Title: By the Light of the Stars
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Star Wars pre-TPM
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Summary: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan head home from a mission.
Notes: Happy birthday, Lady Korana

By the Light of the Stars



There wasn’t really enough room in the pilot’s seat of their speeder for two, but that hadn’t stopped Obi-Wan from snuggling onto Qui-Gon’s lap the moment they hit hyperspace. On autopilot, Qui-Gon only had to glance down at the console every so often to confirm they were still on course. He could go to sleep right now if he wanted to, and given the exhausting mission he and his padawan had just completed, he dearly wanted to. The almost constant wet sniffles kept him wide awake, however. And even if they hadn’t, the sneezes would have.


Ah-HPtjjshhh!” Obi-Wan sneezed into Qui-Gon’s sleeve for the umpteenth time. And, as always, he followed that by sending a wave of apology through their training bond.


//As always, Padawan mine, you are excused. What a nasty, snuffly cold you’ve caught.// His strong hand stroked Obi-Wan’s side, up and down and back up again. Obi-Wan snuggled impossibly closer to his master.


//How long until we reach home?//


//Oh, even at this speed, nearly two days.//  They had provisions enough to last that time and longer, if need be. But the sooner the better, as far as Qui-Gon was concerned. // Are you looking forward to returning to the temple?//


//Very much.// And back and forth between them flooded the feelings of the familiar, creature comforts of home. There was Obi-Wan’s sleep couch and the teakettle in their kitchen and the environmental controls in their quarters and that thick, blue blanket Obi-Wan was partial to. There was the sensation of Qui-Gon’s arms wrapped tightly around him. The warmth of a shower with real, hot water and steam. Qui-Gon sitting watch over his dosing padawan, dropping a kiss to Obi-Wan’s warm forehead.


Qui-Gon looked down at Obi-Wan now, the stars passing by them so fast they appeared as blurred streaks, lighting their faces. “I thought you were in a fever sleep. I didn’t think you would remember that kiss.” It was the first thing either of them had said out loud in hours, and the statement hung in the silence of the tiny ship, unanswered until Obi-Wan had to sneeze again.

ahhh Ah-HPTudshh!” He wiped his nose on Qui-Gon’s sleeve and closed his eyes.


And then Qui-Gon felt a sensation of hopefulness flood over him, coming straight from their bond. And he saw an image of something that had never transpired. It was of the two of them, here in this ship, Obi-Wan fast asleep in his master’s warm, loving arms, and Qui-Gon kissing Obi-Wan’s head before nuzzling close and falling asleep as well. With a smile, Qui-Gon returned the feeling of hope.