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Fanfiction: NCIS

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Come On, At Least Sleep In a Bed No one knew what to do one afternoon when Gibbs started sneezing, least of all Gibbs.
10. Worried Gibbs worries about Tony. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
81. Confess Tony can't lie to Gibbs. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Bent Not Broken Gibbs' rules are usually supposed to be followed. But when Tony gets sick...
Day 4 There are very few people who can out-boss the boss
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Tony's attempt at skipping out of work backfires.
Someone Should Say Something Gibbs has never had a cold. Never had the flu, either. Bullshit?
Request for silentdreamer789 Gibbs comes down with a cold but isn't willing to give up some things.
Day 2 Tony is sick and the rest of his team eventually find out.
Sleepwalker Tony comes down with a cold just as the NCIS team gets a new case.
Progress Gibbs never gets sick? Or does he?
Day 11 Tony doesn’t want to desert Gibbs after a difficult day on the job.
Falling for It Tony and Gibbs are on a stakeout. Tony doesn't feel so good. Gibbs tries to help.