Day 5

Title: Day 5
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Legolas/Gimli
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I wish they were mine. I definitely don’t get paid for this.
Summary: Legolas cares for a sick Gimli even as he comes down with the same cold.
Notes: Written during my 12 Ficlets in 12 Days in 2018-19 project project for Lady Korana.

Nestled close for warmth and clearly exhausted from being ill all day, Gimli quickly fell asleep. Legolas thought repeatedly about heading back to the others so that Aragorn could be relieved from guard duty to go back to sleep, but Legolas didn’t have the heart to disturb poor Gimli. So he sat there for hours, one hand on Gimli’s far shoulder to hold him close and the other hand tightly gripping the handkerchief. Gimli didn’t sneeze in his sleep, but his nose did run a fair amount. Legolas wondered if the runny nose was because of the snoring or whether the snoring was because of his runny nose. There was so much he didn’t understand about all of this.

Most of all, he didn’t understand why he felt such an intense heat inside him every time Gimli sneezed. All he knew was that he couldn’t get enough of it and Gimli didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Gimli seemed to understand better than Legolas did. He didn’t seem repulsed or even surprised by the idea that Legolas found all of this incredibly arousing. If anything, he seemed amused by the idea.

A cold breeze rustled the tree branches above, and Legolas hugged the dwarf closer, trying to protect Gimli from the chill. However, the movement had the wrong result. “Mmph… what?” the dwarf stirred and shivered.

Legolas pressed Gimli closer to keep him from falling off the fallen log they’d been sitting on. “You fell asleep,” Legolas explained softly.

Gimli looked up at him, confusion leaving his face as he remembered where he was and what was going on. Legolas expected him to pull away in instinctual revulsion of being so near an elf but, instead, he snuggled closer. “Tage be to bed.” Out here, by the foot of the mountains, there was no bed of which to speak. But Legolas understood his meaning. The dwarf wanted to lie down in his bed roll for the night, and Legolas couldn’t blame him even though he was a bit disappointed. Contrary to everything he had once assumed about dwarves, he had enjoyed this time being alone with Gimli and didn’t want it to end so soon. “Blease…”

But Gimli’s plea was desperate, needy, and not to be refused. So Legolas helped Gimli up. Keeping am arm around him as best he could for warmth, he escorted the sleepy, ill dwarf back to where the fellowship had set up camp for the night. Gandalf, who was on lookout duty now, nodded at them as they made their way, slowly and carefully, through sleeping bodies. Legolas deposited Gimli in his bed roll, pulling the blanket up to Gimli’s ears. But when Legolas started to move away, Gimli caught hold of his wrist.

“Where are you goidg?” He sniffed and rubbed his finger under his nose. “I thought you were goidg to hold the hadkerchief for be so I could stay warb.” With that, he lifted the corner of his bed roll. “I still feel sdeezy add cold. I still deed you.”

Legolas hesitated for a moment—but only a moment—before crawling into Gimli’s bed roll with him. At first, Legolas believed the fit too tight for Gimli to be comfortable, but Gimli cuddled up at once, pressing himself against Legolas’ warm chest without a single complaint. And Gimli without a complaint was such a new side of Gimli, Legolas couldn’t help but feel enchanted by him.

Legolas wasn’t able to maneuver as well as he would have liked, however. He could wrap his arms around Gimli. He could stroke the back of Gimli’s head. But he couldn’t bend his arms enough to get the handkerchief under the dwarf’s nose. So when Gimli had to sneeze, he did so into Legolas instead of into a hanky.

HURSHUFFF!” Gimli sneezed into Legolas’ chest. “HAH HAH-ERSHOO!” He sneezed into Legolas’ shoulder. “Huhh… Huhhh… Elf, I… I… HA-HUKTSHOOO!” Right against Legolas’ bare neck. Gimli’s nose was wet as he nuzzled it against Legolas’, and such a thrill ran through the elf as he had never before felt.

The dwarf must have felt something similar, because Gimli gave a grunt of contentment as he gripped Legolas’ thigh between his legs, rubbing his hardness against Legolas and, in turn, giving Legolas a strong, firm thigh of the dwarf’s to grind into. The dwarf’s pelvis began to jerk forward instinctively, the pleasurable sensation controlling his body.

Legolas’ breath quickened, his ears twitched with anticipated desire, and something deep inside him yearned for the dwarf to sneeze again, right now, right into his face. But, instead of waiting for it or even asking for it, Legolas pulled back. Trapped in the bed roll, he had to shift and turn in place, his back to Gimli. “No,” he breathed. He closed his eyes, feeling the dwarf’s hand on his shoulder, clinging with need and concern and confusion. “As much as I desire this, no. Not tonight. Not like this.”

Though not understanding the constant stream of words in dwarvish that Gimli muttered under his breath, Legolas got the general idea. Still, he held fast to his decision.

“Not with you so ill and tired. Not with this so very new to us. Not with the entire fellowship around us. Not with Gandalf glancing over here every few minutes. If you still want to do this tomorrow, if we are sure this is what we desire, then we can steal away from the group and have each other properly.” He paused, taking a slow breath in and out and feeling the twitchiness in his ears calm. He turned back around in place to face Gimli. The dwarf’s expression was one of frustration, but the dwarf’s nostrils were glistening. Legolas went weak at the sight. He pulled Gimli close again, wrapping his arms around in a tight hug.

Gimli was stiff in more ways than one, and bristled at the embrace, but only for a moment. Then he relaxed. He snuffled into Legolas’ tunic, and Legolas could feel the big, round nose tease the nape of his neck. He stood resolute, however, and the stubborn dwarf bent to the elf’s will. “Tomorrow, then,” he whispered. “Tomorrow morning. The sooner the better.”

“I promise.” The morning could not come soon enough.


As it turned out, there was something far more pertinent to occupy them the next morning.

h’IHKShhh! IHTCHH! HIHKTchhhhh!

Legolas lifted the handkerchief up to his own nose and wiped. It was the strangest sensation to not be able to control his body. His nose tickled, and every time he needed to sneeze, his ears twitched. There was a dull, tired ache in all his limbs. And, of course, there was an erection he was quite glad that the multiple blankets and bed rolls piled over him hid, as long as he kept his legs and body angled at certain positions. His favorite position was, in fact, pressed up against the dwarf’s back.

And despite catching the back of Gimli’s neck with a soft spray of sneezes every so often, the dwarf did not complain about that one bit. Instead, he complained when the others wouldn’t leave them alone so they could enjoy the sensation in private.

Aragorn knelt beside the elf and dwarf, his palms on both their foreheads. Gimli had pushed his touch away repeatedly, grumbling that there was nothing to be done in any case, but Aragorn had been insistent. The tidbits of healing knowledge learned from Lord Elrond and also picked up from living with rangers who were not immune to illnesses themselves were just as useful as how to wield a sword in battle. This was a different sort of battle, after all, especially when it came to a stubborn dwarf who didn’t want to accept his fussing and care. “Gerroff be, laddie,” he muttered, his words sleepy, slow, and thick with congestion.

Not one to take orders from a grumpy dwarf, Aragorn let his hand sit for as long as he needed to make his assessment. Then he sighed and got to his feet. “Light fevers—both of them. They could probably make the trek all right today, but it would be a struggle that could set their health back significantly. What they need most is rest. And what the rest of us need is to stay well clear of them. With one member of the party ill, we can compensate. Now we’re at two. If more of us catch it, we’ll be no good if we come under attack. And as we can’t move on ahead and depend on Legolas and Gimli to keep a steady pace behind us, we had best remain here until these two recover from their illness.” He looked to Gandalf for confirmation. The wizard nodded. So did Frodo.

It was decided then. The well members of the fellowship moved camp a safe distance away, leaving behind a crackling fire, blankets, some water skins and provisions, and a sniffly elf and dwarf.

Though they had enough bedding to spread out comfortably and still stay warm and covered, neither moved a muscle to do so.  It was as if they were scared that moving might break the spell that they were under. Neither quite knew what was happening between them or even inside them, but they did not want it to end. Legolas had an arm wrapped around Gimli’s middle from behind. And Gimli’s hand clasped Legolas’ tightly where it rested on his chest.

ihhh… ihhh-IHHTchhhhh!” Legolas sneezed, and Gimli squeezed Legolas’ hand tighter.

“I was uder the ibressiod,” said Gimli, softly, “that elves dever fall ill add could’t catch colds.”

Legolas sniffled. “So was I. In fact, I ihhhh… I… I ihhhhhh!” His body tensed, but he kept hold of Gimli. “ihhh-HIPTShhhh!” He sneezed into the collar of Gimli’s tunic. “Oh… pardon… I ehhhhh… I cannot heehhhhh cannot help ihhhhhhh IH HIH H’NIHSchhhhhhh!

Instead of pulling away, Gimli pulled the elf’s hand up and planted a kiss on the back where the skin was softest. Then he dragged his own wet nose against the backs of Legolas’ fingers, making the elf gasp and shudder. Gimli mused, “Do you thidk it is because it is a dwarf cold? That could be a reasod elves stay away frob dwarves. Sniff! Sniff!” He cleared his scratchy throat a couple times. “Or… do you thidk you bight have caught by cold because you wanted very buch to catch it add leard what it truly feels like to sneeze?”

Legolas’ breath caught. When he got it back, he whispered, “I know not.” He needn’t have whispered; the others were far enough away that Legolas and Gimli could not be heard. But he was still new to discussing how he felt with someone else—least of all a dwarf. It would take some time to get used to all of this. They had had their much-desired privacy handed to them now, but there was still a dance that had to be done. Words would have to be exchanged. An understanding would have to be reached. But all Legolas could think of was how much he desperately wanted Gimli to sneeze for him and how much he flat-out wanted Gimli.

Hurhh-HURASCHOO!” It was almost as if Gimli had known precisely what Legolas had been craving in that moment and had willingly given it to him. Legolas’ erection strained in his leggings, pressing against the dwarf’s rear. Gimli took Legolas’ hand again, rubbing his runny nose with it as if it were a handkerchief, then guiding it downward to meet his own hardness. “Last dight, I believe you bade be a brobise. I have heard that elves are dot to be trusted to keeb their words.”

As Legolas’ hand slid into the dwarf’s britches and his long fingers wrapped all the way around the dwarf’s cock, Legolas replied, “I cannot speak for every elf in Middle Earth, but I always keep mine.”


“Even when I am sniff battling the first hehhh cold hehhh I’ve ever hehhh ehhhh ever had. Ihhhh HIHTChhhhhh! IHHHKTSChhhhhh! Oh… oh, that felt so good. I never thought anything could feel so good…”

Gimli chuckled. “That’s a good, strodg, dwarvish cold id your dose there.” He unlaced his britches and tugged them down. “But get ready to feel eved better.”

“How is that possible?” Legolas asked, not believing anything could feel quite so good as that sneeze. But the moment he had his leggings down and had slipped inside the dwarf, he understood how.  Elves were not known for showing their emotions, even in the most extreme of circumstances. Still, he was practically moved to tears by how glorious a sensation it was to become one with Gimli.


Cold and shivery, Legolas lay on his stomach in their nest of blankets as he waited for Gimli’s return. “ihh-HIHshhhh!” Gimli was only a few feet away, stirring a pot of soup over the fire. “ihh ihh IHKTshhhhh!” But as close as he was, he might as well have been in Mordor. “ihh-IHP’TShhhhhh!” Legolas was just so cold and shaky and ill and “ihh-HIHTTTChhhhh!” so full of cold he couldn’t stop sneezing. “ihhh HIHshhhhhh!” He thought he could understand why Gimli had been so grumpy. “Gibli?”

“Albost dode,” Gimli assured him. “Dod’t you wadt sub dice, hot soub to bake you feel better?”

Beneath the blankets, Legolas stretched out, cat-like. Then he curled in on himself with another violent shiver. He wanted Gimli back under the blankets with him right now. “I wadt you to bake be feel better. Ihh-Ih-IH-IHTchhh! HIPTchhh!

Gimli turned, frowning. “I thidk you should blow your dose.”

Legolas shook his head. There was this dull, constant urge to sneeze in his nose now that he rather liked the feeling of. Slowly it built to a point and wrenched a sneeze from him, then backed down to start all over again. His sinuses throbbed and throat itched and nose ran, but the sneezes were all right there for him. He didn’t even have to try to get them to come out. He just felt constantly sneezy. “If I do that, I bight stob sdeezig. Ihh Hih-IHHSchhhh! Add I like the sdee… sdee… sdeezig ihhh-HIHTChhh!

“I dow you do.” The others had left a few handkerchiefs with them as well. Gimli crawled over and found one amidst the blankets that hadn’t yet been used. “Add I love it whed you sdeeze. You are beautiful, bajestic. Sniff! It is a sight I dever thought I’d see add cad’t dow live without. But you dow how good it feels to sdeeze? Sobtibes it feels just as good to blow your dose.”

ihhh-KTChhhh!” Legolas regarded the dwarf skeptically.  “hihhh IHTShhhh!

Wordlessly, Gimli cupped the handkerchief to Legolas’ nose for him. His eyes relayed the request, staring hard, unblinkingly, until Legolas closed his eyes and blew out through his nose. The relief was instantaneous, miraculous. Legolas’ eyes shot open again with surprise, and Gimli chuckled. “Aye, I thought you’d like that. Wadt to have adother go?”

Legolas wasn’t sure if Gimli meant another session of love making or another round of blowing his nose, but just now Legolas felt ready for either. Or both. Driving all that congestion out of his head made way for the light, fluttery, teasing tickle to return to his nose the way it had when he’d first come down with his cold this morning. He nuzzled his face into the handkerchief, into Gimli’s warm hand holding it.

“There you go, elf,” Gimli cooed, leaning down and lowering the handkerchief so that he could rub the tip of his nose against Legolas’. The tickle in Legolas’ nose intensified sharply for a moment then backed off again. “You’re dew to all this, I udderstad. But you’ve caught a cold. Those sdeezes ared’t goig adywhere for a few days. There’s doe deed to worry that you wod’t sdeeze agaid add agaid add agaid. Blow your dose whed you deed to or, better yet, let be do it for you. All right?”

Legolas nodded, sniffling. He nuzzled Gimli again, the tips of his ears twitching with desire.

Already, Gimli had learned what that meant. “Oh doe. Soub first. Thed we cad sduggle back udder the bladkets add have each other.” He tucked Legolas in with the handkerchief.

Legolas grudgingly agreed, wondering how ill he must be to let himself be pushed around so easily now by a dwarf and realizing he rather liked the sensation.  He liked Gimli teaching him how to take care of this cold. He liked Gimli’s reassurance that there would be more snuggling and lovemaking as soon as they had warmed and filled their bellies. He liked Gimli assuring him that he would keep sneezing for days. And he loved Gimli holding the handkerchief for him. Gimli had seemed to like when Legolas had done it for him the night before.

He wondered what else Gimli might like. Being held as he ate? Being stroked as he sneezed? This all made him feel so fluttery and excited with its newness and freedom, a welcome change from the heavy weight of helping escort the One Ring to Mordor. A forced respite was precisely what Legolas had needed. But to unexpectedly find such understanding and affection in the dwarf made his head spin.

“I ab sorry you caught cold,” Legolas told Gimli, as he watched the dwarf spoon soup into bowls. “But I ab so grateful you let be share it with you.”

Gimli came over with the soup—a bowl in each hand—and nuzzled Legolas. His nose rubbed against the elf’s. Their lips brushed and pressed in tiny kisses then parted to kiss cheeks or ears or foreheads. Legolas felt the dwarf’s sizable nostrils twitch against his cheek and held the handkerchief up for him. Gimli gave a brief smile of appreciation before snapping forward. “HARR-UHPFFF!” The sound of the strong, full-bodied sneeze being contained made Legolas tingle, a feeling that continued as Gimli sniffed and pulled back. “Dow you.”

Legolas narrowed his eyes and furrowed his brow, not understanding.

“Give be ode of your beautiful sdeezes right idto the hadky.”

Legolas cocked his head slightly. “But I do dot deed to sdeeze just dow.”

“Are you certaid? You deed to leard that whed you have a dwarvish cold, it is always id your dose.” Still holding the small bowl of soup, Gimli extended his pinky finger and brushed it gently beneath Legolas’ nostrils. At once, a tickly feeling sprang up in him, his nose so very sensitive. He barely had time to marvel at how Gimli could possibly have known that before he pitched forward, nose buried in the handkerchief as Gimli had requested. “hihh-IHchmmmph!” The handkerchief was thick and welcoming against his nose, but already slightly damp from Gimli’s sneeze, which sent a thrill through Legolas.

Before he reopened his eyes, he felt Gimli’s finger gently trace a path across his forehead, pushing back the long, golden strands of hair from his face. Then he felt Gimli nuzzle him again, easing the hanky away from his face to make room for his kiss.

When Legolas finally did open his eyes, he found Gimli holding a bowl of soup out to him. They sipped from their bowls. Slurping noises from the dwarf and sniffling from them both were the only sounds until Legolas spoke. “What are you thidkig about?”

Gimli lowered his bowl to his lap, looking thoughtful. “Two thidgs. First, I was woderig what by baredts would say if they dew I was sharidg sdeezes with the Elvedkidg’s sod.”

Though a brief pang of alarm seized Legolas, Gimli’s tone had made it clear it would be his parents who would be bothered by the arrangement, not Gimli himself. “They would brobably dot be half as horrified as by father would be to dow I was fallig for a dwarf.”

Gimli beamed.

“Add the other thidg you were thidkidg about?”

“Ah.” For the first time, Gimli went a little red in the face.

Legolas wondered what could possibly make a dwarf who had been so open and casual about all of this suddenly embarrassed to speak. “Gibli?” Legolas drained his bowl in a final swallow then set it down. He scooted closer and put an arm around the dwarf again. Gimli leaned into him without hesitation.

Gimli lifted his head and whispered so softly only an elf could have heard him. Legolas’ eyes widened slightly. And then his ears began to twitch.