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Fanfiction: Horatio Hornblower

Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Nosegay Horatio discovers an allergy the hard way.
Day 5 Archie has a sneezekink and Horatio is causing him some problems.
Downpour The Renown is caught in a downpour (set during Mutiny)
Day 6 Horatio comes down with a most terrible head cold right before he is supposed to be hosting dinner with his officers. He takes desperate measures to meet the obligation.
Day 3 Why does the ship's cat like to stay around the only person on the ship with an allergy to cats?
The Most Important Meal of the Day Captain Hornblower catches cold and tries his utmost to hide it from people.
How Long Have You Had That Cough? First Lieutenant William Bush had thought he’d been coughing discretely.
Day 2 Horatio's first visit to the officer's club.
Day 7 Horatio has a cold and everyone notices.
More Infernal Bad Luck This time, Horatio Hornblower is determined to not embarrass himself at a formal engagement.
6. Light Lights out at sea. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
25. Handkerchief Horatio is on deck and needs a handkerchief. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
K is for Kitten Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
O is for Overboard Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge
N is for Noseblower Written for my 2012 H/C Alphabet Challenge (sequel to O is for Overboard)
Day 3 Horatio attempts to write a letter. Seems easy enough, but it doesn't go well for him.
Day 1 Hornblower has the worst cold of his life, but he has trouble figuring out where to go because of it.
Passing Honors A ficlet/drabble wherein Horatio is ill one morning and William is attentive
2005 Gift for GWT A bit of Horatio-torture... though some of it is self-inflicted because Horatio is a bit hard on himself as he tries to make things right for his men after an incident.
D is for Denial Hornblower & Bush. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
X is for Xebec Horatio/Archie. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
Day 8 Horatio has a cold while he is aboard the HMS Renown.
Snowshie's Request 2007 Horatio catches cold and suffers in private... sort of.
Gift for Snowshie 2007 Bush finds Hornblower sick, but that's not the only thing he has to worry about.
Day 5 Poor and stuck on land, one more thing goes wrong for Hornblower when he comes down with a cold.
Day 9 Both Horatio and Archie have colds. Archie's boredom makes him a little more talkative than Horatio would like.
Day 3 Hornblower's curiosity gets the better of him.
Day 7 Horatio is in command of everything but himself.