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TG's Realm is a place for me to share my own works of art, fiction, wavs, and more. It's a chance for me to share and do what I like to do: write and be creative. If you want my main sneezing repository site, visit The Tarot of Sneezing

All stories and personal wavs are property of TG and should not be reposted under any conditions. Fictional characters are the properties of their owners, and many wavs are the property of the respective film or television companies but my recordings and thus should not be reposted without first asking. I'd also really like to thank my wonderfully generous host for the webspace :-) And to help her out bandwidth-wise my videos are still hosted on geocities (and will thus rotate, only a few available at a time).

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at

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Picture credits:
Main- Flaming June- Lord Leighton Frederick(1895)
Male Stories- La Belle Dame Sans Merci- John William Waterhouse(1893)
Female Stories- A Mermaid- John William Waterhouse(1901)
Fanfiction- Miranda from The Tempest- John William Waterhouse(1916)
Sounds- Hylas and the Nymphs- John William Waterhouse(1896)
Videos- My Sweet Rose- John William Waterhouse(1908)
Journal- Psyche Opening the Golden Box- John William Waterhouse(1903)
Memories- I am Half-Sick of Shadows- said the Lady of Shalott-John William Waterhouse(1916)
Fun- Fair Rosamund- John William Waterhouse(1917)
Gifts- La Ghirlandata- Dante Gabriel Rossetti(1873)
Gallery- Penelopie and the Suitors- John William Waterhouse(1912)
About- Lady of Shalott- Sidney Harold Meteyard(1913)
Links- Lady of Shalott- John William Waterhouse(1888)