Day 10

Title: Day 10
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: The Hobbit AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Thorin/Bilbo, others
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I wish they were mine. I definitely don’t get paid for this.
Summary: Bilbo's got himself a dwarf cold.
Notes: Written during my 13 Ficlets in 13 Days in 2016 project for Masking

Bilbo came awake with a cry. He sat straight up in bed, gasping and coughing at the cold night air. He felt a strong hand take hold of his upper arm and ease him back against pillows and sheets and his lover's warm, dwaven body. Bilbo huddled against him but did not relax.

“Did you have that fever dream again?” Thorin's voice was deep from sleep and soft in the quiet of their bedchamber, the low rumble of it touching Bilbo's back and trying to comfort him. “The one about that battle?”

Bilbo nodded, still trying to feel more like himself, still trying to remind himself that he was safe here under the mountain in Erebor, that they were all safe. That was hard to do after seeing the images that had been flashing before his eyes. Fili stabbed. Kili stabbed. Thorin allowing himself to be stabbed in the chest so he could get to Azog then lying mortally wounded on the ice, dying alone. Their whole bloodline wiped out just like that. “You were dead. You were all dead.”

“No one died in the battle. Well... Smaug did. And Azog. And some townsfolk, too. But those families were well compensated for their loss with enough gold from this place to keep them comfortable for three generations.” Once Erebor was really and truly his once more, it had been surprising to see the generosity with which Thorin Oakshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror, had taken care of those who had made the victory possible. 

And no greater surprise was to be had than the day Thorin invited Bilbo into his bed and into his heart to stay. Bilbo would not have traded that for all the gold in Middle Earth.

He reached down and put his hand atop one of Thorin's, feeling the dwarf's warmth and his pulse but not daring to believe it yet. “You don't understand... I saw you... the sniff blade through your chest...”

“Do I look dead to you?” Thorin asked.

Bilbo turned his head to look. “Tired, maybe. But definitely not d-dead. ehhh... oh.... sniff! Oh dear...” His nose twitched for about a second before the sneeze threw him forward. “Ehh-Chesshhh!” he sneezed openly, spraying part of himself but mostly the bed and blankets in front of him. Considering how blocked his nose had been all day, no air getting through at all when he tried to breathe through it, the sneeze came as something of a relief, but he did feel a bit sheepish about getting it all over. “Suh-sorry. Sniff! Forgot my sniff my hanky.”

“It's all right. I've got one here for you.” Both the handkerchief and Thorin's hand beneath it were warm as they massaged and dried his nose. “Feeling any better?”

Well, his nose certainly felt better. It always did when Thorin was there to tend to it. But Bilbo did feel terrible still. He felt ill and hot but also unsettled and restless. He knew he would not get a decent sleep for the rest of this night unless he made absolutely sure that his dream had been just that: a dream. “I need to relieve myself. I'll be right back.” He tried to get up, but he found Thorin holding him back, keeping him under the covers. “Thorin... I appreciate the concern sniff sniff! But I truly do need to go.”

Reluctant, Thorin nonetheless released him. “Don't get chilled out there. And hurry back to me,” Thorin commanded, and not even Bilbo would think to disobey him when he sounded like that. Bilbo scampered out of the room, pulling on a robe as he went but still immediately feeling chilled the moment his feet hit the cold stone floors.

The bath chamber was to the left, and so Bilbo went right. His heart thumped away in his chest, panic still not far below the surface. He had to see, had to know for sure. Snuffling into the back of his hand, because he had once again forgotten a handkerchief, Bilbo tried not to make too much noise. But his  nose had other ideas, now that he was up and about. The congestion shifted from one side to the other and the pressure backed away, leaving a rather exciting ticklish feeling deep inside. And when the sneezes came, he decided it was best to just let them out. The more relief he could give his poor, red nose the better. “ehhhCHSHH! Ehhh-Chhjjshhhhhh!” he sneezed freely, glad no one was in the hallway to see him. It felt wonderful to sneeze. Almost too wonderful.

It was a quick walk down one hallway and then another, until he found himself in front of a familiar door. Without bothering to knock, he gripped the handle and pulled the door open. It took a few moments for Bilbo's eyes to adjust to the dark, and a memory of his time underground with the creature Gollum bubbled up to the surface. He did not find danger within, however, just a view of a young fair-haired dwarf spread out upon his bed, breathing slowly but deeply in his sleep.

Fili was all right then. Definitely not stabbed. Definitely not dead. Bilbo sighed to himself, which tickled his throat terribly. Clapping a hand over his mouth in an attempt at muffling the sound of irrepressible coughs, Bilbo yanked the door back shut. He coughed and snuffled into his hands as he made his way further down the hall.

A door on his left was his new target. He cleared his throat and coughed until he was sure he didn't need to cough any more. Then he opened the door to this room. There was Kili, right where he should have been, sleeping under a large mountain of blankets. No... no, it wasn't just him. The pile of blankets was so tall because there was someone else under there with him. No... two someone elses. He could definitely see a foot sticking out and some auburn hair beside a pillow and a hand on Kili's chest. He, as well, did not look dead, Bilbo was sure of it.

Smiling, Bilbo pulled back to go. But that was when the cold tickle flared up in his nose unexpectedly. “ehhCHSHHH!” It had been so quick he hadn't even been able to cover in time, even if he'd wanted to, but he did rub his hand at his wet nose afterward, which was another mistake because it only made the tickle worse. “EhhhCHIHShhhh! Ehhh ehhhhCHISHH!” As he opened his eyes afterward, he saw movement in the bed. He fled at once, pulling the door shut, only to sneeze again. “EhhhTChhhhhh!

Worried that Kili would emerge at any moment and find him, Bilbo walked more quickly back to bed. The panic from the nightmare and from almost being seen mercifully ebbed away with each step. But the cold night air took its place.

By the time Bilbo got back to their room, he was shivering so badly he couldn't speak. He hugged his arms to his chest as his teeth chattered. Thorin sat up and lifted the blankets immediately. “You're freezing! Come here, little love. Let me warm you.”

Bilbo did not object. He was sure Thorin must suspect that he had gone elsewhere, based on the time he had been gone alone. But if he did, he didn't say. He let Bilbo have his secrets as long as he could wrap Bilbo in his arms and rub him up and down. Bilbo shook and sniffled, his nose running unchecked now.  He turned his head, wiping it against Thorin's nightshirt sheepishly, unable to help it; his nose was just too full of cold.

Thorin stroked his head, letting him know that was all right, he didn't mind. What he seemed to mind was Bilbo disobeying his order to keep warm. “Hard to imagine how anyone running so hot could feel so cold at the same time.”

Bilbo gave him a weak smile. “I'm-m... t-t-tal-ented... l-l-like th-that.”

“Aye, you are. But you're also feverish and sniffly and cold-ridden. I should never have let you venture out on your own tonight.”

Bilbo's breath hitched, and he felt Thorin guide his head forward, nose pressing against the dry, soft nightshirt fabric. Unable to help himself, he let several sneezes out into it. “eh ehhh PITChhphhh! Heptshhhh! EhhhPShphhhhh!” He sniffed and nuzzled over to a different spot, wiping his nose dry there. “I n-needed you h-here sniff t-t-to k-keep the sniff sniff bed w-warn.”

Thorin chuckled. “Ruling my people, consulting with the leaders of elves and men and wizards, and keeping Bilbo Baggins' bed warm. Those are my three functions in life now?”

Bilbo shrugged but he was amused as well, though it would have been even funnier if it hadn't been true. Thorin's bed was truly the warmest place Bilbo had ever been. So, nestled against the great dwarf's chest, Bilbo fell back to sleep.


His hunger woke him early the next morning. At least, he thought it was his hunger. A loud, sudden sound in their bedchamber made Bilbo give a startled jump. It wasn't his stomach, though. However ravenously hungry he was, his stomach had never before been that loud. It took him a few seconds to realize it had been Thorin snoring. And then, just like that, came another one.

But Thorin never snored. Bilbo rested his hand on Thorin's chest and shook. “Thorid?” Oh, his nose was stuffed-up now. “Sniff! Thorid? Wake ub...” But Thorin did not wake. His cheeks were flushed but the rest of his face above the beard was pale. Bilbo gripped his lover's shoulder and shook harder, but still Thorin slept.

A new wave of panic washed over Bilbo as he tried to think who he could go get to help. Balin was the obvious choice, but before Bilbo could stick even a toe out from under the warm covers, a shiver ran through him, his head went dizzy with weakness, and his nose tickled fiercely. “ehh ehhh HIHShhhhhh! Ehhh Chishhhhh!

Thorin stirred and a snore broke off right in the middle. 

Sniff! Thorid? ehhh ehhHIHChhhhh! Sniff! Sniff! Thorid, are you all right?” Quickly trying to get in control of his nose, Bilbo wiped his streaming nose with the back of his hand.

Thorin coughed and put a hand to his forehead. “Noooo,” he groaned, rolling from one side to the other. “Uh, Bilbo... I think you gave me your cold.”

Bilbo sniffed guiltily. “I cad't have. I'b still usig it right dow.”

Thorin coughed again and shivered violently. He reached out, grabbed hold of Bilbo, and pulled him close. He hugged Bilbo to his chest until the shivering stopped. Bilbo wanted to be comforting, the way Thorin had been to him, but his nose tickled again, and he just couldn't stop it. “ehhh ehhCHSHhhhh!” He sneezed into Thorin's chest. “Oh! Sniff! I'b so sorry!”

Thorin's hand rubbed Bilbo's back. “It's okay. You can sneeze on me if you have to.”

“Doe Sniff! Doe, I'b sorry for gettig you sick. I did't bead to.”

“I know,” Thorin reassured him. “But it's not your fault. I bear much of the responsibility for it. I couldn't stop hugging you.”

Bilbo hummed appreciatively into Thorin's chest. “So dow that we've both caught this cold, who takes care of us?”

“Well, I can... can... hold... ahh... hold on... I've got to... to... hahhhhh hahhhh sn-sneeze hahhh Hah-HERkkxxshhh! Uhhhh...” His sneeze, half stifled, still shook their bed.

“Bless,” Bilbo said softly, still feeling a little guilty, but also impressed. Thorin's sneezes were usually so strong, for him to hold even part of it back made Bilbo warm with desire. Thorin probably needed to blow his nose now, though. Bilbo looked around the bed, seeing sheets and blankets and pillows, but not the one thing he wanted to find. “Ub, I dod't dow where the hadkerchiefs are...”

Thorin chuckled again and dug one out from under their pillows, but just the one for the two of their tickly noses. One to share. Bilbo happened to like that even more than if they'd had a huge stack of hankies each to sneeze their way through. They could nuzzle and sniffle together now. Their fevers could keep each other warm. They could look after each other now.

“Bil.. Bilbo,” Thorn gasped, his words riding his light breaths. “Wait, I hahhhh I hahhhhhhhhh! I hahhhhhh! I have to hahh HAH HAHHRShkkkkkkkk!” He rubbed his nose on Bilbo's shoulder, snuffling. “Bilbo,” he  began again. “Shall I help you out with your stand? Sniff!


“Did you think I couldn't feel it digging into my thigh? Snrfff! I know how much you love sneezing. Shall I help?” He started to move his hand downward, but Bilbo intercepted it.

Bilbo turned a little in place, so his erection was not in direct contact with Thorin. It was true that sneezes made him feel good, and he longed for Thorin to help him feel even better. But Thorin wasn't feeling well, and there was something Bilbo wanted even more than sex right now.

Taking charge of the handkerchief, Bilbo held it up for him. “Rub that ticklig dose of yours idto this, love. Just let be take care of you? That's all I wadt right dow.” 

Thorin looked at him for a moment, perhaps deciding. Then he gave in and snuffled wetly into the hanky not just once but a half dozen times until it sounded a bit clearer. His nose was so very full of cold already; this cold moved faster than Bilbo was used to. If it was already so bad now, Bilbo wondered how much worse it would get. Silently, he promised he would do what it took to look after Thorin until his dwarf felt well again.



Bilbo shivered as he stood at the edge of the room, waiting for two dwarves to finish their conversation with Balin. The whole time, Balin shot worried glances in Bilbo's direction, especially every time the hobbit had to sniffle or sneeze, which was plenty of times. When Balin was finally free, Bilbo made straight for the older dwarf and did not waste time with greetings. “Subode deeds to look after us todight,” he stated.

Balin hesitated in his answer, perhaps trying to figure out what delicate phrasing he could use.

Sniff!” Bilbo's nose was running, and he had no time to waste on word choice. “I dow Thorid add I cad keeb each other cobady. But I'b goig to wake up id the biddle of the dight frob a fever dightbare agaid, add Thorid sleebs so soudly whed he's sick.” A nervous fluttering in Bilbo's chest nearly silenced him. “We deed subode to watch over us. Blease?”

Balin sighed. “Master Baggins, I'm not sure you quite understand the position we're in right now.”

Was the kingdom in turmoil or jeopardy just because Thorin was in bed with heavy head cold? Surely not. “Thed why dod't you tehhh... teehhhhhhhh!” Balin recoiled at the sight of Bilbo's nose twitching. And Bilbo's cheeks burned hot as he realized he was going to sneeze and hadn't, of course, brought a hanky to sneeze into.

With resolve, Balin stepped forward and placed two fingers under Bilbo's ticklish nose, rubbing hard.

Bilbo felt the tickle back off and flare back up repeatedly as Balin rubbed at his nose. His eyes closed and he tried to hold his breath. “ehhhhh Chxxxtttttttt!” he sneezed onto Balin's hand. But the smothered sneeze hadn't afforded him much relief, and his nose was tickling madly now. “ehh sorr ehh-hehhh! Sorry hehhh! I c-cah can't-ehhh Hehh!” Quickly, Balin covered Bilbo's nose and mouth, pressing hard on the hobbit's cold-tender nose. It wasn't enough to quench the urge to sneeze, but his sneezes came out half-restrained against Balin's palm. “HEHEKxxxtttt! HEHNXxshttt! Hehhhxxtttt!” Bilbo pulled back and snuffling into his own palm. “Sorry, Balin. Sniff! I couldn't help it.”

The elder drawn wiped his hand on his trousers and shook his head. “I understand. You've got yourself a dwarf cold in your nose, lad.”

Bilbo sniffled again. “Have I?”

“Well you'd hardly catch an elf cold here, would you?” He took Bilbo by the shoulders and walked him out of the room. “The thing about dwarf colds is that they're highly contagious. So it's best if you stay put until you're feeling better. I'll have whatever you need sent to you.”

“Th-thanks. Ihhh... hehhhh... hehhh!” For a moment, they both thought he might not sneeze. But then he snapped forward with a sneeze that sent a fresh chill through his body. “Huh'CHSHHH!” The only thought in his mind now was getting back to Thorin and their warm bed.


ahhh... ahhhSHKkkuhhhh!” Words like “skilled” and “talented” did not begin to do justice the way Thorin could sneeze so strongly and barely pause in stroking them.

Bilbo lay on his back, head propped up on pillows so he could breathe easier. And Thorin lay on top of him, sharing his heat as the two were buried under so many layers of blankets. Thorin's hand was between the two of them, wrapped as well as it could be around both his prick and his hobbit's.

“B-blessings,” Bilbo managed. “Do you sniff need a hanky?”

Thorin gave a great sniff, his nose wet and runny and certainly in need of something. He lowered his head, touching it to Bilbo's chest. He rubbed it against Bilbo's warm skin and then nuzzled into the hobbit's fine chest hair, so unlike a dwarf's. The hair made his nose tickle so badly he almost sneezed immediately. “hihhp! Hehhptt!” And it was another kind of skill altogether that allowed him to hold the powerful sneeze back just long enough for him to angle his head downwards, toward his hand, toward their sizable, eager pricks. “Hhhh! Ahhhh! Hahhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” The speed of his stroking quickened with each gasp as the sneeze built, and Bilbo was nearly undone just watching those large, wet, perfect nostrils flaring uncontrollably right above him. “Ahhhhhhh! AHHH AHH-Hnnn! Nnnng! HAHHH-H'SHRKKshuhhhhhhhhhh!

Bilbo bucked wildly with pleasure, especially as he felt Thorin's cock throb and go off against his. The wetness and warmth and knowledge that Thorin had done this for him sent Bilbo over the edge.

When he was spent and satisfied, albeit sniffly, Bilbo looked down at himself. Damp from sneezes and sweat and seed, he looked around the bed. “Why sniff why cad't I ever fide a hadkerchief whed I deed ode?”

Thorin let out a laugh and rolled onto his side beside Bilbo. He produced a handkerchief from somewhere and wiped it across his great, flushed pink nostrils. Then he reached down and cleaned them both off. He was just finishing up when there was a knock on the door.

Bilbo jumped at once, startled, but Thorin eased his worry with a reassuring touch of hand to cheek. “You asked Balid to sedd subode.”

Bilbo nodded, remembering. He supposed he hadn't realized it was so late already. He had napped most of the day away and wasn't as tired now as he should have been. But he could feel the heat of his fever rising again, as it always seemed to at night, and suddenly he was glad for another dwarf to keep them company. If only he and Thorin had had the opportunity to dress first.

“Cub id!” Thorin called, making sure the blankets covered their nakedness.

The door squeaked open, revealing Dori. Bilbo sat up a little; it had been a while since he'd last seen Dori, so this was a pleasant surprise. “Dori!”

Dori smiled at him then quickly turned. He pulled a large, white hanky from his pocket and pressed it to his face with both hands. “ihhhTIHSHffffshhhhh!!

Bilbo's breath caught. His cock was spent from his wonderful time with Thorin but still managed to twitch with interest at this. “Dori?”

“Pardon,” said Dori, ever polite, especially in his king's presence, though he had no need to be. “Half of Erebor's come down with this cold by now, including your nephews, Thorin. And including me. Earlier my throat was burning, but now I'm afraid I can't stop sneezing. Sniff! You asked Balin for someone to come watch over you?”

“We did.” Bilbo watched as Dori made his way through the dark room to the chair in the far corner. He rocked his bum in the seat, preparing to settle in there for the night. He laid a handkerchief out on one thigh and crossed his arms over his chest. Bilbo's heart ached for him. He looked cold there, like he could use a blanket at the least. He had the same cold they did, so he must be feeling just as miserable. It wasn't fair that he would have to spend the night in a chair when their bed was warm and had ample space.

Warily, Bilbo cast his gaze toward Thorin, the question in his eyes. Thorin understood at once, flicking his eyes toward Dori before nodding his approval. Bilbo's face shone with delight and gratitude. Thorin spoke up, “Come here, Dori.” He lifted the blanket

Dori hesitated, so Bilbo spoke up. “It will be a lot easier to watch us frob here, add bore cobfortable too, I'd ibagide.”

It took no further convincing before Dori was in bed. Bilbo suddenly found himself naked and sandwiched in-between two dwarves with nasty dwarven head colds. Only in his dreams did it ever work out as well as this, assuming “well” could be used to describe a hobbit whose head was full of cold. But on the subject of dreams... “About todight...” he began.

Thorin interrupted him. “This one has reoccurring fever nightmares every night,” he said, nodding in Bilbo's direction.

“Oh, well this ode sdores worse thad a dragod whed he's stuffed id the head.” He smiled at Thorin, who was scowling a little at him. “Well, you do.”

ihhh oh... excuse ihhhhh me...” He wriggled, trying to get his handkerchief out of his pocket. Quickly, Bilbo held his hand out, immediately receiving a handkerchief Thorin had already retrieved. Bilbo pressed it to Dori's face, covering his mouth and his round, pinkened nose. He was expecting a sneeze as strong as Thorin's but was still unprepared by the force of Dori's “IHH-TIHTChuhhh!” Bilbo wiped the hanky against Dori's nose, tenderly.

Huh!” Thorin's breath caught, and Bilbo turned his head just in time to see Thorin snap forward. “HahhhhBTSchhhhhh!

Turning in place now, Bilbo tended to Thorin's nose, dabbing gently beneath and wiping tenderly. “Better, love?” he whispered. Thorin nodded his thanks and sniffed pitifully.

Bilbo's member stirred, reawakening to the situation it now found itself in. This was going to be a long but rewarding night.