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Fanfiction: Sherlock

Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Loopy Sherlock’s got a cold and two caregivers taking shifts.
Less than Three Minutes It was the oldest trick in the book. Written in honor of the launch of the Alphabet Soup discord group.
Tea Sherlock is too brilliant to make proper tea.
4. Betrayal Ill!Sherlock is betrayed. Part of my More Drabbles project.
Have a Sense of Humor Someone pulls an April's fools on Sherlock... involving sneezing powder.
It’s Snowing Greg needs Sherlock’s help at a crime scene.
Overstepping Boundaries Sherlock gets sick only a few days after John moved in. Cue awkward caretaking, worrying about overstepping boundaries and Sherlock hiding his cold because he's trying to impress John/doesn't want to appear weak.
A Second Opinion John isn’t coping too well with the loss of his friends—plural.
Can I Get You Anything? Sherlock's stare told Greg that he might as well roll right over and die.
Blowing Things Up (Or Not) John and Sherlock make their relationship work. But when Lestrade shows up to a crime scene sneezing, the gears in Sherlock’s mind begin to turn.
Gently Tinged with Red John, Lestrade, and Sherlock are out in the cold weather together, waiting for a suspect.
5. Itch Sherlock reacts to an itch in his nose. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
16. Dinner for Three John brings his lover dinner. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
34. Smoke Sherlock smokes. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
58. Phone Call John received an emergency phone call. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
59. Apologize Sequel to Phone Call. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
70. Listless Mycroft is exhausted. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
X is for Xerophyte Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
Day 1 Sherlock has a cold while on a trip away from London to consult on a case.
The Benefits of Having a Doctor For a Flatmate Sherlock is ill. He just won’t admit that. And John knows it’s only going to get worse.
Day 3 Sherlock doesn’t listen to John’s advice. But it’s all right; he doesn’t catch colds.
KEEP OUT... unless you want a cold! Under normal circumstances, Sherlock likes trains.