Title: 2005 Gift for Maria

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: R?

Disclaimer: These characters and their world are not mine. I've no rights and no money.

Summary: Aragorn is busy and sneezy... not a combination Legolas is delighted to find in the man upon arriving in Rivendell for a visit

Notes: Written as a gift fic for Maria during the 2005 holiday season.



2005 Gift for Maria

     The letters had to be completed promptly. They were of the utmost importance and, as Lord Elrond had been summoned away on very important business, Aragorn had taken it upon himself to finish the task. He had gathered up the supplies and sat down at the writing table in his room, determined to work his way through as many ink bottles and pieces of parchment as it took to complete the letters.


     This task seemed much easier in theory than in reality, however. It was slow-going. And the first time he had ventured out for a meal, he had been accosted by several messengers who brought more letters that required his immediate attention. Then his foster brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, had spent hours on and off trying to convince him to abandon the project. They had tempted him with all manner of recreation and distracted him with a number of usually effective methods. It had been all he could do to finally persuade them to go hunting without him. It seemed the only way to get his work done was to lock himself in his room, work through meals and nights, and admit no one until he was done.


     But when Legolas Greeleaf had shown up, windswept and tired from the several days of riding from Mirkwood, Aragorn had not the heart to turn him away. In fact, he had made the decision to abandon his work for a little while in order to give Legolas a proper greeting.


     Routine shoulder squeezes gave way to a long, warm embrace. The embrace turned into fondling, which developed quickly into heavy kissing. And then it was all Aragorn could do to get Legolas to the bed before taking him. The sweet, blond elf looked delightful spread out upon the collection of pillows on his bed. And the elf looked even lovelier with his legs spread and his back arching with the pleasure Aragorn was giving him.


     Though Legolas was certainly more enjoyable than his work, Aragorn was forced to return to the letters. "Estel..." Legolas called from the bed, reclining upon the pillows, unblushingly nude. "Come back to bed with me."


     "I would like to," Aragorn told him, his emotion genuine. "But I really must get these finished, despite the fact that you've shown up for this visit." He looked up from his work, eyes feeling tired and body aching with the desire to give into Legolas' suggestion. "I trust you can amuse yourself for a little while?"


     Legolas sat up with a sigh. He stood, sure to give Aragorn a good look at every part clothes normally hid, then he pulled on Aragorn's robe. He knotted the tie at the waist and tugged it tight, but the top was loose and showed much of his pale, bare chest, including a single, hard nipple. Legolas paused, waiting for Aragorn to stand and adjust the robe to hide it, not wanting the whole of Rivendell to see his elf. But Aragorn deliberately ignored it and continued with his work. And Legolas could not gain attention, even with a clearing of his throat. "Yes. My companion and I can amuse ourselves for a while. I shall see you later."


     Aragorn waited for Legolas to leave and close the door behind before he sighed deeply. He cleared his own throat, but not for the same reason as the sigh. Legolas' choice of words bothered him, but did not surprise him.


     He had read in their correspondence of Legolas' new companion. And, frankly, Aragorn was surprised he had not been introduced right away. He was beginning to think that perhaps that was just the elf's new way of referring to his member. But, in the end, Aragorn decided that it made sense for a little welcoming sex to trump proper introductions. Whoever this companion was, he thought they should meet. Thus, he put on a smile when Legolas appeared not a quarter of an hour later with a piece of bread in one hand and his friend in the other.


     "Meet Avorn," Legolas said, bouncing with the dog cradled in his arm. It was small and looked rather rat-like, which was strange as its function was to flush out and catch vermin. Its face was long and ears were short. Its wiry coat was a million shades of brown and its eyes were pools of black, staring up at Aragorn. "He is an excellent companion. He enjoys riding on the back of my horse so much that I could not resist bringing him along during this trip."


     Aragorn forced himself to nod and smile and give the dog a greeting. Legolas sat down on the end of the bed, facing Aragorn not five feet away. The man was again concentrating on the several pieces of parchment before him, most of which were already filled with words but which needed to be recopied quickly. "Must you work so hard?" Legolas asked. "I feel it is time for you to take another break."


     Aragorn looked up, blinking. From the way Legolas sat, legs slightly spread with the robe which covered him raised in a certain spot, Aragorn knew what part of the elf felt the need for a break. "My good Prince," Legolas said, sighing. "You know that I must finish these."


     "But I am so rarely able to make this journey," Legolas said, getting as close to a pout as an elf could possibly get. "What could possibly be so important?"


     Intending to answer, Aragorn opened his mouth. But something strong seized him before he was able to say a word. "hahh-hahrChuhhh!"


     Legolas leaned forward, finishing up the bread. "Are you sick?" he asked, head cocked slightly as he tried to evaluate.


     Aragorn shook his head. "I... hahh..." He cupped his hand to his face, covering his mouth while pinching his nose between his thumb and forefinger. "hihh-hah-HAH!" He held his nose, then rubbed it vigorously. Then he relaxed and sighed. He knew perfectly well that he was sick. But he feared Legolas would put him to bed and leave him there until the cold passed, which could take up to a week or more.


     "I know! Perhaps you have developed an allergy to dogs?" Legolas postulated. He got up and walked over, hovering next to Aragorn with Avorn in his arms. "Hmm? Feeling sneezy?"


     Aragorn did feel the need to sneeze, but he was relatively certain it was not because of Avorn. Unless, of course, the dog had arrived a day before Legolas and had been hiding somewhere in his chambers the whole time, because he'd been feeling sick for just about that long, though he would not admit to it.


     "That is it, is it not?" the elf continued. He hugged the dog to his chest affectionately. "I will just have to find somewhere else for him to stay while I'm here visiting, I suppose. Poor thing..."


     "hahhh!" Aragorn struggled with this one as well, nostrils trying to flair even though he pinched them shut. This time his efforts only managed to delay the inevitable. He pitched forward in his seat, careful to cover his nose and mouth lest he sneeze upon his work. "Hehtchooo! hahhhRShuhhh!"


     They were heavy sneezes which made Legolas frown. "To me, those sound more like the sneezes you sneeze when you have a cold. How certain are you that you are not ill?" As Aragorn again debated about what to say, Legolas set the dog down. It ran circles around the desk. Meanwhile, Legolas leaned over and pressed his forehead to Aragorn's. "You have a fever!" He pulled back, looking astonished and affronted. "How long have you had a fever?"


     Aragorn began to reply, "Since--"


     "And do not tell me that you have had it since before I arrived."


     Aragorn shut his mouth so that he would not tell the elf that.


     Legolas shook his head disapprovingly. "All right. I understand. Now, to bed with you."


     Aragorn smiled to himself, even as he felt Legolas' gentle hands squeeze his shoulders. "I do appreciate your concern, Mel... Melon-hahhh!" He cupped a hand over nose and mouth and turned his head to the side. "harrShuhhh! Huh-hihh-hershoooo!" He sniffed wetly until it was safe to drop his hand, then grimaced and wiped his hand on his thigh. "I appreciate the concern, but if it's all the same, I will work on these letters first." If he put them off for too long, and his health declined, there would be no way he could finish them in his right mind. He had no choice but work on them now. Assuming no further interruptions, he could see himself finishing in a timely manner and then retiring to bed to deal with his illness.


     The dog barked. Both Legolas and Aragorn looked down at him, as the dog ran in a circle then flopped over, onto his back. Legolas knelt down, his movements enviously smooth and immensely beautiful, and stroked the dog's belly. "Avorn is right," Legolas said. "You should lie down and let me tend to you at once."


     What did a dog know of elvish duties? For that matter, the elvish prince was sounding ignorant. "These letters," he began. "Are--".


     "Are not worth risking your health," Legolas finished sensibly. He leaned to the side and rested his cheek on Aragorn's dry thigh. "Come to bed." He nuzzled irresistibly. "Come to bed with me now."


     Aragorn hesitated, his eyes trying to focus on the letters, when all they wanted to see was the elf. The pettable blond hair streaming down, the sharply pointed ears twitching as they did only when Legolas was particularly affectionate, the eyes looking up at him imploringly.


     "Are you so stubborn..." Legolas' hand gripped Aragorn's thigh and squeezed. "As stubborn as a dwarf?"


     Aragorn did his best not to smile. He quickly rubbed his nose in a motion meant to cover his mouth. Legolas' insult had not been felt very strongly, though he knew it was the worst the elf could think to say. And he must be desperate to resort to it. Aragorn sighed reluctantly, and that was all it took.


     Legolas rose and had Aragorn's hand in one. With the dog nipping playfully at their feet to keep them going, Legolas led Aragorn to bed. The elf tore down the covers with a swift move and forced Aragorn down upon the mattress. Before pulling the blankets back up, Legolas helped pull off boots, jacket, and tunic. The tight trousers were harder to remove, but Aragorn helped and they soon joined the other clothing on the floor beside the bed. Aragorn had no cause to be cold, however, because his clothes were replaced by an elf against his side and blankets layered on top of him. "There," said Legolas approvingly.


     "huhhh..." Aragorn's chest rose with the deep breath, and he pulled away from Legolas so he could have a proper range of movement when the sneeze finally came. It played in his nose a moment, giving him time to clamp his hand over the lower half of his countenance. "hahhh-Rrschhh! hahhKrshhhh!" Another powerful sniffle, and his hand came down slowly.


     "Galu. Now..." Aragorn felt light fingertips and then lips graze the side of his face. "Go to sleep." Legolas' knee slid over Aragorn's thigh and onto Aragorn's crotch, the bent leg pinning him down.


     Aragorn smirked at how Legolas had reduced it to such simple terms. He was sick. He would sleep. He would feel better when he woke. And the letters would not be written. The information would not be conveyed in time. Aragorn's eyes were trained on the desk, the parchment, the open ink bottle. His heart pounded.


     "Legolas? Snffffff!" He nuzzled his face into Legolas' hair and sniffed right in the elf's ear. "I desperately need a hanky. Sniiiffff! Let me up for a moment."


     "Oh no," Legolas said, shaking his head. He pulled away and slid out of the bed. "I will get you one. Where do you keep them?"


     "I have none in my chamber," Aragorn told him. It was not a complete lie. He had several, but they had all been used yesterday and the night before. "You will need to go to the washrooms for one."


     Legolas secured the robe tightly again, with resolve. "I will get you two."


     "hahhh-Urshooo!" Aragorn pitched forward at the strong sneeze and then fell back upon the bed.


     "I will get you ten," Legolas corrected himself. He whistled and the dog bolted and stuck to his side.


     Aragorn waited a moment. Legolas' bare feet made no sound upon the floors, but the dog's little clawed made little tapping sounds as he marched alongside his master, down the corridor. Then Aragorn jumped out of bed. He shivered slightly as he crossed the room and sat down, naked, in his chair once more. He had to read over the last few lines he wrote, then picked up where he'd left off, though in a slightly sloppier hand due to his rushing.


     As he had since yesterday, he paid absolutely no attention to his sniffles. And when he needed to sneeze, he pinched his nose and more than half the time that drove the urge clean away. This time, an occasional yawn was added to the routine, as his body was clearly beginning to side with Legolas' logic. But his mind and his hand plowed onward, madly scratching away on the parchment with the quill.


     Grateful that the dog had gone with, Aragorn was alerted by the same clicking noise and dove back into bed. He adjusted the covers and took a deep breath to calm himself as the door to his rooms opened. Aragorn sniffed again, purposely, and surprised himself by how wet the sound was. He really did need a handkerchief now.


     Aragorn reached out for one, which Legolas handed him, and began blowing his nose before Legolas climbed back into bed. The blow came with sniffles and a couple coughs. And when Aragorn opened his eyes, he saw his desk again.


     Legolas snuggled into the man's side, ears twitching. "Sniffly Estel," Legolas murmured, kissing Aragorn's cheek between blows and rubs. "I can think of something to take your mind off of that."


     So could Aragorn, but he was sure it wasn't what Legolas had in mind. Aragorn forced a cough. "Could you get me some water? My throat's a little tickly." Again, not a complete lie. He could do without the water, surely, but his throat was a little bit sore.


     Water required Legolas to leave again, and Aragorn was pushing down the covers the second the door was closed. As much as he missed Legolas' touch, he was relieved to escape it again for a few minutes more.


     He managed to finish one letter and start another, but barely made it back into bed before the elf returned. Aragorn was fairly certain Legolas did not suspect he'd been up, but Legolas did look at him more closely as he sat down on the edge of the bed and carefully poured a glass of water from a large, crystal pitcher. "Your cheeks are flushed," Legolas said, handing over the glass, then pressing the back of his hand to Aragorn's forehead. "You are warm with fever. I got you into bed just at the right time, I think."


     Aragorn drank, sipping water to relax again. Avorn jumped up onto the bed again, lying across Aragorn's legs to keep him from getting up and to keep him warm. The dog, with its mouth open, constantly looked like it was smiling. Legolas looked the same way, as he set aside the pitcher and fit himself against Aragorn's side. There was absolutely no getting up now.


     Pleased with itself, the dog stretched out and put its head down on the bed. Legolas rested his head on Aragorn's shoulder and stroked Aragorn's chest gently. Again, his nose tickled. Aragorn lifted the handkerchief and pinched his nose through it. But the feeling rose anyway and his breath caught. "hahhhh-har-EHSchhhh!"


     It forced him up off the bed an inch or so, but Legolas held him back down and Avorn looked up at him warily. Then he whimpered with sympathy. "Can I get you anything else?" Legolas asked, combing his fingers through Aragorn's dark hair.


     Aragorn laughed, coughed once, and continued to laugh. "All this attention and fussing over me! When you have something to accomplish, you two are as bad as the twins!"


     Legolas smiled back at him. "I only fuss because I care." He kissed Aragorn, his lips pressing firmly, until Aragorn's twitched against his.


     Aragorn pulled away and quickly found the handkerchief with time enough to get it to his face. "hahhh-ershoooo! K'Choo!"


     "Galu. And you are lucky to have me here to fuss over you." Legolas swept Aragorn's hair back out of his face for him. "Right now, I believe you need some strong herbal tea. Shall I get you some?"


     Nodding, Aragorn was already working out how much time that would take and how much writing that would allow him to do. Part of the next letter was similar to that which was already written, but he would have to rephrase a bit and add in a whole host of extra details. And even if he did not finish this time, at least it got Legolas off his back for a few more minutes. He appreciated the elf's care, but not the feeling of being smothered by it. He was almost tempted to claim it was because of the dog, just to give himself a few minutes more to work, but by now he was certain the elf would not believe it.


     "I shall be right back, then." Legolas patted Aragorn's leg, plumped his pillows, then got up and headed out to go to the kitchens.


     Upon seeing Legolas get up, the dog did likewise. And Aragorn was the third to leave the bed. He was several steps closer to the desk when he heard barking. Avorn had not left with Legolas this time, but was standing right in front of Aragorn, barking his alert at seeing the man up and about. Panicking, Aragorn tried making the sound he'd heard Legolas make earlier, but it was too late for the barking was too loud.


     Aragorn froze in place as the door opened back up again and Legolas saw him. "What are you doing out of bed?" he asked.


     Try as he might, Aragorn could come up with absolutely no plausible excuse. And the lack of any explanation, believable or not, was enough to make Legolas more than suspicious. The elf turned to look in the direction Aragorn was facing, and saw the desk and papers upon it. Then he looked back at Aragorn, closing the door so they were alone together again, apart from the dog.


     Sounding as panicked as he still felt, Aragorn tried to say something, "This cold is nothing." But he did feel as though he were getting worse, not better, as the day went on. And if it started out as nothing, it was definitely more than that by now.


     Legolas was not moved. "Nonetheless, you should be in bed with it. I said I was here to fuss over you, take care of your needs, did I not?"


     Aragorn sighed. "You did. Sniff! But I really must finish--"


     Legolas marched forward, putting his hand on Aragorn's bare chest. He applied very little pressure, but his attitude was enough to force Aragorn backwards until he was sitting on the bed once more. "I am here to take care of all your needs, Aragorn." Legolas picked up another one of the handkerchiefs he had brought and placed it into Aragorn's hand.


     Before Aragorn could reply, he felt another sneeze coming on. "ahhh-hahhh... har-eh-Ershooo! EhhChooo! Hehh-UH-Choo!"


     As he blew his nose, he saw that Legolas was no longer standing there in front of him. Instead, the elf was seated at the desk. One foot was on the chair, leg bent against his chest. He leaned into it and reached his arms around it to take up the quill and look over the papers. "Now, if you will tell me what I am to write, we will have your work done in no time without jeopardizing your health." He rolled the quill between his fingers, making it spin teasingly. "But only if you get under those covers." The dog yipped, as though to emphasize the point.


     Aragorn smiled. He lay back down in bed, with the covers up. Avorn jumped up, turned in a circle, then curled up against Aragorn's chest. Aragorn found himself petting the dog relaxingly. He closed his eyes and began dictating between sneezes and sniffles. The work went so much more quickly than it had when Aragorn had been doing it alone that


     Aragorn knew he would need to figure out a way to thank Legolas. He could think of no better way than to fuss over Legolas a little while, as well. "Legolas?" he called after a while, as the elf penned for him, in Aragorn's own words, the closing of the last letter. Quickly, Aragorn shooed the dog off the bed and patted the vacant spot beside him. "Come back to bed with me." He snuffled lightly and coughed, though he stifled the sound. But, sick as he was, Legolas had not the heart to turn him away. Legolas did, however, usher the little dog out because this wasn't something for him to see.