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Fanfiction: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series

Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Moon Xander’s up on the top of the castle, looking at the moon. Spike’s sniffly.
The Best and Worst It had been more than a dozen years since Spike had last seen her, and she looked as fetching as ever.
Drabble 5 Captive in Xander's basement, Spike's sneezy and needs some help.
Drabble 9 Willow's got a cold and Tara is sweet and helpful.
Let’s Go Home. You’re Too Sick. Spike barely had enough energy to lift his head and look up at Xander.
Day 11 Spike doesn't want Xander to know he's sick. That's tough when Xander's lying in bed beside him.
Spike-Zero Spike just can't win when he gets a bad migraine on top of a head cold.
42. Stare Xander's not giving up. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Gift for Nermal When Giles comes for a visit, Wesley reluctantly comes down with a head cold.
Shades of Normality Wesley has a cold, Giles pays a visit, and snuggling ensues.
Predatory A short fic with absolutely no plot whatsoever in which Xander's sick and Spike's... just Spike. Written for my Sneezefic132 challenge.
Osmosis Just some playing with Spike's character.
Alluring A sick Wesley manages- without trying- to lure Fred out of her room.
Unlucky Undead A cold's going around the Scooby gang but it's Spike who feels the full brunt of it. Written to weekly hatching bunnies #44(Flashback mania) and #74 (Spike's a vampire with terrible luck... if any vampire could catch a cold, it'd be him, right?)
2005 Gift for nermal Short bit with Buffy and Giles in bed with a cold. Written as a gift fic for nermal during the 2005 holiday season.
2005 Gift for Shadowscast Short bit with Xander and Spike in a cold cemetery. Written as a gift fic for Shadowscast during the 2005 holiday season.
O is for Oblique Willow/Spike. Part of my Hurt/Comfort ABC Project (scroll down for story)
Day 9 Xander and Spike are scheduled to take a vacation; will a cold ruin their plans?
Standing Offer Angel and Wesley are out stalking a demon in the woods. The cold woods.
Twelve Hours On a mission in the jungles somewhere in South America, Spike and Xander experience twelve hours that end up changing everything.
Battles Giles takes a break from research mode in order to deal with his own crisis
Gift for Cimorene 2006 Wes is feeling a little sick and Fred's still a little jumpy.
Gift for Katleaf 2006 Spike's looking for a little comfort... but both Spike and Wes could do with some healing.
Gift for Nermal 2006 Wes is a little sneezy and Giles doesn't mind.
Gift for Katleaf 2007 Spike is newly human and isn't quite sure how to deal with catching colds yet, especially when he's around Xander.
Gift for Shadowscast 2006 Xander and Spike reunite and get into it.
Brotherly Love Xander and Spike are stick in Philly. And Xander has a cold.
Day 7 It's Xander to the rescue!
Interruption Spike and Xander are on the hunt.