Title: By the Light of the Moon
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Legolas/Gimli
Summary: Bathing and sneezing
Notes: Happy birthday, Lady Korana

By the Light of the Moon


hih-IHtchhh!” It was the fifth sneeze since elf and dwarf had climbed into the hot spring together, and Gimli’s nose had not been the culprit even once.


“Catching a chill?” Gimli asked, though the water was so warm, it seemed unlikely. So even before Legolas had a chance to respond, Gimli pulled his hand from out of the water and touched it, dripping, to Legolas’ cheek. “Or catching a cold, perhaps?”


Legolas looked down at the water and closed his eyes as he gave a nod of agreement. “I have not been feeling so well. There is soreness in my throat and an itch throughout my nose. I feel tired from my toes upward. I thought a nice bath would help, but…”


“But you’re still feeling ill?”


Legolas nodded again then gave a start, surprised as Gimli’s lips suddenly found his. The dwarf delivered a tender, comforting kiss to accompany his offer, “Let me take you to bed. Let me dry you off and warm you up and hold a handkerchief for you all night.”


“All night?”


“Well… at least until you fall asleep in my arms.” And, with that, Gimli cut the bathing short. He climbed out of the spring, hauling his sturdy form out by using his upper arm strength accompanied by a few grunts. Gimli’s pale arse and hairy back shone in the moonlight, making Legolas smile and feel something, briefly, other than ill.


Then Gimli extended his hand to help Legolas out. Like everything else in life, the elf was far more graceful and just as effective in climbing out. Droplets of water raced down his tall, sleek body, which was even paler than his dwarf’s. For a moment, Gimli found he could not breathe. He could do nothing but stare at Legolas’ beauty and majesty.


Then Legolas pitched forward again, hand cupped to his nose and mouth this time. “iihhhhptchhhhh!


That, too, appeared beautiful and majestic, the elf’s body swaying, his blond hair caressing the sides of his face. “Galu,” cooed Gimli. He took his elf’s other hand and led him inside where there were towels and blankets and handkerchiefs and a bed strategically placed beneath a skylight so that the full moon’s light could shine upon them both when they drifted off to sleep.