, whom he finds in a less than perfect condition

Beginnings & Endings Challenge Bunnies: 2, 8, 10, 11

Notes: I began this story a long while ago, wanting to finish it for the spring. But I did not. So I finished it for the annual challenge instead.



Convincing Ways


     Legolas dismounted and looked around. Rivendell was blooming with spring. There was thick green grass underfoot, the scent of wild flowers hanging in the air, and a gentle breeze that barely made it through the lush thickets of trees. Though, and not that most could detect it, were subtle hints that the spring would soon be turning to summer in the heart of Rivendell. And then, long after that, it would be a long and glorious autumn. And when winter finally came to the realm, it would mean the end of the Rivendell elves' time in Middle Earth. But for now it was spring, and it would be so for a long while yet. As he stabled his horse, Legolas noticed that the twins' horses were both missing. But, oddly enough, their foster brother's was not. Usually when they set out on horseback it was for a long distance important mission, and those were things Aragorn was not likely to want to miss.


     Thinking that at least he would be able to sneak through the corridors without being ambushed by the twins, he smiled and set off to find Aragorn. The young man was not in the hall eating, as he would usually be mid-day. Nor was he taking his lunch in the gardens. And when Legolas checked his bedroom Aragorn was not there either. There was a unique, odd smell to the room, however, as though the air had gone stale after days of being closed off. Legolas could not ignore the unusual artifacts scattered around the room. Lotion and a nearly empty pitcher of water on the stand beside his bed, several trays of half-eaten food stacked upon the dresser, and clothes scattered everywhere from chair to floor to bed. Legolas bent down and picked up a gold-trimmed shirt and pair of underwear, folded them, and set them on the chair. He took a deep breath, and instantly regretted doing so. The strange smell was undoubtedly from the mix of food going bad. He backed out of the room, shaking his head. He had never seen it quite so disorderly before.


     "If you happen to find my son, do tell him he's due for another herbal treatment, will you? He disappeared just after breakfast." Legolas smiled and looked up to see Lord Elrond, looking stern but calm. Elrond patted Legolas' shoulder gently. "Welcome back. I trust you had a safe journey?" Legolas nodded. "Well, I must be getting back to the plans for the celebration. I look forward to your input on them when you get settled." Legolas assured him he looked forward to it as well. Then he thanked him, and set off to find Aragorn.


     Aragorn felt a need to be alone, that much was clear. And he was obviously a bit under the weather, that was quite clear as well. As for where Aragorn was... that was the mystery. But as Legolas had nothing better to do at the moment, and certainly nothing he wished to do more, he set his mind to the task. Legolas checked the waterfall for its coolness and relaxing sound. He checked the gallery with its frescos and the altar which held Narsil, knowing Aragorn went there to read from time to time. He checked Aragorn's mother's grave, knowing it to be a place of quiet solitude even Elrond would not dare to pull him from. He walked the perimeter of Rivendell, over bridges and scaffolds, hoping to spot Aragorn out of the corner of his eye at the very least. As young and handsome as the man was, he still stood out as a mortal in a land of elves. And yet, it seemed he had found a spot somewhere amongst them where he remained well hidden.


     After diligently searching for an hour, Legolas began to tire of the task. The long ride and searching were beginning to take a toll, not so much because he was fatigued, but because he desired some food, some drink, and some Aragorn. As he headed across the courtyard to the kitchen for what was now a very late lunch, he heard it.


     Nothing loud, nothing anyone but an elf who was listening for it could hear, but there it was all the same. Legolas veered off course in the direction of the sound. There was another sneeze a moment later, and he could hear a constant stream of sniffling as he headed across the courtyard to a large row of hedges. Past a low wall bordering the pathway, and past trees stood the hedges. The hedges were a good four feet high, but had not been trimmed in a while so they were beginning to look a bit ragged.


     Behind the hedges, however, lay Aragorn, looking easily more ragged than the hedges. He was on his back, eyes closed, rubbing two fingers against his nose. Aragorn was pale, his hair not brushed as usual, and his clothes which were little more than rumpled pajamas. His eyes were closed and he wore a dreamy sort of expression. But he winced as Legolas' shadow fell upon his face. His eyes opened, squinting upwards, as Legolas was but a silhouette in front of the sun.


     "Is that you?" he asked, rubbing his fingers against his nose still.


     Legolas smiled. "That depends on who you mean I suppose."


     Aragorn sat up with a cough. "Legolas? Whed'd you ged here?"


     Legolas came around the hedges and sat down beside Aragorn, wrapping his arms around him in greeting. "Several hours ago. I've been trying to find you since. Your ada--"


     At this, Aragorn groaned and broke from the hug to lie back on the grass, coughing and sniffling. "He has beed sbotherig be with treatbedts ever sidce I cabe dowd sick. I had to ged away for sub fresh air."


     Having been to his room, Legolas could not argue with that reasoning one bit. Besides, lying on the soft grass, with the sun overhead was preferable to lying in bed. Legolas stretched dramatically, and lay back on the grass beside the man, grinning. Aragorn scooted closer, and turned so he was partially on his side. But with his head on Legolas' chest, his face looked down at their shoes so Legolas couldn't see how much he was rubbing his nose.


     Legolas lifted a hand and gently began stroking Aragorn's head, running long fingers through the young man's thick brown hair. It glowed golden with the sunlight upon it, as he petted. "So, how long as it been since you came down sick?" Legolas asked quietly, raising his other arm, bending it, and putting it under his head as a pillow.


     "Sidce yesterday," Aragorn replied. "I tried to hide it but you dow by father add his skill for healig. I was subbosed to beet with hib about the celebratiod but I slebt too late. Whed he cabe to by roob to check od be, he doticed right away add forced cubs of his awful herbal tea od be."


     If the man, who had some experience with healing himself found the treatment bad, then it must really be saying a lot was wrong with this particular tea. On the other hand, Elrond's skills at healing were great and if Aragorn was to recover quickly, he would need more of whatever Lord Elrond deemed appropriate. Legolas found himself torn between resting with Aragorn here in the sun and going to find Lord Elrond at once. He could not deny that he really should get up, but the grass tickled his ears through his flowing hair, and the birds in the nearby trees sang so sweetly, that he could not bear to leave just yet whatever the reason.


     Aragorn's head snapped forward, away from Legolas' fingers, with another strong sneeze, this one softened in volume by Aragorn's hands both cupping his face. His resulting sniffles were, perhaps, even louder than the sneeze had been. He leaned his head back against Legolas' hand as though nothing had happened, but still commented about it. "It's this cold. I jusd cad't stob sdeezig. That's the oddly thig that's wrog, really." He still coughed afterwards, however.


     Legolas' hand slid around the front to feel Aragorn's forehead. To his relief it was only mildly warm, the sort of warm a mortal would normally have about him on a warm spring day.


     "See? I told you," Aragorn said. "Just the sdeeh... sdeeeee..." He took a deep breath, trying hard to finish, even as the sneezes came over him. "Sd-sdeezes-hehh-EHHShkkshh!"


     "Goodness, Estel!" Legolas said, watching in amazement at the worst sneeze yet. "I am surprised others did not find you in this hiding place, considering the volume and strength of your sneezes."


     "I've beed holdig theb id bost of the day," Aragorn admitted. Legolas resumed his touching, stroking the man's scalp beneath his hair, applying a comforting amount of pressure. "You caught be at a weak bobedt. Though I'b very glad you did. I bust adbit I was feelig a bit lodely out here ad by owd."


     "Do not be so grateful." Legolas sighed. "I promised your father I would bring you back to him for more of that awful tea."


     Aragorn coughed at the surprise of the words, and ardently shook his head. "Blease do dot! I ab better. I really ab. It truly is jusd the... the..."


     "The sneezing?" Legolas suggested, smiling with amusement at the difficulty Aragorn was having with that particular word.


     Aragorn nodded, his mouth hanging open as he breathed heavily through it. His eyes fluttered shut and he cupped his hand over nose and mouth. "hehhhh... ehhShkkshhh! KkkShhhh! Ehh-GUHShhoo!"


     Legolas stroked his forehead soothingly. His hair clung to his face after the sneezes, making it look as though he'd just been through a difficult battle. And perhaps he had. "Estel," he whispered, "You need to be in bed getting better."


     Aragorn shook his head. "What would ad elf dow about this? I'b fide where I ab add I do dot wadt to bove."


     Legolas tried to get up to further reason with the man, but realized he was trapped beneath Aragorn. Aragorn seemed to realize this at the same moment, and scooted up a little to hold the elf down better. "Estel..." The elf grunted, trying futilely to rise. "Aragorn, get off me."


     But Aragorn simply shook his head more. "Doe," he snuffled. Then he closed his eyes and snuggled into the elf's warm chest. "I'b fide right here, thags." He smiled, pretending it to be a pleasant sort of smile, when in actuality he was laughing at his own mischievousness as well as the elf's reaction to it.


     "I need to get up and find Lord Elrond. I promised him I would retrieve you," Legolas tried to reason with the man.


     Aragorn shook his head. "Dod't thig so. Wadt you to stay here with be."


     Legolas sighed. This was going nowhere. "All right, but what are you going to do about that? You're sick. You don't have the strength or the means to keep me here."


     "Oh, you thig so?" Aragorn asked, gazing up into the kind eyes of his friend. Then his head snapped back down and his hand snapped to his face. "hahShhhh! ehhhShkkshhhh!" He groaned quietly at his own weakness, and let himself go heavy on top of Legolas. Legolas wished he hadn't been right about this. He ran his hand against Aragorn's head in a series of soft, comforting pets. 


     After a few minutes, Aragorn sniffed and rubbed at his nose. Then he lifted his head with a triumphant smile. "I dow how to codvidce you to stay here."


     "By making yourself seem so pitiful that I will stay here and comfort you instead of trying to get you up and moving?" he suggested jokingly. Aragorn gave him a stern look. "All right. So what is your plan to keep me here instead of dragging you to your ada?"


     Grinning, Aragorn slid down Aragorn and placed his hands on the elf's thighs. "I am afraid you will have to guess." Then he firmly rubbed his cheek against Legolas' loins.


     At the pleasurable sensation, Legolas sighed and tilted his head back with a smile. He stretched his arms out on the grass above his head. "I believe I might like this plan." Slowly, Aragorn pulled the bow that had done up the ties on Legolas' leggings. Then he pulled down the elf's leggings, moving his hands around upon the soft, creamy skin. He nuzzled his face into Legolas' crotch, snuffling and breathing warmly. Legolas lifted his rear, bringing his crotch closer to Aragorn's face. Aragorn smiled and moved upwards, not wanting to bring the elf too close too quickly. He lapped at Legolas' naval, feeling the soft skin against the tip of his tongue.


     Then he pulled back, his breath catching. "harShuhhh! hahSHIHhhh!" He breathed in and out heavily several times, testing himself. Then he looked down at Legolas. The elf wore an expression which clearly read as 'Those sneezes sounded bad. Perhaps I will go tell your father.' So Aragorn's hands slid down to the elf's rump and his mouth took hold of the elf's slender, smooth cock.


     He worked his tongue against the shaft, then took the whole thing in his mouth. He massaged Legolas' rump but pulled back, breathing heavily. "Sorry... by dose... so sniff! so stuffed..."


     "It is all right," Legolas said, shaking his head. His eyes were still closed. "Take your time, Estel. I mind it not."


     Aragorn coughed a few times into his shoulder, then tried again. He worked his tongue around the head of Legolas' cock. Then took it again, squeezing the elf's cheeks and moving his head back and forth.


     Aragorn sniffled but continued, devoted to the task. Legolas could tell he needed to sneeze again, but the elf groaned in pleasure and his breath raced. "Uhhh... oh Estel..." And Aragorn was not about to stop after that.


     His tongue moved about, tasting Legolas a little. He sped up, Legolas' cock slamming into the back of his throat and top of his mouth. His head bobbed up and down quickly. And a few moments later he could taste Legolas even more. Legolas groaned beautifully, the sound almost magical. Aragorn swallowed what he could and as soon as he could he pulled back, pressing his nose into his shoulder. "hahhhShuhhh! harShehhhh! HARShhhhhhhh!"


     Legolas pulled his leggings back up and sighed happily. He reached up and slid his arm around Aragorn's shoulders, pulling him close. "You sound terrible," he said, covering Aragorn's face with soft kisses.


     "I feel it," Aragorn said, nodded and nuzzling into Legolas' tunic, sniffling. "I thig it is tibe sniff, sniff, to try that strategy of beig too bathetic to go adywhere." His nostrils twitched a bit.


     Legolas smiled and rubbed Aragorn's nose for him. "Besides, I am too tired to go anywhere at the moment." Aragorn smiled back and sighed. But he sniffled a bit more as well. "I am so sorry you had to come down sick now," Legolas said, hugging the man close. "Such a beautiful day."


     "Sorry I had to get sick just at the start of your visit," Aragorn added.


     "I have arranged to stay a long while. We will have plenty of time to enjoy each other's company before I leave." He kissed Aragorn again. "Plenty of time for you to get better, as well."


     "Which," came a voice somewhere to their side, "would be greatly reduced if you would just take some more medicine, Estel." They both looked up to see Lord Elrond standing there, looking down at them. Aragorn pulled away from Legolas, and Legolas sat up at once. His eyes locked upon Lord Elrond's in an attempt to keep from looking down to be sure his clothes did not betray them. "It is all right," Elrond said, holding his hand out to calm them. "I simply wanted to thank you for finding him."


     Aragorn sat up, too, rubbing at his nose. "Ada, I ab sorry. I..." His face fell and his eyes closed. He cupped his hand to his nose and mouth. "I... have to... sd..." Again, he could not manage the word. But it was clear what it was Aragon had to do. "hahhShuhhh! Har-AHShhhhhhh!" He sniffled and rubbed the side of his hand against the bottom of his nose. He swayed, breathing heavily, and Legolas knew more sneezes were on their way. He glanced at Lord Elrond, who smiled as though he knew exactly how close the two were. Then Legolas pulled Aragorn to his side. The man buried his face in Legolas' tunic. "hehhh-Arshffff! hahhEGshhhh! EhhhFshhh!"


     Lord Elrond squatted down and stroked the back of Aragorn's head. "Galu. I have had your room cleaned and prepared some medicinal tea for you." He looked at Legolas. "And some normal tea for you. I know it's warm out, but I thought you might use something relaxing after your trip."


     Pulling back, sniffling, Aragorn had a playful grin on his face. Legolas pulled him close again to hide the smile. Aragorn had definitely helped him relax already. "Thank you very much. I will see he gets back to his room right away."


     Smiling, Lord Elrond nodded. Then he reached down and tied up Legolas' leggings. He was still smiling as he got up and left.


     Both Aragorn and Legolas froze for a moment in reaction. Then, his head still buried in Legolas' shirt, Aragorn laughed. Legolas joined in, then took advantage of Aragorn's distracted state and pulled him up. "Oh, Legolas..." Aragorn said, shaking his head.


     "No, I promised. You have had your fresh air. Now you should be back in bed getting well." He slipped his arm around Aragorn's waist.


     Aragorn leaned into him, shaking his head still. "I will stay id bed for a while, but I cad always leave agaid."


     With reluctance on both sides, they started back to Aragorn's room. Legolas could not blame Aragorn for wanting to be out on a day like this. But Aragorn did need the tea, and Legolas was not about to break a promise to Lord Elrond after all of that. So he whispered into the man's ear, "Yes, but I can think of things to do to you that will convince you to stay in bed."


     Aragorn grinned broadly, his reluctance melting away quickly. "Dow that I thig about it, I could use sobe tea add a rest id bed." It was Legolas' turn to start laughing.