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Fanfiction: Star Trek


Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Disappointment Even though he doesn’t feel well, Paul’s got tickets to the opera and is determined to use them.


Title & Ratings Description & Information
Day 8 Vulcans don't sneeze, but they do get curious.

Reboot Movies

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Making it Through Bones comes down with a nasty case of a flu. His fevered mental state is brings about by anger and sadness about his recent divorce. His new roommate, James Kirk tries to comfort and care for him.
Day 11 Bones is sneezing. Things get rocky.
Slowing Down Doctors don’t get sick. So that urge to sneeze he feels? Nope. Definitely not because he’s getting sick.
8. Fever Kirk isn't sick. Part of my 100 Drabbles project.
Problem-Solving in Three Parts Bones is not fond of space, but he is fond of something else.

The Next Generation

Title & Ratings Description & Information
Untitled Unfin. A mysterious illness grips the crew, starting with those in Engineering
Untitled Riker fic Unfin. After losing Ro, Riker gets a little depressed. And his cosmetic modifications are making his nose itch. This follows the episode 'Pre-emptive Strike'

Deep Space Nine

Title & Ratings Description & Information
new Specimens Julian Bashir investigates some new flowers brought back from the gamma quadrant on other side of the worm hole.