Title: Gift for Black Velvetband

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Pairing: Legolas/Gimli

Rating: R

Disclaimer: These characters and their world are as not mine as they could possibly get.

Summary: When a rule is broken, it's up to Gimli to administer a fitting punishment.

Notes: Written for Black Velvetband for the winter holidays, 2004



Gift for Black Velvetband


     Somehow the back of Gimli, son of Glóin, was just as angry as the front. His shoulders were tense, his head bowed, his pace quick, his footfalls heavy. Legolas followed behind, able to keep up because his legs were longer. "I said I was sorry," Legolas told him for the tenth time.


     Gimli did not break his stride, and he answered with anger in his voice. "You can apologize all you like, Master Elf. But it will not fix things."


     Legolas paused, reflecting on the fact that what the dwarf said was true.


     Gimli stopped and threw a look over his shoulder. "Are you coming along?" It was not a question.


     Not wanting to meet Gimli's gaze, Legolas nodded and started walking again. Gimli turned his back on Legolas and hurried along. "I am sorry," said Legolas. "But how was I to know?"


     "There were signs clearly posted," Gimli replied shortly.


     "Yes, but I could not read them," Legolas pointed out. His times with Gimli and his people had allowed him to pick up some of the language, but he had not yet mastered the dwarf alphabet or written word.


     "That is no excuse. The signs could only have been there for one reason. When I think what could have happened..." He glanced back again at the miserable-looking elf. The elf's normally pale face had a yellowish tinge to it, thanks to the torches lining the narrow passageway. It flickered against his skin which shone almost like the crystals embedded in the walls of the glittering caves.


     Legolas looked horribly apologetic, but could think of nothing to say at the moment that would rectify the situation. "I truly am sorry," he repeated.


     Facing the passageway before him, and taking the left path when they came to a fork, Gimli hurried on ahead. Clearly, he was still angry. The path sloped upwards a little, then opened up into a low but wide tunnel with a small stream running through it on one side. Legolas ducked and followed Gimli through. It was dark in the passage, and they both walked with their hand against the wall to keep steady. It certainly would not do for either to fall into the water. The tunnel gave way to another lengthy passage, which would twist and turn and eventually lead to Gimli's chambers.


     Gimli stopped again as he heard Legolas take a quick breath. He knew that meant the elf had stopped walking as well, and he would need to wait. It would not do for Legolas to get lost deep in the caves here, either. "ihhhh-hehh..." Gimli's shoulders loosened a little, as sympathy rushed through him at the sound of the sneeze building within Legolas. "ehhhh-ehhh-hihhhh... hihh-YIHhhhhh!" There was a short pause, then, "EHHHShhooo! IhhKShhhh!" Legolas looked up, several fingers pressed to his nose. His eyes met Gimli's and at the dwarf's expression, he pulled back. When a final sneeze struck, Legolas held it back as best he could. "ehh-hehhh-Iksh!"


     Gimli continued onward before Legolas could apologize for that as well. As they passed through a larger room used for receptions, all of the dwarves stopped what they were doing and stared at them. Legolas kept his head bowed in apology and quickened his pace. When they reached Gimli's chambers, Gimli ushered two of his attendants out and locked the door behind. Legolas entered reluctantly, feeling his body tense and his heart sink as he entered the same, familiar rooms he had been in for days.


     The dwarf's hand tightened into a fist, then relaxed. He stroked his beard nervously and turned around to look at Legolas. "Sit down," he commanded, gesturing towards one of the armchairs by the fire that one of his attendants had been working to keep going. Legolas obeyed, seeking out the warmth as much as doing it just to please Gimli. Gimli squatted down and fed the fire until it was blazing, but Legolas could see his hand shaking, and they both knew he was working there simply to stall for time.


     "ihhh..." Legolas closed his eyes and brought his hand up to his nose. "ihhhh-hehhh..." Recognizing the sound, Gimli looked back. Legolas was not trying to hold back this sneeze this time, it was simply slow to build as usual. Gimli watched and waited. "ehhh... eh-hehh-ehhhh-EHSchhhhhhhhh!"


     Gimli stood and retrieved a fresh handkerchief from his dresser. During nearly every extended stay with Gimli in the Glittering Caves, Legolas had come down with a bad cold. After the third, Gimli had stocked up on handkerchiefs for subsequent times. They had been well-used since. He unfolded it with a single shake and handed it to Legolas wordlessly. Their eyes did not meet, and Legolas threw his attention into blowing his nose so he would not have to talk.


     Gimli sat down in another of the armchairs, stroking his beard in thought and ignoring the small sniffles coming from the elf. Finally, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "All right, Legolas. Tell me what happened."


     Legolas cleared his throat and decided to omit all references to how stuffy it was in Gimli's rooms. "I needed a bit of air," he began. "So I went for a short walk and... I only meant to go around to the kitchens or the reception hall. But I'm still no good when it comes to these caves and I got lost. Before I knew it I had found myself by that part of the mining and..."


     "And the next thing you knew, you were being escorted out by a small army of dwarves?" Gimli leaned forward in order to see Legolas past the high sides of the armchairs. Legolas, snuffling into the handkerchief, nodded. Gimli sighed.


     "Had I been able to read- had I known it was a noise-sensitive area- I would have left immediately, Gimli. You must believe me. I never intended to put anyone in danger."


     "Including yourself," Gimli pointed out. Legolas nodded. "If you had sneezed a bit too loudly... I do not want to even think about what might have happened." He motioned for Legolas to come over, and he caressed the elf's cheek tenderly as Legolas settled on his lap.


     "I truly am sorry," Legolas said yet again. As it was, the long, extended build-ups to his sneezes had been something of a blessing, allowing time to detect an oncoming sneeze and move from the premises before it struck with strength and volume.


     Gimli nodded and wrapped an arm around Legolas' middle. "I understand that you are sorry. But, unfortunately, there are penalties for disobeying the posted warnings. The only reason you were not dealt with immediately is because you are my friend."


     "ehhh!" Legolas tensed and buried his nose in the handkerchief. "ehhhhh... ihhh-HIHHH-hehhhChahhh!" He coughed and skipped the blowing of his nose for a moment in order to ask the more pressing question. "What are the penalties?"


     "Though I have not seen such a rule ever broken before, I do believe the standard is a public flogging." Legolas stiffened. "However, I have been able to arrange to take on the responsibility of punishing you personally. Privately."


     This did nothing to make Legolas relax. On the contrary, the elf could think of a number of special punishments Gimli might inflict upon him. "What-ahhh... what-ihhhhhh... ehh-hehh..." he began to ask, hiding the lower half of his countenance behind the handkerchief as another sneeze came on. "hehh-hihhh-IHPShhhhhh! Sniff! What, then?"


     Gimli looked stern and certain. "I had hoped a harsh spanking might suffice." Legolas paused while he considered, but then nodded. If that was what it took, then that was what he would endure. Gimli gestured for Legolas to get up, and Legolas obeyed. "Pull down your leggings in the rear and bend over here, then," Gimli said, patting his lap. "And if you feel like sneezing, better get that out of the way first, because I shall not be stopping halfway through just because you have got the sniffles."


     Legolas blew his nose several times, tucked the handkerchief into his breast pocket, and stood beside the still seated Gimli. He pulled his leggings down, keeping them covering his front but not his behind. He walked forward boldly to accept his punishment.


     Gimli, however, seemed a bit less bold. "You do understand I am just as distraught about this as you. And that I would not be doing this if not for my position here. If anyone found out that I had gone easy on you because you're an outsider or my friend... or my lover..."


     "I do understand." Legolas nodded. "Your father, the other dwarf lords... I understand that you need to do this, Gimli. You will not need to go easy on me; simply be fair." He took a deep breath, then pulled his hair together and over one shoulder. He paused a moment in thought.


     This was not the first time he had ever been spanked by Gimli. It was the first formal time, of course. Usually a good spanking from the dwarf was accompanied by pleasurable kissings and rubbings and lots and lots of sex. Legolas cleared his throat and pushed the thoughts out of his mind along with the fact that he was half-hard. This was not a matter to be enjoyed. He scrubbed the side of his hand against his nose, sniffed, and took a deep breath. "All right. I am ready now."


     Due to height differences, Legolas knelt rather than stood. He bent over with his upper chest and arms against Gimli's lap and his head down. Gimli took an equally deep breath. "Ten for being in the restricted area. Ten for putting the mining work at risk. And fifteen for putting others at risk." Legolas nodded and hoped that he could keep from sneezing for that long. Gimli rolled up his sleeve, flexed his fingers a few times, then straightened his hand.


     With another deep breath, he pulled his hand back with a swift and graceful move, then back down to make contact with Legolas' cheeks. The sound of the smack was resounding, the sting swift but strong, however Legolas made no sound. His eyes squinted shut, but he did not flinch. He bore his punishment well with regret and repentance, but also with a bit of decorum.


     The second spank was as bad as the first, and the third, fourth, and fifth were likewise. By the time the count approached ten, Legolas had stopped counting for the small tears forming in the corner of his eyes and the sting numbing his rear. Gimli had been true to Legolas' word, punishing fairly and appropriately, and no one would be able to doubt that it had been administered for Legolas was certain he would not be sitting down for meals for at least a week at this rate.


     "You are not enjoying this, are you?"


     Legolas lifted his head, blinking tears back. "No," he squeaked. He cleared his throat. "No. Of course not." He coughed a few times and shifted a bit. Legolas felt something terribly familiar pressing against his arm, hot and hard. "Are... are you?" he asked cautiously.


     Gimli sat up straighter, shaking his head. "Absolutely not. My mind was straying to... well, to the last time I had you in such a compromising position."


     Legolas resisted the urge to smile. "I remember..." He remembered. He remembered damp sheets and hot skin. He remembered blonde hair mixing with brown. He remembered the sensation of being pounded into Gimli. Of gripping the dwarf's beard braids. Of yelling in pain and pleasure all at once. Of never wanting it to end and hoping Gimli could last as long as he.


     "hehh..." If only the time before his sneezes returned could have lasted longer. But for Legolas' cold, that was too much to hope for. At least they took his mind off the pain in his hindquarters for a few seconds at least. "ehhhh... ehhh-YIHhhhhhh... eh-IHSchhhhhh! ehh-ehhh-EHHChahhhh!" He sniffed hard and coughed, then pulled himself back into position so that Gimli could resume.


     Gimli did resume. He gave the elf's rear another spank. Legolas sniffled. Gimli's heart sunk. He spanked again, his hand meeting the soft, supple, pale cheeks that he was so very familiar with. His breathing quickened. Legolas sniffled again. Gimli spanked again. Then his breaths caught and he swallowed hard. "Ah... Legolas?"


     Legolas lifted his head again, sniffling.


     "I cannot do this here and now. Would you mind if we took a break? Or finished in bed? Or--"


     Legolas caught him in a strong kiss on the lips. He spoke quickly, urgently. "Wouldn't mind at all."


     Thankful that the door was locked already, Legolas and Gimli made their way to their bed immediately. They ignored the fact that it was still set up as a sickbed, with empty glasses on the nightstand, handkerchiefs scattered across the pillows, and blankets untucked and rumpled.


     Legolas dove onto the bed, lying on his stomach because he knew better than to sit down on his rear. He coughed a few times as Gimli stripped. Then the dwarf climbed up and sat down on the backs of Legolas' thighs. "Sure you're up to it?" Gimli asked worriedly, looking down at Legolas' reddened cheeks and listening to the soft series of coughs and sniffles from the elf.


     "Only one way to find out," replied Legolas. Then, almost as an afterthought, he added, "And I want you to make it hurt."


     "Hurt?" Gimli asked, his eyes still trained on Legolas' rear. His thick fingers brushed gently, reverently over the area and Legolas sucked in a sharp breath. "Legolas..." he said uncertainly.


     "Yeehhh... ehhh...Yes," Legolas finished quickly and nodded. "ehhh-IHHHShhh! YihShhhh!" He cleared his throat and repeated, "Yes, hurt." Anything to distract him from this cold. Going out to get fresh air had gone quite badly, so he needed something else lest he would go stir-crazy.


     Trusting that the elf knew his limits, Gimli gave a nod. "All right." Besides, the temptation was too great to resist. And this time when his hand came down with a strong slap, Legolas gave a start and a pleasurable whimper. Gimli knew just by the sound of it that Legolas was hard and the motion had pushed his crotch into the soft bed linens. Just imagining how that must have felt, with the soft, stimulating rubbing on front and the sting against his hindquarters, and loving the fact that he had caused it, Gimli grew to full arousal in mere seconds. Another slap across both cheeks secured the deal, making them long for each other. Making their breathing run quick and shallow.


     And when Gimli entered Legolas, pushing his way in roughly, Legolas yelled out in pain. But he did not beg Gimli to stop. So Gimli continued, lubricated slightly by the byproduct of his arousal but mostly going at it raw and hard. Legolas gasped and groaned at the natural points in time. His eyes teared up again and face contorted slightly in pain. But he also bucked instinctively against the sheets in time with Gimli's thrusts. And his hands clutched the bed sheets desperately to try and keep himself steady against all the other forces working him over.


     There was shooting, searing pain from the entry, and sharp stabs of pain as other parts of Gimli crashed against his rear. But there was also intense pleasure the deeper Gimli got. And each thrust of pain and pleasure brought Legolas closer. The way his own hardened cock was rubbing into the sheets was fantastically stimulating as well, and he found himself pulling some of the sheet together between his legs to give himself something more to press into. He was starting to think he might have to worry about keeping up with Gimli this time, as opposed to the other way around which was usual for them. Gimli's thrusts were strong and steady, and without the usual urgent quickness that signaled he was close.


     "Gim..." Legolas gasped painfully, trying to explain his closeness.


     Gimli paused in his strokes, slipping out and taking himself in hand to keep himself hard. He leaned forward a bit, carefully examining Legolas' face. "What's the matter? Going to sneeze? Needy a hanky?"


     Legolas had not even thought of his cold since the beginning of this, and luckily his sneezes were not the suggestible type. He shook his head. "No..." He grunted and bit his lower lip. "Harder... faster... so ready."


     Normally so composed and usually so thoughtful when he spoke, Gimli grinned at what he had reduced the elf to. And while he wanted it to last longer, so he could savor Legolas' desperation and moans, he did not want to see Legolas that hurt. So he nodded and slapped Legolas' rear again. The elf yelped at the sudden, unexpected touch but smiled in as much as elves ever smiled. Gimli smiled back.


     He gave himself a few tugs to get himself closer, then slid back inside Legolas. Legolas practically purred at the touch, and Gimli nearly echoed the noise as his balls rubbed against Legolas' reddened cheeks. He resumed his strokes, grabbing hold of the sides of Legolas' rear in order to properly control his thrusts. His tight grip made Legolas moan and thrust in time with Gimli.


     "Ready?" Gimli grunted a few moments later, gazing down at the soft blond hair, the smooth pale back, and the sore red arse. Legolas moaned in affirmation and gripped the bed sheets so hard his knuckles went white. Gimli kept his eyes trained on Legolas as his chest puffed out and his back arched. Then he closed his eyes and groaned gutturally. Legolas matched the sound immediately, burying his face in the linens and clenching sheets between his teeth.


     When it was over, Gimli rolled off of Legolas and put his arm around the elf. "Are you all right, Legolas?"


     Legolas was slow to raise his head, but when he did, his mouth hung open and his nose was twitching. "Now I need... ehhh... that hanky..."


     Chuckling, Gimli retrieved one at once. Thanks to sneezes which were so slow to build, Gimli was able to get the handkerchief to him in time.


     The bottom half of Legolas' countenance hid behind the folds as the sneezes continued to build. "ihhhh... yihhhh-hehhhhh... ehh-ehh-HEH-IHPShhhhhh! EHShhhh! Ehh-heh-IHShhh!" He blew his nose and sighed, his body going heavy with relief of several sorts. "Yes," he said, smiling up at Gimli with his eyes. "Yes. I'm all right." He moved over, away from the wet spot on the bed. The movement made him wince slightly.


     Before getting settled back on the bed, Gimli retrieved a bottle of lotion. It was useful for cuts, though he'd never admit to using it on himself. He squirted a bit onto his palm and then gently touched it to Legolas' rump. Legolas winced again and coughed. "I am so sorry about this," Gimli said, rubbing the lotion into his handiwork.


     Legolas pulled a pillow down from the head of the bed. He rested his head on part and hugged the other half just as he cuddled Gimli. "You should not apologize quite yet. I still have about another twenty-five spanks to go, haven't I?"


     Gimli smirked. "I am afraid I'm not cut out for administering this particular punishment. I shall have to think of something else."


     Nodding, with an open mouth and catching breath, Legolas agreed. "ehhh-HIHShhh! ehh-Ehh-KShhh! ihhh-HShhhh!" He snuffled into his handkerchief, still breathing deeply, desperately. "ihhh...hehhh-Uhshhhh! Huhshhhh!"


     Gimli reached up and pushed Legolas' hair from his face. He kissed Legolas tenderly, first on the lips, then the nose, then on an ear. "I believe any further punishment can wait until you are feeling well again. The danger has passed and you clearly understand your transgressions." Gimli squirted a bit more lotion onto his palm. He rubbed it in as gently as he could, though he knew the touch was not entirely comforting.


     Sniffling a little, Legolas reached back and stroked Gimli's lower arm. It was a small urging to Gimli to stop and lie down with him. Gimli understood, closed up the bottle, and lay down beside Legolas. Legolas offered over the second half of the pillow and Gimli took it gratefully. "There will be time to attend to that lah... later." He covered his nose again. "ehhh-ehhh-HIHSHhhh! Sniff!" He sighed and then reached over and stroked Gimli's cheek. "You look so tired."


     Gimli nodded and closed his eyes. He felt the elf's fingertips stroking through his thick beard. The fires in the room blazed strong and warm, making him feel drowsy on top of exhausted. He had gone through far too many emotions for one evening. Gimli yawned and kissed Legolas' shoulder, unable to move to kiss anything more. Usually after making love with the elf, he liked to have a bit of wine and then take a nap. This time, he did not have the energy to get up for wine. But he stayed awake a few seconds longer. "Perhaps we should speed up your reading skills while you are stuck in these rooms with your cold. So that you could not possibly make this mistake again."


     Thinking that would be a distraction from his cold that he would enjoy, Legolas nodded. "That would be nice." He reached out and wrapped his arm around Gimli, hugging and snuggling him close as a complete comfort. "It would also be nice to stay in bed with you in any capacity until my fortunes change and my health improves."


     "Any capacity..." said Gimli with a smile and a yawn. "Aye, that can be arranged."


     His cold made him wearier than normal, and Legolas closed his eyes to sleep as was not usual for him to do after making love. Before falling asleep, he whispered softly, "I am truly very sorry, Gimli."


     Gimli shook with chuckles. "I know, Elf. But I cannot withhold sex as a punishment any more than I could resume spanking as a punishment." Legolas joined in with the chuckles, then joined Gimli in sleeping.