Title: Five Times Finn Caught Poe Singing (and One Time Poe Caught Him)
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Star Wars: the Force Awakens
Pairing: Finn/Poe
Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes Poe sings without realizing he’s doing it. Other times he sings when there’s no one around to hear him (or so he thinks).
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2016 comment fic meme



Five Times Finn Caught Poe Singing
(and One Time Poe Caught Him)





Exhausted--but not too exhausted to say no to snuggling under the covers with his new boyfriend--Finn headed to Poe's quarters. Palm up to activate the door, Finn stopped in place. He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard actual music... Maz's Castle on Takodana, maybe? But here it was now, coming from Poe's room. It was a sweet little melody, tender and beautiful. When Finn pressed his ear to the door to hear better, he realized there were words just below the music sung in perfect pitch, and sung by a voice that made little tingles race through him. 


Poe could sing. Moreover, he could really sing! Finn closed his eyes, listening to the harmony of the stringed instrument and the lovely voice. Finn couldn't quite make out the words through the door, but that didn't matter. It was music, and Poe was making it.


Finn waited patiently for Poe to finish the song. But he knew he couldn't barge in just then or Poe would know he'd been listening at the door. A few seconds of silence passed then another song began. Finn thought about sitting there and just listening to this all evening, but Poe was expecting him and would get worried after a while. So Finn felt it was safe to knock.


The moment he did, the music stopped. There was the sound of discordant notes then scrambling. A thunk. The easing of bedsprings. Then the door swung open. "Well hello there." He grabbed Finn by the neck of his t-shirt and pulled him right into the room.





It was cold on the planet, temperatures plunging down dangerously as soon as the twin suns had set. Bundled up with gloves and his fleece-lined hood up, Finn still shivered inside his bedroll, certain that he wouldn't be cold at all if there were someone else in there to share it with him. Finn sat up and rubbed at his nose, which was running from the cold. Their small tent was otherwise empty. The bedroll beside his was unoccupied.


Sniffing in as manly a way as possible to get control of himself, he climbed bitterly out from beneath the blanket and from inside the tent. Little tents were staggered around the clearing, but at the center sat a roaring fire, flames regularly leaping at least twenty feet into the air. Even if Finn hadn't known Poe was there, he would have made his way toward the fire instinctively as the only warm thing around for miles.


When he was close enough to see the bodies huddled around the fire, he stopped. Hugging his arms across his chest and trying not to make too much noise with his runny nose, he watched the scene before him. About two dozen resistance piolets sat there, some on the snow-covered ground, others sitting on top of storage bins or scraps of ships they'd shot down during the battle that day; one was even balanced on top of an empty storm trooper helmet. Every single one of them had a mug or cup in hand, and the ones not taking a drink at the moment were contributing to the drinking song they were singing.


Finn didn't know it, because Finn didn't know any drinking songs at all. He was at once both glad he'd chosen to rest instead of celebrate that night and disappointed. He watched as Poe, one arm around the shoulders of a guy on his right and one arm around the waist of a woman on his left, lifted his voice with the rest. A tankard was clutched tight between his thighs as they swayed this way and that, sort of in time to the music.


In truth, the song had more energy and excitement than actual lyrics. The words that weren't forgotten were slurred or garbled by the singers, making it impossible to make out. But they looked content, and Finn didn't want to disturb that. This had been a hard-earned victory, and they deserved a celebration befitting that.


Finn wasn't officially part of Poe's squad. He wasn't officially part of anything. But he was officially freezing his ass off out here. So he headed back to the tent.


He hunkered down in the blanket and closed his eyes, trying to pretend like his nose wasn't running and his feet weren't numb with cold.


"Saw y'out there jus' now. Y'shoulda joined in!" Poe slurred as he stumbled into the tent.


Finn shook his head. "I didn't know the song—" he started to explain, but the hearty taste and sting of alcohol met his lips as Poe fell upon him with a kiss.


"Neither did I," Poe admitted. He crawled into Finn's bedroll and pulled his own over them both.





Finn smiled as he leaned against the doorway to the ‘fresher. Though used to sonic showers, there was something enchanting about these showers that used water. The water felt good raining down upon his skin, and it looked excellent falling upon Poe’s. It was mesmerizing, watching the drops slide down over Poe’s body, seeing the dark hairs on his chest and thighs glisten, and listening to Poe sing.


Poe stood under one of the shower heads, arms raised as his hands massaged suds into his hair. He sang loudly or, perhaps, it only seemed loud as the song bounced off the wet tiled walls of the room.


This time it wasn’t a sweet song or a drinking song he was singing. It was a heart-felt, absurd ballad Poe belted out now, full of emotion. Finn was used to Poe being silly. He was used to Poe sneaking kisses and gropes in public. He was used to jokes and a little teasing. He was used to exaggerated declarations and sneaky late night meetings and promises that maybe start out silly and end up anything but. But this was Poe being privately, unrestrainedly silly.


Finn knew he should just leave. He knew he shouldn’t startle Poe or embarrass him. But standing there, watching the water rain upon his smooth back and firm ass, Finn knew there was no way he would leave.


So he dropped his towel, stepped into the shower, and slipped his arms around Poe from behind. With a kiss to the back of his soapy neck, and a bit of a wiggle, he got silly with Poe.




It was Poe's rhythm he liked the most. Each rock forward came with a deep, penetrating thrust. But each one went a little further and came a little faster. Finn couldn't help but respond to that with anticipation and desire. He hooked his legs at the ankles, against Poe's back and pulled the man down on him impossibly closer.


Finn wasn't sure when Poe started humming, but Finn first noticed it when he nuzzled and kissed the man's neck and felt the vibrations against his nose. It was almost enough to make Finn's nose tickle, but not quite. He pulled back and looked up to see this incredible smile on Poe's face and eyes closed. He was savoring this pleasure, drinking it all in. And he was humming.


It was something soft, slow, and unconscious. And, right now, it was just for Finn.




huh-huh-DGSchhhhh!” Poe buried his nose, snuffling and snorting in misery, in a handful of tissues Finn held out for him. He'd been fine when he'd gone off on this last mission, but he'd come home from it feeling like complete and utter crap. His throat was red and raw. His nose was stuffed and sneezy. And his body burned and boiled with fever. Finn hadn't left his side for a single second.


“Lie back,” Finn told him, helping Poe back against the pillows piled at the head of the bed. Poe sighed  and closed his eyes. “You all right? Can I get you anything?”


“I'b fide, Fid,” he said for the hundredth time. But, this time, he sang it in this easy, sing-songy, rolling tone.


“Oh? Well, if you're fine, I'll just go then.”


With quick reflexes, Poe reached out and grabbed hold of Finn's wrist. “Wadt you to stay,” he sang again, crooning, begging.


“Okay.” Finn relaxed, leaning close to Poe to reassure him, even though he'd really had no intention of going anywhere. He pressed the back of his hand to Poe's forehead, and the man exhaled with a high, musical sigh. “Does that feel good?”


He answered with another pleased sigh, this one starting up high and sliding down an octave as his smile grew. Poe stretched his arm out. He hooked his hand around Finn's body and pulled him close. He buried his face against the side of Finn's neck, singing something happy and bubbly with breath that tickled Finn's skin.


And just as Finn was starting to relax and enjoy this moment, the singing stopped and Poe stiffened. “Poe? Are you all ri—”


hahhhTIJJJjjshhhhh!” It bathed Finn's neck in the warm-then-cold spray, and Finn shivered. With a non-musical sigh of his own, Finn reached for the tissues.






Poe lay curled tight in a ball, squeezed onto as much of Finn's lap as he would fit onto. His head rested against the crook of Finn's arm and his curved upper back pressed into Finn's chest. Finn stroked his boyfriend's head absentmindedly, fingers weaving through the short, dark hair.


From the sound of Poe's breathing, the man was asleep, finally asleep. The day had been long and difficult for them both. There had been times Poe had thought he'd lost Finn and then that laser blast from out of nowhere that had struck Poe right in the shoulder, knocking him flat back on the ground and driving the breath right from him.


Finn had treated and cared for the wound as best he could, but the man still seemed to be in pain. It had taken him a while to settle down and feel safe, or as safe as they could be in the middle of a jungle, huddled beside their crashed ship, on a planet a long way from their assignment. It would be a while until a rescue patrol came to help them. It would be a while until Finn felt safe.


Maybe that's why he started singing. His voice wavered as soft, unsteady notes pierced the quiet of night. It made him feel a little better, though, a little stronger. But that was nothing compared to how it felt when Poe started singing along. It wasn't even a song Finn knew, just a repeated melody he’d made up himself, but somehow Poe knew how to join in to help the song along. And that was all Finn needed to know they'd be all right.