Title: Let it Snow

Author: tarotgal

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Rating: PG

Pairing: Legolas/Gimli (with implied Aragorn/Arwen, Éowyn/Faramir)

Disclaimer: Tolkien created them, not me. I'm only playing with them, not being paid.

Summary: Pure dwarf/elf fluff. Legolas is in bed with a cold as Gimli's making sure they're set for the first snow storm of winter to begin

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Let it Snow


     "I should check the milk," Gimli noted to himself. He headed to the far end of the home he and Legolas had made for themselves, nestled between woods and caverns.


     Their winter stores were on one end of their home, in a small pantry near the front door and furthest away from the fireplace and the caves, which is where they kept their stores for the summer to keep them cool. But as the seasons turned and winter fell upon them, the cold winds slicing through the bare trees and touching the front of the house was enough to keep preserves from spoiling.


     It was always a bit of a rush to get ready for winter, but it was upon them whether they were ready or not and this was their last chance to be sure they were set. Otherwise, it would certainly be weeks if not months before it was safe to set out through the woods, mountains, and plains for anything in the way of food or supplies.


     Gimli shivered even as he opened the door to the pantry. He surveyed the numerous bottles on the shelves. "Enough milk, then," he said with a nod.  


     "Flour and sugar?" came a weak call from behind Gimli.


     The dwarf looked over the rest of the pantry closely. There were barrels of oats and flour, bags of sugar, containers of spices, jars of preserves, small boxes of nuts, and larger boxes containing slabs of salted and preserved meat. If they needed more meat, they could always fish beneath the ice in the stream. "Aye, enough to eat all around!" he called back. They had not been found wanting when it came to food.


     He left the storeroom and closed the door, pleased to find it a few degrees warmer the further back he got. In addition to the food, they had ample amounts of wine and ale, as well as some water, stored. Though they were set to collect rain water and could melt snow and ice easily if needed as well, so having just a few containers was fine. "And plenty to drink." Including a kettle of water for tea currently on one burner of their stove.


     As the months ahead would be cold, it was important to have enough coal for their stove and wood for the fireplace, the main source of warmth in their dwelling. The fireplace was on the wall opposite the front door. Beside it was an opening leading down into caves which formed the tail end of their home whereas the front half was a wooden cabin raised off the ground a few feet. But there was enough coal, and enough wood, as well, with everything from kindling to thick logs.


     In addition to this, they had a new supply of blankets to keep warm with. When they had made the trip to take Arod to stay in Rohan for the winter, they had stopped by Minas Tirith and Ithilien to visit with friends first. Arwen and Aragorn's family had already begun to grow and Éowyn and Faramir had made similar plans. But both couples had enjoyed the visit and insisted Legolas and Gimli leave with bundles of gifts. Amongst these had been several handmade blankets, some made of heavy wool, others were patchworks and contained a layer of feathers inside. The several which had not yet been added to their bed sat stacked upon a dresser just beside the hearth.


     "We will be fed and warm, at the least," muttered the dwarf, somewhat lost in thought. Gimli had started counting off needed items on his fingers, double-checking with glances around the place. But his eyes fell upon one of the windows and he frowned. Legolas had sensed it would start snowing today, but Gimli had been hoping it might not start quite so soon. Yet out the window now he clearly saw the beginnings of the first storm of the season- small, light flakes falling slowly to the cold ground. Gimli suddenly felt a bit rushed to finish the inventory.


     "ehhhhhhh... hehhhh-iihhhhh..."


     Gimli turned on his heels to face the bed, quite a few paces from him on the side wall. The sound of the building sneeze and the sight of the elf sitting up in bed trying to handle the sneeze were enough to remind Gimli as to why the inventory had been left to the last minute and needed to be conducted alone. And, as such, Gimli was especially worried that he'd forget something especially important.


     "EHShhhhht! Ih-HIHShhtt!"


     Gimli smiled sympathetically. "There's a handkerchief just to your right," he informed Legolas. The elf's hand had been moving about on the bed in search of one. As Legolas located it and rubbed at his nose, Gimli made his way to the dresser and looked through it. "Enough handkerchiefs, as well," he said with decisiveness.




     Gimli glanced back over his shoulder to see Legolas sniffling into the handkerchief. However, his ears were already twitching and his eyes were tightly closed. More sneezes were imminent.


     "ehhhhh-Keshhhht! Ihhshtt!"


     Gimli took a few more handkerchiefs out for Legolas. Then he decided to take a break from inventory. Given that the snow had already begun falling, it was not the wisest decision. But it could not be helped as there were equally important things to be done.


     After a few stops around the room, Gimli sat down on the bed. He wrapped a scarf around Legolas' neck and draped another blanket over his front. Then he handed the elf a steaming cup of tea. "I believe we even have more than enough of everything you need when sick," he said softly, drawing his hand through Legolas' hair affectionately.


     "Are we fully prepared for winter, then?" Legolas asked, looking out of the window worriedly as the flakes were growing larger and their falling was steadier. "For it is really starting to snow outside." At this rate, they would be snowed in completely by tomorrow evening. Cut off from the rest of the land, isolated from everyone apart from each other.


     There was nobody Gimli would have rather been isolated with, even if the elf did have a strange tendency to catch head colds during this time of the year. Gimli slid beneath the blankets and snuggled up against Legolas' side. "Bring it on," he said in a tone that seemed to confront the weather itself. "I think we are ready for it. Let it snow!" But he shifted tones quickly as he looked at Legolas. "That is, if you have all you need. If you think of something, I can go out, of course." Though the idea of leaving Legolas alone while sick while he went out in the snow was not a particularly good one.


     Legolas smiled as he sipped his tea and wrapped an arm around the dwarf's shoulders. He looked around and Gimli knew he was noticing that they really could do with a few more candles and lamp oil. But Legolas made no mention of either. "No, I cannot imagine needing anything more." He hugged Gimli closer and placed a kiss on the dwarf's forehead. "Let it snow." Then they sat in silence, apart from Legolas' sniffling and occasional sneezes, watching the snow fall past the window.