Title: 2005 Gift for Blackvelvetband

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters and their world are not mine. I've no rights and no money.

Summary: Legolas returns home to find a very clingy, stubborn dwarf housewife. Naughtiness ensues.

Notes: Written as a gift fic for BVB during the 2005 holiday season.



2005 Gift for Blackvelvetband

     Gimli had a difficult time letting go of Legolas. Every time the elf left on a trip for whatever reason, Gimli could not suppress his anxious feelings until Legolas made a safe return. His worries were unfounded as a safe return was what Legolas always made... even if sometimes the term "safe" was somewhat debatable.


     "What happened to you?" Gimli exclaimed, standing just inside and staring up at what he assumed was Legolas. It was rather difficult to tell. The elf was brown. Dark mud was caked on his skin, hair, clothes, coving practically every bit of Legolas.


     His arms open wide, Legolas started to embrace Gimli, as was usual when returning from a trip of any length. And though Gimli badly wanted to hold Legolas, there was a fair bit of mud between them. Gimli pulled back, making this clear. Legolas sighed. "Tis a story far too long to get into right now, but suffice it to say I had a bit of trouble with a troll... and a mud hole."


     Gimli tried not to laugh as the tall blob of mud in front of him spoke with Legolas' normal calm and gentle voice. But Legolas' voice also sounded slightly deeper than normal. "I can see that. I thought mud just ran right off elves. It's rare for you to be so dirty." He noticed a twinkle in Legolas' eye at the last part of his comment.


     "Rather than risk disgracing my race, I believe I should bathe," Legolas told him. He moved to the side, intending to pass by Gimli and enter their house but Gimli stepped to the side and blocked his entry. "Gimli..."


     Gimli stood with his arms akimbo. "You are not tracking mud through my nice, clean house."


     A laugh burst from Legolas, and he covered his mouth in surprise afterwards. "I could have sworn I was only gone for three days. But I come back to find I have my very own dwarf housewife."


     "Hrmph!" replied Gimli, not budging. "Flattery will get you nowhere. The truth, however..." Legolas shook his head, not understanding. "I asked you a question: what happened to you?"


     Legolas cocked his head. "I'm sorry?"


     "Don't you play innocent with me." He wagged a finger in Legolas' face then rested his hand back on his hip. "I know there's something more. So out with it or you're not getting in here."


     Legolas sighed. "All right, there is. But how did you know?"


     Gimli grinned. "Do you think I do not know my elf so well? I can always tell when something isn't right with you." Legolas smiled back at him. "Besides, I was sitting right here by the fire a few moments ago and heard you sneeze as you approached the house."


     "Gimli!" Legolas laughed.


     "Now," said Gimli, trying to go back to being serious. "What is it?"


     "It is nothing," Legolas assured him. "Just the sniffles."


     Gimli narrowed his eyes at the muddy elf. "With you, my Dear Elf, it is never just the sniffles."


     Legolas sighed again. "All right, it may or may not be a cold. But I will be fine once I have a long bath and a rest. So if you will let me in--"


     "I think not!" Gimli declared, moving to the side again to block Legolas' entry. He felt badly when Legolas looked devastated. He could see the exhaustion in Legolas' eyes and were the elf clean, Gimli would have commanded him to bed right away and snuggled him to sleep. As it was, however, "I could draw you a bath here, but it would be nothing but ice water and would freeze before you could get in. Not at all good for your cold--"


     "Gimli, I said I was not certain that it even is a cold..."


     Gimli kept going. "So I will get some towels and a change of clothes for you and meet you outside. All right?" Legolas looked doubtful, but Gimli was nothing if not stubborn when it came to Legolas. "Otherwise we can stand here in the doorway all night."


     Legolas sighed yet again, but nodded. "I will meet you outside."


     Gimli retrieved what he said he would and headed outside, past their home and towards the hot spring. He paused when he grew near, admiring what he saw there.


     Legolas was undressing, and it was a most beautiful sight indeed, despite the mud and dirt in the picture. The elf was always stunning by moonlight, even when he was sneezing. "hihhhh..." Legolas raised his hands to his face, cupping hem around his nose and mouth. "ehhhh-ihhh-HIHShhhhhh!" He fell forward, his mud-caked hair stiff and unmoving but the rest of him bending in half. "ihhhhShuhhh! YihhShehhh!" He shivered as he lost the remainder of his clothes. He dipped a toe into the spring and crossed his arms over his chest while enduring more shivers. He sank into the water, still hugging his arms to his chest. Within moments of sitting neck-high in the hot water, the shivering ceased. When he needed to sneeze again, he did not move his arms, just snapped forward, sneezing freely. "IHHHShehhh! HihhhShuhhh!"


     "Galu," Gimli called, walking over. "Here..." He knelt down beside the elf, but on the ground rather than in the large spring itself. He set down the items he had brought. Among them was a handkerchief or two, and he took hold of one now, unfolding it with a single shake. "Here," he repeated. Sniffling, Legolas eyed him "For your sniffles. Please?" Legolas finally nodded and let Gimli swab at his nose. "Or your cold," he said quickly when Legolas was in no condition to argue. The elf shot him a look over the handkerchief. "Need to blow?" Gimli asked with a nonjudgmental sort of tenderness. But Legolas shook his head. "Okay, but when you do, just let me know. And until then... let us get you cleaned up."


     Legolas rubbed at his arms, legs, and middle while those parts of him were submerged. He scrubbed away the dirt. Meanwhile, Gimli leaned forward and dipped cupped hands into the water. The warm water trickled through his fingers as he lifted his hands, but there was still a fair amount of water when he lifted it over Legolas' head. The water splashed down onto Legolas' hair and dripped down face and neck. The progress was slow-going but Gimli, who liked bathing Legolas above many other tasks, was not complaining. When much of the mud had been washed off, Gimli took to running his fingers through Legolas' hair. It was stiff and tangled at first, but Gimli was patient. He continuously pet Legolas' head, stroking, combing, until mud completely gave way to soft, beautiful blond. But even then he kept petting, his rough fingers finding the soft hair familiar and quite soothing. He could not resist rubbing his face into it with a manly, dwarvish sort of nuzzle.


     Legolas chuckled to feel it. "My goodness, Gimli. I should get dirty more often."


     "Mmmm," Gimli nodded. He nuzzled his face into Legolas' hair, making his way over to one pointy ear. "I love you clean... and I love you dirty, as well." He noticed the way Legolas' ear was wiggling. "I even love you sneezy."


     Legolas' eyes shut and nose twitched along with the tips of his ears. "hehhh... ihhhh..." At once, Gimli had the handkerchief in hand, and cupped gently to Legolas' nose and mouth. Legolas' breaths in were strong but shaky. "yihhhhh!" Legolas raised his hand to take the handkerchief from Gimli, but Gimli pushed it away. There was no sense in Legolas bothering to take it, what with his hands all wet already. "ihhhhKSchhhhhh! Hih-ihh-IHSchuhhhh!" Gimli waited to be sure Legolas was done sneezing before wiping the elf's nose with the handkerchief. Legolas coughed and sniffled wetly when Gimli started to lower the handkerchief, however. "Ub... Gib...?" he said, coughing from congestion. "I thig I deed to..."


     Gimli nodded and pinched Legolas' nose through the handkerchief, allowing the elf to blow his nose. As he did so, Legolas' cheeks were somewhat flushed, and Gimli had a feeling it was not due to the warm water. So Gimli began nuzzling into Legolas' clean hair again.


     "Gimli?" Legolas whispered through the handkerchief when he was finished. Gimli pulled back and leaned so that they could better look into each other's eyes. "I think I would like to be dirty again."


     Gimli chuckled. "Why, so I can continue to bathe you?"


     Legolas shook his head. "No. So that I may pull you into the water here with me and not touch you until you're driven mad. Then I will have you until you lose yourself to me several times over, groaning as you do until you've lost your voice."


     "I see..." Gimli said, his eyes quite wide. "Well, it seems your tongue is dirty enough already." He leaned forward, kissing deeply. The dwarf's normally quick tongue played with Legolas' as he felt his clothes being peeled away. The moment all were lost, he was, indeed, pulled into the water along with Legolas.


     Once there, he wanted desperately to be with Legolas. However, Legolas proceeded to not touch him, no matter how he pursued the elf. The kiss lingered upon his lips and the warmth of the hot spring enveloped his body to help it stay hard and ready. "Legolas," he begged as the elf repeatedly slipped from his grasps, moving to the far side of the small pool of water. "You were away for so long..."


     "You wish to hold me?" Legolas asked. Gimli nodded. He had wanted to hold Legolas from the first moment the elf showed up at the door. "You wish to touch me?" Oh, did he ever! He wanted to feel the warm skin and caress the body and let his fingers roam to more intimate places than just Legolas' hair. "You wish to make love to me?"


     "Oh aye," Gimli replied quickly. His hand was under the water, wrapped around his cock, squeezing more than stroking in order to hold back his anticipation. "May I?" He was not yet to the point of begging, but with the looks he was getting from Legolas, he was closely approaching the point.


     Legolas moved through the water to him, coming within inches but not touching. He lowered himself in the water a little, so that he was staring straight into Gimli's eyes. He cocked his head for a moment. Then, "No, I do not think so. You said I had a cold." He sniffed hard, almost tauntingly, daring Gimli to say it again. "Elves with colds should not be doing such dirty things."


     Gimli groaned and reached out to take Legolas' arm. But the elf moved away with stealth and grace and Gimli touched nothing but the warm waters. "Not a cold," he insisted. "Just a sniffle. I'm..." He grumbled when saying it. "I'm sorry. Now, please?" The dwarf teetered on the edge of head-on begging.


     That was enough for Legolas. With a coy smile, the elf slowly turned around, showing Gimli his rear. Gimli sighed at the invitation, sprang up, and crossed over to the other side of the hot spring in a second. When he put his arm on Legolas' shoulder, the elf did not pull away. And when he slid inside, the elf sighed happily, bearing the momentary discomfort with strength. Gimli, however, had less strength backing his thrusts, because they were underwater.


     Nonetheless, Gimli relaxed and let himself enjoy the experience. Legolas was a little less relaxed, as he fought back a sneeze halfway through. "It is... all right," Gimli said between synchronous grunts and thrusts. "You can... sneeze..."


     Legolas looked somewhat longingly over at the handkerchief which now lay on the opposite side of the spring. He cupped his hand to his face and his breaths hitched. "ihhh! Hehhh! ehhhh-ehChishhhhh! Yihshhhhh!"


     "Galu," said Gimli. Then, before Legolas could dwell on it, Gimli reached forward, around Legolas' waist, and found the elf's cock. Already moving back and forth, Gimli did not need to change his pacing in order to administer strokes, and soon Legolas was breathless for a far different reason.


     "Gimli," Legolas panted, his eyes closing. Gimli was fairly certain that Legolas was not warning him about another sneeze. As such, his thrusts became harder and quicker and it took merely seconds before the dwarf was groaning just as the elf had said he would. The elf reached his climax not long after, but did so relatively silently, with deep breaths that caused quite a lot of sniffling.


     After Gimli had pulled out, and had found a seat on the ledge just inside the body of the hot spring, Legolas headed over to the far side for the handkerchief. His fingers were pruney as he reached out for it, but the handkerchief was dry against his nose and he enjoyed a blow or two before going back to sit beside Gimli. "How was it?" Legolas asked as the panting dwarf took the elf in his arms.


     "Extraordinary," Gimli replied.


     "You enjoyed yourself, I take it?" Legolas asked.


     Gimli nodded enthusiastically. His breathing was slowing. "Aye, I did at that." He sighed. "You?"


     Legolas snuggled into Gimli's side, rubbing his cheek on the dark brown hair. "I did... though I must admit I am still feeling a bit dirty..."  His nose was twitching a little, as were his ears, so he gave his nose a quick rub before plunging his hand back under the water to find Gimli's crotch once again. Gimli gasped and stiffened at the startling touch. But the water was warm and the elf's fingers so smooth and impossibly gentle. It took very little time at all to work him back up into a proper frenzy.


     Gimli clung to Legolas, holding him tight, holding him to steady himself as pleasure seared through him. He buried his face in Legolas' smooth, slick chest with the ends of the elf's blond hair tickling his cheeks. He groaned light, short groans from the back of his throat as he felt those long fingers pulling on him in a way he could never do himself. He did not even need Legolas to increase the pace, for the sensations alone were enough. He squeezed Legolas' tightly, glad to have him home once more, and groaned deeply, gutturally and came again, this time against Legolas' middle, though the water of the hot spring washed it away in moments.


     Gimli held Legolas a while longer, and Legolas wrapped his arms around Gimli, hugging back. Then there was a mutual decision to get out, which was filled with much shivering and wrapping up in towels, and which was quickly ended by a quick sprint inside.


     There was a brief thought to the fire in the main room as they passed it on their way in, but both seemed much more eager to get right into bed. The sheets were like ice at first, but quickly warmed to their body heat as they cuddled beneath the blankets. Comfortingly, Gimli ran his fingers through Legolas' hair and he redid Legolas' braids.


     "Gimli?" Legolas said, finally, his breath racing. "Let me go for a moment. I need to... to sneeze..." He glanced over at the dresser where he knew at least a few handkerchiefs were kept.


     "Mmm, no," Gimli replied. "I think you will stay right here with me from now on." He hugged the elf in a tighter hug. "Besides, it's just the sniffles, correct?"


     Legolas tried to pull away, but Gimli was not letting go. Legolas managed to free an arm and hold his hand up as he turned his head to direct his sneezes away from Gimli. "ahhh-hihhhh-ihhhhhh-EHGSchhhhh! ehhhhTChhhhh! Hehh-EH-EHHHShuhhhh!" He shook from the sneezes, though Gimli held him so tightly that the bed and blankets barely moved around him. His nose, however, was streaming. Legolas kept his hand in place and coughed uncomfortably. "Gibli," he whispered. "I really deed a... a haahhh... hihhh-IHHSchhkkhhhh! EhhhhShuhhhhh!"


     "What's that?" said Gimli, smiling knowingly.


     "Sniff! I deed a hadky," Legolas replied.


     "I can see that. But why?"


     The tips of Legolas' ears were twitching again, and he pinched his nose and coughed through his answer. "Because I hab a code. Sniff! SNIFF!"


     "Ah," said Gimli. He loosened his grasp in order to reach under the pillow and extract a clean handkerchief he'd placed there earlier. "I thought as much." Gimli hugged Legolas tight again as the elf blew his nose. "How fortunate then that you are here in bed and lying here in my arms where I can look after you."


     Legolas gave a soft chuckle. "You are dot about to let be go udtil I ab better, are you?"


     Gimli returned the chuckle. "Even then, my Dear Elf, I may find it difficult."