Day 12

Title: Day 12
Author: tarotgal
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Legolas/Gimli
Summary: The unexpected happens when Legolas goes for a tour of the mines.
Notes: Written during my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2019-20 project project for Anonymous

Facing the enormous stack of paperwork before him, Gimli thought fondly of being disturbed. Being in charge of mining operations had sounded quite grand to begin with, but now he felt a bit like he had been tricked into accepting the position. It was a small price to pay for being so close to the beautiful, glittering wonders. And he was glad that Legolas was staying with him, so he had not needed to choose between the caves or his love. But the paperwork was excruciatingly dull. Meticulous documentation of hourly output to be read, trade agreements in a dozen different languages to be scrutinized, and regional protections to be outlined to ensure the caves retain their beauty and stability. There were a hundred different fantasies Gimli, Son of Gloin, had about being dragged away from this tediousness today.

The way it happened, however, was not at all what he’d had in mind. The messenger handed him the parchment awkwardly, almost apologetically, and did not linger to watch him read it or wait for a return to be penned. Already, that was a bad sign. Gimli unrolled the scroll and read:

Lord Gimli,

Please come with all haste to the North Quarter to collect
your elf before there is any further embarrassment.

Regent Woffor

Swearing under his breath in Khuzdul, Gimli capped the ink bottle and hurried off. When he reached the North Quarter of the cave system, the annoyance had burned itself out to be replaced primarily by worry. Had Legolas misspoken and inadvertently insulted the dwarves who were supposed to be showing him around? Had he touched the wrong thing and destroyed part of the operation the dwarves had been building? What could possibly have caused him embarrassment enough to need to be removed?

So much of the area was covered in a fine, white dust from the mining operation. Gimli’s boots made tracks in the powder covering the cave floor as if he were walking through sand. The dwarves’ clothes, hair, and beards were all dusted by it as well. He looked at the pained expressions on their faces as he scanned the area for his elf, finally spotting Legolas in a far corner of sorts. He sat hunched over on a rock, handkerchief pressed to his face, and Gimli’s heart stopped for what seemed like several long seconds. Then a breath forced its way into him instinctively and he took off at a sprint, kicking up dust in his wake as he rushed to Legolas’ side. “Where are you hurt? Is there much blood? Let me see the damage.” He laid his hand on Legolas’ forearm to try to guide the cloth away so he could see. Something must have struck him hard. Or perhaps he lost his footing at a critical moment and fell, though that did not seem at all likely given Legolas’ excellent skill at balancing.

Legolas narrowed his eyes slightly in an expression of confusion. Then he lowered the handkerchief, revealing no blood, no marked skin, no beaten nor bashed spot.

“You’re all right,” Gimli breathed out with relief.

“Nohh not hah hexactly,” he said, his words filled with too much breath. And, with a sharp gasp, he snapped the handkerchief back up to his face. His eyes squeezed shut. “hahh hahh!” They waited expectantly, but nothing came. Legolas’ shoulders sagged with frustration as he let out the breath. “Feels… so strange. I feel… I hahh!” He tensed up again. “ahhh! aaahhhhh… like there is a tickle right… right- hihhhihhhhh in my… ahhh ahhhh-Hishhhhoo!

Gimli froze. The sneeze had been unexpected but nonetheless glorious. He had never heard a sneeze so incredibly wonderful in his entire life, as far as he was concerned. It stopped his breath again for a moment, and all he could feel were delightful tingles coursing through him. His grip on Legolas’ forearm tightened, as if he feared that he might be separated from his elf and miss another sneeze.

But then he realized where he was. He looked over his shoulder at the dwarves who were supposed to have been giving Legolas the tour. They were all staring at him with the same hunger and desire Gimli now felt. Gimli’s gaze locked with Regent Woffor’s, and the dwarf’s cheeks went very red indeed as he looked away at once, pretending to find something on the cave ceiling suddenly very interesting. The others did likewise, some staring at their shuffling feet, others down at their beards or at their hands or at the walls. They looked anywhere but at the elf whose breath was again catching.

hah ahhh ahhh-hah-HAPTchmphhh!” This one was better smothered in the handkerchief, and Gimli had to resist the urge to pull the handkerchief away again. He wondered which dwarf had given it to him in the first place, and fierce jealousy rose in him.

“Come,” Gimli said, his voice deep and commanding. “Back to our chambers with you.”

But Legolas shook his head. “No, I am… sniff! I w-will be all r ihh all right. It is just this lihh-little tick… tick- hulhhh huhh heptshffffff!

It took all of Gimli’s strength not to pull the handkerchief away and kiss the elf right then and there in front of everybody. One more sneeze and he might just do it anyway, modesty be damned. “Please, nin mel. Please do as I ask .” He hoped Legolas would understand his pleading better with the elvish. Using affections in front of the other dwarves was bad enough, but Sindarin… it was the only way he could think of to communicate his desperation.

Legolas again looked confused, as well he should, but Gimli took advantage of the moment of weakness to pull Legolas forward. The elf left his seat on a rock and fell into step beside Gimli, who still gripped his arm. “Thank you for your message,” Gimli muttered as he passed the small contingent. “I’m sorry we must take our leave.” He was defaulting to formal and polite in front of them, as if he were speaking not to his dwarves but to a court of men or elves. But he couldn’t very well say that he needed to get Legolas somewhere private before they all ruined their britches, even if that’s what the dwarves all knew he meant.

The walk back to their chambers was almost unbearable, particularly the moment a sneeze so strong came over Legolas that he had to lean against Gimli entirely for support. And then that sneeze proved to not even be enough. And then he loosed a second surprise sneeze right into Gimli’s shoulder, catching a bit of his neck with the spray. And then Gimli very nearly pinned the elf against the tunnel wall, straddled him, and let friction take over to finish him off.

Instead, Gimli retained control over himself and hurried Legolas onward. But he did slam the door to their chambers the moment he got them inside. Legolas’ eyebrows knit together, unusual wrinkles marking his forehead. “I ab so sorry,” he said, a little congestion from his nose seeping into his speech and driving Gimli even wilder. “The d-dust. Covered id it.”

“Aye,” said Gimli, almost hoarse as desire took hold of him.

“I ab udaccustobed to sd-sdeezig. By dose started ticklig so badly, I sibly could dot helb it. I ab truly sorry I ruided the tour you arradged for be.” He went to rub the hanky at his nose, and Gimli pulled it right out of his grip.

It was damp, soaked through from use, and Gimli marveled at that a moment before tossing the handkerchief over his shoulder. Then he reached down and began unbuckling his belt. “You’ve not ruined anything… yet.” He kicked off his boots so he could get rid of his pants next.

The action, however, kicked up the fine dust lingering on them. Legolas’ ears twitched first. Then his nostrils followed suit a moment later. He reached out to steady himself, finding Gimli’s shoulder the only thing nearby. “Hah! Hahh! S-see? I… I… keep… HAH!” He pressed two fingers beneath his nose, as if he’d seen someone else do that before—Aragorn? One of the hobbits?—and thought it an effective method of holding back a sneeze. It was not. The only things it actually did were change the way a sneeze sounded and resulted in two wet fingers. “AHTChihhhh! Oh…” He wrinkled his adorable nose against his fingers with another sniff. “That feels better.”

Gimli wrapped his whole hand around the elf’s delicate, skinny wrist and pulled it to his chest. “Here,” he said softly, wiping it dry on his tunic. “Don’t do that.”

“I sniff! I tried my best not to sneeze,” he apologized.

Shaking his head, Gimli raised the hand and pressed a kiss to the palm, then to the offending fingers. “Don’t try to stop them, I mean. They are the most beautiful sneezes I’ve ever heard.”

Confusion looked good on the elf, Gimli decided. There was so much about dwarves he still did not understand. A tour of the caves was supposed to have enlightened him about the way the mining efforts worked. Instead, it seemed to have brought to the surface a truth about the nature of dwarven physiology as well as a practical demonstration of the reason elves made their realms in the forests instead of down here in caves. Elves with their slender, stunning noses. Elves with their sensitive, sniffly noses. Elves with their… Gimli uttered a few choice words in Khuzdul then took the elf’s hand and plunged it along with his own down into his britches. The heat and dampness there made Legolas’ eyes widen.

“I never thought to explain about this.” Gimli’s hand caressed Legolas’ as the elf’s fingers began exploring his hardness. “You never sneeze. Elves never sneeze. I didn’t think you ever needed to know this about dwarves.”

“All dwarves?” Legolas asked, curling his fingers to give the base of Gimli’s hard cock a stroke. It was suddenly uncomfortably tight in his britches. They needed to be removed immediately.

He started tugging at them with his free hand. “Every dwarf I’ve ever met, but perhaps some men and hobbits and others as well. I couldn’t say for certain. It isn’t a topic of conversation for the dinner table.” Legolas tugged on the other side with his free hand, until Gimli’s britches slid down. They pooled around his ankles, not entirely off but a good deal better there than where they had just been.

Staring down at Gimli’s erection, it seemed a look of confusion might be permanent upon Legolas’ beautiful face. “Why did you have me leave?”

Gimli was taken aback. Why did he not want other dwarves getting hard at the sight of his lover sneezing? Why did he want to remove Legolas to a private location so he could try to explain? Why did he want whatever they did afterward—be it argue or make love or even just Gimli wiping Legolas’ nose for him—to be just between the two of them? How could the elf not understand?

“If I had stayed there, that dust would have made me sneeze much more for you. I might not know much about sneezing, but I could tell it would not stop tickling my nose as long as I was there.”

Gimli breathed out in a hard, deep breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding.

Legolas studied him for a few moments, head cocked in thought. “Would you help me sneeze more now? Surely if you love it so, you must know ways…”

Gimli’s heart leapt and his cock pulsed with heat as he pulled the elf to him for a kiss. The elf had words that made him laugh, that spurred him on during battle, and that caused him to go all soft inside and hard outside. But never before had his elf’s words sounded so delicious. “To the bed,” he said, trying to take a step in that direction and almost tripping over the britches he’d already forgotten.

Laughing, Legolas knelt down and placed his hand on one of Gimli’s strong calves to guide it and raise it enough to slip the clothing off. He repeated the action, but he stayed down on his knees. “I…” He rubbed his face into Gimli’s hairy thighs. “I still feel a bit of an itch deep in my nose. Please, Gimli? Help?”

Gimli swept him over to the bed at once.

He didn’t need much to make this happen. A handful of rock dust would have been just the thing, but he was in no fit state to go collect some. A feather pulled from a pillow would surely do in place of that. He got out a handkerchief as well, not to contain the sneezes, but for any sniffles and runs. If Legolas must use a hanky, it had to be his, not another dwarf’s.

Gimli pulled his tunic off and climbed onto their bed. Brandishing the feather, he knelt beside Legolas, who was stretched out on his back. Somehow, the elf had managed to strip down to nothing in the mere seconds it had taken Gimli to get ready. At the sight of the elf’s body, Gimli considered skipping the play and diving straight into main event. It wouldn’t take him long with even just the memory of his elf’s sneezes. But then he saw Legolas wrinkle his nose. And he saw that irresistible soft smile. And those eyes that beamed with such passion and generosity and enjoyment. The elf wanted to do this for him, and Gimli wasn’t about to deny him that.

“I’m going to tickle your nose for you,” Gimli said. He’d said that before to dwarves he had bedded. He’d had dwarves say it to him as well. Doing this with Legolas felt different, though. He couldn’t explain why, but his hand trembled with anticipation as he presented the feather. “You’re going to have to help me out, though.” Having only seen Legolas sneeze a few times, and having been incredibly distracted during each, he didn’t yet know all of Legolas’ signs. “Tell me when your nose starts tickling. Tell me when you feel like you’re about to sneeze, so I can pull away. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me with a feather?”

“Aye. It’s possible. Promise to tell me if something feels too uncomfortable or hurts? I’ll stop.” The idea of stopping was torturous, but of course he would stop.

Legolas gave a small nod then raised his arms, pulling Gimli closer.

Not letting the strangeness of doing this to an elf sink in, Gimli worked his magic. He knew better than to tickle the elf’s nostrils; the elf was too hearty for that, and his nose wasn’t sensitive to the touch the way it might be if it were afflicted by a cold or even allergies. Nay, he had to go in deep the way the irritating dust had. He spun the feather between his thumb and forefinger as he slid it into one of Legolas’ nostrils. Immediately, the elf drew a sharp breath. “Still all right?” Gimli asked, not daring to pause unless Legolas told him to stop. He lifted a finger and wiped the small tear forming in the corner of Legolas’ eye from the intensity of the sensation. Gimli knew there was a fine line to walk here, and he needed confirmation. “Shall I continue?”

“P-please do. Feels woh-wonder-ful,” said Legolas, his face screwing up just a little. “What an odd… sen… sensation. Makes me feel… a little sneezy… all of a sudden.”

Smiling, Gimli continued, sliding the feather out a little then back in, all the while twirling it.

hah!” Legolas’ breath caught, and his ears began to twitch. Gimli leaned down and kissed one pointy ear, but he still did not stop. He did not stop as Legolas grabbed his hand tight and squeezed. He did not stop as Legolas’ other hand wrapped all the way around Gimli’s cock and began to pull. And he did not stop as Legolas’ eyes fluttered shut. “Tick… tickles deep inside n-now. Oh Gimli!”

“Oh aye,” Gimli whispered back. “That’s it. Just relax and let yourself sneeze.”

“S-sneeze- ehhh! Sneeze for you,” Legolas added.

Gimli’s cock pulsed again, and Legolas gave it a good tug. His elf knew just how he liked to be touched. “For me,” he echoed.

“So-so str ohh ahhh… ahhh! I—” He squeezed Gimli’s hand so tightly, and Gimli pulled the feather out. “apptxxshhh!” He rose a little off the bed as the sneeze pitched him forward. When he settled back, golden hair pooling around his face on the pillow, he opened his eyes. He looked into Gimli’s eyes first, holding his gaze for a good long while before casting it down to see how Gimli’s cock was coming along. Spotting the progress already made, he swirled a few drops of seed around the head of Gimli’s cock. Then he sniffled. “May we do that again? My nose is all twitchy now. Needs relief.”

Gimli knew well that need. He extracted a fresh feather from hole at the pillow’s seam and tried the other nostril.

This side proved to be more sensitive. Right away Legolas’s breaths began to race. “hahh! Hahh! Hah! Tick-les so hahh! So much!”

Despite himself, Gimli let out a groan of pleasure. Legolas’ nose was wrinkling. His eyelids were fluttering. His chest was rising and falling. And his ears were twitching. Gimli tried to take in every gorgeous detail of his elf doing this for him, but his concentration was mainly upon that feather.

hahh! Ahhh! Ahh-hahh!

Gimli held his breath. It wouldn’t be long now. The elf wasn’t experienced with sneezing. He couldn’t stop this, likely couldn’t hold it back even if he wanted to.

hehhh! Ehhhh! Ha! Hahh!” His mouth dropped open, face slack.

Gimli felt the pressure within him build, felt his balls drawing up.

But then he felt Legolas’ hand slip from his and grip his wrist. He pulled the feather out at once. “Did it hurt?” The hard end of the feather was still securely in his hand. He couldn’t have poked Legolas with it, but had he lost gone in too deep?

“N-no hahh! Not ahhh nohhh not work-ing.”

Gimli frowned. “Because I’m not tickling now.”

Legolas shook his head. “Sn-sneeze feels like ahhhh like it is ihhhhh right ihhhhh right there, but… hahh-ehhhh! Not getting stronger.”

Gimli leaned forward and kissed the twitching nose before him. There was nothing worse than a stuck sneeze. And, perhaps, nothing so attractive either. Legolas lay there, practically writhing with the need to sneeze, caught in that moment just before a sneeze comes and unable to get it out.

“I c- ahhhh ca ahhhhhh… cannot- hahhhh!

Plucking a third feather out, Gimli came to his lover’s rescue and revisited the first nostril. This time, he wiggled it around instead of twirling it. “HAH!” Legolas grabbed his hand again and squeezed.

Hahhhh! AHHH!” He froze for a moment, apart from his twitching ears. Then his head rose from the bed, and Gimli pulled the feather free just in time. “Happttshooo!

Gimli hadn’t been ready, and neither had his cock. Gimli moaned with pleasure, but it wasn’t enough. Did he dare ask for more?

“Ah-agaid.” The word itself was beautiful on the elf’s lips.

“Are you certain?” Gimli sounded breathless, hesitant, and terrified Legolas might say no.

“Yes.” He let go of Gimli’s hand in order to cup Gimli’s balls with a soft, sensual touch. “Blease, sniff, Gibli.”

The sound of his name said like that did just as much as the fondling did. Perhaps more. He slid the same feather back in, and this time it did its job almost instantaneously.

The elf’s eyes shut and his ears twitched and his whole body retracted a tiny bit before the sneeze burst from him. “hehh-EHPTshhooo!” The gorgeous arc of his back. The way his long, blond hair swayed. The way his nostrils flared. The way his hands stroked harder, applying just a little more pressure as the sneeze hit and he couldn’t control his body. Gimli could have been happy to study Legolas’ sneezes all day and still notice something now. He was sure he would never tire of them.

But they both knew Legolas couldn’t keep this up forever. Gimli felt nearly ready to come, and he wondered how many more sneezes it would take to push him over the edge.


If his elf wanted to be tickled again, of course Gimli would comply.

That wasn’t what Legolas had meant, however. Legolas wasn’t after another feather-filled touch. He had simply been trying to warn Gimli that he was about to sneeze again. “ahhkxshhoo!

Gimli came with his eyes locked on Legolas during that amazing sneeze, his cock pumping seed into Legolas’ fist, his body pulsing, thrusting, and jerking, Gimli was certain that he had never felt so good before in his life.

At last, it came to an end. He breathed slow and deep, the intensity of arousal giving way to the fullness of release. He fit his body against his elf’s in bed, his skin hot and sensitive and tingling all over with gratitude. He pressed his handkerchief into Legolas’ hand and nuzzled his face into Legolas’ neck so that he could feel the soft fabric against his cheek as well as Legolas wiped at his nose. Gimli had energy enough to grunt in a sort of question.

Legolas half-purred and half-hummed an affirmative response. The elf was all right. Gimli closed his eyes with satisfaction. Sooner than he might have liked, he would have to return to his paperwork. There were things that could not wait even a day for his attention. And, at some point, Legolas would need to finish his tour of the North Quarter. However, Gimli intended to lead that tour personally next time.