Title: 2005 Gift for Deb

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters and their world are not mine. I've no rights and no money.

Summary: When Legolas catches a cold, Aragorn takes it upon himself to help Legolas feel better... especially as he wants to be the only one to help Legolas.

Notes: Written as a gift fic for Deb during the 2005 holiday season.



2005 Gift for Deb

                 Aragorn's head rested on Legolas' pelvis, which was warm and soft. His fingers were playing with the laces of Legolas' leggings in a teasing sort of way.


     "Estel... ehhhhh..." He took his eyes off the ceiling of the private bedroom and looked at the man. Legolas reached down, his own slender fingers digging into the dark brown hair. "M-maybe you should not... ohhhhh..."


     Aragorn had turned his head to nuzzle his face into Legolas' crotch through the leggings. The hardness was encouraging and Aragorn looked up at Legolas with a smile. "You are only saying that because of your cold." He kissed Legolas along the length of the cock straining for freedom beneath the beige leggings. "Clearly you want it."


     Legolas sighed and lay back upon the bed, rubbing his cheek into his pillow as he was overcome with sensations. He was torn between the lovely ripples of pleasure Aragorn was sending through his body and the nagging tickles filling his nose. Unfortunately, the choice was beyond his control.


     He pulled his hand back, cupping it to his face. His eyes shut and his breath came in quick, silent gasps. Then his whole body gave a shake as he sneezed. "ehhhhhShihhhh!" His hand curled into a fist as he coughed into it, eyes still tightly shut.


     Aragorn propped himself up on both elbows, then he crawled up the bed to lie just beside Legolas. He took Legolas in his arms, holding the elf tightly until the coughs passed. Legolas sniffled and rubbed his face into Aragorn's chest. The slow breaths and steady heartbeat were calming, as was the warmth that came along with his lover. Legolas relaxed.


     "There," Aragorn stroked the back of Legolas' head, petting soothingly. "Don't you like when I hold you? When I touch you? When I make love to you?"


     Legolas smiled and nodded easily in agreement.


     "Then let me care for you and make you feel better."


     In Aragorn's arms, Legolas tensed up again. He covered his nose again, as well. "ihhhh-yihhhChhhhh! IhhhShhhhh!" He sniffed weakly. "And what will make me feel better?" he asked timidly.


     Aragorn kissed his forehead with tenderness and smiled. "Let us find out." As he gave the elf a tight squeeze, his hand reached down. It found the ends of the ties and pulled. The bow came loose and his leggings fell open. Aragorn grinned and slipped his hand inside. Legolas gasped happily this time.


     The man slid back down and pulled at the waistband of Legolas' leggings with his teeth. Legolas lifted his arse off the bed obligingly, and Aragorn continued to tug until Legolas was free and exposed. He kissed his way up Legolas' shaft, then ran his tongue down it. Then he took Legolas' cock in his mouth.


     Legolas gasped. He coughed, but gasped.


     "Mmm?" Aragorn inquired, the hum causing a vibration that Legolas clearly liked.


     "Oh yes..." Legolas agreed at once. He rubbed hard at his nose to keep from sneezing long enough to enjoy what Aragorn was doing to him. He kept one hand at his nose but he reached down with the other one. At first, he pet Aragorn's head. But, then, he massaged and then gripped hard. His breathing raced and his pelvis thrust and he cried out quietly.


     Aragorn swallowed and wiped the back of his hand against his mouth. Then he crawled back up and lay back down beside the spent elf. He grabbed a clean handkerchief and pressed it to Legolas' nose while he petted the long blond hair. "So?"


     Legolas nodded and snuggled into Aragorn with a sigh. "I do like the way you take care of me."




     The fire hissed and crackled as Elladan threw another stick in. "Warm enough for you, Legolas?" he asked, sitting down beside Legolas on the floor in front of the fireplace. His twin brother settled down on Legolas' other side.


     "Yes, thank you," Legolas replied with a nod. He'd been rubbing at his nose for a while now, but now he held the handkerchief up to his face. His body tensed and eyes closed. "ehhh-ihhhhSchhhh! Yihh-Shuhhhh!" He was thrown forward, bent over, hair in his face.


     "Galu," Elrohir said. He rubbed Legolas' back comfortingly as Legolas blew his nose and then slowly sat back up.


     "Sniff! Thank you. Sniff! I do appreciate your care. I do not feel very well at all."


     Elladan cocked his head. "Poor Legolas." He reached over and placed his hand on Legolas' far shoulder. He began to massage gently.


     "Poor Legolas," Elrohir echoed, his hand sliding up to rest on Legolas' other shoulder. He massaged in synch.


     Legolas sighed deeply, rolling his head and then hanging it such that his chin met his chest. The twins continued to massage and Legolas loosened up and relaxed, swaying to the rubbings. The fire glowed in front of them, warming their faces and making them all feel a little tired.


     Aragorn stood in the doorway on the side of the room, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the three elves in front of the fire. Though the one in the middle seemed to be enjoying the attention, he also seemed to be sniffling quite a lot. Despite Aragorn's advice, Legolas had left his sickbed to accept a dinner invitation from his hosts. Legolas explained that if he came all that way to spend time in Rivendell, the very least he could do was to show up to a few meals.


     Aragorn had said nothing when he noticed that Legolas had not had much to eat. And he had said nothing when Legolas retired to a sitting room after dinner. But now, seeing Legolas looking sick and needing to be back in bed, Aragorn felt he really should say something. He waited patiently for the right moment. When he saw Legolas' jaw drop and mouth open wide with a strong yawn, Aragorn seized the moment.


     He headed in, clearing his throat to attract attention. "You look sleepy, Legolas. I believe it is time for you to go back to bed."


     Legolas looked up but seemed reluctant to leave. "I am not so... sleepy. Ihh-Chhhh!"


     "I understand," Aragorn said with a nod. "But you will soon be. So say goodnight to my brothers and I will see you to bed."


     Reluctantly, Legolas stood. He did as told, and wished the twins a good night and sweet dreams. And then he headed from the room with Aragorn on his heels. The walk back to the guest room where Legolas was staying required them to head outside. The winter winds had picked up, and the scent of snow was in the air. By the time they reached the room, both elf and man were shivering with cold.


     "I still do not believe I needed to leave," Legolas said as his hand closed on the handle of the door. "I was keeping warm, as you told me I should. And I was relaxing. They were giving me a massage."


     Aragorn stiffened and wrapped his arm around Legolas to block some of the cold and to encourage Legolas to go into the room. "I can keep you warm, as well," said Aragorn. As they stepped into the room, Legolas noticed that a fire had been built and lit in the fireplace. It filled the whole room so that it was not just warm but actually quite toasty. "And I can make sure you are relaxed," Aragorn continued, guiding Legolas to the bed.


     Legolas sat upon it and let Aragorn undress him, one item of clothing at a time. Halfway through, his breathing hitched. He cupped his hand to his face. "ihhhhh!" As the shirt with the pocket where Legolas had been keeping his hanky had already been shed and lay on the floor somewhere, Aragorn retrieved a fresh handkerchief and handed it over to the elf. Legolas gave him a brief smile, then snapped forward. "iihh-IHHH-YIHShhhh! HihSchhhhhhh!" The sneezes had been wet, and Legolas was glad to have had the handkerchief at hand. He blew his nose.


     "Not very relaxing, is that?" Aragorn asked as he pulled Legolas' leggings off, leaving the elf naked on the bed. "Well, I can help with that. And I can give you a much better massage. Here... lie down..."


     Legolas spread out, face down, upon the bed sheets and blankets. He coughed and sniffled a little, and rubbed his nose again. But he sighed the moment Aragorn's hands touched his back and began to press down.


     Aragorn massaged gently at first, then began to apply more and more strength as the massage continued. His hands repeatedly returned to Legolas' shoulders, but did work on the rest of Legolas' back, finding tight knots around Legolas' shoulder blades. The sneezes made the elf tense, but the rubbing from firm, skilled hands loosened him up. Even when Legolas sneezed, he was relaxed a moment later.


     "How do you feel?" Aragorn whispered. "Comfortable? Relaxed? Warm?"


     His eyes closed to savor the blissful feelings, Legolas nodded. "I am so glad you brought me back to bed." He smiled a bit slyly. "I must admit I am a bit warmer than simply warm."


     Not wanting Legolas to be overheated, Aragorn glanced towards the fireplace, wondering whether he should take out a log or two. But the elf's rare and telling smile made him realize what Legolas was trying to say. "Well then, it would be a shame for me not to take care of you properly," he said. He stopped massaging in order to take off his own clothes.


     They came off without much difficulty, and he sat down on the bed again, straddling Legolas' legs. He picked up right where he'd left off-- massaging-- but this time he targeted areas of the pale elf that were lower than the shoulders. As hands squeezed Legolas' ass cheeks, he readied himself by rubbing against Legolas' rear. Then, when Legolas smiled up at him, Aragorn slid in.


      Aragorn leaned forward so that he was at a good angle, and put his hands on Legolas' shoulders, squeezing. "Are you all right?" he whispered, hovering just above Legolas' ear.


     "F-fine," Legolas replied stuffily.


     Aragorn continued to massage while his hips rocked forward. And he continued to thrust while his back arched. He tried, however, to make it last as long as possible. After being sent back to bed, Legolas deserved a proper massage. And though Aragorn's touch was skilled and Legolas clearly seemed to be enjoying himself, Aragorn did want it to last longer for both their sakes.


     "Wait," Legolas called, just as Aragorn was sure to lose himself. "Wait, Estel."


     Aragorn nodded and obliged, slowing his pace to almost nothingness, but not sliding out completely. "Yes... excuse me. It was getting quite intense, was it not?"


     Legolas coughed instead of answering. "No, no. Sniff! I mean yes. I mean... excuse me." He rubbed his nose. "I need to... yihhhhh-hihhSchhhhh! hihhhChihhhh!"


     Aragorn bent forward further and managed to place a kiss on Legolas' nose. "I am sorry," he said softly. "Would you like to stop until your sneezes pass?" He petted Legolas' head. "Or would you like to stop for longer? You are sick. I did not mean to push."


     Legolas' mouth twitched into a smile. Then the smile was overpowered by an oncoming sneeze. "ihhhhh... yihhhhh..." Legolas turned his head, sneezing into the sheets and mattress. "HIHShhehhhh!" His whole body shook so that Aragorn was dislodged, and Aragorn took that as a sign to get up and retrieve a new handkerchief or two for Legolas.


     He lay down beside Legolas, stretching out. He was half-hard and could not resist brushing himself against the elf's soft thigh. He brushed the backs of his fingers lightly against cheek and forehead. The elf was indeed warmer than warm, in more ways than one. "Perhaps it is best that we stop," Aragorn said.


     Blowing his nose, Legolas shook his head. "Not on your life." He wiped his nose dry and gave a better smile. "You promised me a massage and I expect you to finish it. I expect you to finish me up as well."


     Aragorn grinned. He added kisses to his rubs. Then he finished all of what he'd started, without any worry regarding the speed. By the end, both were satisfied and both were as sleepy as Aragorn had earlier predicted. They fell asleep without dressing, squeezing together on one side of the bed to avoid the wetness on sheets Aragorn promised to change when they woke the following day.




     "That souds idtriguig, By Lord," Legolas said between bites of lunch.


     Elrond nodded and set down his fork. "And you sound awful. Do you feel as bad as you sound?"


     Aragorn shifted in his seat as he looked down the table at Legolas. He knew the answer the elf would not admit to, but he also knew Legolas would not lie to Lord Elrond. Curious, he stopped eating, as well, in order to pay attention.


     "I have felt buch better, to be hodest." Legolas glanced down at Aragorn and smiled. "But I ab dot feelig as well dow as I was earlier today." He raised his hand, eyelids fluttering closed, and pressed the back of it to his face. "hah-hah-ihhhSchhhhh! Hah-Yihhhshhhhh!" Embarrassed at sneezing and not being able to locate a handkerchief in one of his pockets, his cheeks flushed slightly as he wiped his nose on his cuff and offered a heartfelt, albeit stuffy, apology.


     "Tea," Elrond said, looking critically at Legolas from across the table, around the candle-lain centerpiece. "I can think of a few herbs that should greatly help elevate your symptoms."


     Aragorn cleared his throat and moved his napkin from his lap to the table beside his plate. "I can take care of that," Aragorn announced.


     "Estel..." Legolas whispered, not wanting Aragorn to undermine his foster father on Legolas' account.


     Lord Elrond shook his head and held a hand up to garner peace. "Then by all means, Estel, you should take care of Prince Greenleaf here."


     Even if it had not been a direct charge, Aragorn would have taken it upon himself to take care of his lover properly. But as it was a command, he immediately rose from his seat with an "Excuse me." Lord Elrond excused them both. Aragorn collected his elf and headed with him towards the pantries just beyond the kitchens to where the dried herbs were stored.


     "You know what to get?" Legolas asked.


     Aragorn nodded. "Absolutely. Lord Elrond wants me to develop it more, but he says I have something of a healer's touch."


     The pantry was large enough to walk right into, and filled to the top with shelves holding goods. Legolas leaned against the inside of the closed door and rested as Aragorn rummaged around with jars and tin canisters. He shivered a little, as the store rooms were kept cold to preserve contents, and hugged his arms to his chest for a little while. His nose ran and he periodically raised his hand and scrubbed at it to keep from sneezing. It seemed to take Aragorn forever to make his selections. Legolas was quickly losing his battle with the sneezes. "Ehhh-Estel?"


     Aragorn looked over his shoulder, frowning. "I am not quite done yet... and you look as though you are about to collapse." He put down the herbs he had collected and went straight over to Legolas, taking the elf in his arms. "Relax now. I shall take care of you." Legolas buried his face into Aragorn's shoulder. "ihhh-ihhhShuhhhh! ihhYShhhh!" Aragorn petted the elf's head until Legolas lifted his head, sniffling.


     Then Aragorn bent his head down and kissed the bridge of Legolas' nose. "Let me kiss you and make you all better?" It was more of a statement than a question, but Aragorn still waited for a nod from Legolas before he kissed again.


     And again. And again, until Legolas no longer needed to sneeze. Until he needed something far different from sneezing.


     Trousers and leggings were quickly pulled down and Legolas was quickly lifted about a foot off the floor and pinned back against the door. The elf's legs bent and his thighs pressed into Aragorn's sides to keep himself up in addition to Aragorn holding him up.


     "hihh... ohhhh..." Legolas' back arched as Aragorn worked his way in with deep, powerful thrusts. He rubbed at his nose and his pelvis jerked forward as well, pressing his cock into Aragorn's chest as Aragorn pushed up into him repeatedly. Legolas cupped his hand to his nose and mouth hesitantly, wishing the sneezes could leave him alone for just a few more minutes. Hasty, rough, impromptu sex in the food pantries could not possibly take long. "yiiihhhh... ih-hih..." His breathing became ragged and, much as he tried to keep his eyes on his lover, they closed. "hehhhChh!"


     "Galu," Aragorn said, slightly out of breath. "There's no need... to be embarrassed," he told Legolas. He raised his arm, offering his sleeve. "Let me... take care of you." He gave a strong thrust in and Legolas gave a bit of a groan of pleasure in reaction. Then, his cheeks only mildly flushed with embarrassment, he rubbed his runny nose against Aragorn's sleeve. And groaned again as Aragorn thrust again.


     Legolas held onto Aragorn's shoulders but leaned back against the wooden door, pushing against it as a counter to his own thrusts. It was Aragorn who was ready first, and he held off in respect for the elf and his task. Aragorn took a hand off Legolas, hoping the elf would stay in place without it, as he needed it for much more important things. He stroked Legolas' cock roughly and quickly, in time to his thrusts. It took but moments before Legolas came and took Aragorn along with him.


     Slumping forward afterwards, Legolas relied on Aragorn to keep them from collapsing on the floor. Aragorn carefully lowered Legolas and kept close watch on him as he dressed them both again.


     Then his arms encircled Legolas again, drawing the elf near and hugging tightly. "There..." he whispered, and sighed deeply with pleasure as he allowed himself to relax and bask in the moment finally.


     "Estel," Legolas whispered back, resting his head on Aragorn's chest and listening to the man's heartbeat. "I cannot imagine your Adar had this in mind when he spoke of taking care of me, and most likely this is not what he meant when he said you had a healing touch." Legolas wrapped his own arms around Aragorn, hugging back. "However, in all my years, I cannot ever remember feeling so good before while having a head cold. I love the way you take care of me."


     Aragorn chuckled and gave the elf an extra squeeze during the long hug. "Just wait until I have made you tea and I am snuggling with you under the covers."


     Legolas smiled. "I do love what you do under the covers." He sniffled and coughed and cleared his throat. Then he moved back, out of Aragorn's hold, and went to recover the herbs Aragorn had earlier picked out.