Title: Gift for Deerda 2006

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings, pre-trilogy

Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or their world. This is fanfiction and I'm just playing for fun, not making any money.

Summary: In the midst of a fight, Legolas gets himself in trouble and Aragorn comes to his rescue whether the elf wants that or not.

Notes: Written for deerda as a holiday gift. Enjoy!



Gift for Deerda 2006

            Something was wrong. That same thought repeated in his head as Legolas stormed out. When he and Aragorn had agreed to meet, Legolas had not been told it was because the man had "exciting news" to convey. Nothing in the way of news from Aragorn was ever that exciting, and anything the man deemed exciting usually meant 'seriously important' or 'rather unfortunate' for Legolas. This, however, surpassed it all. For some reason, Aragorn saw fit to join up with the Rangers of the North for an extended period of time. There was no telling how long he and Legolas might go without seeing each other again now, what with no permanent location and little means of communication. "Smelly human," Legolas fumed, marching atop the snow drifts, past snow-covered trees and bushes. He paid little attention to where he was headed, as he simply wished to put as much distance between himself and Aragorn as possible. However, his pace was slowed slightly by the sudden onslaught of a double sneeze. Apart from taking him off guard, it took his mind off his problem with Aragorn for a moment and turned his attention to another problem. Something was very wrong.




            Something was wrong. Aragorn paced back and forth in the room, wondering how exactly this had come about. One minute he had been locked in a passionate embrace with Legolas Greenleaf, and the next he found himself alone with absolutely no companionship or release. He had mentioned something about going to study with the Rangers for a little while, and the elf had become... oddly emotional. He had never seen Legolas react so forcefully about such a casual matter, so he was taken completely unawares when the elf had actually walked out on him. "Prissy elf," Aragorn muttered, clenching and unclenching his hand. But though Legolas was obviously angry, Aragorn had expected some sort of resolution or attempt at discussion, at the very least. And he did not expect Legolas to be gone quite this long. Aragorn stopped pacing and gazed out of the window. The wind had picked up and snow had once again begun to fall in blankets over the land. Aragorn could sense it would not be letting up soon. And still the elf did not return. Something was very wrong.




            Aragorn trudged through the snow, which came up just past his calves. He had on a fur-trimmed cloak, scarf, and gloves over an extra tunic, hat, and boots. Yet the thick snow and heavy wind still got to him, making him shiver and move too slowly. He had brought an extra cloak for the elf, but that was assuming he could find said elf. In such a blizzard, he was not sure he could even find his hand in front of his face.


            He thought he might never locate Legolas in all this, and cursed the elf for leaving as he had. And he thought perhaps the elf might have doubled-back and was already back home, inside, and laughing at Aragorn's stupidity for wasting time in a pointless hunt amidst the snow and wind. Twice, in fact, he walked right into bushes and rocks and swore to himself for doing so. And every time he thought he spotted Legolas, it turned out to be merely a small tree or a strange rock formation.


            He was in a worse mood than when he left by the time he found Legolas. But all anger melted rather quickly when he saw the state the elf was in. Legolas had wisely sought refuge in a cave, but hadn't made it more than a few feet within before collapsing. The elf was curled up in a ball, just out of the wind, passed out from exhaustion. Aragorn tried at once to rouse him, but that did no good. Alarmed, he felt for the elf's pulse, and found it weak.


            Aragorn considered several courses of action, and ended up draping the spare cloak over Legolas, then preparing a quick fire. It took some time to generate sparks, and more time to get the wood to burn. He had little experience in outdoor survival, after all, and wished he already had some of the skills he hoped to learn from the Rangers of the North. Finally, he had a roaring fire in place, just inside the cave but sufficiently out of the wind. He fanned the smoke outward and it seemed drawn in that direction from then on.


            Then Aragorn gathered Legolas in his arms and carried him even further inside the cave. Legolas felt cold to the touch, even with the fire burning brightly a good two feet away. So Aragorn lay down, wrapping his body around Legolas, his front pressed to Legolas' back, his leg and arms holding Legolas close. He breathed warm breaths on the back of the elf's neck and nuzzled his face into Legolas' cold, soft, blond hair.


            He could not have been any closer if they were naked together, and Aragorn considered doing just that. Fortunately, however, he felt Legolas stir. With a few strange sounds that were either coughs or snorts, Legolas finally woke. He lifted his head, looking about to get his bearings. When he saw- and felt- Aragorn, he pulled away and sat up. Shivering, Legolas sat up and took the cloak with him. He moved as close to the fire as he dared.


            Aragorn sat up as well, watching the elf closely. Aware that he was watching, Legolas tried to stay as calm and motionless as possible, even though every bit of him urged him to move. "What are you doing here?" Legolas muttered, holding his hands out to the flames for warmth.


            "Apparently, saving you," Aragorn chuckled. He crawled over to the fire and leaned against the side of the cave.


            "I did not need saving," Legolas said. What he needed was to rub at his nose, but he was loathe to do so with Aragorn watching. "I was caught in the blizzard. I was unprepared. I became cold. That is all there is to it."


            Nodding, Aragorn looked down at the pile of sticks he had accumulated, which were drying nicely. "Strange. I cannot recall the last time I saw an elf who was cold."


            The need to rub his nose intensified, as a strong tickle played in his nostrils. His ears twitched and breath caught, and he could resist no longer. Legolas lifted his hand to rub his nose. But now a simple rub would not suffice. He cupped his hand to his face. "ihhh-Kutchihhh! Kehtcheew!"


            Aragorn glanced at him. "I cannot recall the last time I saw an elf who had a cold, either," he said.


            "I sniff! Sniff! I do not have a cold." He rubbed his nose with the side of his hand and sniffed until it stopped running. Then he looked cautiously at Aragorn, who had clearly been watching but pretended he hadn't seen a thing.


            Aragorn broke a few sticks in half, then broke those in half before tossing them into the blazing fire. He looked past the flames at Legolas. The elf sat with his legs hugged against his chest, trembling with cold. Aragorn cleared his throat. "Would you like my cloak as well?" Aragorn asked. To be honest, he had been meaning to take it off anyway. Sitting so close to the fire, tending it, made him much warmer than he'd expected.


            But Legolas shook his head. "No, thank... ehhh! No, thank you. Ihhh-ihhhKihshooo!" Legolas' nose was running, but he had no way of blowing it. He snuffled and rubbed the side of his hand at his nose again. When that failed him, he rubbed his nose on the sleeve cuff of his light blue shirt. He looked disgusted at himself for doing so.


            Aragorn eyed the elf, then faked a cough. It looked like Legolas bought it, so he faked a whole series of light coughs. He dug in his pocket for a handkerchief and pulled it out just in time for the fit to pass. Having no use for it now, Aragorn shrugged and then offered it to Legolas. Legolas refused it.


            The elf inched closer to the fire, winced at getting too close, and pulled back again. Though Aragorn was feeding the fire, Legolas' shivering was growing worse. So was his sniffling. He snuffled into his sleeve again and coughed lightly.


            On the verge of getting angry, Aragorn turned to the elf, "Valor, Legolas! You are cold and ill. I know we were at odds earlier, but perhaps we can set them aside for the duration of the blizzard?" Legolas stared at Aragorn unyieldingly. Aragorn sighed deeply and held both hands up. "On my honor, I will speak nothing of the Rangers."


            Legolas gave it one minute more, then he scooted over as gracefully as an elf could scoot, right into Aragorn's warm embrace. Aragorn wrapped an arm and cloak around him, holding him tightly.


            Legolas tried then to keep to himself, but he was freezing and Aragorn felt so warm in comparison. He snuggled close, instinctively, and was glad a few moments later when he stopped shivering. And when he felt the need to sneeze again, with his nose twitching and breaths hitching, he actually accepted the handkerchief. "kihh... ehhh... hehh-Yihshphh!" Legolas breathed out in a sort of sigh, especially when Aragorn held him tighter and rubbed his arm.


            His shivering had stopped, but the elf still looked cold. Aragorn took off his scarf and wrapped it around Legolas' neck several times over. Legolas smiled weakly. Aragorn took off his hat, a white wool knit cap, and pulled it onto Legolas' head.


            "There you are," Aragorn said soothingly. "We will just wait out the storm now. You do not think your father will send out search parties, do you?"


            Legolas shook his head. "Not for a day or two, at least." He shivered again and snuggled closer to Aragorn.


            Aragorn nodded. That was good. While rescue might not be such a bad idea, they could outlast the worst of the blizzard easily. And what Aragorn had in mind next would require privacy. "If you are still cold... I know of a way to warm up."


            Legolas chuckled. He knew what that way was.


            As the elf began shaking his head, Aragorn said, "Right. You're ill. I had almost forgotten." Then, before Legolas could object, "To be fair, your mind is far dirtier than mine. All I meant was that we would be warmer beneath the blankets were we body-to-body, skin-to-skin. Cast your memory toward all those mornings we spend in bed."


            Had they not agreed to refrain from mentioning Aragorn's recent announcement, Legolas would have believed that the perfect time to mention how they would have no more glorious mornings entangled together if Aragorn went off to join with the Rangers. Instead, he coughed and brought the handkerchief up again. "ihh-HIHChhh! Yihshhh!" He shivered once again and nodded. "All right. Skin-to-skin for warmth." Desperate, Legolas was ready to try anything now.


            As difficult as it was to do, Legolas pulled away from Aragorn and began stripping off his clothes. Losing his tight blue shirt invited chills up and down his spine, and his long hair only covered so much. Pulling off his boots was enough to make his toes curl and teeth chatter. And when he took off his brown leggings, he was shivering without stop.


            Aragorn, who had quickly taken off his clothes at the same time, immediately pulled Legolas into an embrace. The elf curled in on himself against Aragorn's somewhat hairy chest. Aragorn rubbed his hands up and down Legolas' bare back. A few moments later, Legolas groaned. "I have to... ihhh... snihhhh..." He looked over his shoulder at his clothes and tried to pull back but Aragorn held him. "No, Estel, I left the hah-handkerchief..."


            "It is all right," Aragorn hugged him close. "Stay here with me. Sneeze if you have to."


            Legolas rubbed madly at his nose. "I think I have... hih... have to." With Aragorn rubbing his back comfortingly, he cupped his hand over his nose and mouth. "kehTchuhh! Sniff! Kih-Tchoo! K'shoo! Snffff!"


            Aragorn murmured something soothing to Legolas and kissed his forehead. Legolas wiped his nose and looked up at Legolas, his breathing thick and eyes wide. "Estel?"


            In their extreme closeness, Aragorn felt what Legolas was trying to point out. "You're ill," he repeated. "Just because we are touching, it does not mean--"


            Legolas kissed Aragorn's neck and, though sniffled while doing so, nuzzled his face into the man. His hands raced down Aragorn's sides, cupping hip then crotch. Until that moment, Aragorn had been well-disciplined and had until then resisted the touch of the elf's soft thigh against his middle. But now he reacted with enthusiasm. His hands reached down and cupped Legolas' rear, squeezing. Legolas bent his legs and moved them up, past Aragorn's hips and chest, towards the man's shoulders.


            Aragorn flipped him onto his back, lying on a cloak to protect the elf from the cold floor of the cave. Aragorn spat on his hand, then rubbed his cock as he waited for a signal from Legolas that the elf was prepared and well. At this point, Legolas had no intention to call this off. Legolas reached up and grabbed for Aragorn, soft fingertips grazing the chest, desperately wanting kisses first. Aragorn leaned over and kissed him, with kisses trailing down from lips to naval.


            As Aragorn slid into Legolas, he took hold of the elf's cock. Stroking and thrusting, with the other cloak around his shoulders, Aragorn generated almost more heat than Legolas could stand. The elf squirmed and moaned softly, back arching, eyes closing.


            Legolas rubbed his hand at his nose, not wanting to sneeze on his lover in the midst of this. But his nose would not listen. He turned his head, directing the sneezes away. "kehshihh! Kih-chuhhh!"


            Aragorn groaned. "Do that again," he said gruffly.


            Legolas, who had been sniffling and rubbing his nose, paused and looked up at Aragorn. Then he softened as Aragorn gave a good thrust in and swirled a thumb around the velvety head of Legolas' cock.


            "Sneeze again," Aragorn requested, fingering the dimple in Legolas' cock. "And I might lose myself at the sensation."


            The elf did his best, refraining from rubbing this time as he felt a little tickle brewing. He breathed deeply, trying to encourage the sneeze. But his breaths came in gasps as Aragorn fisted his cock furiously. His cock was leaking, as was his nose, and between the two he could barely move. Legolas felt the heat within him rising, and tingles in his nose matched those in his crotch. It all built and he took one last look at Aragorn before closing his eyes. "kihhh! Ara-ihhh!" Aragorn plunged in and Legolas let loose. "heh-KIHShhh!"


            His body shook, and Aragorn groaned at the sensation which put him over the edge. As the man rode through the waves of ecstasy, Aragorn's hand began stroking again. He pulled out of the elf and wrapped arms warmly around Legolas again, holding him as close to his hot body as possible. It only took seconds for Legolas to have his orgasm.


            When both were finished and Aragorn had his breath back, he noticed Legolas looked to be asleep again. Panic shot through him, and he shook the elf slightly. "Legolas? Wake up now."


            Legolas stirred without further prodding but shook his head and snuggled closer. "Let me sleep," the elf murmured. "Soon you will be leaving me and my kind to be rejoin your own kind. Let me cherish this time with you while it lasts." Aragorn tightened his embrace and placed a kiss on Legolas' warm forehead.