Title: Gift for Deb

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn

Rating: R

Disclaimer: These characters and their world are as not mine as they could possibly get.

Summary: Legolas is ill and doubts others are able to do anything for him. Aragorn knows otherwise.

Notes: Written for Deb for the winter holidays, 2004



Gift for Deb


     Blond hair streaming over his nightshirt-clad shoulders and chest, Legolas stuck his head out of the door. His nervousness came out through his fingertips as they stroked the wooden door. His eyes darted down one end of the corridor, then the other. The tips of his ears twitched as he listened for footsteps and found none. Deciding that the hard soles against the stone would make more noise than his bare feet, Legolas shook off his boots as he stepped into the corridor. He pressed two fingers beneath his nose as he made his way, soft step by soft step, down the hallway. After a few moments, the wiggling of his ears ceased and he breathed a silent sigh of relief. The need to sneeze was leaving him finally, after playing at his nose for the last quarter of an hour.




     Legolas wheeled around, his hand snapping down to his side. He held his head up nobly and swallowed hard. "Est..." The elf's ears twitched again, and he raised his hand to his nose again. But even with his quick reflexes, it wasn't enough to hold back his sneezes. "eh-eh-ehhEEShhhh! YEEShuhhh!" He fell forward with each sneeze, though managed to keep his footing. He sniffled as he rubbed fingers against his nose and lifted his head again. "Estel," he said, giving the man an acknowledging nod.


     Aragorn stood with his arms crossed against his chest. His expression was not one of joy to see his dear friend and lover standing there. Outside of the bed chamber. In a nightgown. With bare feet. "You cannot possibly be trying to avoid me. Because I thought you knew better than that."


     "I do dow better," the stuffy-nosed elf princeling said. "I was dot tryig to avoid you. I was tryig to avoid your ada." The tips of his ears were wiggling again, and he rubbed his nose again.


     Aragorn looked slightly confused.


     Legolas explained. "I adore Lord Elrod, I do. Add I dow he believes he dows what I deed..."


     Chuckling, Aragorn shook his head. "Legolas, what you need is to get back into bed with extra blankets at your feet and a hanky in hand. Then I might actually have half a chance of understanding you." He took hold of Legolas by the shoulders, turned him around, then marched him back towards the bed chamber Legolas stayed in while visiting Rivendell.


     "This is odly a slight cold id by dose," Legolas tried to explain as Aragorn kicked the door closed behind them and continued guiding him towards the bed. It was not common for elves to fall ill, and thus none had much practice when it came to caring for sick elves. After a day and a half of being force-fed soup and tea, and having well-meaning elves stop by to wish him well, all Legolas wanted to do was to find somewhere to hide from everyone until he felt better.


     "Right now, perhaps it is only a slight cold in your nose. However if you keep walking through drafty corridors naught but a thin nightshirt, I can assure you it will become much more than a slight cold in no time." He pulled down the covers and motioned for Legolas to lie back down. "You could catch a chill, which would lead to a fever. Aches, pains, sore throat, cough..." He pulled the covers up to Legolas' chest and tucked the elf in. "Then it could settle in your chest and lungs as well. And--"


     "I udderstad," Legolas said with a sigh. Aragorn, too, seemed to think he knew what Legolas needed. However, Legolas knew better than to disagree with Aragorn. He let the man tuck the blankets around the lower half of his body, then plump the pillows behind him, then lift a handkerchief to his nose. Legolas understood that he was supposed to blow his nose into it, and did so shyly.


     "That is better," Aragorn said approvingly, folding the handkerchief in half and sitting down on the edge of the bed.


     Legolas had to admit to himself that he did indeed feel better. Perhaps partly due to the blowing, the urge to sneeze had temporarily gone as well. Legolas was not quite ready to admit this improvement to Aragorn, however. "Slightly," he said, nodding. It wouldn't do for Aragorn to think he had solved Legolas' problems so easily.


     "Mmm," Aragorn nodded thoughtfully. Then he reached down and rubbed at Legolas' feet through the blanket to warm them.


     The elf smiled at first at the tough, then began to laugh and squirm to move his feet away. "Tickles!" he proclaimed through his laughter. "All right, I concede! It is better. Far better. I thank you for your care. But you dod't have to try so hard."


     Aragorn ceased in his rubbings. He spoke softly, soothingly. "I care about you. Of course I want to take care of you if I can." He backed that up with a soft kiss to Legolas' forehead, which made the elf smile.


     But the lighthearted mood was short-lived. In a matter of moments, Legolas' ears were twitching again, his eyes were closing, and his hand was seeking out the handkerchief. Aragorn guided it to his hand and watched uselessly as Legolas tensed up with sharp, drawn breaths. "ihhh... ihhh-YITChhh! IhhhShahhh!" He exhaled deeply, shaking his head. "By dose," he explained disappointedly. "It refuses to stop tickling. Even after I sneeze it keeps..." His eyes narrowed again and the corners of his mouth drew down. "Keeps... keeeeps-ehh-IHShhhh! ehhhShahh! ehhhSHUSHH!" Legolas gestured to himself as evidence towards his point.


     Aragorn made another pensive noise. "Well, then. If I have no hope of eliminating your sneezes, I shall have to do my best to make you happy and comfortable despite them."


     As Legolas blew his nose, he doubted very much that the man would be able to carry out what he suggested. However, he wasn't against the idea of feeling happy and comfortable. So he gave a nod to authorize Aragorn's attempt. If things started to go bad, he could always try slipping out into the hallway again. Even sick he could probably out-run the man. "ehhh-Yih-shuhhh! ehhhShuhh!" However, he was not particularly keen to try running, or interested in moving much at all at the moment.


     Feeling a hand upon his, Legolas did not realize the man was taking the handkerchief back until after the transfer was completed. "Doe," he said, shaking his head. "It has beed used, Estel.  You should dot..."


     Aragorn shook his head and smiled reassuringly. "I do not mind that." He folded the handkerchief so offending portions had no hope of touching his hands. "Truly," he promised, giving Legolas his most genuine look. "And if I do not mind it, neither should you." Legolas nodded as he reluctantly agreed with that logic.


     Apparently, Aragorn also did not mind climbing into the small bed with Legolas, either. The elf soon found himself rolled onto his side with the man's front pressed to his back and the strong arms wrapped around him from behind. It was quite nice, really. He fel warm and looked after without feeling smothered. The persistent tickle in his nose kept him from feeling completely comfortable, but, like the blankets, he felt far better.


     "I..." he whispered after only a minute or two. The tips of his ears twitched in time with his nose. Aragorn hugged him more tightly but did not offer the handkerchief. Legolas wanted it. "Ehhhh... Estel... he tried, his eyes closing tightly. "I deed... yihhh..." Aragorn hugged him tightly, but did not hand over the hanky. Unable to ask for it specifically by now, Legolas brought his hand up and cupped it to his face. "ehh-ehhYIShuhhh!"


     Aragorn petted him comfortingly. "Galu. Sorry. Here." He wiped the tip of Legolas' nose. The elf's nostrils twitched and he gave a few soft, wet sniffles. Aragorn hugged him more tightly.


     When Legolas sneezed again, which was not very long after, Aragorn had snuggled up so close behind and hugged him so tightly that they shook together from its force. "YITChuhhhh! Yeh-HehhhShhhh!" But Aragorn did not pull away. If anything, he hugged more tightly, and Legolas smiled appreciatively. He still felt sniffley and as miserable as ever, but if he had to feel miserable, he could think of nothing else he would like to be doing while feeling miserable.


     Another sneeze struck rather suddenly. "hehh-hehh-IHShhhhh!" Legolas, and Aragorn as well, shook again under its force. And this time, because Legolas had sneezed freely, their range of movement was much increased. As Legolas relaxed afterwards, he felt something harden against his rear. That was only natural, of course, considering the way they were touching. But Legolas smiled as he sniffled wetly. Aragorn rubbed himself against the elf under the pretense of more snuggling. And Legolas, who realized how aroused the man was and who was feeling likewise at that realization, did not object.


     If anything, he encouraged it by shaking his rump, rubbing it into Aragorn's crotch. He felt the something hard harden even more and Aragorn grunted with pleasure. "Legolas?" he asked hopefully, though there was definite command in his voice.


     Legolas knew that Aragorn wanted to stay in charge and take care of him, but also knew the man would stop at once if Legolas told him to do so. But, after a few moments of consideration, Legolas decided he did not want Aragorn to stop. Legolas sighed and pushed back with a happy grunt of his own.


     Clearly understanding the message, Aragorn pulled up Legolas' nightshirt. The soft silk was pleasurable to the touch, but even more pleasurable was when he reached around and took Legolas' slender shaft in hand. He rubbed his thumb over the soft, silken head of Legolas' cock and felt a bit of wetness reemphasize the message. The more he touched, the more Legolas wiggled his rump against the hardness pushing into it from behind.


     With them both beneath many layers of warm, heavy blankets, Aragorn did not hesitate to take himself out. He grunted as he stroked and pulled himself for a few moments until he was fully ready. Then he pressed himself up against Legolas' back and slipped inside the elf from behind. He hugged Legolas close and the two moved together beneath the blankets.


     Aragorn continued to rub Legolas, who continued to sniffle but also smile and sigh happily. Their skin was warm. Their motions were slow but strong. Aragorn was in complete control, stroking Legolas just enough to keep the elf happy but not enough to bring him to the end too soon. Legolas lay there, sick and weak, letting Aragorn take him, please him. Even when he sneezed, it did not seem to break the rhythm for more than a moment. If anything, Aragorn liked the way the sneezes made them shake.


     Before long, Aragorn was unable to hold himself back. He shook then tensed up and groaned gutturally. The sound was a delight to Legolas who, with Aragorn's hand still wrapped around his cock, had an orgasm of his own before Aragorn had finished with his own.


     When both had passed, Aragorn pulled back and rolled onto his back. He cleaned them both off as best he could with a handkerchief, and he kept his arm around Legolas. Legolas rolled over onto his side to face Aragorn and cuddle close. Neither had much energy, but neither had any intention of moving. "Better?" Aragorn asked between heavy pants.


     Legolas nodded silently as he cupped his hand to his nose. "yehhhh..." Aragorn hugged him closer, guiding the elf's head so that Legolas directed the sneeze into Aragorn's shoulder instead. "ehhhh... hehhh-IHHHH-" He froze for a moment, nose tickling and twitching, breath caught and held. Then he pitched forward. "YIFSHHHhhh! ehhhShuhhhh! ihhhKShuhhh! ehhhShuhhh! ehhh-ehh-YIHHShuhhhh!" He sniffled wetly, miserably. "Much better." He forced himself to smile. "Far better thad Lord Elrod could badage with his various herbs, I ab sure."


     "Lord Elrond does know what you need," Aragorn said towards the ceiling, his eyes closed from exhaustion. His fingers dug beneath the sleek blond hair and massaged Legolas' scalp comfortingly. "He told me that you would be more comfortable with me taking care of you. Me, and only me."


     Legolas raised his eyebrows in mild surprise and gratitude. "Well, if this is how you will be takig care of be udtil I get well, I have absolutely doe idedtiod to leave this bed or your care."


     Aragorn chuckled and opened his eyes long enough to pull the elf into both his arms and cuddle him close. Having absolutely no intention to make an escape any time soon, Legolas closed his eyes as well.