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Fanfiction: Crossovers

Fandoms Title & Ratings Description & Information
X-Files / Highlander Crossing Lines Unfin. This began as a simple X-Files story, but I brought in some Highlander storylines so that I could have a plot. What happens when the aliens find the secret to immortality? You do not want to know! Mulder and Scully both get a little under the weather here.
Harry Potter / X-Men / 10th Kingdom / Highlander / X-Files / Star Wars Self Help Ah, my attempt at some funny creativity. Get ready to laugh at our poor, sweet lads as they attempt to bond. :-) Mmmm... Gotta love the wolves!

2005 Gift for Meg Jack is sick and wants nothing more than to head home. Written as a gift fic for Meg during the 2005 holiday season. This isn't exactly a crossover... but it is a multi-fandom piece so I'm putting it here for now.